Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's just a celebration of "US"

I saw a status on one of my FB friends’ Wall today – “Saya tidak sambut Hari Kekasih, sebab saya dah kawin. Saya sambut Hari Suami Isteri” . Translated – “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day (or Lovers Day), because I am already married. I celebrate Husband & Wife Day”.

I can’t really say or I can’t figure out exactly as to how my take is on this very statement.

I have been celebrating Husband & Wife Day every single day since 09-09-94.

And I have to say that both Ayah and I have been celebrating Valentine’s Day ever since we knew each other. And mind you, we knew each other since 1984. And I received my first Valentine’s Day Card from him in February 1985. And I started getting bouquets of roses year in year out every single year on 14th February without fail since 1986. I guess the first couple of celebrations were mainly because we were just going with the flow, as it was never a big deal or fuss surrounding the celebration. We just wanted to appreciate our relationship.

And I can bet that there are many, many, many people out there who used to celebrate Valentine’s Day just because everybody else was celebrating it. And they are now condemning it because there are people condemning it.

But for us,there was never any ulterior niat then. And there's no ulterior niat now. It is just a plain simple celebration of our appreciation of each other. And from the first time we celebrated it, the niat had always been the same.

(And I know I will be getting a lot of serious bashings from some quarters because of this statement of mine…)

We could have chosen another date to celebrate “US”, I guess. Say, on our anniversary – which we do. In fact, Ayah and I celebrate TWO anniversaries – one for the first day of us knowing each other, and the second one being our wedding anniversary. But, it’s still nice to have more than two celebrations of “US” in a year, I guess? And 14th February seemed to be apt. We were not celebrating what was behind the “root” of Valentine’s Day – whatever versions of its roots there may be out there. Because OUR celebration had/has nothing to do with whatever roots of Valentine’s Day there are out there. It just so happened that we chose 14th February to celebrate “US” every year. Maybe purely out of convenience?

We say “I love you” to each other everyday (well, ALMOST everyday – as we age, we sometimes forget! Hahaha!). And if we don’t utter those 3 magical words, we would sometimes SMS each other.

But, no matter how I would love him to, Ayah can’t be buying me roses everyday, can he? Hehehe… So, it IS wonderful to come back from work to find a bouquet of lovely red roses waiting for me on the day we chose to celebrate “US”.

He still uttered “I love you” to me this morning, like he would normally do.

But, as of 7:00pm today, I have yet to receive my roses.

And, I’m still waiting ;)

Nope. We’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day in the sense others may celebrate it.

We are celebrating “US” on the day we chose to celebrate “US”.

And even if no roses are delivered to me this year, we will still celebrate “US” today.

Dinner or supper out – just the two of us, or with the kids, will still be a celebration, which will be made more special today – our “US” Day ☺

Is it really a bad thing to celebrate love? To celebrate "US"?

Just my two cents ☺


Superwomanwannabe said...

Nope! you can celebrate on any day and since the world has marked this 14th to be the day to celebrate love, hey why not?

To me if we really wantto prevent all the maksiat, jangan cakap ban valentines day, whats the point? tu dia ha, hotel hotel yg ambik unmarried couples...take back their license lar! betol tak?? take action and less talk!

Leezas touch said...


I agree with u.... jus do what ever u feel is right as long as tak melanggar akidah kita...the most important thing is niat kita.. after all its between u n ur partner....
U r very straight forward n i admire that...

wanshana said...


Hear, hear! :) Kita bakor! Kita bakor! LOL :)

But, just for the record - this year I tak dapat roses for the first time, but, I was okay about it. No sentap moment. Hahaha!

I guess on Haizal's part, it was purely out of respect for the decisions made out there. But, we still wish each other. And we could only go out for dinner (with Hilman) the next day coz' Haizal was caught up with work until very late that night. We still had our "US" day, albeit a day later than usual :)

wanshana said...

Salam Kak Leeza,

Thank you :)

Yes, yang penting in whatever we do is our niat. People will not know what our niat is, but, Allah knows, and that is all that matters.

Another thing, as long as we do not kacau orang, or menyusahkan orang, I don't see why the fuss :)

Thank you, again, Kak :)