Saturday, April 26, 2008

Talk about a fateful coincidence...

Gosh...Has it REALLY been a year since I wrote this?

If it was "23 years on" for that posting, it is "24 years on" for this posting then. Yes, today is Ayah and I punya 24th Anniversary of Knowing-Each-Other. MrsNordin was saying, if we were to get married 24 years ago, our kids dah nak kawin dah! How true...but, both Ayah and I would rather see it as, "Our kids dah keluar Universiti dah!!! (Rather than kawin! Hahaha!)

Where do I begin? Bits and pieces of my epic Hindustani love story with Ayah can be found in the abovesaid posting, that is if you all want to know more. There have been a few who had requested for a sequel. I guess I will take this opportunity to fill in the lacunae and give a clearer picture of what actually happened 24 years ago on 26th April 1984. But, brace yourself - this is going to be a looooonnnnggg entry. If you all don't want to be hooked to the storyline like those people who were hooked to Winter Sonata and the likes, my advice to you all is, just hop to another blog NOW.

To those who are still reading this, here goes :

26th April 1984 was the date I FIRST received a letter from Ayah. I was in a boarding school in JB, while he was in a boarding school in KK. We were both sixteen at that time (well, I wasn't quite sixteen yet ;)) I can still remember that day VERY clearly.

It was lunchtime, and I had gone to the staffroom to check my mail, when I saw an envelope addressed to me. Unfamiliar handwriting - but VERY neat, at a glance it looked like it was typed. Perplexed and curious to know who the sender was, I opened it immediately while walking to the dining hall. I began reading it, and I have to say I was totally lost and I just could not understand what this guy called "HHK" from that Sekolah Melayu KK was trying to say!

Bits and pieces from the letter -

"Assalamualaikum -I'm HHK - not sure if you remember me but, we spoke on the phone about a year ago - didn't think you really existed then - thought you had given me a false name - a person with a name THAT long surely didn't exist, la di da di da...(for those who know me, you guys know what he meant when he said my name was LONG, right?)- but then, I was at the PPM meet at SMSS - was going through the magazine and I saw your name and pix in your school debating team - tried looking up for you, but didn't see you - anyway, was wondering if you don't mind if I write to you - exchange exam papers, la di da di da, etc..." (By the way, the letter was written in full BM, okay? With "saudari" here, "saudari" there, you know?!)

(And oh ya - only my pix went to PPM that year. Tuanpunya badan tak pergi - long story :))

I was so confused and was trying really hard to remember any phone conversations which I might have had with this "HHK", or any other guys for that matter! And then I remembered - Hmmmm...couldn't be, because if it was true that we had THAT conversation, my Abah would have killed me, and I would not have been around to read that letter then.

I quickly went to get one of my closest friends Y*s, and showed her the letter, and she said, "Hmmm...this guy saja make up stories, and nak tackle you ni. Entah apa-apa entah. Tak payah layan laaa orang macam ni, etc...!"

All that happened on 26th April 1984.

For a few days, I was contemplating whether to reply the letter, or not. Finally, I sat down with Y*s who helped me compose a very nasty letter to this HHK guy.

Lebih kurang -

"Errr...Hello Saudara HHK! Tolong sikit. I'm not THAT kind of girl, okay? I had NEVER spoken to you over the phone OR any other boys for that matter. Tak ada tactic lain ke nak berkenalan? La di da di da, etc"

Put a stamp on it and posted it to Saudara HHK of Sekolah Melayu KK.

A few days passed, and I remember that afternoon. I was in the Hall practicing for our inter-house Drama competition when Y*s came and pulled me to the side, and she said -

"I'm SO sorry!!! I think I know who this HHK guy is. I just remembered - Z* (her sister) told me sometime last year about a phone call she made to her tuition mate in Sekolah Melayu KK! She called the number for the New Hostel Common Room and one of the seniors answered and started asking her for her details - name? calling from where? etc. Z* was quite annoyed because that senior seemed so kepoh to know her details! So, she flicked through the address book in front of her which had the phone numbers of friends of everyone living in my parents' house, and saw YOUR name in it - which I wrote, but she thought it was our Mom's friend's name - Aunty Wan, and she gave your name to that guy thinking that it was Aunty Wan's name! And when that guy asked her where she was calling from, she immediately thought of my school and she said, she was calling from S*F, JB!!!"

I didn't think Y*s actually took a break to inhale some oxygen in between her sentences when she said ALL that to me.

I was speechless. Talk about coincidence - MY name and MY school! And suddenly both of us started to laugh and started to garu kepala and our thoughts went straight to the nasty letter we wrote to that HHK guy! Alamak!!!! Kesiannyer!! Sudah teruk kena hantam!!! And it was all a case of a mistaken identity!

Again, it took me a few days to come up with a "short-of-apologising" letter to Saudara HHK explaining to him that I knew who he spoke to the year before, and that it was a case of an innocent mistaken identity, and hoped the matter would be put to rest. Mesti control macho and pride, right? So, apologies pun macam bukan apologies sangat laa...Hahaha! Put a stamp on it and posted it to Sekolah Melayu KK. And I never expected to hear from Saudara HHK again after that.

As it turned out, our letters berselisih, and the next day I received a letter from Saudara HHK. Apparently, he had, at his end over there, also made some enquiries and had squeezed out some info from Z*'s tuition mate (which the fated phonecall was really meant for), and he managed to put the pieces together. And feeling that he had made a fool of himself (Hahaha! Jangan marah saudara HHK :)), he wrote a long apology letter, and asked if we could start fresh....

And the rest, as they history.

To Y*s and Z* - if you guys are reading this, THANKS SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS...*

Depending on my mood, I might blog about the pusing-pusing, and the ups and downs of our relationship in the 10 years 4 months and 15 days before we finally got married on "9994" - Sequel gitu... ;)

Anyway, to celebrate our 24th Anniversary of Getting-to-know Each Other, Ayah brought me out on a date just now. Just the two of us. We left the kids at home with Daryati, and went to watch the 11:30pm show at GSC.

And we watched The Forbidden Kingdom.

Romantic giler tengok Jet Li and Jackie Chan berkungfu....HAHAHAHA!



Anonymous said...

Happy Annivessary Kak Shana and Abang Haizal,

May there be many, many, many more years of love and affection bet ween the two of you!!

It left me with a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling after reading your reminds me of my own 'Hindustani epic love story' which has been somewhat forgotten. Must go and revisit that story again.

I thought I posted a comment in your earlier entry but I think it didn't happen. Anyway, reading your blog really makes me miss home sooooo much. InsyaAllah we will be coming home soon!!

Yes, I do have quite a busy job but much less demanding than Iqbal. The kids have no other family figures around which make them cling onto us like leeches. Kalau Ayah takda, cari Ummi. Kalau dua-dua takda, cari maidlah!! I guess that is why when they don't see us for a day or two, they miss us like we've been away for weeks!!

Thanks for tips for Mustaqim's sleep over. Definitely in summer! Perhaps I'll put up a tent in the back garden and have a pretend camping!!!

Anyway, keep on writing cause I'm hooked onto you! Salam to all and hugs to kids.


P/s Hey! We must get together for makan2 too whenever we comeback. I've not tasted anything MEAN of yours. Would love to rasa your spaghetti olio (what is it really?)
Sorry, another self-invite on its way!

IBU said...

Kepada Saudari WSRBWAAJ dan saudara HHK, semuga maju-maju-maju terus maju....

one of your posnitas. LOL!!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Congratulations Shana and Haizal from Jab and I..waaah Haizal, itu kerja you masa Form 4 yeee?? He he he...tapi inilah dikatakan JODOH..

Nanti ceritalah the rest! :-)

Ayah said...

I've said this before...

It is not often that 2 wrongs make a right...but this was a classic example of one. I made the mistake of not correctly identifying and Mommy made an even worse mistake of not ignoring my letter. 24 years..or 288 moons..or close to 9000 days (and 3 bubbly & energetic kidz) later, the fire is still burning... ;p

Happy 24th Anniversary, darling...

I love u too...forever and a day...

Mahariz said...

"VERY neat, at a glance it looked like it was typed." i think i remember his writing. so very true!

happy anniversary!

Kmar said...


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Macam cerita telenovela with a very happy ending... he.he..

Semoga both of you will celebrate many many Anniversariessssss....!!

wanshana said...

Dear Murni,

Thank you for the wish and do'a :)

You also must share your epic love story with us nanti. Can aaarrr?

Hmmm...I think Murni South Shileds also posted a comment which did not reach my comment box. Strange.

So, you guys are coming home soon?! That's great news. I'm very sure you all just can't wait to settle down TOTALLY and permanently here. No place like home, kan? Of course can have a get together gether. Just let us know when you all are back in town. I'll whip up Spaghetti Olio for you - a cross between Carbonara and Prawn Olio.

Better if the kids crave for their parents' attention now. 3 years down the line, nak pegang tangan kita pun tak mau...

All the best with Mustaqim's Camp-out Sleepover. I'm sure it'll be a hit. And don't forget the BBQ, too!

Take care, and salam to Iqbal, please.

wanshana said...

Kepada Saudari IBU @ Ketua Pos Cawangan KPP Subang Jaya circa 1986,

Tenkiu, tenkiu!

Insya Allah akan terus maju :)

P/S : Mana lu manyak lama tadak lalu lalang dekat rumah gua? Itu rumah lu jugak sudah lama tadak bukak itu pintu?!!! Maaaanyak rindu...

wanshana said...

Superwomanwannabe and Jab,

Thank you :)!

Ha-ah...itulah kegheje dia masa Form 4 - Form 5 dulu. But, according to him, his studies went up and improved manyfolds after knowing me...

Chewah. Kira I can take the credit la for him being the best 1985 SPM science student for Sekolah Melayu KK, eh? Hahaha!

Yes, alhamdulillah - our jodoh kuat :)

wanshana said...


Suddenly terngiang-ngiang la pulak the lyrics -

"If loving you is so wrong...I don't wanna be right...."

Next time karaoke, can sing for me that song, aaarrr?! HAHAHAHA!

By the way, hari tu calculator Adek hilang sekejap tu sebab you dok guna and did all those calculations ke?!

- ditto - :)

wanshana said...


Thank you :)

Yes, looking at his handwriting, people would never guess that he's actually a doctor, eh? I think all those people at the pharmacies will have a really hard time trying to understand it as they are so used to reading all the cakar ayam writings of most of the other doctors! (Yours included? Hehehe!)

Take care, and have a great weekend.

wanshana said...


Thank you for the wish and do'a. Amin :)

Errr...Setakat telenovela tu tak main la, geng...Ini cerita Bollywood Blockbuster ni! Harharhar...

Take care, and have a great weekend :)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Shana,

I've been to your blog several times before but have never left any comments.

But today I shall - Happy 24th Anniversary! After reading Ayah's comment I'm certain we will be delighted with future postings for the 25th, 26th, 27th, ... anniversaries.

Btw, Shila, you and I have something in common. The 3 of us are married to budak kolej.

There is something about budak kolej that makes them attractive, don't you think so? Apa agaknya cikgu dia orang ajar kat sekolah dulu..hmm? :-)

wanshana said...

Hi Madam Tai Tai,

Thank you, thank you!

It's a pleasure to have you here :)

Actuallynya, I've been a silent reader of your blog, too! Tapi segan nak leave comment. Glad that the ice has been broken. I've made a lot of friends from the blogging world after so many ices broken - just like this!

Your hubby budak koleq - which batch? Ayah might know him.

"Something about budak koleq which makes them attractive"? Errrr... I beg to differ. In my case, Ayah was the one attracted to me, and sebab I kesian kat dia, I pun layan aje lah....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

But, I have to say that Ayah is not a "typical" budak koleq - if you know what I mean... ;)

Take care, Madam Tai Tai and do come again ;)


MA & Brood said... stories like this warms my heart.

I too have a story like this, but alas cupid's arrow tak kena kat I, but due to the *mistake* (surat salah identity)between me and the person, ramai yang bertemu jodoh . Ala-ala contractor masjid la I nih. Hehehe...Nanti la ada masa boleh story-mory morning glory.

Happy anniversary to you and Saudara HHK. Moga berkekalan sepanjang hayat dan zaman.


hanna said...

Mommaaaayy and Ayaaahhh,
haha cuun gila yr history of how you met. Though I don't think I can imagine Ayah using the "saudara.. saudari..." HAHAHAHA AYAH LAME-OOOO :D Oh and so sweet la yr post nii. Macam those real romance movies like whoaaaaa. Haha I can't imagine yr reaction when you got that letter. Anyways, it's 2.30a.m now and Ayah tak balik lagi and currently yr in the kitchen, so I'll write more soon when you post more entries! :D


aiz said...

happy anniversary saudari and saudara.... praying for many more to come!!! best nya bercinta...

wanshana said...

Dear MA,

Thank you for the wish and do'a. Amin.

Banyak pahala 'contractor masjid' like you dapat tau, MA :). Tapi kalau setakat buat masjid yang tak pakai open tender tu (tak kiralah buat dari kristal atau pun tidak), wallahua'lam! Hehehe!

I look forward to your story story morning glory on this.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Hanna darling,

You've always asked Ayah and Mommy about how we got to know each other, and we've always told you - "It's a loooonnngggg story, and we'll tell you and your adek-adek all about it one day." And that 'one day' has come! :)

You knew bits and pieces about it, but never the whole story, right? Hasya and Hilman also read this posting last night, but Mommy don't think they understood this pretty complicated beginning of the relationship.

BUT, you must remember - Ayah and I were casual friends, and both of us were very responsible and we knew our priorities in life. It has ALWAYS been our studies, first. The friendship NEVER affected our studies. If it did, Ayah and Mommy would not be what we are now, and you and your adek-adek would not have had the kind of life we're living now, dear.

We didn't meet until we finished school. As it was fated, we went to the SAME English Prep college after we finished our SPM. IF memang dah jodoh, Allah SWT will create the path to it, insya Allah.

And girls and boys these days are so different in their ways of thinking and upbringing, and things that worked 20 years ago may not work now. So, don't go running to find a boyfriend when you turn 16!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

And yeah - Ayah WAS a 'lame-oooo'. But, after knowing me, he turned to 'macho-man'! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

We love you very, very much, too, dear...So, go get straights As for your PMR and SPM!


wanshana said...

Saudari aiz,

Thank you for the wish and do'a. Amin.

Best bercinta? Hmmmm..."Cinta" came into the picture much later, but I have to admit that somehow deep in my heart after just 5-6 letters from Ayah, I knew he was the one for me. Just couldn't explain it. It was just one of those things.

Take care, saudari ;)

ila de cute said...

wahhh kak shana..... so nice la...macam dlm movie aje... i think u should meet any script writer or film director, tell them ur story...for sure it'll be the next blockbuster movie... wish u saudari WSRWAAJ and saudara HHK happily ever after....

btw, i still remember ur office...u paste a lot of cards on the romantic la...btw, i dont think all koleq boy romantic like hubby is opposite saudara HHK la...hehehhe miss u kak

wanshana said...

Dear Ila,

Thank you for the wish and do'a. Amin.

Hmmmm...if I were to approach Ahmad Idham - nanti love story I jadi cerita hantu...

Razak Mohaideen - nanti jadi cerita lawak.

Yusof Haslam - nanti a cross between cerita Sembilu and Gerak Khas.

John Woo - cerita kungfu...

Hmmm....No choice. Open tender for Hollywood directors lah nampak gayanyer...

Those cards? They're still there on my office wall :)

Miss you, too! Take care, dear.

Kak Teh said...

sorry kak teh terlambat - happy wedding anniversary and here's to many, many more! Take care of each other. By the way, you still keep all the letters? I have all of ours...! Those good old days of letter writing, eh?

wanshana said...

Dear K.Teh,

Thank you!

It's our "First-got-to-know-each-other" Anniversary actually. Not our wedding anniversary. Hehehe!

Unfortunately, both of us don't have ALL of the letters. Only some of them. I'm sure the rest are kept somewhere safe in our parents' house somewhere.

Insya Allah lepas pencen when we have more time in our hands we'll go on a mission to find all those letters :)

Take care, K.Teh!

Anonymous said...

salam kak shana,

hehehe ... i love the story and it was better when you told me in person! everytime i see abang H i can't help but smile (a cheeky one macam hilman and irfan's!) ... hehehe (sorry abang H!)

at first when i read the post i was terkezut coz your wedding ann in august kan?! i thought i missed it again!!! but PHEW ... it was your sesi 'suai-kenal' ann hehehe ...

so happy anniversary!!!

*can't wait for the sequel!!*


Anonymous said...

Morning Kak Shana,

Share my love story?? Of course caaaaaaan, no problem!!! Only not as interesting as don't fall asleep during the story telling ok?

Yes we are coming back soon, BUT our soon is actually towards end of next year. Although in reality the time scale is still quite a while away, I anticipate not having enough time to sort things out before we go back for good. That is why it feels soooon.

We have found a house back home and so looking forward to settle down permanently like you said. Nothing like home kan? And of course this intriguing spag olio...that is on the menu when we come back.

I can't wait for the sequel too.....somehow it's hard to imagine Abang H as this saudara from KK!! Hehehehe!!

Iqbal sends his salam to Abang H.


wanshana said...

Dear Motley,

Salams, and thank you :)

Kalau bercerita personally, lagi banyak special sound and visual effects kot? So, lagi 'real'! Hehehe!

Our wedding anniversary's in September actually - our 14th Anniversary this year ;)

Sequel coming soon, insya Allah. Watch this space!

Are you back in SS already? Back to the grueling routine, eh? Take it easy.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Morning Murni,

I'm all ears for you and Iqbal's love story. Kalau buat buku, berapa Volume agaknyer, ya? :)

I know what you mean. One and a half years to settle pasal rumah, kereta, kerja, packing, etc - macam tak sempat aje rasa, kan? But, just take it easy. Do it slow and steady, and insya Allah before you realize it, everything would be settled and ready.

Where will you all stay nanti? Shah Alam area?

As mentioned to Motley @ Murni SS, watch this space for the sequel ;)

Insya Allah, will sampaikan salam Iqbal to Ayah.

Take care.

afsi said...

Dear WS & H

Awwwww... so sweet, cerita dolu dolu, its always good to remember the good old days. Our days are so different from today and I wonder do kids nowadays still do that?

Me... I dont have the nerve to do what H did... but come to think of it... maybe I did..:)

wanshana said...

Dear Afsi,

Yes, it's good to reminisce the good old days, isn't it - especially when there's a happy ending to it.

I don't think kids these days do all those stuff. Well, I HOPE NOT! Their level of maturity, thinking and exposure to things are so different from ours back then, that I don't think they would or could handle similar situations wisely.

Knowing the Ayah I know NOW, I don't think he would be the type who would do the things he did then actually. So out of character! But, I guess because it was fated to be as what it was and is, he was given the courage by Allah SWT to write that first, and the following hundreds of letters after that. Jodoh ;)

Hmmmm...your last sentence in your comment is making me curious. Care to share? Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Shana & Dr. HHK

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations from all of us.


wanshana said...

Dear Anonymous (and I'm guessing that it's you - Adr*na? ;))

Thank you, thank you.

Do convey my salam to Saudara B*din, please :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...


Happy 24th Knowing-Each-Other Anniversary to you & saudara HHK :) Hope there'll be many more anniversaries to come & you both will be under Allah's blessings always *amin*

Anyhow, i still remember you telling me (over e-mail) the tiny bit of your love story with saudara HHK :) Ooo, begitu rupanya cerita in details :) Can't wait to read the sequel, hehehe. It's really entertaining to read yours because i dunno how to write mine. We celebrated our 25th anniversary of being best friends beginning of this month too.

Have a good week ahead & take good care :)

rose '86

wanshana said...


Thank you :)

Waaahhh!!! I ingat we all sudah terrer with our 24 years of knowing each other! Rupa-rupanya you all lagi terrer - 25 years!!

Congratulations - semoga berbahagia forever. Amin. Ni nak kena tulis buku ni...

Sequel - coming soon :)

You have a good week, too!

Take care.

wanshana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrsNordin said...

Exchange exam papers... hee... that was always the reason for wanting to write to another girl/boy from another school, kan? How innocent we were at that time. Bebudak sekarang, "Exchange exam papers?? What? You must be nuts!"

And I also like your nasihat to your kids. "Despite the love story, you know... we were responsible and set our priorities right first..." Hee... hee...! In other words, "Children... don't think you can do the same, ok!" (As if we knew about priorities at that point of time!)That was a subtle warning you issued to your kids, Shana. I like that!

Anyway, Happy First-Get-to-Know Anniversary to you and Mr HHK! May you have many,many more good years together!

Anonymous said...


Tak terrer mana pun we all actually *blushing malu* But, there has been a lot of ups & downs in our relationship too, which we've survived so far and we are very grateful for having each other. Thanx so very much for your doa.

Stay lovey-duvey with your soulmate :)

rose '86

Anonymous said...


Happy Anniversary (with many more years to come)!


p.s i got story oso about my 'encounters' with bebudak koleq ni...hehehe *wink wink*

wanshana said...


Thank you for the wish and do'a :)

Ha-ah! Exchanging exam papers had always been a good guise to befriend other boarding schoolers, especially of the opposite species. Hehehe! And because of THAT reason too, I have an interesting tale to share about Ayah and I in one of my sequels. Hehehe!

Hmmmm...when my children are also reading my blog, banyak yang kena filter, and berkias-kias. But, I hope and pray that they get the hints CLEARLY.

Take care, dear ;)

wanshana said...


There will always be ups and downs in every relationship. Kalau tak, it will just die off its natural death as we die of extreme boredom with each other! Hehehe! THAT is what that makes the love stronger.

You, too - stay lovey dovey with him, eh?

wanshana said...

Kak Julie!!!

Thank you, thank you!

Happy to see you here again after such a long time :)

Encounters with bebudak koleq ni lagi banyak variants and hikayatnya compared to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", kan?! Hahahaa!

I'm sure there are so many out there who have so many things to share about their encounters with bebudak Sekolah Melayu KK ni...

Take care, Kak Julie :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, congratulations on your 24th anniversary. Well done. Here's wishing you and hubby another 24, and I sure love this 'love story' of yours. Gosh, you only sweet sixteen then? Real childhood sweehearts tu.
Saya nanti the sequel, ha ha.
Once again, my very best wishes to both of you, Lee.

wanshana said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

Thank you :)

Not really "childhood" sweethearts - as it was strictly "business" in the early years - exchanging our school exam papers, etc in preparation for our SPM...Hehehe!

But, we were each other's first and only sweetheart. It was somehow understood that even though there was nothing "going on" between us, it was "unethical" to pasang lain. Hahaha! (Except for a few issues which cropped up exactly on this in the early years.)

Nantikan sequel - akan berada di blog ini soon. :)

Have a good day, Uncle Lee.

Helena said...

wow... ada love story..... hehe

happy Anniversary.....

time2 kita dulu, nak bercintan mmg pure and innocentkan.....

Take care dear.

wanshana said...


Thank you :)

Ha-ah! Lap story - I lap him, he lap me...Hehehe!

It is so different with teenagers nowadays, kan? Kita yang ada anak-anak who will go through the same phase will naturally worry about them. But, with a good and sound family and religious foundation, insya Allah, they'll be fine. Amin.

You take care, too, dear :)

john f seademon said...

During the PPM - Southern Zone meet at SMAP Labu, I asked permission from Spena to speak to the Dynamites' players. In my attempt to boost their morale, I told them that the general koleq population would go for girls from a certain girls boarding school from Negeri Sembilan...and that includes my father. I said the better budak koleq would marry the ones from STF, because they have the best qualities. Because of that, I demanded they play better games to distance themselves from being "just like that Negeri Sembilan college girls."

My batchmate is married to a senior of yours (Adib - husband's nickname: Tobak). And as you may have gathered, I am now seeing a certain junior of yours after a long and painful journey. But seeing your blog posting of this anniversary of yours, and seeing the qualities this junior of yours have displayed to me, there is no doubt I have chosen the one of the best of the best.

I guess your husband is 2 years my junior, and I think he is still at UMMC. I pray for the two of you to grow old together in happiness and prosperity. I hope I get to meet you and your husband one day (and not as a cardiac patient).

God bless!

wanshana said...

john f seademon,

It's a pleasure to have you here, sir! As you may have gathered from my comment in your Yummy Baby's blog, I've been a silent reader of your blog! :)

Thank you for the good wishes and do'a. Amin.

Wow...that was a very nice and huge compliment for us S*Fians. I thank you on behalf of all the girls. There are a lot of them reading this, you know, and I'm sure they appreciate your kind words. Thanks again!

Oh yes, K.Adib - I think I met her and Tobak once a few years ago. I gather that you're also a budak koleq, and so I will ask Ayah to hop by your blog and see whether he remembers you :)

Yes, Ayah is still with UMMC - SETIA! But, who knows? If his kesetiaan is not appreciated, he might just pack his bags and leave one of these days.

Insya Allah, one day we'll get to meet, and reading your blog and your postings on your stunts and adventures, I don't think you'll be meeting Ayah as a patient ;)

Wishing you and your Yummy Baby all the best.

God bless you two, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Shana, I cant believe you remember every single detail! But its your love story anyway! I remember being very angry at my sis! But I'm sure even if my sis tak ada dalam ini gambarpun both of you would still end up together!! Destined for each other gitu! Congratulations!!! YUS

wanshana said...







((((((HUGS HUGS HUGS)))))

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaa...i am amazed. you guys are so romantic. i mean, from the way how it all started. you guys went all the way when you were only 16, sampai sekarang and still very deeply in love with each other. hats off to you kak shana, and Doc.

here's wishing both to another 24 years and more. Happy Anniversary guys!

* eh kak shana, sambung cite lagi.

wanshana said...


Welcome back!! Does this mean your 3-day antibiotics course has kicked in, and you're back in action - full swing?!

Thank you...thank you! Amin. Insya Allah.

And Insya Allah, will post the sequel VERY soon :)

(I think Ayah pun anxious to know what I'm going to write nanti - takut I reveal any ketidakmacho-an on his part kot?! Hahaha!)

Make sure you still get enough rest and sleep. Takut demam balik nanti.

Take care :)

jabishah said...

Congrats Wansyana & hubby.
So, when's the wed anny? What a sweet entry... Do you still have the letter? Boleh guna tu buat blackmail.. "saudara, saudari". Nak buat camna masa tu cikgu ajar tulis surat tidak rasmi camtu. Format betul tak? Hehehe...
I found the letters I sent to HB in his room, nicely kept in a box. Didn't dare reading them! Mesti giler kelaka...
Take care now.

wanshana said...


Thank you :)

We got married on 09/09/94 - memang sengaja ambik nombor cantik. Nak tunggu 09/09/09, lambat sangat la pulak. Hehehe!

We still have some of the letters with us. In fact the other day, terjumpa one which was kept in one of my books. Both of us read it, and sakit perut tergelak!! I think both you and hubby should read all your letters to him again when you guys need a good belly laugh! The rest of the letters, rasanya are safely kept at our parents house.

You take care, too :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak shana,

Thanks. Btw, since I’m such a kerp-o-chee, I’ve got this to ask you; did you guys meet for the first time that same year?

pakpayne said...

better late than never!!

how could I miss this one....this is what life is all about!! will print and let my anak2 yang sudah dewasa membacanya. cinta yang bermula dengan persahabatan ihlas gitu.....boleh bertahan dan terus menyala sampai bila2.

congrats doc and shana! suka i baca.....tersentuh sanubari membaca kisah cinta yang semurni ini.

mey there be....endless love forever + that one day!

wanshana said...


The answer is in my latest posting which I just posted 3 minutes ago :)

Nope - we didn't meet that year...

We met...jeng!jeng!jeng!

wanshana said...

Pak Payne @ Abg. Id,

Good to see you here again. Dah lama tak bertandang :)

Thank you for the wish and do'a. Amin.

Nak print out?!!! Alamak! Malunyer! But, if this story can inspire and benefit anak-anak kita in whatever way or however small, why not?

Lap story Abg. Id and K. LiL pun dahsyat juga, I'm sure ;)

Take care - and hope you enjoy the sequel :)

Anonymous said...

Shana!!! I'm affirmatively sure you wld still find each other even without "the blunder"!LOL You all went to do your English course in kpp together what? At some point of time mesti ada Prof kita tu or you terwink at each other! Then the story line wld be a bit different but wld still produce H*N*, H*S*A and H*L*M*N!!LOL!!! Shana!Shana!Shana!!! I love you all! Yus

wanshana said...


I guess...Kalau dah jodoh tu, memang tak ke mana kan? And if it wasn't because of the mistaken identity, it could be something else.

BUT, the reality of things was - You and Za played a big part in it :)

About English course tu pun - ada some twist jugak tu tau, Yus! Wait for the next sequel ;) Hehehe!

We love you, too...

Take care!

Myra Abdul Mutalib said...

Hallo Kak Wan ... I left a message on your anniversary story 2009 and decided to read your cerita chenta. What a coincidence... I was married to my hubby whom I started a sort of relationship when we were 16 on 4999. Serious...