Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hutang tag boleh dibayar...

Dear Naz, Dilla and Amy,

No, no, no... I have not forgotten :)

I know I owe you guys a tag. It has been long overdue - in fact since before my Bali Trip in June. So, today is hari membayar hutang...Better late than never, they say. So, this is my late payment. Hopefully you guys won't charge any interests. Hehehe! :)

But, of course, before I start, please do accept my sincere apologies for being so tardy in responding to the tags. I have no valid reasons, nor am I going to come up with excuses. So, let's just call this, a statement - Wa manyak sibuk maaaa... :) But, janji tetap janji...and I did promise that I would get down to doing it. And finally, today is the time to get down to doing it.

The tag actually comes with an Award - the Uber Amazing Blog Award. Thank you so much for thinking of me as one of the recipients, dearies. Terharu I...

The award comes with a set of rules:

First, I would have to state 5 interesting facts about the person who gave me this award:

So, I'll start with Naz :)

Those who follow her blog would agree with me if I say that -

1. Naz is one very cool mom to her gorgeous and lovely brood of three :)

2. And I think Fact #1 has a lot to do with her having a lovely Mom. I just love the way she writes about her Mom...and her writings also tell us that she's one super daughter, too :)

3. She writes from her heart, and what she writes never fail to bring laughter or smiles or tears, and sometimes all three of the above in one sitting to her readers.

4. She's VERY eloquent, and very witty, too :)

5. Even though we've never met, I know that she's a very warm person.

Dillazag's turn now :)

1. I knew Dilla through her blog, and we've met a couple of times (I think? :)) at our Srikandi functions. Yes - a fellow STFian, but, she's much, much, much younger than me. I think I already had Hanna when she just sat for her SPM kot? ;) (Aduh...terasa tua saya! Hehehe!)

2. She's one super mom! And this is especially evident when her poor darlings fall sick. She's like on the Super Bunny Energizer batteries 24/7 :) And Dilla, I read about Khaleeq. I hope it's nothing serious, and my do'a that he'll be up and about, being his normal healthy self soon, insya Allah. Amin.

3. Dilla's one stylo-lady. I love looking at her photos when she dresses up for functions, etc. Ada kelesssss ;)

4. And she's one workaholic, and a go-getter, too! (and please take this in a positive way, okay? ;)

5. I can see from her writings and comments that she's a very bubbly person :)

Amy pulak :) -

1. I also knew Amy from her blog on which she writes about her daily happenings and her loved ones. She comes across as a bubbly person, and at the same time, very soft-hearted.

2. She's a loving wife to Zul, a.k.a as her "B", and I have to tabik spring to both of them as the nature of Zul's work means that some nights he has to be away from home, and sometimes they barely get to see each other. But, I think that is one of the reasons why they are such a loving couple :) She's very manja with her "B", and I think that is so sweet :)

3. And Amy also has an amazing relationship with her parents. I smiled when I read about how her Mama and Abah were there, helping her with her new house and all. And I felt for her when she felt so sad to finally move out of her parents' to live in her new home. To Amy, it's okay, dear... They're just a tinkle away :)

4. I see Amy as a very baik-hati girl, and even though we've never met, I feel that she's someone who'll do anything for her friends.

5. And I think Amy ni suka ketawa. And I like that in a person :) And another thing, somehow I rasa Amy ni has a very good singing voice. Betul tak, Amy?

So, that was the first rule.

The second rule - each blogger must mention 10 facts about themselves or their hobbies before choosing the next recipients:

1. I've always been mistaken for a Kelantanese. I guess because my name starts with "Wan". However, the fact is - my arwah grandma from my Abah's side was an Anak Mami Tanjung, while my arwah grandfather asal Taiping (Larut/Bukit Gantang to be exact) and hailed from Acheh. I never got to meet them as both passed away when my Abah was just 12. While on my Mom's side, my arwah grandfather was a Mendailing, while my arwah grandma was from the Arab lineage. And just my luck, my siblings all have noses from the Tanjung and Arab lineages, while yours truly got the Mendailing and Acheh nose...Hehehe!

2. I had my first uban at the age of 11. And it wasn't just 1 or 2 strands, okay? They came in hundreds! And now, my boy Hilman is having his first hundreds of uban at the age of 9.

3. I had my first pimple at the age of 19, and I thought my world would end that day. Hehehe! And I bought my first facial regime set right after the first zit showed, and I've been loyal to that brand until now :)

4. I love buying shoes. And I love buying handbags to go with the shoes :)

5. I'm not into jewelleries. I mean, I don't really go out to choose and buy jewelleries for myself. The only jewelleries I have are my wedding hantaran, and the three cincins (merisik, bertunang and kahwin). I was given a bracelet by my MIL for my 31st birthday, and Ayah gave me a pendant for Hari Raya 5 years ago. Few times Ayah had wanted to get jewelleries for me, but, everytime I would say, "Thank you, but, it's okay. No." (Sungguh beruntung suamiku ini... Mana nak dapat bini yang akan tolak bling-bling, kan?! Hahaha!)

6. I never cooked until I was 18 (not including my cooking lessons in SRT that is). I was never allowed to go into the kitchen every time I went back home for the school holidays. Reason being, I have two older sisters and the kitchen was just not big enough for the three of us (four if we were to include our Mom). Hehehe... However, thrown at the deep end when I did my A-Levels in Cardiff, and sharing a house with my 2 seniors, we had to take turns to cook dinner. So, that meant we had to cook every 3 days. Pandai pun sebenarnya... Hehehe!

7. I rarely wear Baju Kurung to work. The only time I do would be when there's a function at the Faculty or at the Uni level. My normal choice would be pants/long-skirts with matching tops and tudung (and of course - shoes and handbags ;)) The only times I wear Baju Kurung would be during Hari Raya, and of course during khenduri khendara. (So, Naz...I'm not a Wanita Melayu Terakhir material, okay? ;))

8. Being in an all-girls boarding school back in 1981-85, whenever there were dance and drama competitions, I would always be dancing/acting the parts meant for boys/guys. (So, again Naz - WMT I'm not...Hahaha!)

9. My favourite food would be everything Masakan Kampung. Unfortunately, I don't get to cook them at home as Ayah and the kids are so not into it! So, I'll make sure that my lunch at work would be a feast of just that - Masakan Kampung. Amongst my favourites include Sembilang Balado, Kemahang Masak Pindang, Gulai Nangka, Chili Padi Rebung, Patin Masak Tempoyak, Masak Lemak Chili Padi Pucuk Ubi, Sambal Tempoyak, Ulam Tempoyak, Kerabu Taugeh+Kerang. Need I say more?!

10. And Wanita Melayu Terakhir I'm not again, Naz, because I'm quite a rocker at heart. I just so love Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, and I'm now into Green Day, My Chemical Romance and All American Rejects. And Black Eyed Peas. Shoot me.

So there... 10 facts about me. Done :)

For the third rule, I was supposed to choose 10 recipients and describe them. But, memandangkan this Award and tag has been around for quite some time, and almost everybody has deservedly received it from other fellow bloggers, I guess this Award stops here lah ya? So sorry...

For the fourth rule - I have to inform those whom I have given the award to, but in this case - tak ada. So, I'm going to inform Naz, Dilla and Amy that I've done the tag coz' I'm sure they have probably forgotten about it! This I will do after this.

And finally, for the fifth rule - I'm supposed to paste the Award to my sidebar. Hmmmmm...Nanti when I have figured it out how to do it, you'll get to see lah the award kat tepi tu, okay? ;) If the Award is not there, itu maknanya I still tengah terkial-kial nak figure out how to do it lah tu...

Cheers, you all.

Have a good week ahead! :)


murni said...


told you, you'll be really good at this!:)

so deserve it :)


Lee said...

Hello Wanshana, beautiful, heartwarming tributes to your friends. Love your eloquence.
I guess the blog has brought all of us many friends.
For me especially.
Best regards to you, Lee.

Amy said...

Thank youuu akak! Really appreciate it, and for the record, my voice is farrr from a singing voice and that's why I avoid karaoke sessions sbb sgt tak sedap! Thank you for all the kind words, mmg Amy kuat gelak, especially with close friends, Kak Dilla would agree with that as she's the one cracking the jokes most of the time :)

Naz in Norway said...

Done it! Pandai anak mak! hehe..
OK now go listen to Disturbed :D

wanshana said...

Hi Murni,

Thanks :)

I don't think I'm good at it, though. I just enjoy it tremendously :)


wanshana said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

Good to see you again here :). I've been hopping by your blog religiously, but, have not been leaving any comments for some time. Always tak kering gusi when I'm there :)

Thanks :)

Yes, this blog has brought all of us so many special friends. We are blessed indeed.

Warmest regards from me to you, too.

Take care, Uncle Lee :)

wanshana said...


You're most welcome, dear, but sorry lah terlambat sikit :(or rather - BANYAK!)

I still think you can sing very well. Nak kena test kat keriau-ke ni...

wanshana said...

Helllloooo Naz!


Unfortunately (or rather - FORTUNATELY) Disturbed is not really my cup of tea :) I go for rock bands with cute lead singers ;) Hahaha!

bella said...

yeayyy for Black Eyed Peas and the lauk kampung!!!hhehehe...
dekat ngan UniM tu(not really dekat but bolehla) ada kg pasir, the nasi campur is sooo marvelous!!!

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

amboi shana...
tak sangka kamu minat bon jovi...patut lah lagu lagu kamu kat sini semua jenis rock rock saja...sori ya..tiap kali masuk sini mesti akak off kan dulu suara dia...hehehe...
u boleh kaji sejarah famili you ni....baguih no...
boleh buat pokok keluarga tu...

have a nice day dear...

wanshana said...


I was asked by Hanna the other day, "Which foreign artist, if they were to come to KL, would Mommy go watch?". And my reply was, "Black Eyed Peas". I didn't even have to think about it! Hehehe!

You mesti bawak I gi kat Kg Pasir ni one day, okay? I normally makan in campus ajer.

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Don't worry, I pun kalau bukak my blog ni will turn the volume down or off coz' selalu dok bloghopping and everytime balik my own blog, lagu start balik. Letih...

Salasilah keluarga ni memang dah ada, Kak Ezza. Family Tree beso beno...Ngalahkan the oldest tropical rainforest tree kat Amazon tu...Hehehe!

But, it's an interesting salasilah especially part paternal grandfather from Acheh tu :)

You too, Kak Ezza. Have a nice day! :)

IBU said...

u only started cooking at 18?!!!

Oh well.... there you go.... my theory remains a theory. hahahahaha... u know what i mean!!!

part2 jewel-jewel leghy ni... mmg suami2 kita beruntung ek? tak pulak pak ji nak offer handbag... cisss..

wanshana said...


Theories are supposed to explain stuff in different ways. So, maybe, your theory may be valid in some school of thoughts, even if it's not acceptable in other schools :) Errrrr, dalam erti kata lain, you bukak ajer lah your own school (of thoughts). Hehehe!

Part handbags tu, tak yah lah tunggu Pak Aji offer. Charge ajer to his credit cards. Macam tak biasa... Kahkahkah...