Thursday, July 30, 2009

More month at the end of the money?

I was just passing the time doing various quizzes on FB tonight, and one of them was on "What does your facial shape tell about you". And the result was :

+ Always work hard.
+ Handles financial problem smartly.
+ Has an outstanding will to succeed.
+ Has a clear plan for life.
+ Can be quite ego at times.

(Never mind the grammar lah ye? :))

As with most of the quizzes on FB, I had to ponder on whether any of the above actually rang true about me, and I have to say some of them are dead right, while some are fitnah semata-mata (but, I'm not going to say here which ones are which, okay?! Hehehe!) EXCEPT that in a way I somewhat agree with #2 (Well, at least NOT until about 5 years ago, that is). And I wouldn't say I'm 'smart' when it comes to handling financial problems or matters. Maybe 'prudent' would be a better way to describe me. So, bear with me when I share something with you all here, okay?

I'm also moved to share this after reading Meen's (JazzmaTazz :))post on her blog about how now she spends less on shopping as she becomes more contented with life :) And how all the unnecessary spending has dwindled down over the last couple of years. And I agree with her. When you're contented with what you have (doesn't have to be a material thing), you tend to shop less. And to add to that, I believe that once we shop less, we will be able to start saving systematically. And the result - we'll be more contented and happier with basically everything and everybody around us :)

I have to confess - before 2004, Ayah and I were not thrifty with our money at all. We never consciously saved our dosh, and we never kept track of where our money went. Whenever our salary came in, we would just withdraw whatever amount we wanted, signed our cheques freely, and we would just charge most of our shoppings to our credit cards. And normally, due to our free flow spending (of our chiput pay), most of the times we only managed to pay the minimum amount for the credit cards. And more often than not, there was "more-month-at-the-end-of-the-money" (rather than "more money-at-the-end-of-the-month" for us!) Ye lah kan...both of us kerja gomen, kan? So, you all can imagine how much interests we had to pay to the credit card companies on the never-ending outstanding amount! Scandalous, I tell you...

But, everything changed when we were in the UK in 2003-04, when we had to live on my meagre scholarship and on Ayah's pay as a fellow at a hospital in Middlesborough. There were six of us - we all anak beranak plus our helper, Cek Pi. We still received our basic pay in Malaysia at that time, but we decided not to touch our pay if we could help it.

I can't remember what actually happened which made us decide to start saving systematically, but, I think one of the reasons was that we realized that we had an opportunity to start saving seriously as we had a few sources of income then. And we set a target to settle all our outstanding credit card bills by the end of 2004. It was then, the "Demam Bajet" hit me :)

I actually went out to get a hardcover notebook one day, and started laying out the structure of our saving plans, and roughly decided to identify our two sources of income which we would have to live on while in the UK - my scholarship, and Ayah's fellowship pay.

And we started dividing allocations for our routine and recurring expenses between these two sources. I can't really remember the actual items, but roughly, for my own allowances and transportation costs, the rent, my study materials, and the utility bills - these would be paid with my monthly scholarship. And Ayah's pay would go towards payment of his petrol and toll money, his car maintenance, the groceries, clothings, anything that the children may need, for our travels, shopping, allowances for Cek Pi, and of course towards paying for the credit cards.

Whatever was left of my scholarship (which more often than not was nothing to shout about, as it would be gone even before I could shout), I would keep for myself, and normally that would cover all those petty miscellaneous expenses and shopping for me. And whatever left of Ayah's pay, we would transfer the money to our account in Malaysia.

So, throughout our stay in the UK, I kept a budget book, which I worked on at the end of each month, and also in the middle of the month (to modify our budget to accommodate any ad hoc expenses). And this was how I did it -

(1) I would look at how much money there was in each of our income sources for the month - my allowance/scholarship and Ayah's pay.
(2) Work on income source #1, and see how much balance would be left after all the compulsory expenses had been taken into account.
(3) Repeat Step 2 for income source #2.
(4) Set aside some amount for emergencies.
(5) The rest, we transferred to our Malaysian account and also to our UK Savings Account.
(6) We tried our best to stick to the budget.
(7) Failing #6, Step #4 would save us :)

Once we had got into the rhythm of saving, no matter how chiput the balance may be, we would save it. It just became a habit. And until now, I still keep a budget book with me all the time. The current one started with our December 2005 budget. So, you all can imagine how very the lunyai the book is now!

But, the division of expenses has changed somewhat since our UK days.

Now, MY pay goes to MY account.

AYAH's pay goes to OUR joint account. ;)

MY pay would go towards paying for -

* Our monthly grocery spendings (fixed)
* My own petrol/toll/meals allowances (fixed)
* The household utility bills (Tenaga, Syabas, Astro, TM, Maxis) - depends on usage
* My Kembara Car Loan (fixed)
* Standing Instruction for our Unit Trusts (fixed)
* The Home Guard Service (fixed)
* The Kids Piano Fees (fixed)
* The Kids School Allowances (fixed)
* The monthly contributions to my Abah and Mommy (minimum amount fixed, and insya Allah kalau rezqi lebih, will tambah accordingly :))

And whatever balance from there, depending on my mood - I would either put them in the savings account, OR spend it like there's no tomorrow! Hahaha! And let me tell you here - more often than not, it would be the latter ;)

As for AYAH'S pay, it goes towards the following -

* SD House Loan (fixed)
* BJ House Loan (fixed)
* His Naza Car Loan (fixed)
* His Accord Car Loan (fixed)
* His own petrol/toll/meals allowances (Yup! Fixed, too! Kesian kan? I ration his food!)
* Family outings (fixed)
* Shopping money (flexible :))
* All the credit cards (The amount depends on whether the wife goes mental during The Sales or not...)
* Monthly premiums for all the insurance policies we took up.
* Kids fees for Mengaji, Traditional Dance, Chess, Swimming, Guitar, Tuitions (fixed)
* Spending for various contingency/emergencies (fixed)

And whatever balance left, we would transfer to our Savings on the day our monthly pay is credited into our accounts. This is so that our fresh pay is not 'mixed' with the balance :) And if ada rezqi lebih, we will top up the kids' savings, insya Allah.

So, as you can see - yang had besaq-besaq punya belanja semua cheq pass kat dia.... Cerdik naaa?! :)

And this has been our practice for the last 5 years. And I still do it twice a month - the original budget at the end of the month, and the review in the middle of the month - to take into account any unforeseen expenses which may crop up for that particular month, and modify the budget accordingly.

And we make a point to pay our credit card bills in full every month as we don't want to fork out the unnecessary extras to pay for the interests! To do that, we REALLY have to discipline ourselves to spend within our means.

And syukur alhamdulillah, nowadays we see more-money-at-the-end-of-the-month, than more-month-at-the-end-of-the-money, insya Allah. Tak banyak, sikit pun - it is still our savings :)

Please don't get me wrong. My niat is just to share our system of saving money however little it may be, with you all, which works for us, and if you guys would want to experiment with it to see if the system may work for you all, too (IF you still have not found an effective system for you). And also, if you guys may also want to share your system here with us here :)

Personally, I feel that the things that we should always bear in mind are :

* We should always be looking out for any opportunities which come our way which may help us save more.
* We should always spend ONLY within our means.
* Do not mix the previous month's salary with the current one - ALWAYS save whatever balance you have IMMEDIATELY.
* We can splurge every now and then (but only when you feel that with whatever savings you've done, you deserve to splurge :))
* Jangan terlampau save duit sampai jadi kedekut, and tak spend on yourselves, your loved ones, and your friends, and of course bersedekah.

AND Yang paling penting for us para isteri - bila kita belanjakan duit gaji kita untuk perbelanjaan yang seharusnya ditanggung oleh suami kita, kita MESTI IKHLAS, SEIKHLAS-IKHLASNYA... Jangan ada rasa resentment walau sedikit pun. Insya Allah, rezqi kita sekeluarga murah... :)

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you how my Budget Book looks like here -

Nampak macam belacan, kan? ;)

Tapi belacan yang banyak berjasa ni... Hehehe!


Naz in Norway said...

Another Brownie point for you! :)

Kmar said...


Boleh dapat Ijazah Akauntan Rumah!!

As for me, with one income, very easy to manage and minus directly from the bank. Everything done online and actually I yang jaga ´buku akaun´..ha.ha.. Jose senang aje, dia kata as long baki tak warna merah, then it is OK.

Whatever extra yang dapat disimpan, I kumpul beli property kat Malaysia. Duit ni kalau simpan banyak pun, buying-power tak kuat. Kalau property, boleh jual kalau nak cash.. he.he..

Btw, very good way of saving for later.

Anonymous said...


Despite me being the one in Finance and hubby in engineering, I am the spender and he's the saver....and the sad part for me is we don't have a joint account, so I can't help him spend his money as well..he..he..


D.N.A.S said...

Kak Shana,
useful tips. Boleh tulis buku ni..... Mesti ramai orang beli!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

You'd be surprised to know that we started doing this in 1991, right after we got married! Luckily the the book has a leather cover, so tak lah selunyai you punya... hahaha!

Up until today, we can still see the month-to-month spendings we made dari dulu sampai la ni. Cuma sekarang, since the book dah tak boleh add any more pages, we changed it to A4 printouts.

TQ dear for sharing :)

Amy said...

Kak Shana, thank u so much for sharing. Basically Amy punya cara macam kak Shana gak, Zul bayar rumah, I help by paying utility bills. Cuma credit card masing2 bayar :P. And I tell you, CC tu mmg evil thing la.. cuma kena displinkan diri tulis budget cam Kak Shana, Amy ni kadang2 tulis, kadang2 tak..kadang2 tu dah tahu mmg dah tinggal sket (especially now!)so dah tak koser nak tulis. Ni dah dok rumah sendiri, kena la lebih bekerja keras utk berjimat walaupun nak menitik dah air mata ni :P Dah hampir kering dah savings ni, nak kena start top up balik..

the principal said...

kak shana,

my husband tulis every single sen yg dia belanja. Notes dia lagi lunyai coz dok lipat2.

Unfortunately, wife dia the opposite. Semua resit buang. Nasib baik tak byk sgt duit utk dibelanjakan. Kalau byk duit, you can see my face kat Pavillion everyday...& Shahrul will remind me "you dont hv to participate in every megasales".

Desert Rose said...

Puan Shana,

Bolehkah saya buat appt dgn puan utk menolong saya mentadbir kewangan saya pulak kerana saya BOROS ya amat, sebab tu lah saya rasa Allah hanya bagi saya suami yang tak kaya-kaya.

Saya pun hanya byr installment rumah sahaja....supaya nmpk banyaklah sangat contribution saya. Supaya ia dpt mengaburi mata suami dan tidak mintak saya bayar for anything else lagi , keji kah saya???

Oh saya rasa sungguh insaf dgn kata2 puan iaitu kalau kita tak redha nanti dia dosa kan.....ok nanti bulan 8 ni i tlg bayar bil air ngan broadband lah...(sb saya yang pengguna maksima )

ummisara said...

Kak Shana...


thanks for sharing...i memang nak kena align our expenses balik... gud tips from u

thank u..

yatidell said...

Hi Shana,
tips yg berguna untuk mereka2 yg kuat brbelanja...
Dulu I pernah rasa mcm tu bila end of the month kering je sampai apa yg tinggal dlm bank tu la savings kitaorg(sbb I x working anymore).
Then we started to organize our spending( meaning sacrife la x shopping untuk diri sendiri 4 quite a while) n beli yg perlu je..n make sure bayar abis credit card bill n kurangkan guna credit card...pastu alhamdulillah bila dah lapang sikit financial standing. When u r at my age, semua dah been there done that...mcm dah tua je..hehe!
But ur right...jgn lupa bersedekah sbb ianya xkan meluakkan harta fact menambahkan lagi rezeki..wallahuallam..

Ayah said...

"His own petrol/toll/meals allowances (Yup! Fixed, too! Kesian kan? I ration his food!)"

Mommy dear...I dah muaklah makan Maggi tiap2 hari....


wanshana said...


Hehehe! Thanks, dear :)

Errrr, do I get some real melt-in-the-mouth, superlicious and yummy Brownies to go with that, too? ;)

wanshana said...

Hi Kmar,

Hehehe...Thanks. If only there's such a degree recognized world-wide, kan? :)

Same here, everything is being handled and managed by me. Every month Haizal would just give me the cheques, and I would bank them in.

Once I'm finished with the budget, I would just let him know how much his petrol/toll/meal allowances for the month would be, and he needs to monitor those expenses only. So, everytime he withdrawas from the ATM/use CC/ or issue cheques for those items, he would inform me, and I would update him on how much more is left from the allocation for the said expenses.

All the online banking, and running around to pay the bills and loans are done by me (except for one - his Accord loan, coz' the bank is out of the way sikit for me)

Can you imagine if he were to ask me in front of my MIL - "How much can I withdraw lagi, ya?" SURE his mom ingat I control duit dia...Hahaha!

But, be rest assured - he's been given a GENEROUS amount of allowances every month...Tak habis pun most of the time :)

Buying properties is a wise move, my dear. If you know of any good buys, do let us know, okay? ;)

wanshana said...

Jah @ Busybody,

It's okay - as long as ONE of you is the "saver". Kalau both kaki spend, THEN, baru need to worry :)

And hey, we women folks are supposed to spend our money what... Hehehe!

As for the joint-account - it's not too late to open one now, dear ;) Kena sweet talk your darling...

wanshana said...


Dan tajuk buku yang sesuai would be "HOW TO MAKE SURE YOUR OTHER HALF GETS JUST ENOUGH"...


wanshana said...

Ja @ DDI,

You're most welcome dear :)

I tabik spring you and your hubby for starting out with the budget immediately after you got married. I can see that both of you are the melancholic type :)

We didn't start immediately after we got married because Ayah was in the UK after that, while I was here in KL. And when I joined him nearly a year later, we only had one source of income (his) and there were just the two of us then Simple campur tolak only :)

Bila balik Malaysia, nak start out new life, etc, banyak guna duit, sampai rasa macam tak payah nak budget. And once we were trapped in the CC vicious cycle, macam susah sangat nak manage our finances!

Maybe I should get a leather-bound budget book for myself. Hmmmmmm, I have to review this month's budget then...(or I can use up some $$$ from the contingency allocation?)

wanshana said...

Hi Amy,

Don't worry too much about the finances, dear. Everybody goes through this :) Memang adat beli and pindah rumah baru. Banyak guna duit. Tapi, tak apa, it'll be your asset nanti.

But, you know what? Maybe THIS is the opportunity for you to start a system to mark your new life at your new house, dear.

And to start a new system, firstly kena clear CC debts as soon as we can. And once we do that, we have to start disciplining ourselves and take note of our CC expenses so that they are within our means. Then, start paying in full every month. I think this is very important.

Life may be hard the first year or so, and a lot of sacrifices need to be made, but, it'll be worth it. Trust me :)

Take care, Amy dear, and enjoy your new house!

wanshana said...

Emy @ The Principal,

That's why the say - "Opposites Attract" :)Hehehe!

As I mentioned to Kak Jah - as long as ONE of you is the "saver", still okay tu...

Cakap kat Shahrul, you KENA participate in every megasales. Kalau tak, Malaysian economy will slow down. That's your contribution to the country ;)

wanshana said...

Puan Desert Rose,

Boleh :) Tapi appointment book I dah penuh sampai hujung tahun lah pulak. Tahun depan boleh? You get your secretary to call my secretary, okay? ;)

Okay lah tu bayar instalment rumah. Itu pahala yang amat besar untuk your kanda - meringankan beban suami coz' more often not, the housing loan instalments would be the one which take up the bulk of our expenses, kan? :)

It is VERY important for us to redha and ikhlas to contribute to perbelanjaan keluarga. Kalau tak, as you said - berdosa suami kita. Kesian kat they all, kan? Sayang tak kat suami? ;)

All the best with the new budget arrangement, dear!

wanshana said...

Hi Edelweiss,

(((HUGS))) to you, too, dear, and you're most welcome :)

ANY time is a good time to align our budget. Hope some of the things I and also the other readers have written here have given you some ideas on how to start your own system.

And I've said before - once you can manage your CC and can start paying in full every month, then, everything else will fall into place and should be okay.

All the best :)

wanshana said...

Hi Kak Yati,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us here :)

It is always the Credit Cards yang jadi main culprit kan, Kak Yati? Kita manusia biasa memang lemah dengan temptations. The CCs are there to be used, so we use them - forgetting that it's actually for our convenience, so that tak payah bawak duit berkebat-kebat bila nak gi shopping kan? ;)

Masalahnya, kita yang tak ada duit berkebat-kebat, spend as if we do...

The first step for everyone is to actually make the decision to save systematically. Once we have passed that, things should be easier, kan?

Thanks again, Kak Yati, and take care :)

wanshana said...

Ayah, gi makan Maggi kat Ma*da*in Or*en*al tetiap hari apa hal???!!!

tireless mom said...

Dear Shana

I think AKPK would love to hire people like you. Thanks for sharing. To me between husband and wife, both must reckon the same belief, otherwise definitely it will not work out :)

wanshana said...

Dear Kak Yatt,

You're most welcome :)

I've heard of AKPK and roughly what they do, but, I'm not so sure as to how exactly they give financial advices to their clients. Do they do it for free, or do they charge certain fees? If it's the latter, I think that's not on at all. Dah lah orang tu memang ada masalah kewangan, lepas tu kena bayar lah pulak to get advice to overcome the problem... Sungguh tidak patut. If I were to join AKPK, I would do it for free :)

You're absolutely right. Both hubby and wife must agree to the arrangement, and if ada yang tak puas hati, mesti iron out and come up with system/budget yang betul-betul acceptable to both. Jangan nanti esok-esok, jadi big issue and dok mengungkit lah pulak...

In our case, Ayah only wants to know that all the bills and loans are paid, ample food on the table for the family, everybody's needs are met, everybody's fancies (as long as they are reasonable) are met, and we can splurge every now and then. How I make sure of all these - it's up to me :) I have a free hand, and he's fine with it. One (errrr, actually more than one!)less thing for him to think about :)

Lagi pun, kalau I nak harapkan dia uruskan bills and loan segala, sure tetiap hari dapat surat reminder bayar hutang coz' he'll be busy with work, and sure asyik terlupa ajer. Hehehe!

Besides his fixed petrol/toll/meals allowances, he would also inform me of any other extras or ad hoc expenses which he would need for the month, e.g. if he is travelling abroad and how much he needs to bring with him, etc :)

yatidell said...

Hi again Shana,
Ni tgh xde keje la ni...hehe! Dr dulu lagi my hubby akan tinggalkan bank card dia kat I whenever he went offshore or outstation just in case of emergency n dia akan bawa wang secukupnya untuk diri dia. Masa tu baru juga kawin n I still keje jd cikgu dgn gaji show him that I deserve his trust I x pernah abuse bank card dia untuk keluarkan duit untuk I nak joli hehe!..kalau I nak belanja sakan pun I used my own gaji since dia dah bayar rent, utilities, food n others..whereas my money I bagi my mom n the rest belanja or save a bit...x la banyak...masa kat offshore tu member2 dia dok citer la yang wives they all kuat belanja n some tu suka main mahjong..n my hubby pun kata la yg dia always leave the bank card dgn his wife..much to their horror! Depa kata kalau depa la sure dah licin duit dlm bank...I'm glad he trusts me with his money. I agree dgn Yatt yang both husband n wife should share the same hubby kata semua ni didik-an mak bapak kita kena didik anak2 untuk value money...we are only human so macamana pun mesti tempted..always remember to live within ur means...
No doubt sekali sekala tu kita bole be extravagant so long as tak berhutang...

wanshana said...

Hi again Kak Yati :)

Betul tu. The trust is very important, and we should never betray the trust. Lagi pun, there's only so much that we need to belanja for ourselves, kan? There's no need to go overboard :)

Kalau nak harapkan hubby tanggung semua with their pay, and our pay we keep to ourselves or jolly sakan, in the longrun, the marriage will definitely suffer. The financial stress on them will definitely eat them up, and mula lah nak gaduh ajer especially when they see the wives as the cause for the financial problem.

Memang in most cases the hubby earns more than the wives, but the wives should contribute according to how much she mampu lah kan? And I believe that even if the hubby can tanggung everything without any contributions from the wife, the wife should still contribute.

And yes, you're right about the need to didik anak-anak to value money. And if they want anything, they should earn it - by behaving well, by doing well in school or co-curriculum activities, etc. I sometimes would show them the cheques their Ayah brings home for the month. They know how hard he works, and I will tell them that the cheques are the rewards for his hard work. And I make sure they see me working on the monthly budget every time.

And if they want anything, they will look at the price first and ask me if it was expensive or not. Sometimes, before tanya I pun they all dah cakap, "Oh, I cannot buy this. It's too expensive!". In Hanna's case, if she wants anything, she will ask us, "What's the budget if I want to get a pair of shoes, etc?"

So, I hope, this will continue until they all dah besar nanti.

Thanks for sharing again, Kak Yati :)


You take care, okay?

Mior Azhar said...

Thanks for sharing... very the motivating!!! And sistem ini sangat2 lah boleh diciplak untuk panduan kami pulak. Thanks again

wanshana said...


You're most welcome. Silalah ciplak if you feel the system can work for you all, insya Allah :)(But, I'm very sure Yan has a more canggih sistem than mine!)

I think the one yang not many people do is the part to transfer whatever balance you have at the end of the month to your savings account IMMEDIATELY. This is important, because if we do not do that, this will create a false impresson that we have a lot more money to spend than we really do for the month. And of course, with the money still there, the temptation to spend it is greater!

I normally would check online if all the cheques we issued have been cleared/banked in by the payees or not. If after 2 weeks of issueing them, the cheques are still not cleared, I will call the payees to remind them to do so.

Again, this is to avoid the false impression that we have a lot more balance in the account than we really do. And of course, takut nanti, when we transfer the balance into the savings account, whatever left will not be enough to cover the cheque amount pulak nanti.

Selamat menciplak, Mior ;)

Anonymous said...


Looks like my comment smlm didn't get thru.I wanted to add, you memang 'work hard' - especially at the very last minute. hehehe...

Esok semi retire, boleh bukak bisnes home financial mgmt!


Daphne Ling said...

Eh Kak Shana,

You can write finance-management textbook already la, aiyo! ;)

Good to hear you're doing well anyway! One good way of saving money is to not go out and eat...Haih, susahnya, when the Thai food in the square is calling my name ;) Lol

wanshana said...


Where got your comment last night? Silap blog kot? ;)

Saya amat sangat bersetuju tang statement I "work hard" (especially at the last minute)tu...Tak pernah nak serik! Hahaha! Tu yang buat my life more interesting tu.

Can - nanti I bukak booth kat tepi-tepi LRT Stations to offer financial advice. Kalau tak pun I buat MOU dengan Nasi Kandar Ali Maju ke to give me one corner at their restaurants. Buleh? :)

wanshana said...


Finance Management textbook?! Errr, can start with a small pocketbook first, aaaar? :)

I say, eating out is a must la - at least once a week so that the Finance Manager gets a break from the kitchen as upah for managing the finance maaa ;)

And Daph - Thai food is an exception. That one can have EVERYDAY also tak per...Hehehe!

Take care, dear :)

bella said...

Nice one Kak Shana!as usual, boleh jadi tauladan to us nie. thanks for the tips ye!!!Betul cakap you all, kena ada persetujuan suami isteri, dan kena sabar. Demi nak senang later in life kan. InsyaAllah.

john f seademon said...


Now let me think how do I spend my money.

1. My car installment
2. My wife's car installment
3. House
4. Bibik's pay
5. My 4 kids who are with their mom
6. Groceries (shared)

Itu aje la kot...and dive trips. I need them to keep me sane.

zaitgha said...

hi Shana,

your last posting and this one really made me 'segan' with someone like u....i never thought of myself being a good mum and a good finance home minister....haissshhh

wanshana said...

Hi Bella - you're most welcome, dear :) Glad to know this posting is of help, but, the system is just an example, and I'm sure you can come up with your own version which suits you better, kan?

Yup! Hubby and wife must always muafakat and musyawwarah :)

P/S : What happened to Rueleonblum?!

wanshana said...


Looks like you're taking care of the killer items, too - just like Ayah :) That's the way we wifeys like it ;) (ahak-ahak!)

Spending on your diving trips is essential actually - like I said - we should not be so kedekut sampai tak berbelanja for ourselves, kan? That's one way of giving yourself a special treat for your hard work.

wanshana said...

Hi Zaitgha,

Aiyoooo!!! Don't embarrass me la, my friend...I lagi lah segan dengan you yang terrer masak segala benda under the sun ;)

Selalunya, yang selalu rajin ke dapur, and yang ada business sendiri, would have a very systematic way of keeping track of all the expenses, kan? I'm sure you have a better system than mine here :)

bella said...

Kak Shana, why???It's still there..tak update je. ada update, tapi lepas tu save as draft...hhehhe sebab sajer meluah update lagi...okies...nanti I nak suruh Cik Abang baca your blog...hehehe

wanshana said...


I've been clicking on your name kat comment box ni and it links to your labella sales blog :) Last night baru click on your name kat my sidebar. Hehehe... Yes, Rueleonblum is still there :)

* Errrr...cecepat hapdet with tales from your Penang trip, please - especially tales of Sup Hameed, okay? ;)

all jazzed up said...

I pun nak buat one budget book la, selama ni calculate dalam otak je :)

wanshana said...


I think we should all have a budget book and not just do the budgeting dalam otak coz' as we all know so very well - the heart. more often than not, WILL dictate our head, kan? And you know what will happen if that happens. Budget semua lari ;)

All the best!