Friday, March 7, 2008

Oscar Winner versus CNN Reporter...

I woke Hasya and Hilman up at 8:30a.m yesterday morning -

Me : Chiman, Chimin... Wake up, wake up. We have to go now. If not I'll be late for work. I have to send you to rumah Wan now, okay?

Hilman : Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong! (that was how his cough sounded!)

Me : Hmmmmmm....that sounds quite bad! Are you sure you're okay to go to school today? Because, if you're not, you can stay at home.

(He had just finished his March tests on Wednesday, anyway)

Hilman : Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong! (Eyes looking at me)

Me : It's okay. I'll give you your cough syrup, but you still need to go to Wan's house, okay? We'll see how you feel nanti. If by 12:00pm, you're still coughing, no need to go to school lah, okay?

Hilman : Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong!

Got him to have some cereal for breakfast and gave him his cough syrup, and straight away drove Hilman and Hasya to Mak's house. All throughout the 15 minute journey, Hilman was coughing, and I decided to switch off the aircond and rolled down the windows. But, he was still coughing non-stop!

Upon reaching PJ, and after bringing all their school uniforms, shoes, bags, etc into Mak's house, I spoke to Mak's maid and asked her to keep an eye and monitor Hilman. If his cough was still persistent, I told Di*ah, the maid, that Hilman was not going to school.

Said my bye-byes and Muaaahh-muaaahhhs to the kids and went straight to work.

12:05p.m, my phone rang. It was Mak's house number.

Me : Hello?

"Hello, Mommy!" - it was Hasya.

Me : Hello, Hasya. How are you? Have you had your lunch? Are you ready for school?

Hasya : MOMMY! Hilman HAS NOT coughed, NOT EVEN ONCE, you know, for the last TWO hours! He....

The phone line went dead.

10 seconds later, my phone rang again.

Hasya : Momm....

The phone went dead again. And she called 3-4 times after that. And every time, the line would be cut off!

I waited for a couple of minutes before I called Mak's house, and Hasya answered.

Hasya : Mommy, Hilman kept on pressing the buttons just now! He didn't want me to tell you that he was only pretending to cough this morning!!!

Me : Okay, Hasya...I guessed as much. Where is Hilman now? Can I speak to him, please?

Hasya : He has locked himself in the study room, Mommy. And he has not put on his school uniform yet. And he has not even had his lunch. And Pakcik Is*ak said he's sending us to school at 12:30p.m!

It was 12:22p.m.

Me : Okay, Hasya. Can you please tell Hilman that if he goes to school today, he will be allowed to watch DVDs and play his PS2 over the school holiday, okay? Please tell him that. If he doesn't, no DVDs or PS2 for him.

Hasya : Okay, Mommy. But what if he doesn't want to come out of the study room?

Me : Well, if you tell him what I asked you to tell him, he WILL definitely go to school!

Hasya : Okay.

(And I could almost see Hasya smiling gleefully right that second, and I thought I heard a small victorious "Yes!" from her!)

I put down the phone, and did not check on the kids until about 3:45p.m, when I called Mak's house again.

My sis-in-law Yaz**en answered. And when I asked if Hilman was at home, she told me that both Hasya and Hilman went to school that afternoon with Is*ak. Just to make sure that Hilman was really okay, I asked her if Hilman was coughing before he went to school, and she said, "No".


Later, when I went back to PJ and the kids came back from school, I asked Hilman about the whole thing -

Me : Hilman, why did you pretend to cough this morning?

Hilman : I didn't pretend, Mommy. I was really coughing!

Me : Yes, the first couple of times, maybe?

Hilman : The first time, I was coughing. The second time, I was coughing. The third time I was coughing. After that ONLY I was pretending, Mommy!

As if THAT will make me okay with the whole thing?!

But, looking at his face, tak sampai hati nak marah... To add to that, my MIL, SIL, BIL and Ayah were all there laughing at his explanation/confession.

Me : Hilman, next time don't pretend again okay? It's like lying, too, you know? And you know you cannot lie, right?

Hilman : Uh-uh...Nanti Allah will be angry...and I cannot go to heaven?

Me : Errrr....(mengangguk aje lah...)


IBU said...

Hahahaha..... cerdik sungguh si Chiman ini. But this story sounds very familiar you know. Like deja vu... Errr.... does he know my home phone number ke?

Kmar said...

So funny... he.he.he.... luckily tak macam cerita ET (I love that movie..)... when Elliot put the thermometer at the bulb (on) so that when his mom will excuse him from school due to high fever!!!

wanshana said...


Besar kemungkinannya - terutama sekiranya modus operandi yang digunakan adalah sama....Hahahaha!

Mesti ada sindiket ni! Mesti!



Yes, it is funny now. But, when Hasya buat lintasan secara langsung hari tu - it wasn't! Hehehee!

Another clip from a movie - Lizzy Mcguire (sp?) The Movie - she used hair-dryer to make sure her head feel hot so that she could stay in bed...

I wonder if there is a book out there which we parents don't know about which teaches kids on how to fake illnesses?! Hmmmmm???

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Oh no, the oldest trick in the book can no longer fool parents nowadays.

Its ok Hilman. Stay calm. Lets get straight into plan B and try and work things out. let’s see,…you’ve got a whistle-blower close to you there., which makes things difficult.

Errm…ok I give up. Lying will only land you in hot soup and the truth always prevail.

But hey, nice try though, buddy :))

Anonymous said...


oh dear drama king in the making???
that was v funny... well, actualy, the whole thing is a real drama. lucu habis...


Anonymous said...

salam ...

awww ... hilman ... i miss his selamba-ness!!!

so the comel ...

kasi cubit pipi dia sikit okay!

:o) auntie murni

wanshana said...


Hehehe! Actually I suspected he was faking it even before I went to the office. He did have a "minor" cough but I knew he was exaggerating it way too much in the car. I just played along with him.

I had planned to call around the time Hasya called me to ask him to go to school, but itu CNN reporter aaaarrr - was fast, maaaannnn! Hehehe!

Just to let you in to a secret - we mothers can NEVER be fooled that easily laaaa.... We WILL find out if our kids are up to no good. You can bet on that ;)

wanshana said...


Ha-ah...Drama King betul!

But, if you knew Hilman, memang tak boleh nak marah dia sangat. Even though he's 7 years old, he's still pretty much a baby - with his innocent looks, etc. And he is a VERY "lurus" boy. So much so, Hasya "bullies" him most of the time!

I suspected he was overdoing it with his cough, and that was why I still asked him to follow to his Wan's house that morning...Hehehe!

Kids - they never fail to amuse us :)

wanshana said...


Hehehe...That's Hilman for you. So selamba, so innocent, no ill-intent.

He didn't ask if he could skip school. I was the one who said that if his cough did not get better, he could stay at home. I guessed my suggestion was just too much a temptation for him. Hahahaha! My mistake :)

Will definitely pinch his cheeks for you - and by the way, his cheeks are chubbier now!

And, oh yes - good luck with the exams!

Take care, dear.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whooa, such scary thought la. i wonder if mom knew about my little tea-dance escapade when i was supposed to be in a motivational class back when i was 17 and dumb.


all the best, Hilman...heheheehehe...

wanshana said...


I can bet my right arm that your mom knew all about your "motivational" tea dance laaa...

My guess is, she was just using her discretion NOT to confront you and get you to confess and spill all the beans (teas?!!) out. Hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

salam ...

dear kak shana ...

thank you for your doa ... *am a nervous wreck ni*

hehehe ... miss borak dengan hilman ... so cheeky ... is he still into hot wheels? everytime i see them i thought of hilman :)

take care!

wassalam ...

:o) murni

ps: kerp, agree with kak shana ... we mothers ... have eyes and ears ... everywhere! ;)

wanshana said...


Yes, he's still very much into Hot Wheels, in fact he's into Hot Wheels ONLY. Nothing else interest him - not Transformers, not Bionicles, not Power Rangers, not Football, not remote control stuff, etc. ONLY Hot Wheels (and of course PS2 and encyclopedias)! Senang cerita...

And I remember your boys were into The Avatar :)

Take care.

~Tis§ot~ said...

hi kak shana...

seronok dgr cerita your kids.
anyway fyi, a srikandi kak saidatul ba'isah is looking for you at the STFOG4 email... :)

wanshana said...

Dear ~tissot~

Cerita about budak-budak ni memang seronok and funny selalunya... :), but sometimes it takes a while (especially for the parents) to realize how amusing and funny the things they were up to actually.

Oh ya, K.Adek managed to "trace" me yesterday and we've spoken. Thanks.

Take care.