Sunday, May 20, 2007

Romeo and Juliet(s) - The Saga Continues...

To those who are here for the first time – this entry will make more sense if you were to read my previous entry on “Romeo and Juliet(s)” first.

To those who have been following my blog, I only have ONE thing to say about my Romeo –


Hmmmm…what can I say? I’m speechless – but, thank God, I can still write!

Here goes –

Ayah posted comments on “The Melting Pot at 47CJR” and “Romeo and Juliet(s)” today which read –

Mommy dear...
Just to update u...Your son NOW has 4 girlfriends!!! Definitely more macho than any Italianno!
I think u better come home fast...and start da mother-and-son talklah. Hahahaha...(I'm laughing worriedly..if there is such a thing!)

To which I counter-commented “WHHAAAATTT???! I’M CALLING HOME NOW!!!

And I did just that.

No beating around the bush this time – when Ayah gave the phone to Hilman, I immediately asked him –

Me : Hilman (chuckles) – Ayah told me something about you!

Hilman : I know – I have four girlfriends now (and he was sooo cool about it!)

Me : So, who are your new girlfriends?

Hilman : Gabrielle and Aina.

Me : Do they like you?

Hilman : I dunno…

Me : Hmmm…They are not your girlfriends then.

Hilman : Well…it’s okay - I like them!

Me : (Hmmmm…you obviously don’t get the concept, my dear…) Okay, okay who’s the nicest and the prettiest amongst the four, Hilman?

Hilman : Athirah.

(Hmmmm...If you have been following Hilman's story before this, you might have noticed that it was "Farhana" whom he liked before!)

Me : Second?

Hilman : Farhana (YAWN….), then Gabrielle, and then Aina (YAWN…)

(Mind you – it was around 11:00pm - way past his bedtime when we had the conversation! So, do excuse his yawning, please!)

Me : (Just wanted to play along with Hilman ) – Hilman, tak best lah if you have too many girlfriends…

Hilman : Why? (More YAWN…)

Me : You won’t have time to spend with Mommy nanti… Choose ONE only la… okay?

Hilman : (Silent for about 10 seconds, and then -) Okay lah, Athirah then (like trying to decide between wanting to go to McDonalds or Burger King?!)

Me : Okay. But, does she like you?

Hilman : I dunno….BUT, I LIKE HER!

Me : Sigh....

(Till the Next Episode - Errrrr…HOPE NOT!!)

I guess all mothers out there who have boys of their own, wherever you are, would agree with me if I said that they can be so cute with all their innocence. And I know that you would also agree with me that we somehow secretly wish that our boys will NEVER, EVER grasp the concept of having girlfriends, so that they will always be our little boy - forever… (Right?)





I, umm, er, er...hate to break this to you...but our handsome hero may just understand and simply embrace the concept of, er, er having know..
so, better get back home fast.,....

PS: I see one of his little ladies is called AINA.


And i forgot to wish you :


WANSHANA said...

Dear K.Ena,

Thank you for the birthday wish :D

Errr...I know! I just hope he will only take the number "FOUR" as the magic number for him NOW, and NOT later in life! (Have to "psycho" him from now laa...)

And K.Ena,

Are you sure you're not in 1 Melur in SSP? If you are THE Aina of 1 Melur, I would have to say this - Hilman has excellent tastes... ;D (Hehehe...)

Ibu said...

Tak tahan gelak baca the comments in your last posting - especially Ayah vs Aiyah. I pun confused. Ada dual personality kah Tuan Doktor itu? Oh tidak... dulu kat kelas baik jer? hahaha....

p/s I'm typing from Istanbul lahh...

WANSHANA said...


Waaaaahhh!!! You're in Istanbul?!
Business? Pleasure? Both?

Lovely city. Make sure you stroll or take a ferry/boat ride along The Bosphorus. And of course, Topkapi Palace is a must, AND not forgetting the underground cistern/canal. And oh yes - the wonderful Grand Bazaar!

I remember being bloated when I was there coz' I kept on drinking those Turkish tea! Was there with "Villa Damansara" in 1989 (or was it 1990?). Stayed at some crappy Youth Hostel then (ye lah...we were very "youthful" (without-much-money) student masa tu... Hahaha! Low budget stop-over via Turkish Airlines...Eherks...)But, we had fun!

Anyway, yep - just to clarify : "Ayah" and "Aiyah" - they are NOT the same person... But, I'm pretty sure I know who the latter is...Winks*. So, rest assured - Tuan Doktor masih lagi budak baik...Hahahaha!

Anyway, here's wishing you a splendid time in Istanbul, dengan ucapan -

"Jangan beli kilim carpet banyak-banyak sangat weh...Nanti aircraft tak boleh nak take-off..."

Ayah said...

I highlighted to you Hilman's Romeo-nizing because I wanted you to give more than just motherly advice to him.

As a concerned father, I am hoping that you, the mother, will do whatever is necessary to steer this impressionable fellow to the right path. The irony of being a doctor is that I cannot heal myself or my own family.

But let me tell you what I know of Hilman's condition so that you'll know what to do.

His propensity for four girlfriends is an early indication of the Casanova Syndrome, a mild delusional state that can lead later in life to the Concupisco quattuoruxor Complex, a psychological condition characterised by the desire to have four wives.

Non-treatment of this condition can exacerbate it and cause it to develop into Concupisco decretum caelitus, which roughly means the sufferer thinks he is given that right (to have 4 wives) by order from the Heavens.

This can be nipped in the bud, however, if you distract his fixation on the number four and instead divert his attention to the number one, and get him to look upon us - his parents - as an exemplary couple.

Fortunately, Hilman is in the preoperational stage of cognitive development, when much of his learning is in the acquisition of motor skills. Before he reaches the next stage of logical insight, it is imperative that you come home and whack his butt.

Anyway, I have to say goodbye for now. I have an appointment at the psychiatric facility in 10 minutes.

P.s. By the way, Giovanna Pizzabambino was really great last night. I insisted on having her topless - just the crust with pure cheese: mozarella, provolone, gorgonzola, fontina, caciocavallo, bel paese, taleggio and ricotta. None of the adulterated toppings like salami, pineapple (oh, puhleez!), ground beef and other such nonsense. Topless pizza with only Italiano cheese and nothing else - that's what I like. Mmmm-mmhh. Fattening though.

So Hilman has his 4 girlfirends and I had my Giovanna Pastapizza (I still have some leftovers in the fridge for lunch tomorrow), What about you? How was Fabuluso, the hardworking Italian detergent? Got all your clothes clean, I hope.

See you back in June.

~ Aiyah

Keanorlinsya said...

Wahhh aunty shana! Ur ladykiller strikes again. Kesian Hilman. Bingung nak memilih.

Keanorlinsya said...

Actually kan, after reading all the comments. Im especially attracted to ur husband's. Cheesssseeeee!!! Sedapnye!

Ibu said...

Wahahaha ....

This Aiyah reminds me of my Psychology 101 days.. uh? was it 101? That was just a sneak peek on pavlov's theory.So, perhaps 403.

Shana, get hold of your frying pan fast, i am about to give you another theory on this Hilman's saga. You know how marriage is also embraced as opportunities for pro-creation? And some parents will achieve their unachievable pursuits in their life through their children? 'Parents' are made up of the mother and the father. Since the mother cannot marry more than one at a time - so whose unfulfilled life desire do you think Hilman is now pursuing on behalf?

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

Heat up that frying pan girl!


Ibu said...


Thanks for the travelling tips. Here on business, but I tagged my 'Ayah' along - so that bit would lead to pleasure. I mean leisure.

Tadi kan... ada orang wish "konichiwa" kat my Ayah. Hahaha...

WANSHANA said...


Hmmmm, one Ayah specializes in the affair of the "heart", and another Aiyah specializes in the affair of the "head"....What more can I ask for?!

I will definitely keep note of your professional advice on how to make sure Hilman stays on his leash! One thing for sure - I'm definitely NOT letting him step foot in Terengganu where he could get all these funny ideas on men's so called "privileges". Eewww... Puhleaseee...

And, I'm glad you had fun with topless Giovanna Pizzabambino /PastaPizza while I had fun with, errr.. loading my laundry with Fabuloso... (Eeewww... You ARE cheesy!!! And a 'blue' one at that!) HAHAHAHA!

A word of advice, though - too much of topless Giovanna Pizzabambino / PastaPizza might lead to you being a patient of (the real) AYAH. Be VERY afraid...Hahahahaha!

P/S : By the way, your appointment at the psychiatric facilty - Errrrr... was it as a "Psychiatrist", or as a "Patient"?! Hahahaha!!


WANSHANA said...

Dear Kea,

I hope you meant you were attracted to my "husband's" comment, and NOT my husband, eh? Hahaha!

Btw, AYAH has yet to post a comment on this entry as he had been away. It would be INTERESTING to see what he has to say about AIYAH and Topless Giovanna! Winks*

IF you were interested in AIYAH, by all means, you have ALL my blessings to take him (but NOT my AYAH, eh?!) HAHAHAHA!!! (Jangan marah, AIYAH...)

As for Hilman - yes he's having a difficult time trying to decide on his belle. What makes it even more difficult is that he doesn't even know if ANY of the girls actually like him?! SIGH...

With looks like that, you would have thought - "sekali petik, sepuluh mari!"? (Errr... more headaches?!)

Take care, dear.

WANSHANA said...

Errr....Ibu - it can either mean -

(i) MY unfulfilled desire because until doomsday also cannot pasang 4


(ii) AYAH's unfulfilled desire because I am forever holding a solid iron frying pan over his head (just in case?!)

Hmmmm...interesting theory. Can we talk about this over Kopitiam near your T**CO when I get back in June?

And as for YOUR Ayah being greeted with "Konichiwa" in Istanbul - all I can say is -


And, hey girl, by doing this - you will also have more time and space for "pleasure" while you guys are there. (Oops! Did I say "pleasure"? I meant to say "leisure"...) ;D

Enjoy Istanbul... Good place for "honeymung", especially if you're staying at a Hotel which will make Paris Hilton richer... Eherks...

Aiyah said...

Age must be catching on you. Psychology 403? Pavlov's Theory? No lah. Pavlov's Theory was on conditioning reflex - that salivating dog and all. This one's about Piaget's theory of cognitive development. I was sitting next to you the whole course. Remember? :P
Okay, okay, put away that frying pan. I was only kiddinglah.

Had to go to the psychiatrist's facility as a patient, what else? BTW, Kea will never be interested in Aiyah, as Aiyah is old enuff to be her great grandfather. ;)

Kea: How's work at the haute couture place? Feet still hurt?

~ Not The Real Ayah

kak ton said...

Dear Wanshana

I must say your son, Hilman, is helluva adorable "guy".:))

Dia ikut sape gak?

Keanorlinsya said...

Reffering to ur reply, definitely the former than the latter. The comment, not the person.

Haa?? ayah and aiyah? Got 2 diff ppl ke? Alamak confuse!!

WANSHANA said...

Dear K.Ton,

Hehehe...Thank you. Yep, he IS adorable...(well, I'm his Mommy - for sure I think he IS adorable!)

DEFINITELY ikut his mommy!!! ;D

Take care.

WANSHANA said...

Dear Kea,

Don't worry...I knew you meant the former the first time around. Was just pulling your legs..Hehehe!

Yep - TWO different people...

WANSHANA said...


I guessed as much...Hehehe...

Keanorlinsya said...

Laaaaa..aiyah pulak! Multiple personality menjadi-jadi. Ke fickle minded? Great grandfather ke? Your daughters are younger than i am. Feet smells. Less pain, more odours. Heh heh heh!



heheheh... now if i were that little aina of satu melur...i will fight the other 3 contenders. the best woman wins, and that will be me ( i mean little aina).

WANSHANA said...

And you will get the Seal of Approval from Penyimpan Mohor Besar DiRaja - Hilman's Mommy - ME!!! HAHAHAHA!

Take care, K.Ena ;D

Ayah said...

Buenos dias, dear

In the lounge waiting for my room to be ready. Ideal opportunity to read ur postings and the comments that followed. Interesting...and funny!

I have to say Man has a character unlike any kidz I know. He is a very loving and touchy-feely boy..and very very honest and sincere, at the same time very confident and sure of himself. So when he says he likes those girls, I think he REALLY likes those girls. I tried to dissuade him, by saying he´s too young..blah 3x, but he took no notice. He was a man, I mean a boy, on a mission! I need to have a crash course on ´father-and-son´heart-to-heart talk lah! I´m doing a terrible job here! Hahaha...

Come back home fast! ;p


david santos said...

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WANSHANA said...

Dear Ayah,

I know... and those traits are what make him so adorable!

He doesn't care and doesn't mind when his K.Long, K.Ngah, Uncle Suffian, and YOU tease him about the girls. He's not bothered at all.

To him - "I like those girls. What's the big deal?! Why should I deny the truth? Why should I feel shy or embarrassed about it?!"

Such honesty, and such bravery.

Oh I miss having my nightly chat with him just before he dozes off to sleep. It always leaves me with a smile on my face when I recall the topics of conversations we had, and his frank (and sometimes 'brutal')questions about things! :D

Btw, he did the 'Countdown to how-many-more-days-Mommy-is-coming-home' when I called just now.

Bless him - he's such a sweet boy.