Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hasya's Sleepover Weekend...

Hasya's sleepover weekend was officially over 2 hours ago when we sent the last of her friends home. Phew...

All in all, I think the girls had a fun-fun time with us :)

The girls - Ali*, Na*ia and Elmi*a followed us home straight from school after their Sports Day on Saturday, and after taking their shower and all, they locked themselves up in the room and watched some DVDs. Not just ANY DVDs. I can bet my right arm that they actually watched whatever they could of the whole of Hasya's Bratz and Barbie DVDs collection that afternoon.

Lunch was served at 1.30p.m - I settled for Spaghetti Bolognaise and boiled sausages (healthier option than fried sausages, no?) and they thoroughly enjoyed the food. Everybody had seconds, and I didn't have to prepare anything for tea as everybody was still VERY full at tea-time.

After lunch they went back up to the room for a few rounds of DVDs and PS2, but by 7:00p.m, everybody was ready for our dinner out. We left the house after solat Maghrib, and we decided to go to the Sec*et Rec*pe in SD as we were pretty sure it would be a nightmare to find parking at One-U at that hour. Ayah could have just dropped us first but he might have had to go a few rounds to find a slot before he could join us for dinner there and by the time he would have found a parking space the movie would surely have started! So, to play safe - SD Sec*et Recipe it was.

We left SR at 8:45p.m and reached One-U just after 9:00p.m and went straight to G*C while Ayah went to find a space to park his mini-bus. Syukur Alhamdulillah, he managed to join us just before the movie started. Ayah had already bought the tickets on Friday night, so we didn't have to join the long Saturday night queue at G*C. It was Nim's Island - Hasya's own choice (much to the disappointment of K.Long Hanna who wanted to watch something else - but, I told her that it was Hasya's weekend and we should let her choose her preferred movie).

Anyway, the small girls enjoyed it, the small boy Hilman semi-enjoyed it because according to him, "Mommy, it was not the same as what was written in the book, Mommy... It was supposed to be this and this and that and that...bla bla bla...". He had just finished reading the book last week, you see. So, ada sikit rasa tidak puas hati there. Hehehe! As for Hanna, errrr...I think she slept through the last half hour of the movie! As for Ayah and I, I think it was just so-so. But, I have to say that Abigail Breslin who played Nim was simply awesome. And just to let you all in into a secret - she made me cry a couple of times during the movie...Sobs!

We reached home just after 11:00p.m, and after a hot Milo each, and brushing their teeth, the little girls had a "make-up session" in the room using Hasya's new make-up set which she got from her Aunty L*nn as birthday present. When I went to check on them at midnite, they were all under the duvet watching one of Hasya's Barbie's DVD, and I left them with, "Make sure you all go straight to sleep after you finish this movie, okay? Promise me that you all will not watch another movie after this, ya...because Hasya and Ali* have to wake up early tomorrow. They have their dancing class, okay?". To which all of them replied, "Okay, Aunty...We promise. Good night!" Ahhhh....such sweet girls...

And then Hasya kissed me on the cheeks, PUSHED me out of the room, and LOCKED the door! Sigh...

Sunday morning, I checked on the girls at 8:00a.m - and they were still under the duvet, watching a DVD! It was as if I had just left them 5 minutes before that! "Hmmmm...did you all just wake up OR you all did not sleep at all last night watching DVDs?", to which the girls replied with giggles, "No la Aunty...we woke up very early tadi!" Phew...that was a relief! I was scared that they would go back to their parents and tell them that they were up all night long at Aunty Shana's house watching DVDs when it was supposed to be a SLEEPover!

For breakfast, the girls helped me make Cheese Omelette with their own choice of toppings (they could choose from sausages, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, diced onions, and of course - cheese). We also made pancakes. Everybody wanted to break the eggs, and I thought, "Why not? They can take turns to do that!" Suffice to say, we didn't only have eggs in the bowl and the frying pan - they were also on the table AND the floor. Nasib baik ada Daryati to clean up everything...Hehehe!

After breakfast, I called D*da (Hasya's and Ali*'s dance teacher) whether it was okay if Na*ia and Elmi*a follow just to watch the girls dance, and when D*da gave the green light, all four girls (and Hilman, of course) were bundled into Ayah's car at 10:45a.m and off they went to PJ.

I must have dozed off on the sofa right after they left, and only woke up when they came back at 12:30p.m! (By the way, Ayah and I have decided that our 3-seater sofa in the living room tu "berhantu" because anybody who lies down on it will definitely fall asleep within 60 seconds! Hehehe!) Ali*'s Mama had fetched her from dance class herself as she had her piano lesson after that, so there were only Na*ia and Elmi*a left.

Anyway, all my headaches on the weekend menu was pretty much unnecessary as we received a lunch invitation from Ayah's cousin at Bukit Utama. We asked the cousin whether we could bring the whole platoon with us and he said "Yes, of course - there's plenty of food!", and I felt so relieved, as it meant that I wouldn't have to slave over the stove that afternoon. Hahaha! However, Elmi*a's Mom called to say that she had to fetch her as her great grandma who was very ill, had been asking for her. She came by the house to pick up Elmi*a just before 2:00p.m, and we only left for Bukit Utama at 2:15p.m. And so, there was only Na*ia left.

And of course, our "lunch" invitation dragged on to tea-time and also to a BBQ do by the swimming pool, and we only left Bukit Utama at 7:15p.m! Off we went to send Na*ia home and we then had to follow Ayah to the hospital as he needed to see one of his patients. We only left UMSC at about 8:15p.m - tummies very, very full, but mind and body very, very tired! But, it was a good weekend for all, I think :)

Here are some pics. Enjoy!


MrsNordin said...

Glad it all went well. Sure lepas ni, Hasya's friends will find every opportunity to bunk in your place!

Superwomanwannabe said...

i had better not let my girls see this nanti I kena ikut heheheh

hee gelak at that part of seing his patients - my outing pun selalu ada that !

wanshana said...


Thanks. It went very well indeed - I didn't die! Hahaha!

One of them has already asked me when is Hasya having another sleepover! And I told her, "Not so soon, dear!" :)

wanshana said...


Hehehe! Hidup kita ni serupa, kan?!

As for the sleepover, my boy Hilman had also asked if he could have his own sleepover. To which I replied, "Sleepovers are only for girls, dear..." Terus he said, "Okay, I DON'T WANT any of my friends to come over lah!!" Phew... Hahaha!

So, if what I told him was true - you'll sure have your hands full if ALL your girls want to have it at your place!

But, it was quite fun to have them over. The girls were all very well-behaved, alhamdulillah.

U.Lee said...

Hello Wanshana, wow! First time see your picture. You sure a lovely woman, Wanshana...nama chantek, owner pun chantek. Wow!
And good looking hubby you have there too. Your kids? Beautiful.
Was smiling reading of theor sleepover. Reminds me of my three sisters when young having their friends over...the laughter, the gigglings till the wee hours, *roll my eyes*, ha ha.
But girls just want to have fun. Senang datang, ya? Keep well, Wanshana, Lee.

Kmar said...

I bet all Hasya´s friends have been telling their parents that Aunty Shana was such a terrific host!!! Boleh bagi pingat kat you laa .. he.he.he..

Sekali-sekala should be ok or else boleh pengsan nak layan kerenah depa ni.

wanshana said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

Thank you, thank you and thank you,:) but, itu semua camera trick! Hahaha! Anyway, hubby and I are no Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie maaa...

Surprisingly, these 9 year olds were VERY quiet during the sleepover. The same could not be said about my eldest daughter and her friends when they were here for a few sleepovers before this. Mak oiiii... they were still yakking away when I checked on them at 4:00a.m! But, as you said - girls just wanna have fun!

Have a good day, and take care, Uncle Lee :)

wanshana said...


Ha-ah. Pingat "MKB" - "Mommy Kain Buruk" coz' by the end of it I dah jadi macam kain buruk aje...Hahaha! But, I thoroughly enjoyed having the girls over.

But, as you said - once in a blue moon boleh la have sleepovers ni. Dah tua le :(

Take care!

jabishah said...

Hi wanshana. My 1st time dropping by. Love ur template! ;-)

My eldest is 9 too & will definitely go crazy over the idea of a sleepover. We had that once. But dgn nxdoor neighbour je. So, only sleeping & tv done at my house. Mandi & makan back at their own house.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Dear Jabishah,

Thank you for hopping by :)

I just hopped by your blog - nice template you have there, too! Hehehe!

That was a "cute" sleepover you had - sleep and TV at your place and mandi and makan rumah sendiri :)! Maybe I should do that, too, next time - make sure the kids dah makan kenyang-kenyang kat rumah, and then baru fetch them for the sleepover. Hahaha!

You have gorgeous kids - and I gather from your photos that they're into ice-skating? Do you send them for lessons? My girls are also interested, but, so far we have not been able to arrange anything due to logistics problems :(

You take care, too! And do drop by again.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaaa...sounds like fun all around, every second of the weekend for the girls. but hey, they didnt even watch the high school musicals. ok, this uncle is so lame he knows nothing about Bratz, was it? you didnt mention anything about Hilman being one of the kitchen helpers did you? a possible Oliver-in-the-making?

*the 2 girls would turn out to be great dancers. i mean, who doesnt know Dida right?

wanshana said...


I hope they had fun! Hehehe!

Nope. No High School Musical this time around. I think they're not really into that Effron (sp?) dude. I think 8-9 year olds are more into Bratz. You should see Hasya's collection of Bratz stuff - boleh bukak supermarket...

I have to say that Hilman is the one who's more into helping me in the kitchen compared to his sisters. I'm not sure if it's because he loves to cook OR because he loves to EAT! Hahaha!

Hasya and Hilman have been going to Dida's dance class for just over a year and Hasya has had the opportunity to perform at Mercy's Annual Dinner and also a luncheon thrown by DS Jeanne Abdullah. Hilman is learning zapin now.

They both love learning the dances, so, why not? :), and they just adore Dida!

jabishah said...

yes, they used to take lessons there. even entered the competition. if ur interested i can recommend u to our coach. she's good with kids.take care.

wanshana said...


Thanks! Hmmm, boleh jugak -but, maybe masa cuti panjang nanti kot? ;)

Hari tu ada ambik brochures/pamphlet segala, but I don't know where they are now!

A friend of ours also sends her daughter for lessons at Sunw*y P - maybe you know them? Christe**e @ Faridah, and daughter - Sab**na?

You take care, too! ;)

Helena said...

Wow wan shana. Looks like u had one great sleepover there. Bravo! I'm sure you pancit afterwards.... hehe

When the kids were younger, i did promise them that they can have frens over for sleepover when they are slightly older.... hehe... but have yet to materialize.... hehe... poor kids.... mama dia malas nak organize la...

Helena said...

You r into ice skating? My cousins slalu kat Sunway. They represent Malaysia in ice hockey and selalu practice n give lessons kat sana. They wanted to give my kids lessons, tapi time factor is a prob la....

sigh.... me being a kiasu mom tau her limits..... hehe

Eta My said...

Wah Shana....punyalah sporting!!..

Girls being girls kan...barbie and make up tak boleh dipisahkan...depa wd surely ingat 'kebebasan' hingga akhir hayat..anak2 kecikku belum pandai tutp pintu..but the 2 eldest tu..sometime I wonder..ape la yang dok di'giggle-giggle'kan bila kawan depa mai..siap dok pesan lagi.."mama..kitorang ade la..soset..soset..biasa la ma..."..hehehe!

Oh yes...dalam banyak2 gambar itu..gambar I said to! eh! shana ke tu!..(mcm dah lama tak jumpa...ade glow la!!)and to U.Lee..u should meet her depan mata maa...

tata!...p/s: berapa tray habis telo daaa???

wanshana said...


Memang ada sikit pancit, but, all in all I enjoyed having the girls over. Gave me an excuse to cook. Hehehe!

That was Hasya's first "official" sleepover because there were more than one friend who came. Before this, only her best friend Ali* yang selalu slept at our place :)

Hanna has had quite a few sleepovers - and normally she would have at least 5 of her friends staying with us.

Have to say, macam langit dengan bumi when you compare 9 year olds and 12 year olds punya sleepover ni...Hehehe!

As for skating, my kids have only been to Sunway P 3-4 times, but I could see that they were naturals on ice. They really enjoyed it, tu yang tengah fikir nak hantar for lessons or not. But, like you - dok fikir, bila lah time they all free to go for skating lessons ni?!

wanshana said...


Terpaksa sporting. We asked Hasya where she wanted to have her birthday party this year and she told us specifically that she didn't want any parties anywhere, and that she only wanted her friends sleeping over! So, because it was her bday and all, and we didn't have any real party for her, terpaksa akur...Hehehe!

Girls giggling away, etc - quite normal lah, kan? I think kita dulu pun macam tu jugak kot - cuma sendiri tak sedar :)

Ha-ah lah. When was the last time we saw each other, eh? I "glowing"?! Errr...nak tau rahsia? Sebab I dah put on weight! Hahaha!

How many eggs used for all the omelettes? Let me think. Rasanya dalam 16 bijik kot - for 9 people. dahsyat jugak tu kan?!

Take care, dear :)

U.Lee said...

Hello Wanshana, just dropped by say hello. You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i believe when she was younger, dida was hot.

ok thats besides the point, she's a well-known choreographer so i'm sure all her students will go places once graduated.

call me old fashion kak shana but i think hilman would be better off to be enrolled into something else besides dancing. get him into go-karting and he'll ditch dancing right that very minute!

wanshana said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

Thank you for dropping by :)

You have a nice weekend over there, too, and take care!

wanshana said...


Dida is STILL hot what! :)

She's a well-known and a very good and dedicated instructor/choreographer indeed. I believe Maya Karin had special coachings from her for the PHSM movies.

FYI, it was HILMAN who requested to be enrolled into the Zapin class. In a way, he gets a bit of exercise everytime he does the Zapin :).

Nothing wrong with learning to dance ON TOP of roughing it up in other "masculine" activities, I guess? Baru dapat a well-balanced and well-rounded person, no?!

Nantilah I discuss with Ayah to enrol him in kick-boxing ke...wrestling ke...and your proposed go-karting, etc. :)

Have a good weekend!

MA & Brood said...

My daughter's friend asked me if I allow her (Kakak) to sleepover had her place . Slumber party, that's her term.

Err..I ni very protective of my kids la, very susah to let go. I told her, not yet.

Hehe...would you let your daughters sleepover at their friends'?

wanshana said...

I know what you mean...

Yes, we used to let Hanna sleepover at ONE particular friend's house whose parents we know, but, itu pun masa first time we let her go tu, tak senang duduk satu malam!

Now that Hanna dah "kembang mekar", we have decided that she's not sleeping over at that friend's or any other friends' house. Any sleepovers must be at OUR house. Fullstop.

I'd rather layan kerenah all the girls in the comfort of my own house than worrying about her being somewhere else with I don't know who...(tambah-tambah pulak if the friends have brothers or friends of brothers' also lepaking there...RISAU!!!!)

aiz said...

bestnya............ i wanna sleepover!!!!

wanshana said...


Bestkan? Tapi nanti kalau kita buat sleepover kat rumah kengkawan, ada lak kata kita perang dengan hubby pulak!!

Our level sekarang ni - biar hubbies arrange an outing amongst them (golfing ke, etc), and the wives sleepover and shopping kat Bandung ke over the weekend? Baru best!!!