Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chimin, so far...

It has been more than one and a half months since Hasya left for KYS.

And within that period, she had come home twice - once over the CNY break (because it was made compulsory for every student to go home that weekend), and another time during the Maulidurrasul long weekend.

Well, the Maulidurrasul weekend was supposed to be a long weekend as the students were allowed to leave on Friday afternoon and come back on Monday before 6:00pm. However, for Hasya it became a short weekend, as she was required to be back in college by Sunday evening as she had to train for her house cross-country event. But, it's okay. At least she could come home, however short her stay was.

Apart from those two weekends, we have been visiting her every Sunday, safe for one weekend after the CNY break. Ayah said we should not visit her straight after the break to make sure that she would miss us. Haha... Fat chance of that happening!

The first week she was there, I would call her every night, and gradually it became once or twice a week. And as far as Hasya calling us is concerned, I think all in all she had only called us maybe 6-7 times in the last one and a half months.

Syukur alhamdulillah, she's enjoying life there. Everything about the college is "awesome" to her :) But, a part of me feels like I would have wanted her to miss home more. To miss ME more! It may be a tad selfish of me to think or feel that way, I guess, but, isn't it normal for mothers to feel that way?

I should bersyukur that she's coping well and is not feeling homesick and all, and I am bersyukur for that. I guess it was expected of Hasya - she has always been the most independent amongst our children, and the hardest nut to crack. The hardest one to cry for whatever reasons. Mind you, she didn't even cry (not even once!), when she had all her vaccinations when she was a baby/toddler! That was how tough Hasya was (and is!)

But, one thing that compensates for this feeling of being "unmissed" or "unwanted" by Hasya is that every time we visited her thus far, she had consistently requested for her favorite home-cooked food, and so far, I've cooked her Ayam Masak Halia, Szechuan Chicken and Chicken Casserole. So, at least I know that she does miss my cooking :)

And amongst her usual weekend "orders" for us to bring from KL include Milo, Lipton Green Tea 9, and Kinder Buenos :) She doesn't want any other chocolates, tidbits or snacks. That is expected of a choleric child who has a very set mind on what she wants and what she doesn't want!

Earlier in the term, the college had their cross-country/long distance season. Now, the college is having the "sprinting" season, and comes March, they'll start their "swimming" season.

Hasya had managed to secure two points for her Hussein House in the cross-country event, and she has been selected to represent Hussein for the upcoming sprinting events, and is training hard for that now. I make do'a for her to do well, insya Alllah. I also hope she'll do well for the swimming season. It has been quite some time since she last had a proper swimming session (since before Ramadhan 2011 to be exact!) She did say she was feeling rusty when she went for a swimming session at the college about a month ago. Whatever it is, I just want her to do her level best and just enjoy all the activities there :) No pressure.

Study-wise, we can't really tell how she's faring as she has not gone through any assessment exercises yet. But, she seems to be coping with all the subjects, insya Allah.

She's also continuing with her piano lessons there under her Music tutor. She's also in the History, Debate and Taekwondo Clubs.

She doesn't seem to have much free time for herself as all the students are always kept busy with all kinds of activities, and I guess that is one of the reasons why she doesn't have time to miss home, to miss me (Hey, bear with me, please - I'm trying to console myself here and to justify why she rarely calls me! Hehehe...)

Anyway, we're visiting her again this Sunday, insya Allah, and this time we plan to bring her out for an outing. Apparently, she is allowed to go for an overnight stay, but, she chooses to just go for an outing with us. Again, I'm not going to dwell on that. If it is an outing that she wants, then it is an outing that she gets. (But, I have to say Mak sentap jugak masa memula tu when she said she didn't want to come back for the weekend! Hehehe...)

All in all, I'm very happy with Hasya's progress there. And I'm very happy that she's happy there.

I hope she'll do well and excel in whatever areas she chooses to pursue and focus on in college, insya Allah.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. It's okay. You will be okay if you know she's ok kan? She is probably so busy and overwhelmed by the new surroundings to survive to remember you are missing her a lot. That's the sacrifice a mother has to make sometimes.. Just remember, as long as niat kita betul, if you have raised her right (and I know you have) she will always come back to you. InsyaAllah..Don't worry:-)

wanshana said...

Salam, :)

Insya Allah...Amin. Thank you for your reassuring words.

Sometimes I do have doubts whether I'm doing the right thing by sending her to a boarding school at the age of 13. Even though I, myself and her Ayah are products of SBPs, we do feel that boarding school life and environment now dah tak sama macam dulu, and sometimes risau jugak if she doesn't get the values we got masa zaman kita dulu.

Rasa macam tak puas lagi manjakan dia (even though I can't imagine her being manja coz' she's over-independent!), but, yes - it's a sacrifice that we have to make...

Thank you, again :)

Leezas touch said...

I know how u feel,i've been thru that before when my eldest gal was in UITM Sg.Petani.When my feelings for her was sad n missing her so much,she's in fact having the same feeling towards me...lg.pun i'm a full time mother n so attach to my children..but as time goes by i realise that we cant keep them forever under our wings. So u must trust n hv faith in ur gal..after all u're keeping in touch with her right. She'll b ok...insyallah.

wanshana said...

Salam Kak Leeza :)

Insya Allah...Amin. The first one week tu, I felt like I would be feeling miserable for a long-long time. But, Allah is Great, and He has made it more bearable day by day :) And, alhamdulillah, I'm okay now. Cuma sometimes when I'm alone or not doing anything, teringat kat Hasya - whether she's eating okay, whether she gets along well with her friends, whether she's coping well with all the activities and her studies, etc.

I'm now psyching myself up for next year pulak when I might have to let my eldest and my youngest go, too... :(

Wani said...

Salam Shana, experienced this with my son (d 1 & only!!), left home all d way to Kelantan from 13 till 17 & still away fr home now, but nearer la (kat KKB)... every time he's back, mummy bz cooking his favorites, & mummy is so proud when he eats like no other days.. hehehe ... alhamdulillah, our children know that we love them no matter where they are, & our prayers are always with them, & they will definitely thanks us one day for trusting them to spread their wings... :))