Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm in a "Tagged" Mode...

Hmmmm....Whaddaya know? I've been tagged by the self-confessed tag-whore himself (Hahaha!). Thank you (?!), Kerp... (sarcasm...sarcasm...Hehehe!)

It looked quite simple and straightforward at first glance. That was until you really want to sit down and come up with the whole list. My problem was - either there were too many to choose from OR I couldn't think of anything at all to put in some of the lists. Not even one! So, what I did was - spent about 45 minutes in the car last night to scribble down everything while waiting for Hanna to finish her tuition class.

So, here goes -

8 things I'm passionate about -

1. Family - nothing beats this.
2. My kids' studies - not sure if "passionate" is the right word here. Maybe "kiasu"?!
3. Cooking - strictly main dishes or savoury side dishes. NO BAKING. I'm totally hopeless when it comes to baking.
4. Helping those who need help - in whatever way termampu.
5. Shopping - need I say more?
6. Managing the family's account/budget - I do this religiously. I come up with the budget on the day our salaries are in; mid-month to check if we're on track; and a day before our next pay comes in, so that whatever is left will be transferred to our savings accounts.
7. Small SUVs/4WDs - don't ask me why :)
8. Clarks, Scholl and Hush Puppies shoes - I don't go for all the Ferragamos, Jimmy Choos, and the likes. I go for comfort and practicality (plus I can't afford the latter...Hahaha!)

8 Things I want to do before I die -

1. Perform the Hajj with Ayah and the kids, insya Allah.
2. Travel the world with the family, insya Allah.
3. See all my kids get married, insya Allah.
4. Timang cucu. At least one cucu from each kid. Insya Allah.
6. Own a Jag. Insya Allah. (Ayah, hope you're taking note of this. Hehehe!)
7. Author a few books - academic and non-academic. Insya Allah.
8. Own a weekend retreat somewhere with a small stream running through the grounds. Either that or a house by the beach. Insya Allah.

(Waduuhhhh...high maintenance jugak I ni, eh?!)

8 things I say often -

1. I love you.
2. I miss/missed/will miss you.
3. Thank you.
4. Please.
5. It's okay.
6. What are our plans for today?
7. Now, which part of XYZ didn't you understand?!! (Ni beli marah anak-anak la ni...)
8. BANGANG!!! (EXCLUSIVELY uttered when I'm driving. Specially dedicated to those who do not indicate when they want to change lanes or make a turn and suddenly just swerve in in front of me like jalan datuk dia AND to those who do not give way when I have already flashed the indicator lights to change lanes or make a turn! Memang bangang!!!)

8 books I’ve recently read -

Hmmmm...this is a bit tricky. I've started parallel reading a few, and have not finished some. And some books that I read are work-related and I have to be selective in reading only the parts that I need. Do they count? Well, this is my blog. I can list whatever I want I guess. Hehehe.

1. GuiT - by Awang Goneng
2. The 5 Love Languages of Children - Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell
3. Environmental and Natural Resources Economics - Tom Tietenberg (I know - BORING...)
4. Energy Future - Robert Stobaugh and Daniel Yergin (Say what?!!!)
5. The Political Economy of International Relations - Robert Gilpin (Gila ke aper Minah ni?!!!)
6. Human Rights Horizons - Richard Falk (dipaksa-rela to read...)
7. Regulatory Barriers and the Principles of Non-Discrimination in World Trade - Thomas Cottier and Petros Mavroidis (A really good book actually)
8. Weakness of Faith - Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjad

8 songs I could listen to over and over again -

Now, this is even trickier. Do you mean songs that are forced down my ears because I didn't have any choice but to listen to them because my kids rule when it comes to selecting the radio frequencies and the CDs we listen to in the car? OR songs which will not run their expiry dates for me? I've listed those who fall under both categories here because some of them memang lagu anak-anak yang Mommy dioghang pun crazy about, tapi malu nak mengaku sebenarnya. Hehehe!

1. Faithfully - Journey
2. Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
3. A Better Man - Robbie Williams
4. With or Without You - U2
5. I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance
6. When September Ends - Green Day
7. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - Good Charlotte
8. Forever Young - Alphaville

No Britney or Miss Hilton, please!!!

8 things that attract me to my best friends -

1. Same wavelength
2. Trustworthy secret-keepers.
3. Great sense of humour
4. Can engage themselves in a nonsensical-out-of-this-world topic one minute, and in a serious discussion the next. Precious.
5. Don't bad-mouth others.
6. They make me feel comfortable being with them even if I was in my worn, tattered jammies?!
7. Common passion for letting off steam with croaking...
8. Generous and tidak berkira - not on me in particular, okay? But, generally a generous person.

So, there you go. And I'm now tagging -

IBU - Weiii...high time to hapdet!
MURNI - I know you're a sport, dear.
ETAMY - Hey, you need something to take your mind off your daughters at boarding school.
MRSNORDIN - This is fun, maaaa!!!

AND hey...I feel like tagging AYAH, too - you can use my blog, my dear.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yay! Thanks, kak Shana. You’re such a sport. Told you it was fun. Reading your answer were all very interesting except for some of the books you had chosen. I mean, Environmental what now? aiyahhhh…

And looking at the song selection, I gathered here Wanshana is one mommy that rocks. Mommy listens to Green Day and that was like, wow! Hhehehe…

Thanks once again. I knew I had tagged the right person in you.

*go easy on Britney, please…ehem...hehehehe..

MrsNordin said...

Huh? BANGANG?? Brutal jugak you ni, ya? :)

wanshana said...


Thank YOU! It was my pleasure - somehow managed to get in touch with that part of me yang agak out of touch a bit while doing the tag. Hehehe!

Me - Mommy Rock? Hahaha! I guess yang pop rock and slow rock buleh la kot...

And Kerp -


wanshana said...


I'm not as sweet and innocent as I look. I can be Jeckyll one minute and Hyde the next, you know - according to the circumstances ;)

Anyway, it's just me being flexible. You can see the extremes here - from the mushy-mushy "I Love Yous" to the ferocious "Bangang!!!" HAHAHA!

Don't pray-pray, you know... I can be brutal one, you know...

Eta My said...

Edih!Bikin terkezut aje!!

Shana dear,..eden ni ha..baru lai... belajor bab-bab blog ni...ini assignment baru ko?..eden ni budak baru belajar..entah apo ke bende eden nak tulis nanti?

But..but and but..seribu tahun lagi pun..tak kan tau kalu tak cuba..

Just spoken to yus just now..and I said..kalau tidak kerana Shana yang dok rajin tanya..bilo? mana blognya?..sumber inspirasi gitu!

So I said to yus..cepat la bikin satu blog..tak pe la..mula2 bole cerita pasal kucing ekau ko..atau ikan dalam akuarium ekau..lamo-lamo..pasti terbabas ke soal hati dan segalanya yang boleh!
Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia..kalau kisah2 tidak dibukukan..diceritakan..

Err..Shana..(which xyz u don't understand..)..tuh..buat I giggle2 kat sini..mcm familiar je..

Talk about latest song..ampun maaf..patik amatle kekurangan di sini..hinggakan kuncu2 anak2 patik komen habis..sebab dlm kete..eden yg dok conquer radio..klasik nasional la...langsung semuah tangkap tido!!kesian! tu yang depa kata..kalu naik kete ngan mak su depa..lagi heaven!!!

c u!

waterlily said...

I also like that word ahaa "Bangang". Tapi saya cakap dalam hati je. Ketika menunggu keretapi/LRT lambat. Ketika manusia tidak berbaris dan memotong barisan. Ketika tiada siapa mau berikan saya tempat duduk,kerana saya sangat perlukannya.

Salam kenal. Menggelunsur dari blog Kerpie tadi.

wanshana said...


You ni ada-ada ajer... :)

Anyway, I'm glad I pushed you to start blogging. I can see that in a way it's helping you to mencurahkan perasaan yang terpendam. Hahaha! And it just so happened that I also spoke to Yus (on Tuesday night) - persuading her to start a blog, too.

About the tag - don't worry. Take your time, okay? It'll be interesting to read your list nanti, I'm sure.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Dear Waterlily,

Salam perkenalan from me, too, and thank you for hopping by :)

I've visited your blog a few times before this actually - silent reader yang malu-malu. Cool blog you have there.

Actuallynya kan, the word "Bangang" tu lagi best kalau disebut kuat-kuat - baru puas hati! Kalau sebut dalam hati ajer, nanti lama-lama hati bengkak! Hehehe!

The problem is, sebab selalu say it out loud masa driving, sometimes bila anak-anak are with me in the car, terlepas jugak sebut "Bangang" in front of them!

And they would shout, "MOMMY!!! You're not supposed to say that word!"

And I pun struggle to explain to them why the word came out of my mouth, and why THEY should not use it, etc!


Kak Teh said...

aaaah, and now because of this, I've been tagged too! by Mrs Nordin. Will do it. must do it!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh, glad no intro needed between you and waterlily. for your info k shana, both me and her are green-card holders, if you get what i mean.

hey, this is so cool that even Kak Teh has been tagged. glad to have chosen you, you mommies are such great sport.

now lets wait for Mr Ayah, to strut his stuff out. what say you boss, one for the mac daddies?

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

I'm waiting...I'm waiting...Hehehe!

Oh ya, please don't tell Dato' JC that I have never owned any of his shoes, eh?

Some day, insya allah ;)

wanshana said...


Yeah - actuallynya I've been blog-hopping to Waterlily's blog from yours every now and then, cuma malu nak leave comments - macam with your blog dulu la jugak! Hehehe! Glad the ice has finally been broken by her :)

Yes, Kerp - you're one of many who are waiting eagerly for K.Teh to answer the tag, me included.

Ramai yang menunggu ni. So, K.Teh jangan tunggu lama-lama, okay? ;)

As for Ayah, I will get him to let us in into his 8s soon, insya Allah. Watch this space.

hanna said...

can i do this too? :D

wanshana said...

Yes, Hanna. You can do the tag, too, if you want.

Ayah has decided NOT to reveal his inner passion and dark secrets to the world. So, you can take his place and do the tag nanti. Okay? :)

Luv ya! MMMMuuuuuaaaahhhh!

Theta said...

Faithfully by Journey is an all-time favourite!
I almost wanted it to be played at my wedding. But some lyrics (like CIRCUS LIFE) were not suitable, methinks. ;-)

wanshana said...


Circus life, and also the part about the road not being a good place to start a family and all, too. A BIG NO, NO for a wedding song definitely. Hehehe!

Yes, it remains as one of my all time favs. Come to think of it, it's probably THE old time favourite of mine. Cair bila dengar lagu ni. Steve Perry's vocals - Sighs...