Monday, January 18, 2010



I am in no mood to write about what I'm about to write, but, I feel that I need to write about it.

I had vented out my frustration and anger on my FB, and I had comments, advice and support from friends which had made me feel somewhat better. Thank you so much, guys!

To all who are yet in the know, it's confirmed - Bibik Dar is NOT coming back.

And she didn't even have the courtesy to call or SMS herself to tell me.

I was the one who SMSd to her husband last night to ask her flight date back to Malaysia, and he got back to me saying that Dar could not come back because she didn't have any money left to buy her flight ticket. All her money had been used up to repair the house.

I then SMSd again saying that that should not be a problem as I could send her the money.

He came back and said that that was not the only reason. Dar has decided not to come back because she said there was too much work to be done at our house and she never got any rests in the last 2 years!

That really pissed me off!

Why the hell did she ask us to renew her permit and endorse her passport for the fiscal exemption thingy in the first place if she was not happy working with us in the first place?! To think that Ayah had to run around to get everything done a few days before she went back that day. Grrrrr....

She could have told us this before she went back so that we could have arranged for her replacement two months ago and not have to be maidless in the last 1 1/2 months while waiting for her to come back!

Luckily, when she wanted to kirim her salary back to Indonesia 2 weeks before her flight back, Ayah had asked me to keep the RM950 which we had used to renew her permit just in case she decided to do just this. I told her that she could send that amount back when she comes back nanti.

I called the agent this morning and he said that he suspects that Dar MAY have come back using the permit and all, and now might be working with someone else. Apparently he ada dengar-dengar from his other maids that there have been some of her friends who had ajar and ajak her to do this. NOW he tells me?!

I don't understand what exactly it is that she wants from us.

We treated her well. We bought her stuffs and things (shoes, clothes, handbags, you name it, etc.) We even bought stuffs for her kids! We tanggung everything - makan, minum, toiletries - even facial creams and cleansers, etc, and all other necessities. Heck, her shampoo was more expensive than mine! We brought her along with us when we went out for movies and when we ate out. She ate what we ate - at home and outside. In fact, I did most of the cooking and all at home. So basically I cooked for her! We let her watch her Astro Indon Channel as and when she pleased. We gave her RM20 IDD card everytime as and when she wanted to call home. We bought her baju raya, and gave her duit raya every time. We paid her extras whenever we had functions at home which required her to work extra hours. Every night she would sleep earlier than we did. We let her cuti at the agent's place whenever she requested to go there.

What? She wants us to send her for a 4D3N holiday at Pangkor Laut every month?!

I SMSd her husband to tell him that we would be cancelling her permit and lodged a police report as this is considered as Kes Pembantu Lari, and the implication of this would be that Dar would not be able to enter Malaysia again after this (assuming that she may still be in Indon now. If she's already here - I guess there's nothing much we could do). At least they would be aware of the implications, and should thank me for informing them.

But NO. He came back with an SMS saying that if this makes me 'PUAS' then I can go ahead with it, and he had the cheek to ask me not to 'ganggu' them again and not SMS them again, and that THAT would be their last SMS to me (?!) Apakah?!!!

I just had to reply saying that it was not a question of 'PUAS' or not. I am cancelling her permit and lodging a police report and all for the simple reason that if I didn't do that, I wouldn't be able to apply for a new maid la, BAGHAL... Just because their hati busuk, they think that hati we all pun busuk like theirs?!


I feel so betrayed. I REALLY thought that Dar would be different from the other helpers. My bad.

Hanna who saw how upset I was last night had this to say -

"Mommy, it's okay... We had coped well in the last couple of months without her. It's okay, insya Allah we'll be fine..."

Thank you, darling. That had tenangkan hati Mommy somewhat...

I am now seriously considering just getting a part-time weekend helper to help with cleaning the house and the ironing. An FB friend asked me to hold on to this - "Kalau larat, buat. Kalau tak larat, pejam ajer mata. After all it's our house..." And I think I'm going to do just that.

But, Ayah is not keen on the idea and wants us to apply for a new maid.

See la how it goes...

Frankly speaking, I've had just about enough of them ungrateful, tak mengenang untung lot....


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

akak ingat you kena tukar kunci rumah or apa jer yang dulu dia senang je nak buat..mana lah kita tau kan...sekarang ni macam macam...

Kmar said...


Kalau I jadi you, mau tukar jadi naga!! Sometimes, bila kita buat baik dengan orang, diberi balik tuba. Ini jenis orang yang memang tak kenang budi langsung.

Now, the past is the past. You can´t do much. First, check whatever private stuffs that she might-possible access while she was working at your house. Mana yang patut ganti, gantikan la. You should go to the police for official report (never know if anything happen in near future that can link to this event.... nauzubillah).

Your family will be your biggest support. They understand.

Manusia Shana ooi.. rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain..

Kama At-Tarawis said...

This really takes the cake, shana. I am at a loss of what to say.. kesian you..

Unknown said...

huh....memang patut wanshana tensen, explode, geram, marah2~! adakah, buat begitu....
*actually i am lost for words also*
but but, i like lah your daughter tu...sungguh menyejukkan hati!

MA said...

Oh dear! Am so sorry to hear this. Ya. do report and cancel her permit.

I pun dalam my maid ni nampak tip-top dan okay, I still keep that small percentage of distrust, just in case lah.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Salam shana,
Why Im not surprised? It's wrong to treat them badly (like few ppl did) but bila buat baik sgt pon mcm ni jugak sis & SIL have had the same experience. Bila nak balik berchoti, bukan main lagi janji2 falsu...Basic courtesy la - kalau tak mau dah, cakap je.
Semoga Allah jua membalasnya -rad

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

sorry to hear that you're facing this.
That is why I'd rather go maidless then to have one and in the end we have to face all this

dillazag said...

Kak Shana,
I say, Good riddance. As you said , you have been coping up well in the past 11/2 months and I think that part time worker is a really good idea. They are more professional and you only deal with them masa they come to clean and iron for you. At other times you don't have to deal with their songel. *Buying expansive shampoo included*

Nak apply for maid pun take some time, so that would be an excellent interim measure should Dr Ayah want to stick to his guns on the wanting a new maid, kan?

Hang in there, sister!

DadaIQ said...

My experience has been worst. After 12 years of working with us, our maid just quit with less than 24 hours notice! After all that we have done for her and the family (tak payah lah nak cerita kat sini...panjang sgt!). I guess, apa yang berlaku ada hikmah disebaliknya. We got her replacement which is so much better than her, alhamdulillah. She always thot that she is indispensable. For the last 6 months that she has left us, she was hopping from one job to another, and she is now on her 6th job! Memang dia orang tak sedar di untung...sabar ajerlah.

Naz in Norway said...

Same story over and over again despite all that we try to do and be (kind and understanding etc).
I'm quitting mine too because she's too fond of *mengomel* at the moment. I managed without a maid in Norway, I will manage here too.
You'll do fine, Shana.

Anonymous said...


I'm one of your silent reader. Saya dah bersilih ganti 13 maids for the past 15 years, alhamdulillah, the one that is with us now have stayed (with us) for the past 6 years..... Kebanyakan my former maids baik2, tapi susah nak cakap, kenapa diaorang buat peel pelik2, especially bila balik Indon, memang susah nak have them back.
And I do understand, no matter how kind and generous you are, it all depends on whether the maid ada hati perut atau tak. Just banyak bersabar, layan mereka macam family sendiri, insyallah, you will finally have one that wants to be a part of the family.

Unknown said...

Haa,,kan dah keluar perkataan Bagh*l...mmg patut marah esp bila dpt balik sms yg 'macam-bagus'..
Tak pe lah Shana..biarq pi yg dah pi...and sutuju dgn Kak Ezza, tukar kunci if possible, suspen gak..just precaution, my neighbour ( selang 5 rumah) baru lepas buat reno, ade bertengkar ngan Pak Endon tu pasal kos..tengok2 selang 2 mlm rumah kena masuk pencuri...Ish..nauzubillah..and police suspect kerja dajal org yg buat reno....What ever, all prayers..mudah2an u dah sejuk...and things are handled better!..Malaysia Boleh..see KLong pun pandai pujukk...

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Salam... This is menjadi kebiasaan dia org... Kita bagi makan kata tak pernah bagi makan, kita bagi rehat, kata kita kerah kerja 24 jam... Dar's husband is very berlagak one... rasa nak kutil2 aje...

My ex-maid suka jaja cerita I dekat jiran tetangga and even made me and my MIL bergaduh... hantu sungguh dia tu. But then Allah tu maha kaya last I heard, she has lost everything, even her own husband..

Susah nak cari yang baik and senang nak cari yang hampeh...

Take care...

Desert Rose said...

Mmmmmm...dunno what to say anymore. If I generalise the fact that THEY ARE ALL THE SAME, mesti ada la persatuan bangsa2 bersatu melenting. But 1 je yg okay out of what 3-500?? Report je kak , n being gila as I am, if it happened to me, I will said I will go there n u better pay me back all the money for the permit n whatsoever, u just wait, aku gegar , then baru PUAS..okay" ha ha but Kak Shana is nice n polite, of coure tak jadi pontianak cam Eja kan hi hi. Sabar kak, hopeflly yg baik punya is already tertulis for u, she's on d way k.

D.N.A.S said...

I'm so sorry to hear about it Kak Shana. I baru first time ambik maid ni, baru 4 bulan lebih. Tak tau lagi hati budi dia macamana tapi from my observation diorang ni mmg pandai berlakon, mulut manis.... pastu pemalas boleh tahan. Part membawa-bawa mulut tu toksah cerita lah.
What I'm doing now I betul-betul treat her as an employee. Jangan haraplah I nak treat dia macam family. Kalau dia bercerita-cerita pasal my MIL ke, pasal my nieces ke.... I buat-buat pekak aje. Masuk telinga kiri keluar telinga kanan sebab nada dia tu semacam je. Kita tak tau apa agenda diorang.

One question, let's say the maid nak balik kampung dia... is it okay if we hold 3 months of their salary? Especially cases macam Kak Shana yang day renew permit and everything ni lah...

So far I think the agreement between Maid Agency and Employer tu tak berapa protect the Employers.

AuntieYan said...

Salam Shana.

Auntie tak pernah ada maid sepanjang berumah tangga yang dah nak masuk ke tahun yang ke 30.Semua kerja dalam rumah diberesin sendiri dengan sedikit pertolongan daripada husband. Memang letih, dari anak kecil sampai anak dah dewasa semua di buat sendiri..."larat buat, tak larat, buat-buat tak nampak je". Ada masa rasa sedih jugak, rasa diri macam bibik...tapi apa kan daya, nak cari maid tak mampu...alhamdulillah,sekarang semua dah ok, bila anak-anak dah tak payah nak ditumpukan sangat, semua dah besar panjang, bermisai berjanggut.

Takut dan rasa geram dengan kerenah maid dari seberang ni...agaknya dia orang memang jenis tak boleh dibuat baik dan tak kenang jasa.
Insyaallah mudah-mudahan, Shana akan dapat yang lebih baik nanti.

mamasita said...

don't be'll get a good maid one of these days.

Just don't be too kind next time..they tend to take advantage of your kindness..biar berpada2..then you won't feel so disappointed when they don't know how to say thank you.

ms hart said...

Ya Rabbi...Shana...I sooooo understand...memang they all are generally an ungrateful lot, Shana! Memang skrip2 yg you cerita tuh, skrip 'umum' they all...! Sedap baca part you 'baghal'kan dia!! hehe Geram betul, kan? Sabarlah ya, and don't stress yourself. Like you said, larat, buat. Tak larat, pejam mata dulu. Kan orang tua2 selalu kata, "Kita buat dia.." Hang in there, ok?

ummi365 said...


memang diorang ni tak tau diuntung. boleh pigi dahhh..

i had enough of them already.

kalau you dah tak nak maid, a weekend helper will be good for you. haizal just like my hubs, insists on having a maid until now. but since i rule the house now, i said no maid for us. we will manage.

alhamdulillah, manageable but penat tu jangan cakap. kalau larat buat, tak larat pejam mata. afterall itu rumah kita.

Amy said...

Setuju dgn Kak Ezza, tukar kunci immediately..dan of course setuju dgn Kak Dilla saya..ambik yg weekend punya helper je.
The 'kalau larat, buat..tak larat pejam mata je' tu saya sgt sooka (yelah..lebih banyak pejam mata je dari buat :P..balik keje ni berkobar2 nak basuh bilik air ni *sigh*). Amy tahu Kak Shana tgh bengang giler..meh Amy bagi warm hugssssss.

MrsNordin said...

I can't believe she would do such a thing! You spoke so highly of her!

Get a new maid. If you want, I can give you my agent's no.

IBU said...

Alamak Shana! Apa sudah jadi?!

So sorry to hear this.

Mesti ada hikmahnya. Biarlah si luncai terjun dgn labunya.

p/s Patut rambut u lagi banyak uban dari dia... dia punya shampoo lagi mahal!!

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

I never thought of changing the keys before this. Maybe I should consider doing it. But, insya Allah Dar may have never had the chance to duplicate the keys, etc, because we all jarang leave her home alone with the keys long enough for her to have the time/chance to do so.

I think, insya Allah she's not the type to do such things.

But, yeah... we'll never know, kan?

Thanks, Kak Ezza.

wanshana said...


Thanks. I will do as advised this weekend. Before this tak sempat-sempat nak punggah segala.

Yes, I'm letting bygones be bygones. Biarlah...She'll get what she deserves one day.

Yes, I'm thankful for my family, Definitely :)

P/S : Sekarang susah nak cari manusia rambut hitam dah, Kmar... ;) All karer-karer already!

wanshana said...

Kak Puteri,

Thanks... But, believe me, I've had worse experience with a couple of previous maids, so, insya Allah I can handle this better :)

wanshana said...

Pak Payne,

Memang masa dapat tau she wasn't coming back hari tu, my lidah kelu seribu bahasa jugak! I just didn't know how to react initially because I had high expectations for her to come back (unlike hubby who had some reservations).

Yes, what Hanna said made me feel much better after that :)

wanshana said...

Hi MA,


We have yet to report polis and cancel her permit coz' both dok busy dari hari tu. And tengah confuse about the procedure. Some say, tak payah buat Police Report. Some say have to. Some say this is not considered as "Pembantu Lari", so procedure dia different, etc. Tak sempat nak find out what exactly we need to do. But, insya Allah, we'll do it next week.

Yes, however tip-top and nice we think our maids are, we can never trust them 100%. I agree with you. They all ni macam ada built-in hati busuk tucked deep in them...

wanshana said...

Salams Rad,

You're right. Itu yang I paling geram. Why couldn't she just tell me that she didn't want to continue working with us? Kalau tak suka, balik ajer la Indon. Bukannya we all boleh paksa dia sambung kerja pun! We could have arranged for her replacement much, much earlier and don't have to go through the waiting game, etc.

That's why we all lagi suspect that she wants to come back with her work permit and also using the bebas fiskal endorsement to come back here and work illegally elsewhere!

Why else would she do what she did, kan?

Yes, hanya Allah SWT yang akan membalasnya.

wanshana said...

Dear Ibu, Mommy, Mom,

Thanks. Yes, I'm beginning to see what you mean. Maybe it's time for me not to have a maid at home anymore. Lagi banyak yang bring headaches dari easing our lives.

The only thing that worries me is that my kids go back to my MIL's place everyday after school (and normally my maid would be there to siapkan makan minum they all, etc). Without my maid there, my MIL's and SIL's maid might berkira (and these lots ARE very calculative) and terbiar lah pulak makan minum anak-anak I nanti sementara tunggu I fetch them after work :(

wanshana said...


Thanks! As of today, we have yet to decide what we really want actually.

A few have offered me their maid agents to get a new maid for me. But, mak oiii... so expensive lah pulak. No guarantee pulak tu!

I dah tawar hati nak guna agent from whom I got Dar coz' the agent's maids (who might have been fed with tohmahan-tohmahan yang direka oleh Bibik Dar) maybe akan sampaikan berita rekaan CNN about us, etc. to her.

And part-time cleaner may be the best option. Will decide by next week, insya Allah.

IBU said...

SHANA!!! I think Dar mmg dah planned la...coz I tanya Bibi, she said something... nanti I story kat Anis's bday party ptg ni.

wanshana said...


Your maid did that after being with your family for 12 years?! Oh my... Apa salahnya - dia datang dengan baik, patutnya nak balik pun buatlah dengan cara yang baik.

Sometimes, kita tak paham kan? Apa SEBENARNYA yang they all want?

I could only think that they want to be free keluar-masuk rumah, gi jalan-jalan bertandang rumah kawan and relatives in KL as and when they please, pasang boyfriend(s), etc.

They never terfikir that once they're out there, they have to bear everything - rent, makan, minum, all necessities, medical (if they fall sick), transportation, etc.

Memang akal pendek.

But, I'm glad you've got a better maid now. That's the hikmah :)

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

Yes, I read your keluhan about your maid kat FB that day konon dia macam dok dalam lokap... Mak oii! Memang patut dilokapkan! Biar dia rasa.

Insya Allah, we both will be fine, dear. They are not indispensable, and we are very capable of handling matters at home much better than them :)

wanshana said...

Dear Anonymous @ 9:59a.m.

Thanks for the advice :)

Yes, sometimes I rasa serik dah nak treat them like my own family because they never appreciate that. But, then again, you're right. Mungkin dalam banyak-banyak tu, ada a few yang will appreciate all we do for them, and stay loyal and responsible. Insya Allah kalau ada rezqi, one day she may end up working with us.

I'm glad you have a good maid now. You've had 13 maids in the last 15 years. As for me, Dar was our 8th maid within the span of 9 years.

Our previous maids - adooiiii, macam-macam cerita ada...

wanshana said...

Salams Eta,

Thanks :)

Yes, majority of them memang capable of doing benda-benda macam tu. I'm not saying all of them, but majority. As I said earlier, macam ada built-in hati busuk in them, kan? Agama tak mengajar to do all that, so, I can only guess that it's just their culture kot?

Thank again, Eta :)

wanshana said...

Cik Puan Kamil,

Hmmm, maids yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai CNN reporters ni pun memanglah satu phenomena maid Indon. Ada pulak time nak mengumpat and jaja cerita kat semua orang, tapi kerja kat rumah tu selalu tak siap, konon tak ada masa and tak cukup rehat! Geram betul.

I've had my fair share of maids yang mereka-reka cerita, including yang claim we all tak bagi dia makan, etc! Yang dia dok kat rumah satu hari while we go to work buat apa? Fridge tak berkunci and most of the time memang full house, segala facilities to cook ada kat rumah. She expects me to cook for her?! Dah lah memilih makan mengalahkan anak raja. Tak sedar dek untung kat kampung tu punya lah susah hidup kekadang tu...

You take care, too, dear :)

wanshana said...

Dear Eja,

Thanks :)

Yes, insya Allah maid mithali dah tertulis untuk I one of these days, tapi now diuji dulu dengan maid yang hampeh (like Cik Puan Kamil said :))

Anyway, with regard to fees for permit renewal tu, nasib baik we all tahan RM950 of her gaji hari tu, so, in that sense, we all tak rugi. But, having said that we also bought her stuffs to bring back home, and my Mom and my MIL also gave her some cash which together with the stuffs bought dah lebih dari RM950 kot? What to do? Halalkan ajer lah... Kalau tak, keturunan dia yang merana.

wanshana said...


Yes, mulut they all ni lagi manis dari gula - double-strength syrup lagi! You're doing the right thing - ignore ajerlah berita-berita sensasi yang dia dok cerita kat you tu.

With regard to holding 3 months gaji tu, I don't see why we can't hold it. Kalau tak ada agreement or laws which could protect us, thay can't expect us to just percaya these people membuta tuli after so many cases maids yang tak balik after cuti, kan? And the maid pun should not worry coz' she would get the money when she comes back nanti. Dah balik sini, then only she can hantar duit yang kita tahan tu, if she wants.

If she insists that we give her everything before she goes back, memang sah dia tak nak balik and work with us again. Might as well give her everything, jangan renew permit, and start finding her replacement.

If dia janji nak balik, keep whatever amount you've used to renew her permit, etc and tell her that she'll get that money once she reports back for duty. That was what we did with Dar.

wanshana said...

Salam Aunty Yan,

Insya Allah, Amin, Thanks :)

I'm always amazed with mothers yang uruskan everything themselves tanpa pembantu. Especially bila ada keluarga yang besar. Rasanya, macam kebanyakan kita yang dah biasa ada pembantu, bila tak ader rasa macam the end of the world kot? Hehehe... Tapi, yang dah biasa, insya Allah boleh manage beautifully, kan? Memang penat, I'm sure. Tapi tak payah layan kerenah diorang ni.

Masa anak-anak kecik I cannot imagine macam mana Aunty Yan coped, ya? Bila dah besar ni, lega sikit because semua dah boleh tolong-tolong kat rumah.

Anak-anak Shana ni di pertengahan - tak too big, tak too small. So, ada sikit masalah, but, insya Allah kena biasakan and train they all.

It's good that your hubby also helps around the house. Satu asset berharga tu... ;)

Take care, Aunty Yan! :)

wanshana said...

Datin Mamasita,

Thanks, insya Allah...Amin.

I'm always put in a dilemma. Kalau kita tak treat them well, they'll run away. Kalau kita treat them too well, they all naik kepala! Susah nak strike a balance, kan?

But, I guess it doesn't matter how we treat them. Pokok pangkalnya kita ikhlas. Kalau they all bals dengan tuba, they all berdosa, but, insya Allah kita dapat pahala. But, like Datin said, dalam kita berbuat baik tu pun mesti berpada-pada so that we will not feel that sore when things like this happen.

Thanks, Datin :)

wanshana said...

Dear Tati,

Thank you :)

Memang tengah "hang in there" lah ni...Heheh! Belum decide what our next step of action.

Sekarang ni banyak pejam mata, dari buat kerja kat rumah ni. Masalahnya, mata boleh pejam, tapi kepala ni dok fikir sooner or later kena gak selesaikan the chores. Lagi lama tangguh, lagi menimbun kerja...So, cuba lah buat sebanyak mungkin bila ada time, insya Allah.

"Ungrateful lot" is a huge understatement for this lot, I think...

Take care, dear :)

wanshana said...


Yes, I guess at the end of the day, we moms/wives will know better as to whether we need a maid or not at home. And if we decide to do without them, then kita mesti sanggup to do all the chores, and the rest of the family must also chip in lah, kan?

I think Haizal tak sanggup tengok keadaan rumah yang kekadang tu tak ada rupa rumah, kot? Hehehe...(But, I have to say here that this is quite rare sebenarnya. Cuma the room where we keep all the laundry ajer yang memang ALWAYS macam hutan belantara and bole make our blood go upstairs...)

Enjoy your weekend, dear :)

wanshana said...


Thanks, dear :) ((((HUGS)))) back!

I think hubbies and kids must also be prepared to tukar routine if we change the arrangement. If we ambik weekend helper, this would mean that they will have to start taking responsibilities and buck-up to make sure they can manage their own needs themselves during the week.

If each and everyone does what needs to be done to fulfill his/her own needs, without relying on others to do them (i.e. read "ME"), insya Allah things will be managable.

If they all sanggup live in rumah yang tak terurus, then they can continue not contributing and live in rumah tak terurus. If cannot tahan, kena lah fikir sendiri what they need to do, kan?

(Masalahnya, anak-anak I ni macam okay ajer dok kat rumah yang tunggang-langgang... So, I jugaklah yang kena buat most things so that I tak kena darah tinggi...)

wanshana said...


Thanks. Insya Allah when we decide what exactly we want to next, I'll contact you.

Tu lah tu...Tak boleh puji lelebih they all nih... :(

wanshana said...


Sh*t happens...That was what happened la, geng...SOBS! :(

You tengok Dar tu, macam pijak semut pun tak pengsan kan? Tu lah tu...memang cannot say lah they all ni.

Tu lah tu...from now on I nak pakai the shampoo she used to pakai. Mudah-mudahan uban semua hilang despite our current predicament ni... Failing which, can you buat appointment ngan your Rawang nyonya hairstylist for me, please? Nak kena karer my hair... ;)

* Wehhh, will you be at Abid's petang ni for your bakal menantu's b'day do? ;)

ila de cute said...

Kak Shana,
I know how u feel..sabar ye..tu ler yang susah kan... kita buat baik pun org tak mengenang budi...

I had experienced of maid lari before this... frust sgt tp after while of maidless we are getting used to it already but my hubby would prefer to have maid, i give my last chance...kalau nasib tak menyebelahi i lg perhaps i would rather call for weekend helper.

Take care dear.

Azian hasan said...

We kena just like you twice and sekrang tobat tak nak ada maid. Mmg naik darah... the first one tu lagi best.. with our permit dia pergi kerja kat somewhre else and then kena cekup sebab permit tak sah. And one fine day... husband ke sapa ke call up to ask us to go detention centre in Semenyih to help secure her release... banyak la masa we all nak pergi sana.

rozi hamsawi said...

wow.... u must be really pissed. I AM just by reading this! been in your situation too and I so know how you feel. take it easy and this might be hard but really we can live without a maid. try it... u will feel more puas.

wanshana said...


You're right - they all ni memang ungrateful lot. Kita layan they all baik macam mana pun, masih tak bersyukur.

My hubby pun prefers if we have a maid. I think dia tension bila tengok I sometimes bad mood ajer after dah penat tahap gaban mengemas rumah...Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Kalau ikiutkan hati, memang serik. Tapi bila ingatkan betapa penatnya nak menguruskan semua on top of workload kat office tu, macam tak der other choices pulak. I have never tried part time / weekend cleaner before this. Tengoklah nanti - if I find it okay, insya Allah that will be my option.

I pun takut si Dar tu dah balik sini and kerja kat tempat lain using our permit tu. If the same thing befalls her and she gets caught, I pun macam you all - will not help her.

wanshana said...

Dear rozi hamsawi,

Thank you for hopping by :)

I think all yang pernah ada maids Indon ni ada bad experience at some point. It'll be a miracle if we have someone who has only one maid dari dulu without having to deal with ANY problems created by the maid.

Yes, memang puas bila we do the chores ourselves. Lagi bersih, and happy bila dapat uruskan anak-anak and suami like that.

I now send all school uniforms and work shirts to the laundrette, and baju-baju lain still have to iron myself (but at least I can do it as and when I please). Last night mood menggosok sungguh baik and I slept at 2:00a.m. Managed to iron about 40 - 50 pieces of clothings.

Sungguh satisfied...tapi sungguh lah penat...


Salam Shana, Oh dear, this is the 5th case I heard this month. Those out there, kalau ada kes yang sama, plse pegi buat police report and cancel the permit. I was told, kalau lengah2, instead of majikan kena bayar RM250 je,utk kes yang lupa cancel sampai lah habis permit, Immigresen akan denda RM5k pulak.

One more thing, don't forget to renew your maid on time, dah ada kes majikan lupa nak renew permit for almost 1 year, majikan kena denda Rm5k, maid pulak kena denda Rm2k + maid kena GARI dan kena hantar ke pusat tahanan. This majikan kena bayar RM7k le..maid mana ada duit....

sabo je lah...


wanshana said...

Salams Leha,

Thanks for the advice. Will heed it, insya Allah.

Memang maids now ni dah pandai berkomplot and menghasut their other friends to use this modus operandi. Geram betul!

Anyway, if they get caught, biar padan dengan muka! ;(

Silent Blogger said...

Shana dear,

My maid also did not return frm her holidays on Dec recently. Sememang i bengang habih tapi kena terimalah the fact that she's no more around. I reported at Imigresen Ipoh and apply to be waived frm the penalty. Alhamdulillah dah dapat. I dengar banyak case yg macam kita recently. Taktik yg influence dari agent di sana kot.

Anonymous said...

Wan Shana,

A bit late in commenting. Maid-less too, I am at the moment.

When Sue returned, the whole family was in mourning. She left after 4 years with us, she said her husband wanted her to return.

I suspected that she already had enough money. In the course of here working for us we gave her yearly increment, bonus for raya, took her on hols etc etc. Heck, my mom in law went overboard and bought her jewelries for every birthday.

In four years with us, she bought a house, a piece of land, a motorbike and TV set for her children in Indonesia. We were happy for her.

Of course we treated her well. My mother and MIL did a mistake of getting too attached to her.

It broke my heart looking at them so forlorn.

So, this new maid is coming as we speak. I told my family this (repeatedly): They are HIRED HELP. No matter how well you treat them, they will go back. I am gonna have a good two decades ahead of me before retirement, so I am gonna have series of them. Don't get too attached.

Kejam tak?

So Wanshana, life's like that. I am sorry this happened to good people like you. Sigh