Saturday, April 19, 2008

A lonely weekend :(

It's 12:04a.m, and I'm waiting for Ayah to come back from his all-guys karaoke outing at R*d B*x @ The Curve.

I would normally just go to bed, and if he's lucky, I would be half awake (or sometimes tido mati!, if he's unlucky) when Ayah comes back in the wee hours of the morning. But, as Ayah will be going to KK tomorrow for his alma mater's Old Boys Weekend, I thought I would just wait up for him. I will have to pack his overnight stuff later anyway.

Ayah will be working tomorrow morning, and he'll be leaving for KK in the afternoon - after lunch. So, this morning will be the only sembang-sembang time for us - that is if both of us can actually open our eyes when he comes back nanti! From experience, if Ayah and I went karaoke-ing with my MT friends and spouses, the earliest we reached home was around 4:00a.m, I think?! And I don't think this morning will be any different. Hehehe!

The kids are already asleep - sprawled all over our living room. Hanna's on the 2-seater sofa, Hasya's on the 3-seater sofa, while Hilman's halfway to Hot Wheels Dreamland on the carpet : ALL fell asleep with a book each in his/her hand! You see - we spent about an hour at M*H One-U just now, before having our dinner at TCRS, and Hanna, Hasya and Hilman ended up with 3, 5 and 2 books each, and their Mommy ended up RM238/= poorer! But, it's okay - good investments I always say :)

Daryati brought down all their pillows and blankets/duvet about half an hour ago. She's so used to us sleeping in the living room, with ASTRO watching us sampai suboh, especially during weekends. So much so, there is no need for me to ask her to bring down all the beddings, etc, when one or two of us has fallen asleep in our living room! It is understood. Anyway, at least when Ayah comes back later, he can straight away see the kids when he enters the living room. I'm sure he misses the kids as he had not seen Hasya and Hilman since Thursday morning!

Ayah had to go to a meeting in KL straight from work yesterday and came straight back to SD after that. Hilman and Hasya, on the other hand, went back to their Wan's house in PJ straight after school, and decided to sleep with their Wan after their Thursday night mengaji class there. My bet is, Ayah will try to squeeze and sleep in between Hasya and Hilman when he gets back home later - to lepas rindu :)

As for me, I'm already missing Ayah even though he has yet to leave for KK! Sobs! I am beyond help...I know.

Anyway, looks like I will have to fill my time with quality shopping hours at One-U yet again this weekend, guys ;) Hehehe!

Cheers, y'all. Have a great weekend, wherever you are.


Yahoo!! Ayah tak jadi balik KK!!!! Somehow or rather, not many of his batch could make it for the reunion, so, the organizer has cancelled all plans for the weekend for his batch.

But, daaaannnggg!!! This means no quality shopping time for me at One-U...Hehehe!


kudo said...

oh tidaaak. and this time the venue is nearer to my home.

nasib baik i tak de kat malaysia, hahaha. kidding, had a good time last time just because of the company. tapi selection lagu tak memenuhi my 'younger' citarasa (not that i can sing anyway).


wanshana said...


As expected - he came back around 4:00a.m that night (morning!) - and according to him I did not even stir when he came into the living room. Zonked out totally.

Anyway, Nik H*l*ey was there, too. Bagi chan la kat they all. I gather from your blog that you're coming back this July? Maybe you guys can organize a karaoke outing together. I'll tell them, whatever it is, please don't do "My Way". Nanti you sakit jantung. Hahaha!

Hmmmm...I wonder what kinds of songs yang memenuhi your citarasa? If it's anything like that Japanese girl guitar-goreng in your blog, takut Ayah and Nik pulak yang sakit jantung! Hahaha!

But, you'll be surprised - both of them boleh tahan rock jugak, you know!

* Whatever it is - there'll be 2 cardiologists on standby. So, no worries. Hahaha!

Unknown said...

Amboi Shana,...bab meng'expresi'..tentang perasaan cinta rindu-rinduan..macam u dah jadi pakar lak!!..itu tuan doktor kalu baca ini blog of urs..mesti hati dup-dap, dup-dap...

And the Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang.(tentang shopping itu).jadik..terbalik daa..but its lonely weekend, kan!!...spare shopping next and and fro..(emm I wonder if they sell foot massage machine at discounted price...buat kaki lenguh maaa...but come to think of help to lessen almost 170calories...berbaloi ape...)and

..One U sekarang ni..macam ramai sgt orang..parking lagi la tak cukup...esp weekend.....

ta ta!

wanshana said...


Oooopss! Hope I'm not too "over"! Hehehe! Anyway, this blog is just one of my many outlets to express myself.

Tak per...tak per...Shopping tu dah jadi tak penting when Ayah is home! Furthermore, ada lagi cara-cara lain to lose calories maaa! Hahahaa!

One-U tu dah jadi macam our lepak spot. Nearly every weekend we're there. It's just 10 minutes away from our place, and normally we would try to be there by 11:00a.m. Insya Allah masa tu parking okay lagi. If you were to go between 12:00-4:00pm memang gigit jari laaa...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i know how it feels like to be alone on weekends as i had experienced during the recent book fair@PWTC. GF was heavily involved with it for 2 weeks running and for 2 whole weekends i became...well...'paralysed'!

wanshana said...


Alahai, shiannyer dia...

I know what you mean. Mati kutu, kan? Must be torture for you. Tapi tak per, can make up for lost time in no time, no?

Itulah yang dinamakan "CHENTA", Kerp...

P/S : Is Pinky with a publication, or an event management company?

Kak Teh said...

wanshana, i had alreay switched on my sympathy kesian mode when i got to the post script! tak apa - the compromise is go shopping together!

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, the best things a woman can do is when feeling lonely or whatever, go shopping. Ha ha.
If I own a ladies store I'll put up a sign, "feel lonely? Step in be unlonely', ha ha.
Take it easy and he'll be back soon. Lee.

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

Shopping together is a good compromise, but, at the end of the day, I can bet that the amount of stuff bought and money spent will be less than if I were to go shopping alone or with the kids. (Hmmmm...maybe a good thing after all? Hehehe!)

Reason being -

(i) He still feels the discomfort due to his slipped disc after too much walking;

(ii) He will veto any decision I make to buy him stuff, etc! So, maybe out of 5 things I would want to buy for him, he would only agree to one! (But, normally we would balance this by buying more stuff for me and the kids :)

Take care, K.Teh.

P/S : I really miss shopping in London during Christmas and Summer Sales :(

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

That's a really good idea. We have to think of a suitable name for your shop then. Maybe "Lonesome Tonight No More"? :)

Have a good week ahead, Uncle Lee, and take care.

afsi said...

Dear WS...

KK? is Ayah an alumni from Sekolah Melayu KK?

wanshana said...

Dear afsi,

Yes - that Sekolah (Ultra)-Melayu KK. Poor thing...Hahaha!

I seem to remember reading somewhere in your blog that you're an OB of that sekolah Lorong Harimau? You poor thing, too! Hahaha!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

she's with publication group, Karangkraf.

*have you been to the Curve on monday, right after all the shop opens? we made up our lost time by patronising the mall on that very bluesy day itself. it was so eerily empty we felt like we were the only customers around.

wanshana said...


I see - I'm sure memang busy giler running up to and during the Book Fair. Being with KK, does she get discounted mags and books? :)

Never had the chance to "potong ribbon" at The Curve (or anywhere else for that matter) on Monday (or any other days for that matter!)

That's my kind of shopping. Would love to be able to shop without having to go through the crazy weekend crowd. Kena tunggu pencen kot? Hahaha!

Helena said...

wan shana, I cant help myself but smile when reading your post.

Thats the same thing I did last weekend. Hubby went to JB overnight, and me and the 3 kids melepak depan tv kat living room. Until I woke up at 4am and realized that the Astro was watching us sleeping soundly.... haha. Kakak berselubung with her comforter, my younger girl dok tidor kat the 2 seater sofa, whilst my boboy tak sedar diri on the carpet! Teruknya mak dia ni.... hehe.

You kena cari hari shopping ganti you tu.... *wink*

wanshana said...


I'm sure there are a lot of our kinds out there : "livingroom sleepers"! Hahaha!

I dunno - it's just that homely feeling you get when you start sprawling all over the hall, that is so addictive! Don't you think so? :)

Qadha' shopping? Hmmm...have to look at Ayah's planner - when's the next time he's going outstation. Then kena planning baik punyer shopping spree... Hahaha!

Take care, Helena :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Shana,

One should get used to being lonely like that I thought when you are married to someone in that profession. But you don't, do you? Even with children around you 24/7, it is not the same when you don't get to see him at end of the day.

Although Iqbal only goes away for courses/seminars/etc like 2-3 times a year. But his busy work schedule just takes him away from home. Sometimes we don't get to see him for days. And when he is back, it is a fight for attention among 4 kiddies and a neglected mommy!

But time apart really makes the heart grow fonder they say. I can vouch for that!!

Men! We can and cannot live without them!! Take care Kak Shana and have a really good day...well my day just started 2 hours ago....

p/s Mustaqim will be 9 in Nov and he has been harassing me for a sleep over for months. Girls senang to layan but boys?? I haven't got a clue?

wanshana said...

Dear Murni,

Couldn't agree more. If he's not around, feels like the "semangat" is not there somehow, kan?

Would have thought you being a doctor, too, would be kept pretty busy to actually have time to miss Iqbal when he's away :), but, I guess it doesn't matter how busy you are, at the end of the day you would want him to be home with you, kan?

Our kids are so used to their Ayah being away that sometimes they forget that he's actually away! But, of course, their Mommy yang dok count the days for him to come back :)

Hmmmm...sleepover for Mustaqim and friends? Footie in the backyard would be a must; followed by camping, also in the backyard - with campfire + roasted marshmallows, etc. Indoor activities : PS2/3. You can't go wrong, but of course, only during summer. So, you still have 2-3 months to plan ;)

Take care, dear,and do convey our salam to Iqbal and hugs for the kids.

Formerly known as Superwomanwannabe! said...

Laa OBW ke? Jab tak sebut pun ? Ke dia sebut but I buat tak paham? :-)

OHMYGOD you pun tidur kat living room ye? I dah ada special tilam for that- and maid pun dah paham to "make the mattress !"

And of course lah rindu dendam..sebab kita jumpa husband kita tak selalu macam kawin dengan askar gituuuuwww...

wanshana said...


Haizal is not really into OBW ni, but apparently sempena tahun "life begins at 40" for their batch, they were planning to have a separate get together in Ipoh after the whole OBW events dah over, etc - which did not materialize in the end. Fortunately. Hehehe!

Bestkan tido kat living room?! Sometimes we would switch off all the lights and watch DVDs (or DVDs watch us) on weekends. Macam home theatre la konon... :)

Errr...bini askar better off than us kot?! Hahahaha!