Monday, May 18, 2009

WSR v4.1

Yours truly celebrated her birthday last week - another year older, another year wiser :) ( I hope!)

Thank you so much for all the well-wishes and do'as which I got through Facebook, SMSes and e-mails. I'm very, very touched indeed. The friendship and warmth extended on my birthday are very much appreciated and treasured. I still received birthday wishes even until yesterday - when I got free kerang from my usual towkay ikan at Pasar TTDI when he knew it was my birthday last week! (Next year nak demand ketam lah pulak...)

Ayah gave me my birthday card at 12:55a.m on my birthday - 55 minutes later than usual because he overslept. He was supposed to take a nap for 15 minutes before the clock struck midnight. In fact he even asked me to wake him up at midnight just in case he didn't hear the alarm. Ada kah?! :)

Anyway, I just didn't have the heart to wake him up, and I only managed to stir him when I snugged under the duvet as I called it a day at 12:55a.m. He woke up, wished me a happy birthday, gave me my card, kissed me on my forehead and off he went back to sleep after that. Granted and understood - it had been a long day for him at the hospital :)

Throughout the day, family and friends called to wish me, and my staff and colleagues at work threw a "surprise" birthday tea party, which was not really a surprise because I sort of guessed it. Who wouldn't if they kept on asking me over and over again, "Puan, you're going to be around petang ni, kan? Around 3:00p.m?" (AT LEAST 5 times, okay?) So, the "surprised" look wich I practiced for Hilman on Mother's Day, also came in handy on my birthday. HAHAHA!

Ayah came home earlier than usual that day and brought back a lovely bouquet of flowers (from him and the kids). And Hilman being Hilman, gave me a stalk of plastic red rose which he got from school, which according to him cost him RM1.20... And he wasn't lying, because the price tag was still there when he gave the rose to me. HAHAHAHA! Bless the sweet boy :)

We left the house after Maghrib for a family Japanese dinner at Su*hi Za*ma* at One-U. The restaurant is one of the children's favourites. Suffice to say, I think the kids enjoyed the food as much as (if not more than) the birthday girl did :) We finished our dinner just before 10:00p.m., after which we had to follow Ayah to Co*um*ia As*a as he had to review one of his patients there. We reached home JUST before the clock struck midnight to end my birthday. Perfect timing, I'd say :)

I feel very blessed indeed, and bersyukur to Allah SWT to have have had another year to spend with my loved ones, and I make do'a semoga diberikan umur yang panjang, kesihatan yang baik dan rezqi yang halal, and love and joy , and hidup yang diberkati throughout the rest of my life, insya Allah.

I thank Allah SWT for my family, and my friends who have made my birthdays more meaningful each year as I grow older...

Syukur alhamdulillah :)


Unknown said...

Shana..mula2 cam tak paham ape itu v4.1...(version ape lak si shana nih!..)
After a while..hahaha (ketawakan diri sendiri..)

Nice pic..u all happy family...Bahagia kekal hingga akhir Hayat, okey!..

p/s:..Your sweet smile...tertumpah pada anak2 u...

jabishah said...

Lovely pics! You look radiant... I think upgrading it to the latest version did contribute to the glow ;-)

And love the attire too!

ayods said...


dear dear kak shana,


love the photos ... don't look your age at all :)

love you loads and thanx for your friendship!

missing you lots ...


Kama At-Tarawis said...

A little belated but Happy Birthday nonetheless, dear! Semoga Allah swt panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki dan pelihara keimanan dan ketaqwaan sentiasa. Amin.

Kak Puteri

Hana said...

Dear Kak Shana,

Happy Belated Birthday! Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.

I am just a silent reader, cuma sekali sekala tinggal comment.Rasanye I saw u & Hasya in A&W PJ last Sunday. Tapi tak sure. Tak sempat nak tegur sebab you lalu tu pun macam kilat la Kak Shana..hehe...

Take care kak!

Desert Rose said...


Kak Shana Ampun, didnt notice ur birthday, aiyok>>>>.

hAPPY bELATED BIRTHDAY kak shana dearie, semoga sentiasa dilimpahi rahmat Allah , panjang umur, murah rezeki, stay sweet and gorjes, nice knowing u, from what I heard, rasa tak sabar nak jumpa u , only the extend of knowing u is only thru d web, I can sense ur warmth.

Ummi365 said...

Happy belated birthday to you...ummi doakan semoga sentiasa sihat untuk beribadah.. amin..

dillazag said...

Happy birthday kak Shana... :)
So glad to have found you in blogger-sphere.. I wish you all the happiness and love and joy this coming year.. Muah muahsss..

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Hi Shana,

I guess by now you have succeeded in putting the surprise facade extremely well! Nasib baik ada byk practices..hehehe..

Glad to know that you had a wonderful day on your birthday!

mr engineer said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shana.....Nothing beats celebrating your birthday with your loved ones...May Allah swt melimpahkan kurnia rahmatNya on you and your family. Amin.

Ariffin said...

a belated birthday wishes from Jeddah..."Happy Birthday Wan Shana - v 4.1 pulak tu! May u live healthy and happy...."

from v 5.2.

cekmekzue said...

Salam shana,
sorry i missed your birthday, here's wishing you happy belated birthday , sweet 4.1 but I still ppicture you, Ija, Onair, abid as the sweet 16 girls that I knew way back then. Now you are all mothers and all grown up. May Life Always Be gentle with you.

wanshana said...


Hehehe...didn't want to make it so obvious lah kan, hence the 'v' :)

Thanks, Eta. Insya Allah, Amin.

Sweet smile? I think yang paling banyak tertumpah pada anak-anak adalah my skill in talking non-stop. Penat nak I know how it feels. Hahaha!

wanshana said...

Thanks, Ja :)

Radiant? Hahaha! Selalunya one looks radiant when one is either preganant or just got married...and neither is applicable to me (although it would be nice if it was the former, kan? ;))

And of course, when one is happy. And I am :)

wanshana said...

Salam Murni!

Thank you, thank you, and another thank you - I got my birthday card yesterday :)

I don't look my age? Hmmmm, it could either mean I look younger OR older than my real age. So, which one? Hehehe!

Actually somebody also made a remark to the same effect yesterday at this conference I was at - she said she thought I was 35?! Waaaaa...made my day! Tersenyum sampai malam I :D

Miss you laaaa. Bila nak balik M'sia? :(

Take care, dear.

wanshana said...

Dear Kak Puteri,

Thank you, insya Allah. Amin :)

Never too late to wish a good wish they say. The Wishing window is open until 13th May next year :)

Take care, and thanks again.

wanshana said...

Dear Hana,

Thank you, insya Allah. Amin.

Yup, it was me and Hasya alright!Alahai...kenapa tak tegur akak? Kalau nak tunggu akak tak macam 'kilat', errrr...memang tak akan ada that opportunity, kot? Coz' I memang always macam kilat especially when I'm on my supir duties for the kids. Hehehe!

Hasya was at her friend's bday do there, and I pun membuang masa, whiling away the time, having my curlie fries, fried chicken and root beer float, only to realize that after I finished eating, I still had about an hour to kill. So, lepas tu, I continued membuang masa dan membuang duit di Amcorp Mall lah pulak...Hehehe!

Where were you (was I) masa tu, ya?Next time tegur, okay?

You take care, too, dear :)

wanshana said...

Desert Rose,

Hehehe...No worries :) Thank you for the wish and do'a. Insya Allah. Amin.

I pun tak sabar nak jumpa you, tau :) Rasa macam dah kenal lama, and I pun boleh rasa "kehangatan" you! (Errrr...sila baca dalam konteks yang betul, ya?) Hahaha!

Nanti bila ada Makcik Bloggers meeting kita must make a point to be there together-gether, okay?

Take care, dear, and thanks again.

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you...Amin. Insya Allah.

Yes, semoga kita semua sihat walaupun usia meningkat untuk mempermudahkan kita beribadah. Amin :)

wanshana said...

Dear Dilla,

Thank you, Amin, Insya Allah :)

Same here - glad to have been connected to you through blogosphere, dear, even though I'm very sure we would have connected anyway through our srikandi spirit, kan? ;)

Muuuuaaahs and ((((Hugs)))), to you, too, dear :)

wanshana said...

Hi Gina,

Thank you - I had a wonderful time indeed :)

Jangan tak tahu - I'm in the running for Best Actress Award at the Oscars next year for my perfect "surprised" look. Hehehe!

Take care, dear.

wanshana said...

Dear Shidy,

Thank you. Amin, and insya Allah :)

And I'm making the same do'a for you, On*ir and your family, too. Insya Allah.

Take care :)

wanshana said...

Dear Pak Payne v5.2 :)

Thank you, Amin...Insya Allah.

My do'a for your healthy and happy life with your loved ones, too :)

wanshana said...

Salams dearest Kak Zue :)

Thank you, Amin, insya Allah.

I think I know why you still see us macam still 16 - sebabnya, we DO ACT like we're STILL 16 most of the time! Tidak berada di alam realiti, masih di alam fantasi. HAHAHA! (or rather, still trapped in a time capsule, kot? :))

And Kak Zue pun masih awet muda trang tang tang! (Agaknya nasik kawah kat STF dulu tu ada youth elixir kot, ya? :))

Take care, Kak Zue, and thanks again.

IBU said...

My dear,

As usual... I saja tak nak wish you on the dot. Ada pantun berkerat2 for this:

I'm sure you received so many wishes on time
That 'reading' them's a chore.
So I'll send mine slightly later Just to make it stand out more!!!

Hehehe...Tak mo ngaku kalah maaaaa......

So I'm still not wishing yet.


ummisara said...

HAppy belated birtthday dear :)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Happy Belated Birthday dear! May you be blessed with the tranquility of life, loads of happiness and great health. Am glad that you had fun :)

Amboi, you don't look like that 4.1 version pun!

hanakirana said...

Oh, happy belated birthday, then! Semoga kebaikan sentiasa mendatangi hidup!

tireless mom said...

Hi Shana

Happy belated birthday. Sorry tertinggal gerabak keretapi. You don't look any bit 41 years old. Only a lot like the sister to your kids je.

May you be blessed with lots of happiness, rahmat and rezqi.

Unknown said...

Dear Kak Shana,

Masa kat A&W tu, I was standing near the place where they put all the small toys. Tgh dukung my 2year old son. Kak Shana & Hasya lalu beside us on the way to the door masa nak balik.

You looked at me tapi Hana terkejut sampai tak sempat nak tegur. Masa tu pun u were busy talking to Hasya rasanye. Sorry kak... Next time sure Hana tegur..Hopefully dapat 'terserempak' lagi dgn akak..

kay_leeda said...


Alamakkkk terlambat sudah!!! Happy Belated Birthday dear :) Moga murah rezeki, panjang umur and ceria-ceria always.

Wahhh macam best je Japanese joint tu. Must go try it out :)

wanshana said...

Dearest Ibu,

No problem, geng... Lagi pun, birthday present for last year pun I baru dapat last month, kan?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

FYI I wore it to work yesterday and it attracted a lot of attention, I must say. All were saying how beautiful it was, and I totally agree with them. Thank you for the lovely, lovely prezzie :)

Anyway, the wishing window is open until 13th May 2010 ;)

Take care, you.

wanshana said...

Dear Edelweiss,

Thank you, thank you!

Take care :)

wanshana said...

Dear Ja,

Thank you, thank you...Amin, insya Allah.

Errr...if you zoom in into the pics, you'll see that I DO look like v4.1. Hehehe!

Can see wrinkles and all...but, I'm not complaining :)

anom said...

Congratulations K. Shana.. May you will be always blessed with happiness and good health..

Take care,

wanshana said...

Dear hanakirana,

Thank you, thank you...Amin. Insya Allah.

And may you be blessed with all the good things in life, too, insya Allah :)

wanshana said...

Dear Kak Yatt @ TM,

Thank you. Amin, insya Allah :)

Macam sisters to my kids?! Waaaaahh, another thank you! But, I don't think Hanna would be very happy to read this. Hahahaha!

Kak Yatt, I think bebudak sekolah kita ni memang awet muda lah kot, ya? Banyak makan tempe masa Saturday lunch lah tu! ;)

wanshana said...


I think I remember which one you were :) (tapi, rupa tak berapa clear sangat in my head ni :))

Yes, next time IF terserempak dengan akak, mesti tegur okay? Even if akak masa tu nampak macam nak terbang, okay? (Coz' akak memang selalu macam nak terbang, tau! Hehehe!)

Take care :)

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you. Amin, insya Allah. No worries about the 'belated' wish. I'm still v4.1 today and until 130510 :)

Yes, my family and I think that Su*hi Za*ma* at One-U tu is one of the better Japanese joints around. They don't have set meals on the menu, but their a la carte menu is nice. You should try the place one of these days.

Take care, dear :)

wanshana said...

Dear Anom,

Thank you, Amin...insya Allah :)

You take care, too! And all the best with Yone's wedding preparations. I look forward to see the finished barang hantaran, and the bunga pahar ;)

Lama ke cuti nanti?

KG said...


happy birthday....all the best wishes for you!

Amy said...

Happy birthday Kak Shana. Sorry lambat wish, dah berapa hari balik lambat sibuk dgn result :). Here's wishing for many many years to come.

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you :)

My best wishes to you, too, dear.

wanshana said...

Hi Amy,

Thank you, Amin. Insya Allah :)

I know...Exam time memang memeningkan kepala - not just for the students, but also for the lecturers and exam admin unit. Glad to know you dah boleh bernafas sekarang :)

But, I also know you're busy with the new house, too. Take it easy, and try to get some rest in between :)

Take care, you!

bella said...

Kak Shana, Happy Belated Birthday, Moga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki and be blessed all your life. Hope all your wishes come true!!!