Sunday, May 6, 2007

Romeo and Juliet(s)...

Hmmm…what can I say? My 6-year-old little boy has a girlfriend… (Errrr…make it TWO, please!) And how did I get to know about this? Through a phone conversation which I had today with Ayah, Hanna, Hasya and Hilman – the MAN himself.

Ayah started off the conversation by saying that K.Long Hanna and K.Ngah Hasya had been teasing Hilman in the car throughout their journey back to PJ from their swimming lesson this afternoon. And when I asked Ayah what was the teasing all about, Ayah just started laughing, and in between the laughter and his attempt to keep serious, he managed to say – “Errr…(laughter) Hmmm…anak you (laughter) – Hilman (laughter!) dah ada girlfriend…(more laughter!).

And I was like – WHAT?!!! Did I hear Ayah right?!!

“What do you mean ‘girlfriend’?”, I asked Ayah.

And Ayah said, “Ooops! Did I say “girlfriend”? I meant to say “girlfriends”!”

And I was like, “Errr…haah?!

And when I realized that I actually heard him right, I just started laughing myself!

And Ayah said, “Mommy, you’d better speak to the kids themselves to know more about this, okay?”

When I spoke to Hanna, I was told that they (the two sisters) apparently knew about Hilman and his TWO girlfriends for the past 3 weeks, but they had been keeping it to themselves – waiting for the right time and opportunity to use this “secret” against Hilman.

And Hanna thought the opportunity came this afternoon when they were fighting over who should sit at the front passenger seat beside Ayah (which normally would be MY seat, but apparently had been the object of tug-o-war, between the three siblings whenever I’m not around!)

And Hanna thought she could blackmail her brother into giving the seat up for her by threatening him that she would tell Ayah the “secret” if he did not let her sit at the front! This went on for about 2-3 minutes, and Ayah was really curious to know what the secret was all about. And Hanna was just about to spill the beans, when the MAN himself confessed-

“Ayah, I have a girlfriend!” - it just came out from him – just like that! And he just looked at Ayah, straight into his eyes!

Hilman being Hilman, he was pretty DETERMINED that he was NOT going to let his big sister get the seat through blackmail! He’d rather tell-all than be subject to his two sisters’ “sinister” plan!

And both his sisters blurted everything to Ayah when they realized that they had then just lost their secret Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) to use against their little brother when he came out with his own little confession. “No Ayah! Hilman has TWO girlfriends! Not one!!! One Standard 1 girl, One Standard 2! Bla-bla-bla…..” And everybody started talking at the same time, and yelling at each other, and the teasing went on throughout the whole journey from Sri Cempaka back to PJ.

According to Hanna, Ayah’s eyes nearly popped out and his mouth was opened for nearly a minute after that. (Hmmm…Sanguine Hanna and her exaggeration of stuff!).

Apparently (after he recovered from his shock, that is!) Ayah told Hilman – “Hilman, you’re too young to even have a girlfriend, let alone TWO!”

To which Hilman answered : I know…

And when I spoke to Hilman, this was what he had to say –

Me : Hello sayang… How are you?

Hilman : I’m fine Mommy.

Me : How was your chess and swimming lessons today? (I was trying really hard NOT to show my anxiety. Hahaha!)

Hilman : Good.

Mommy : Ayah told me that you have TWO girlfriends? (Bammm!!! No warning whatsoever from Mommy given to Hilman!)

Hilman : Uh-uh. (Answering it like it was just another one of my standard questions!)

Me : May I know who your girlfriends are?

Hilman : Farhana and Athirah (VERY “matter-of- factly”!)

Me : Hmmm…which one do you like better?

Hilman : Both.

Me : You cannot have two girlfriends at the same time, sayang… Which one do you like more?

Hilman : Both.

Me : No, Hilman…you have to choose one!

Hilman : But I like them both, Mommy.

Me : Hmmm…. Do they like you? (By this time I was trying really hard NOT to laugh because Hilman sounded SO serious about the whole thing, but at the same time I could hear his Ayah, Kak Long and Kak Ngah laughing their heads off in the background!)

Hilman : Yeah.

Me : Did they tell you that they liked you?

Hilman : Yeah.

Me : But, Hilman…you can only have one girlfriend!

Hilman : No, Mommy – TWO.

(And this ‘debate’ went on for about 30 seconds, and then I asked him – )

Me : Okay, okay… IF you have to choose, which one would you choose, dear?

Hilman : Farhana (without hesitation!)

Me : Why Farhana?

Hilman : She’s pretty.

Me : (I was starting to have stomach cramps by this time because I was controlling myself so hard not to laugh! And I said -) Hmmm…I think Athirah is pretty, too!

Hilman : Yeah… (he sounded so confused!)

My oh my! My boy is having his first relationship dilemma at the age of 6! I was starting to feel slightly dizzy at this point, I think because I had been holding my breath for so long when I tried controlling myself from laughing! And I asked him –

Me : Hmmm…Did any of them say that you were handsome?

Hilman : Yeah.

And suddenly he said –

“Mommy, can I stop now, please? I’m hungry! I want to eat! I want to eat the big fish. It’s going to habis!!! Nanti everybody else eat and Hilman cannot eat! Please, Mommy!!! Nanti fish habis!”

By this time, I just could not control myself and I just burst out laughing until I cried – and I was thinking to myself – “Typical men – they just don’t know when and how to get their priorities right!” And in Hilman’s case – his FISH is more important than his CHICS!!! LOL!!!

Hmmm…all these while I thought Hanna would be the first of my kids whom I would have a heart-to-heart talk about boyfriends and girlfriends! Never did I imagine that I would be having this talk with Hilman first, let alone when he’s only SIX! (Sorry, Hanna…your brother beat you to it!!!) So, I guess my previous entry on “The Wedding Planner” should be meant for Hilman, instead? LOL!

This entry has certainly warmed my heart up today and it will definitely make me smile for the rest of the week, at least! To those of you who are reading this now, wherever you are, I hope this has brought a smile to your face, too…



Anonymous said...

Hahaha...That is so funny!

For those yg terbaca my statement ni sure ingat I have gone crazy as your text did not come outlah. I had to go to your friendster blogsite to read it. Anyway for those yg tak tau, da address is written below.

Your son being so macho didn't even deny liking those two girls...even until now! Hehehe... I couldn't do a father-to-son talklah whilst putting on a straight face...Tak bolehlah... He's too young to be involved in anything like this... and I am definitely too young to talk about this to my kidz in the first place!!! Hahaha...

I guess we are getting old... (sigh)


wanshana said...


You "guessed" we're getting old?!
Errr...I've got news for you, my dear - we ARE old! LOL!

I don't know why my entry has not been published, but my guess is it's because it's slightly lengthier than usual. I was made to understand that lengthy entries sometimes only appear 2-3 days AFTER you post them.

Hmmm...I guess we'll just have to wait and see? If it still doesn't come out by this Wednesday, I will try to post the entry again.

Cheers for now, "Old man"...

Sue said...

For a moment there, I tot u had gone 'speechless' hehehe

Anyway thx to your significant other, i got to read it...and it is lengthy.....but funny.

Kids dont seem to fail to enlighten us with their 'life discoveries' to share ;)

IBU said...

Shana ... so heartwarming! Mana la nak tumpahnya kuah kari ikan kalau tak ke nasi? Ahahaha.... Sakit perut I gelak sorang2.Wait till i show this post to Idin.

Ameer & Idin had their first crush at age 3, while Hafiz at 4. Tapi all my 3 boys were one woman man. So Hilman still juara la!

But I have this to say to you; be glad our boys have feelings for girls! pssttt... If you know what I mean...

wanshana said...

Dear Minah Celoteh,

Yep - they never fail to enlighten, amuse and amaze us with their discovery, their honesty and their frankness.

I hope and pray that Hilman, Hasya and Hanna will still come to me and share their joy, happiness, and sorrow (I pray that there won't be any of the last one, of course!) in their search for their belle and their beaus, even when they are all grown up...

wanshana said...

Dear Ibu,

You wrote - "Mana la nak tumpahnya kuah kari ikan kalau tak ke nasi?"

Errr...I hope you EITHER meant following his Ayah in "being a hopeless romantic", OR "embarking on a courtship at such a young age"?, And I hope you didn't mean following his Ayah in "having two girlfriends at one time"?!! there something you know that I don't?!!! GRRRRRR...

And Ayah, if you're reading this - IF you have another Juliet, all I want to say to you is -

"Be VERY afraid... MUAHHAAHHAAA!!!DDDOOOIIINNNGGG!!!" (That's the sound of the solid iron frying pan hitting your head, by the way...)

And Ibu, Psssstttt! Yeah, I know what you mean...Winks*

Izzudin Faiz said...

HILMAN!!!SIX YEARS! Idin dah eleven takda pun.Cayalah Hilman.Next time i c u kena ambik tusyen mcm mana nak ngorat pompuan.Well, I am a guy anyway.Idin sampai main bola buat 'bicycle kick' depan mata pompuan pon tak dapat!!

wanshana said...

Dear Idin,

Hmmm...'bicycle kick' pun tak jalan?!!! Ni serious case nih! Idin buat style Chopper ke, BMX?!

Now that you have mentioned it - Hilman DOES carry out tuition on how to ngorat pompuan on Monday and Friday evenings.

Monday classes are opened for 6-9 year olds, while Friday classes are for 10-12 year olds. So, Abang Idin can come on Friday nights.

While you're having tuition with Hilman, Aunty Shana and Ibu can go karaokeing at Red Box...EHERKS!!!

By the way, for "pengeras" Hilman charges 1 Hotwheels car per session...


Adoi....hilman really knows what he wants. he is a man of the moment. and that moment was his BIG FISH!

the innocence of it all. now how do you reason with him that he must have only ONE girlfriend and not 2, or 3? Heck, or 4?
I suppose, you don;t have to. That's what innocence is all about.
My old friend once said, and you can still hear him saying -- "Let It Be".

But, can you imagine a 30 yr-old Hilman saying the same thing?
ok ok... we'll cross the jambatan
when we get to one...

In the meantime, enjoy delightful Hilman while he still glows in all his beautiful innocence. They grow up so fast before your eyes. they do.
and then, u'll start going misty-eyed looking at old photos...

wanshana said...

Dear K.Ena,


Hehehe! Yep - Hilman and his BIG FISH! Itu belum lagi his salmon sashimi (he can finish 2 platefuls of those, by the way!)

Yeah...I know what you mean...Even now I get misty-eyed looking at my kids' baby photos (and my eldest is not even 12 yet!)

Their innocence is so refreshing and they remind us of so many things that we have forgotten and/or taken for granted in life.
Their one-liners never fail to amuse and amaze us.

I pray to Allah SWT that all my kids will be given the wisdom to make the right decision when it comes to choosing their life partners, insya Allah...Aamin...

And I pray to Allah SWT that Ayah and I WILL still be around when our youngest (so far - Hilman!) is 30 years old, insya Allah... Aamin...

Take care!

Keanorlinsya said...

Whoa!! aunt shana, ur son is a ladykiller. 2 gfs? at the age of 6? older girls pulak tu. susah nk beat ni. hehehe

wanshana said...

Dear Kea,

I know...I know...

Aihhh...Sleepless in Newcastle dibuatnya Aunty kat sini...


Happy Mother's Day, Shana!

wanshana said...

Thank you, Kak Ena...Happy Mother's Day to you, too - not just for today, but everyday...

God Bless!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mommy..

(Rolling on the floor laughing)

Somehow I never get tired of this blog ;) Oh, n btw, Aathira does NOT like Hilman (Srry Man! I guess u have to try harder next time!) It's Farhanah tht likes him. But please, Hilman, STICK TO AATHIRA! Farhanah? Well, she is.. Annoying :)

''Oh, Hello KAKAK HILMAN!!!! Hilman kat mane?''

Please. KAKAK HILMAN? I have a name y'noe! N Aathira's just fine. N, if she DOES like u back, I'll be related to SARAH! Go Hilman!! Err..

(STILL rolling on the floor laughing)

Hahahahaha. K la. Off to next blog!



PS// Happy Mother's Day! N since esok I cant go online, better wish u happy bdday now! Here goes :-

HAPPY 39th BDDAY MOMMY!!!!!!!!

See ya!

Anonymous said...

Errr...I'm still too young for all of this! ;op


wanshana said...

My darling Hanna,

Hahaha! And I never get tired of your comment!

So, you like Aathira better than Farhana? Hmmmm...looks like we'll have to take a vote on who Hilman has to choose for his ONLY girlfriend then?! Have to teach your little brother from young to stick to ONE belle at one time, eh?

And thank you for the wishes, my dear... ( everybody knows how young I am...Hahaha!)

wanshana said...


Wishful thinking, my dear... wishful thinking...Winks*!

kyora said...

is that ur son sis? handsome! i dont mind to be his third :p

a very funny post, i tell you.. adeih, nak pecah perut i gelak, hehe

wanshana said...

Dear Kyora,


But.... Adeih!! NOMBOR 3??!!!!

GEDEBAAAAMMMM!!! (that was the sound of me jatuh pengsan....) :p

SitiNur77 said...

Oh My! I cant stop laughing reading this entry and all the comments. REAAAALLLY funny, I just feel like to advertise this entry to all my frens. Can I? Hehehe.

K Shana,
Family you memang best! Keep it up. :) I wish I can be a cool mom like you!

wanshana said...


Hehehe...Thanks! I'm glad this entry has put a smile on your face, dear.

Nak advertise?!! I have to pay you? Hahahaha!!!

Well, if this entry can entertain a few more people, by all means - advertise, my dear... advertise... ;)

And if you just be yourself and love your Michiko unequivocally - then, you're already one cool mom! Not difficult, eh?

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Mommy dear...

Just to update u...Your son NOW has 4 girlfriends!!! Definitely more macho than any Italianno!

I think u better come home fast...and start da mother-and-son talklah. Hahahaha...(I'm laughing worriedly..if there is such a thing!)

wanshana said...

Adoiiii!!! Have to post an entry on "Romeo and Juliet(s) *Addendum" la pulak....