Monday, January 4, 2010

The last couple of weeks, and Back-2-School....

Salams, Seasons Greetings, and a Happy New Year to all :)

I've been neglecting this blog of mine for more than 2 weeks. No specific reason really - except maybe, because of my Bibikless status at the moment. It didn't help at all that the new Semester just opened on 28th December.

Insya Allah, I will counter-comment on all the comments left on my last posting on my Laundry Woes soon, ya? Please accept my apologies for not responding earlier :)

Anyway, the last 2 weeks had been pretty hectic -

I had taken a week off from work to instead slave away at home.

But, nevertheless, I had managed to meet up with my MT friends a couple of times for karaoke/birthday do, and a Pot Luck Hi-Tea/Dinner/Supper/Sahur. It was great to have been able to see them despite everybody's busy schedule.

We, as a family had also managed to squeeze in 3 movies - Avatar (3D!), Alvin & The Chipmunks 2, and Sherlock Holmes in the last couple of weeks.

And, not forgetting - I had the chance to join the Makcik Bloggers' gathering at Dave's Deli One-Utama on New Year's Eve. It was really good to see some of my dear Makcik Blogger friends again - Kak Ezza, Zai, Ibu, Kay, Yani and of course to finally meet Naz, Kak Teh, Datin Mamasita, Kak Puteri, Eja, NanaDJ, Hanz, SohoMama and Shahieda. You all can read all about it here :)

The last 2 weeks had, in a way, been a bonding time with the kids as they have been great at helping out at home, especially in taking care of our pet hamsters - Benji and Button, and pet terrapins - Seth and Jasper. Siap gotong-royong 3 beradik bersihkan the cage, etc :)

Hanna finally got a 1-to-1 lesson on how to operate the washing machine, and how to sidai baju properly :). She has been doing the sweeping and the mopping every now and then, and she has also been great with helping out with the dishes. Hasya has been helping to tidy up the living room especially (which seems to need tidying up every 2 hours or so! How?!), and setting the table for our meals. Hilman pulak has chipped in by doing the vacuuming around the house.

God Bless all of them :)

But, of course, the last two weeks have not seen all my laundry woes dissapear. They are still very much there. And they are now collectively known as "Mount Kinabalu". Soon, they are going to graduate to "Mount Kilimanjaro". Hopefully Dar will come back before they transform into "Mount Everest"... Hehehe!

AND, of course, the last two weeks have also seen me busy getting everything and everybody ready for school.

I finally decided that every one of the kids should have 5 pairs of school uniforms, so that I won't have to worry mid-week if tak sempat nak basuh or gosok. Whatever old uniforms they can still use, they'll use, and I just added a few new pairs each so that they'll have enough to last them from Monday to Friday. Heck, I've also made sure everybody has enough undies to last for 3 weeks in the (unlikely) event (of course!), tak sempat nak basuh. HAHAHAHA!

As for school shoes, I thought it would be quite ridiculous to get them 5 pairs each, so I settled for 2 pairs each. (That reminds me - I have yet to teach them to wash their own school shoes!)

As of 11:15p.m just now, ALL 15 pairs of uniforms had been ironed and hung in the kids' closets, all books had been wrapped and put in the respective school bags, and all stationeries had been put in their pencil cases.

And as of 11:30p.m just now, all three kids had gone to bed (and I hope are already asleep as I'm typing this!)

All three had their hair cut yesterday. Although I must say that I couldn't really see much difference in Hanna's and Hasya's hair before and after the visit to the salon! Apparently, Hanna needs to have another haircut in March when she'll have more hair for the stylist to work on (?!) And Hasya only had her fringe trimmed. Mind you, these two girls were the ones who had been bugging me to bring them to the salon for a haircut for the last month or so! And yet, when their hair was cut, it was not really cut. You know what I mean? Seriously, I don't really know what I was paying the stylist for.

Hasya's and Hilman's schoolbags are already sitting nicely on the rug besides the front door. Their school shoes are also arranged nicely near the door, siap stuffed with their school socks ;)

We've given all three kids enough school allowance to last them for 6 weeks, insya Allah. Ayah and I have been doing the same thing for the last couple of years - we would give the kids their allowances in advance, and it is up to them to make sure that they spend the money wisely so that it'll last until the last designated day that it should finish. If they decide to spend more than they should on one day, then, they will have to spend less on some of the other days. Failing which, they will be without any allowances until the next top-up day.

Hilman is especially happy that this year he'll be getting RM3 everyday instead of RM2 - same as his Kak Ngah. He said, now he can buy extra Keropok Lekor kat sekolah... Sigh... Sungguh tidak adventurous anak bujang I sorang ni...

As for Hanna, it's RM5/= per day as her school normally ends earliest at 2:30p.m, and it can also be extended until 6:00p.m. Frankly speaking, we don't really know how much is actually okay for the kids to bring to school. We know some of their friends who are given between RM5-RM10 everyday (and I'm talking about Primary school-goers here!)

Anyway, I'm SO excited for the kids!

Hanna will be taking her PMR year this year. And my do'a that she'll do very well in her exams. Ayah and I have decided that her outings with her friends will be VERY limited this year (if there is any at all, that is). And she's only allowed to go on-line and use her HP during weekends.

Hasya is a prefect this year, and she looks so grown-up in her new uniform :) She has shot up tremedously over the school holidays, and I wouldn't be surprised if she'll be taller than me by the end of the year.

Hilman pulak is in morning school for the first time. He kept on asking me not to forget to wake him up tomorrow. His sisters have warned him NOT to wake up late and cause them to be late for school. Mommy pun suspense jugak ni! Anyway, tadi Hilman siap pesan, "Mommy, I want hotdogs, and scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow, please..." Hmmmm, let's just hope Mommy can wake up early esok. If not, Cereals and cold milk ajer lah nampak gayanya, darling... :)

So, the kids and their Mommy are all geared up.


(But, please have mercy and take it easy on me... at least until Dar comes back, ya?)


Mrs.A said...

15 pairs Kak Shana? hu hu. I masih kelam kabut with Hilman's going to school. Finally decided on which school, yesterday! nantilah.. will write the full story

Daphne Ling said...

HI Kak Shana,

Just dropping you a note to wish you Happy 2010!

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

berpeluh ketiak nak menggosok 15 helai baju dan 15 helai kain dan seluar..belum masuk baju kerja you dan Haizal...ayoyo ayoyo!!!

Bila lah si Dar nak balik shana....

Superwomanwannabe said...

oh my dear my heart goes out to you and we have SO been there. But after a while its actually fun and yes I would also go and buy 20 pairs of baju if it means not having to worry abt it being dry

Lovely post and wished I had known abt the makcikblogger meet! Next time must meet and chat!

Salam to the kids and husband working hard still kah??

IBU said...

Penat baca entry ni Shana... i sooooo emphatise you, my fren.

i yg ada bibi ni pun have go for at least 4 pairs of uniform for each day of the week (1 more day pakai baju sukan for PJ day). Bukan apa... kesian tgk bibi yg dah tak tercapai tangan now that we have the lil princess. I pun dah bnyk lifting my fingers la ni, helping out bibi fr time to time. Not sure if she appreciates it though - agaknya lagi bersepah to her eyes... hahaha!!!

All the best to Hanna this year! I'm very sure she will excel & get very straight, tak bengkang bengkok punya A's :) (Idin kata his used-to-be-A grades dah mutated to other alphabets. Klentong punya budak! Grrr...)

But all in all, you can still work hard & play hard - and that ma'am, I must salute.

Take care!

wanshana said...


Yup - 15 pairs :)

So far, so good. Have yet to wash any of their school uniforms myself. After school ajer, put in the laundry basket at my MIL's, by afternoon the next day, dah siap basuh and ironed, and I only need to bring them home to SD ;)

Yes, I read about Hilman in your FB status. Syukur alhamdulillah. I'm sure he'll be okay and do well wherever he's schooling at.

wanshana said...

Hi Daphne, dear :)


May this year bring more love, success and happiness, and all good things in life to all of us :)

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Bukan ketiak ajer yang berpeluh, kak! Hehehe!

Anyway, hari tu ajer jadi macam Cinderella nak menggosok baju-baju tu. So far, first week of school, my MIL's maids yang basuh and ironed their uniforms. As for baju kerja Haizal, the last time I checked, masih ada lagi 6 helai lagi yang masih tergantung and belum dipakai. So, if I tak gosok baju dia this weekend, insya Allah masih cukup stock to last for the whole of next week. Hehehe!

Dar belum call lagi lah, akak... Suspense jugak menunggu ni. Takut tiba-tiba dia call kata tak jadi balik pulak. Haru...

wanshana said...


Yes, I read about your maidless situation hari tu. Memula tu, chaotic jugak kan? Lepas tu, when everything falls into place, and everbody knows their duties, baru okay sikit. But, the house dah tak de rupa rumah lagi lah... I pejam mata ajer lah.

Yes, we missed you, masa Makcik Bloggers meet that day. Insya Allah, ada rezqi next time.

And yes, husband working hard still. Have to, maaaa... :(

wanshana said...


Thanks :) I agree with the "play hard" part. But, "work hard"? Ada musykil sikit. Hahaha!

Hmmmm, in another 7 years you also need to get 15 pairs of school uniforms, I guess. Abg Iddin masa tu, insya Allah dah masuk Uni - tak yah pakai uniform dah ;) Kalau tak - 20 pairs nak kena basuh/gosok! Trauma. Bibik pun sure bungkus balik Indon. Hahaha!

Anyway, Hanna - so far, so good. Bersemangat jugak I see. Hope her enthusiam for PMR will last throughout the year, insya Allah.

Bella said...

Wow Kak, such organization ye, seronok pula saya baca, all the best for the new schooling term for your children...

wanshana said...

Thanks, Bella.

Have to la, sis... If not, sure kelam kabut hidup! :)