Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Sequel (1984 - 1985)

Now that I've started, I'd better get it over and done with, taking all of you back through time when I started out with Saudara HHK. Being an academician that I am, I will divide my sequels into 4 parts, and I will end the whole thing with a Conclusion. (Giler academic!!! Hahaha!)

This posting will be called "The Sequel (1984 - 1985)"

To those who are new to this blog, this will only make sense if you were to read this and this first.

Everybody ready? Here we go...

After getting Ayah's apology letter (which I shared with Yus, of course!) I decided to give it a go with this guy - as friends exchanging our schools' test and exam papers. True to his words, every month I would get a bundle of either test or exam papers from him, and I would also send him bundles of exam questions from my side. I guess if we were to sell off all the papers to the "Old Newspaper Guy", we would have made a lot of dosh then:)

The only problem was - he was in Science, and I was in Social Science (despite getting all As for my SRP, and despite being advised by my teachers to join Science Stream, I was adamant to stick to my choice - I knew I wanted to be a lawyer, and I didn't want to waste my time and crack my head with all those science subjects which I knew I would fail miserably in anyway!) Anyway, it was not a big problem, as I would normally get copies of the Science papers from Noi, my dorm-mate, and whatever Science papers which Ayah sent me, I would pass them to Noi. I can't seem to remember whether Ayah actually got copies of exam questions from his Social Science friends to pass to me, or not.

But, what I remember clearly was this -

Give and take 2 months after we started writing to each other, a classmate of mine received a letter from her friend who was a Soc.Sci pupil at Sekolah Melayu KK. And in that letter were (about) 25 paper strips with a name written on each. There was a request that each of us pick one name, and that person would be our "pal" for the purpose of exchanging exam papers. I just could not understand why it had to be so complicated. Why couldn't MY classmate just send a SET of the exam papers every month to HER friend in Soc.Sci Sekolah Melayu KK, and he in turn just send their set to her, and anybody who wanted them could just make their own copies, right?! hidden agenda one! Serampang dua mata strategy! I guessed it was not so much of a request to exchange papers, but more of a platform to get to know your "pal" better! Pandai budak Sekolah Melayu KK ni...

Anyway, as I was already getting my "supplies" from Ayah, I didn't want to be part of the arrangement. However, after most of my classmates had chosen their "pals", there were a few names left, and the rest of us who had earlier refused to join in were persuaded to be part of it. Kesian punya pasal, and also thinking that this "pal" would be a Soc. Sci student who could provide me with Soc Sci papers, thus lessening saudara HHK's job, and after being cajoled by our classmates, I gave in and got myself a new "pal", too. And my "pal" was Samdol (bukan nama sebenar).

I don't remember writing to Samdol, but I remember getting his first letter. Apparently my classmate - the "organizer" of the "scheme" on our side, had finalized the "pairing" and had given the list of names to the "organizer" from that side. Anyway, I seem to remember that I only wrote to Samdol when there was a set of exam papers to send him. And all those while, Ayah and I had been writing to each other regularly as friends - nothing more than that, and of course, exchanging exam papers. I never mentioned Samdol to Ayah, as I thought it was a non-issue.

And, oh my...was I wrong to have thought that!

What I didn't know was that, Samdol was NOT a Soc.Sci student after all. He was in fact a Science student. He was in fact......Ayah's classmate! Horror! Horror!

Apparently, the 25 names from which we had to choose from - they were NOT all Soc.Sci students. They were just a group of smart alecs who were never really interested in exchanging exam papers in the first place! Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!!!!

What happened was, Ayah found out that I was also writing to Samdol, while writing to him, and he was rather upset. I was upset, too! Because - firstly, I just couldn't understand why he had to be upset in the first place. We were not boyfriend/girlfriend anyway, and he surely didn't have any rights over me, right?!!! Secondly, I was upset because Samdol was not really a Soc.Sci student and there was no point for me to correspond with him in the first place!

So, I gave them BOTH a piece of my mind, and I stopped writing to both of them. That was the last time I heard from Samdol...but, not from Ayah...

A week or so after I sent out the letter, Ayah wrote back to me and apologized. I don't know lah...there was something about him yang buat I cair everytime I read his letter...So, things got back to normal.

You would think that was the end of it, right? That everything was hunky dory until we finished our SPM, right? Nope! Guess again!

I can't remember whether we were still in Form Four, or we were already in Form Five when the next "incident" happened.

Did I mention that I had also been exchanging papers with a guy from Sekolah Lorong Harimau, by the name of Wak Jonggo (juga bukan nama sebenar) about the same time I started writing to Ayah? Again, Wak Jonggo was the one who wrote to me first. And again, I didn't mention this to Ayah. As with that Samdol thingy, I thought this Wak Jonggo was also a non-issue between Ayah and I. And after his apology following the Samdol incident, I thought we had an understanding about this exchanging exam papers thingy.

And I really didn't see it coming...

I remember - it was a week after school reopened, and all of us just came back to JB after our Term break, when I received a letter from Ayah. And he wrote -

Lebih kurang -

"Salams Saudari Shana - how was your term break - mine was okay - full of tuitions, etc. Something interesting happened on my train journey back to KL (or was it to KK?). We, a group of Sekolah Melayu KK guys ended up sitting in the same coach with a few of bebudak Sekolah Lorong Harimau - we got talking - and somehow one of them started talking about their friends from STF, TKC, SSP, etc - and somehow YOUR name came out. By the way, do you by any chance know a guy by the name of Wak Jonggo?!"

And I was like, "Oh NOOOOOO!!! Not again!!! Why does this have to happen to me???!"

Of ALL the coaches, and of ALL days, and of ALL people - why did he have to end up sitting with Wak Jonggo?!!!

Again, I was upset because HE was upset! I still thought that he had no right or reason to be upset....

But, deep inside, I had a strange feeling of the possibility of "losing" him... After Samdol, and then Wak Jonggo, he REALLY must have thought that I was not a loyal friend, or that I was somehow a "loose" person?

Even though I felt helpless and worried, I wrote a similar letter to the one I wrote to him after the Samdol incident, explaining to him what needed to be explained. And I remember waiting anxiously for his reply...which came only after nearly 2 weeks. That was one of the longest 2 weeks of my life...And I really thought - that was it. He was not going to write to me again...

THAT was when I realized that I was actually falling for him! Even though I had already had this strange feeling that Ayah was the one for me going into his sixth letter to me, I never really seriously entertained that thought. That was UNTIL that long 2-week wait.

And my...was I relieved when Ayah's letter finally came, again - apologizing for being "possessive", etc. And I remember feeling warm and fuzzy inside reading that letter....and thinking to myself, "Hey...he's jealous. That's very sweet..."

And things got back to normal :)

I remember getting a Musical Box from Ayah for my 17th Birthday, and we continued writing to each other throughout Form Four and Form Five.

I remember getting beautiful cards from Ayah on my birthday and also on Valentine's Day '85.

I remember still writing to Wak Jonggo, as I felt I at least owed it to him to continue sending my sets of exam papers to him.

I remember BOTH of us doing very well in our studies - him always being the top in his stream, while me being the top in my stream.

I remember never ever calling him and I think the only time we spoke in those two years was when he called me at home which caught me by surprise. Apparently he went searching for my Abah's name in the thick Telekom Directory and tried his luck and called the number.

Abah was the one who answered that call, and I was quite surprised that Abah actually passed the phone to me and let me speak to Ayah! (Of course Abah was sitting just 3 feet away from me! Hehehe!). And of course, right after I put down the phone - Abah began his Spanish Inquisition on me... I think he suddenly turned mellow on me, when I told him that the caller was budak Sekolah Melayu KK...

And all those while, we NEVER met.

And I remember thinking, "Would BOTH of us get the offer to further our studies at the same place after SPM? Would we ever get the chance to meet?"

And those questions were answered in January 1986...


U.Lee said...

Wanshana, I love this episode. Still no computers yet your time, huh? I like that train incident of your name coming up, ha ha.
Nasib baik your reputation, good virtues all intact, ha ha, otherwise habis cherita.
You sure one smart cookie...boleh concentrate on your studies while your hati doing drums of love, ha ha.
Saya nanti next sequel, *wink*, have a nice day, Wanshana, Lee.

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

Thank you. Glad you loved this episode.

I felt all warm and fuzzy writing this. And I hope it'll warm up a few hearts, too :)

Yes - I was so worried that Ayah would take me as someone with a really bad reputation, and that I would be a very misunderstood girl!
Nasib baik he was sensible enough to weigh things again.

Sequel coming in a few days time ;)

Have a nice day, Uncle Lee.

ila de cute said...

kak sweet...... cepat, tak sabar nak tunggu the next episode....uuuhhh

afsi said...

Dear WS

hmmm.. cant call this atrilogy, since it is four parter.. what do you call it?

Anyway, bring back all the old stories of 'swapping' exam papers, I dont though, just pinjam from my friends who does.

Wak Jonggo.... I'm sure I would know this guy :). I am taking a wild guess, does his real name starts with an 'N'? Since not many guys from my batch is from the southern states from Perak.

Definitely not me, since I took the train in the opposite direction, Ipoh to Butterworth.

And to answer, your question from the comments on your previous posting, it is a loong story, and no, it was not Mama, since I only get to know Mama since I started working after I graduated. It was someone I knew from Primary school and she was in a boarding school in Taiping at that time, and we occassionally keep in touch...


Anonymous said...

salam kak shana ...

hehehe ... love those 'nama samaran'!!!

errr ... by the way ... do you still keep the sms-es from abang H while you were here? *wink*

~ smiling cheeckily

MrsNordin said...

Haa... so ini kerja engkorang ya masa sekolah! I remember the list of names, but I don't remember being part of the scheme. I did correspond with one of the boys from that school, tho', but all I remember is, they loved Heavy Metal! Entah apa2..

And woman, you cheated on him much earlier than me, ok? At Form 4? Hee... heee... so well advanced! And you already knew he's the one after the 6th letter? Memang lah terror you ni! Had you not written this story, I would never have guessed...

Cepat lah sambung!

suria said...

It surely warm up my heart.Berkhayal kejap teringat zaman form 4 and 5.

Madam Tai Tai said...


Can't you write the sequel earlier than 'the next few days'? The reading is getting very interesting now to just potong 'steam'.

Be kind to us readers ok..and write the next episode tonite, can or not? :-)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaa...this is getting so engaging lah kak shana. no way you gonna stop here.

eh, honestly, when ayah was upset, i'm sure you were flattered instead of feeling upset yourself right? dont lie...hehehhe

pakpayne said...

:-) 7.45am...before breakfast sudah baca story from wan shana...engagingly romantics betul lah!!

jika di filemkan, i choose itu cameroon diaz as heroine boleh ka...mesti meletup.

saya suka nama2 samaran yg di gunakan...memang ramai di kalangan budak sek lorong harimau yg di panggil 'wak' dan 'pak' waktu di asrama. contohnya, mereka memanggil saya 'pakpayne' sejak dari dulu.

waktu saya di sek lorong harimau juga ada skim bertukar kertas exams dengan as*tee*eff sana, tapi saya tidak terpilih! hehehe....

-that long two weeks- was good one for ayah. i wonder what was going thru his mind during that long two weeks....cuba selongkar sikit his memori....apakah yang dia fikirkan?

will be here everyday, until semua sequel ini tamat.

aarghh...i also feel warm and fuzzy membaca, merenung kembali kisah lama....hehehe


Mahariz said...

macam japanese drama. subarashi!!!

wanshana said...



I tengah nak ambil "feel" balik ni before continuing with the next episode :)

Anonymous said...


kelakar bila ingatkan segala scheme bebudak Sek Lorong Harimau & Sek Datuk Minang tu :) I sellau la terlibat dalam those scheme. Yg i paling tak lupa sampai sekarang is a few of my classmates siap bergaduh because of scheme 'pick' name correspondents hanya kerana budak Sek Datuk Minang tu pakai nama samaran :( Tak bertegur lama jugak la. The ending to that story pun kelakar gak coz another classmate (yg tidak terlibat dalam "tarik tali" itew) yg end up marrying the budak Sek Datuk Minang tu :) Itulah yg dinamakan "kalau dah jodoh takkan ke mana" kan.. kan.. kan :)

Ok sis, cepat la sambung kay. Tak sabar nak menyambung "terkenang semasa dulu" ni *wink* It surely makes me grin from ear to ear :-D

rose '86

wanshana said...


You can call it whatever you want - quadrilogy? Magnum 4D? Semua boleh. Hahaha!

Nope - Wok Jonggo's real name does not start with "N"...and I'm not going to tell you what his initials are here! I think his parents were in KL, but originally from another state far, far away...

Waaahhhh...primary school old flame? Lagi dasat...Mama tak marah ke bila you cerita-ceriti hikayat kisah silam you ni? Hehehe!

Keep on guessing, afsi...Keep on guessing ;)

wanshana said...


Malas nak crack my head to think of nama-nama samaran yang sesuai. "Samdol" and "Wak Jonggo" came to me - just like that! Hehehe!

Nope - dah tak simpan Ayah's SMSs coz' that phone was passed to Hanna. I yang buta benda-benda ni, and malas nak menyusahkan diri to transfer segala to my new HP decided to just delete all.

Tapi tak aper...I didn't and don't need his SMSs anymore. The real McCoy dah depan mata...Hahaha!

wanshana said...

MrsNordin @ BJ,

There were a few "syndicates" (Hahahaha!) from Sekolah Melayu KK ni yang created this pairing thingy ni, and I think most, if not all of our batch corresponded with budak koleq masa tu.

I didn't cheat la BJ. Hehehe! Pangkal pada "nawaitu" - I memang tak ada mens rea" to menduakan (or mentigakan??!!!) Ayah tau... Hahaha!

You would never have guessed?! Tu lah...I ni kan budak baik kat sekolah...HAHAHAHA! NOT!

Sabar. Sequel coming soon.

wanshana said...


Zaman Form 4 and 5 tu paling best, kan?

Memang boleh carried away bila terkenang zaman-zaman kegemilangan (ke "ketoyean"?) kita dulu...


wanshana said...

Madam Tai Tai,

I baru bersidang dengan Ayah tadi, and he said - let the suspense build up bebetul dulu, baru continue with the sequel...Hahaha! Macam bagus la pulak Saudara HHK ni, eh?

So sorry...malam ni cannot kot :( BUT, who knows? I might change my mind ;). Tapi, tak leh janji, okay?

wanshana said...


Hmmmm...ini macam kalau - I kena charge PPV - Pay Per View la! Hahahaha!

Okay, the first time with that Samdol thingy, I memang upset. I remember saying to myself, "Biar betul mamat ni (or something along that line lah) - who does he think he is?"

Then, episode Wak Jonggo tu...I THINK I was flattered. Ye lahhh, mana lah sangka ada jugak mamat yang menyimpan perasaan kat I...First time la kata kan...HAHAHAHA!(Barf bag! Barf bag!)

wanshana said...

Pak Payne,

Lupa nak put warning - actuallynya it's better to read this BEFORE breakfast pun. Takut ada pulak yang tak boleh keep their food in after reading lap story ni. Hahaha!

As mentioned above - nama samaran tu just came to me out of the blue - tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang sudah mati...Hehehe!

Exchanging exam papers tu has become a tradition amongst boarding schoolers, I think. Just that the mode and methods have changed over the years :)

Hmmmm...I've NEVER really got a straight answer about that 2 weeks silence from Ayah actually. I might just press him to share about it later. Thanks! :)

Aduuhhhh....I'm feeling the pressure now! Will work on that sequel soon.

wanshana said...


Drama Jepun? Biar betul?!

Boleh challenge Memoirs of a Geisha, tak?

Errrr...did I hear some one say that this is better?!!

OOoooohhhh!!! Thank you, thank you! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

wanshana said...


Ish...ish...ish! Sampai gaduh-gaduh?! Ada tarik-tarik rambut tak?! Ni gaduh kat mana ni?! Kat Padang Hoki? Kat Tennis Court? Kat Basketball Court? Kat Sick Bay?!

Apa kelessssnyer gaduh pasal budak Sekolah Lorong Harimau and Sekolah Melayu KK (@Datuk Minang?!) tuh?! Buat malu company ajer! NO KELLESSSS LIKE THAT...HAHAHAHAHAHA!

But, you're right. Kalau dah jodoh tu, takkan ke mana.

Anonymous said...


Sek Datuk Minang tu i was referring to SD*R coz dah lupa Sek tu kat jalan apa *LOL* (Jgn marah ya SDARA-MARA sekelian)

They all gaduh kat kelas je :) Nasib baik la tak sampai tarik rambut segala.. masam2 muka dan tak bertegur sapa la. Penyokong kedua belah pihak pun terlibat sama :) Mmg toye sgt masa tu, hehe.

rose '86

wanshana said...


Oooooooo....Sama la tu! Still tak ader kelleeeessss gitew... HAHAHAHAHA!

Siap ada penyokong?!!! Ada buka talian AFUNDI tak???!!!

Ish ish ish...

wanshana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

shana dear.. sungguh baca kenangan mengusik jiwa u ngan dr H.had some kesah2 menarik dgn budak2 sekolah melayu dgn budak2 lorong rimau ni myself..
tringat pulak masa awk turun dgn dr h kat my very cikai home in london dulu..never really got to know the detailed kesah centa..yg best masa tu, bila u turun london, mesti makan best punye sbb awak kan rajin masak..still have your custard pudding recipe with me..
nak tau, masa SPM 84 (thn we all lah ni), kertas agama sebijik sebijon kertas trial budak sekolah melayu..needless to say, agaknya thn tu agama sumer A for them, ntah2 100%...unfair ek...
but those were surely wonderful times...
take care sis..


Superwomanwannabe said...

Shana wah you popularrrr lahhhh!!! hahahahaha- ye lah, dia jeles rupanye..."special fren" , kan....

EH CEPAT LAH SIKIT ok !! You punye laaaaaaaaagi slow and steady...!!

IBU said...

Wahhhhhh... so early bloomer one ha you saudara-saudari.

Ayooo.... I so bad one lah. All the fanclub letters were up to my classmates to choose from - sapa nak berkenalan, you all pilih lah dari kotak2 ini sesuka hati. Hehehe...

Since your blog has quite a sizable audience from sek lorong harimau & sekolah kualer tu... i x leh komen panjang la, nanti ada yg terkecik hati or nanti terbongkar identiti ibu nih... LOLLLL!!!!

And eh... Ayah went to the same place ( A Levels ) dgn budak sekolah lorong harimau yg correspond dgn i dulu kan? LOLLLL! Pusing2 roundabout ....

p/s Did you notice U Lee's comment? Zaman kita x de computer? Adusshhhh... tua pulak rasanya.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Shana,

Wow!! That was worth waiting for! Agree with you that you need to feel it before you can write it. Uhmm....reading this sequel is making me go all funny....kena tunggu Iqbal balik kerja nanti!!*wink*wink*

Those were the days kan? Things were so simple and uncomplicated and life was so care-free. I use to remember how I would wait for post to arrive religiously before going for lectures. masa tulah makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena!!

My epic started later, during A-levels and all that letter writing began in Uni. So perhaps 3 volumes je cukup kot!! Hahahaha!!

I wait for the 3rd part of this rather good love story!!


wanshana said...


So nice to see you here again!

Oh yes, of course I remember your Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park house! Tempat wajib I ngan Abid melepak masa Uni break. I really miss those days. And I can still remember Pakcik Paki jual daging kat bawah your flat tu - selllloooowww giler...

(By the way, Kerp - Along's house was just sepelaung from the Gunners ground!)

You still have my custard pudding recipe?! Well, I still have your carrot cake recipe - cuma tak pernah try buat aje lagi! Hehehe!

And who could forget you story mory - your cerita chenta with that one particular budak Sekolah Melayu KK, eh? ;)

Take care, Along!

wanshana said...


This is like slow death, eh? I nak bagi suspense, and nak torture you all sikit la kot. (Sadist...sadist!) Hahaha!

I pun dok suspense baca and tunggu you all punya sequels :)

Bersabarlah...Sesungguhnya sabar itu separuh dari Iman... :)

wanshana said...


Oh yes - siapa boleh lupa your fan mails yang bertimbun-timbun tu! I can still remember this one particular fan of yours dari Sekolah Datuk Minang tu - M*n* - yang you and your Sci.3 gang "torture" bagai nak rak!

Eh, Ayah did not only go to the same school with S***i for A Levels, you know? They also went to the same Uni. In fact they were housemates for 3 years, you know?! So, I'm sure banyaklah jugak luahan rasa mamat tu pasal you masuk telinga Ayah. So far, belum keluar lagi and masuk telinga I. Ayah ni, kira boleh pakai la kalau nak simpan rahsia. Tapi, tunggulah I korek one day :)

And, of course I noticed Uncle Lee's comment - rasa macam kita from Jurassic Age la pulak. Hehehe!

By the way - the next sequel would be the MOST interesting. Don't touch that dial - cerita "batu-batu permata" coming soon...

wanshana said...

Murni @ Sheffield,

Yup - things were so different during our times dulu, kan?

The anxiety of waiting for the snail mail....The thrills of receiving that long-awaited letter... Precious feelings!

Now - you can chat in virtually real time, and I guess it's just not the same. Bercinta zaman dulu lagi meaningful...Letter writing is a dying art now :(

Going to generate THAT feel after this. If okay, sequel will follow. If tak okay, I will tido...Hehehe!

Take care.

Ayah said...

cintan nya cerita dia... hehehe.. tak sabar nak tunggu cerita sampai KPP...

wanshana said...


Good to see you here. Thanks for hopping by :)

Sebab tu I tak makan Mi Cintan - sebab dah cukup cintan dah... Hahahaha!

Yup. Next - KPP story ;)

Dad of 4+1 said...

Ibu, M*n* tu sounds familiar aje.....? I think he used a nickname from a popular tv series then...Ha Ha those were the days.

My exam paper pal from your alma mater got married to one of my closest friends..What a small world!

wanshana said...

Dad of 4+1,

I'll let Ibu answer that M*n* part :)

And about your exam-paper-swapping pal from our alma mater - seantero dunia knew about you all. Hahahaha! What I didn't know was that her hubby is one of your close pals!

Memang small world...Macam ibu said - "pusing-pusing roundabout" :)

IBU said...

Shana & Dad4+1 ,

M*n* WHO!???!

I can remember those days with people using nick names from TV series. But this M*n* - I tried to insert all vowels and still cannot make out who this M*n* is!!Seriously !!

Hence I must confess herewith - oh dear, sessi 'pengakuan saya' in wanshana's comment box! how tragic - most of the replies were actually "outsourced" to my buddies laaaaa.... so actually I don't know exactly the full end to end story that got exchanged because each time, ada ajer different volunteers to help draft the reply and cook up stories, tambah garam, tambah msg. So for the record, I was not the one torturing M*N* ( whoever he could be! alahai.... I'm very sorry).

And Shana ... if any of my 'replying' buddies are reading this comment, I'm sure they all will tergelak sakan. Coz I think they really enjoyed themselves then, I tell ya!

How come you can remember all this? Are your dorm mates amongst them?

p/s But your saudara's housemate & unimate from lorong harimau tu memang I replied sendiri lah. Did not outsource :) But till habis exchange exam papers - as per the original deal. I yg memang late bloomer ni, bila dah habis exam, no more papers nak exchange, so 'the end' la... I'd rather enjoy supporting the sequels of my close friends rather starting one my own. Postnita pun postnita lahhhh!! hahaha....

Ayah said...

Hahaha...Mommy dear..

Waahhh..ramai peminat nampak! Semua macam on the edge of the seat nak tau the next sequel. I pun anxious gak (+ suspen sekali) entah apa lagilah my wife ni nak reveal to the world!!! :D know what? Mommy spent the whole night (till 5am to write this posting!). The following was a normal working day pulak tu! Such was her passion!!! :D

1984-1985 was not the defining moment in our relationship. Come to think of it, I don't know when that was. But it was indeed the start of a friendship...a simple and innocent one, that later changed, albeit gradually, to become the most romantic saga in modern history! (ewahhh...perasan nampak!)

Like you, Mommy dear...I somehow felt you were the one for me after only a few exchanges of letters. Pelikkan? It's something very difficult to explain then..and it is still difficult to explain now. Hanna, Hasya & Hilman...if you ever read this comment of mine, don't you dare ask Ayah ok? (hehehe...)

I remember the times when I got upset when I found out you corresponded with Samdol and Wak Jonggo. Yes, I had no right to feel the way I felt..or reacted the way I there was no reason to. But you know what? I am glad I did. The story line might have been a lot different had I not. Actually, there might not have been a story at all!

That 2 weeks...the time that you waited for my reply... Well, I can't exactly remember what was going through my mind. Maybe I was jealous (hehe..), maybe I felt cheated...but one thing for sure, I was not going to let any stupid misunderstanding get in our way.

Throughout all this, it was just pure friendship. There was no utter of "I L*v* u" and no 'naughtiness' in the letters. In short, we were like the best of friends without ever meeting up.

The end of 1985 and the start of 1986 marked the dawn of a new era. Ayah & Mommy met for the first time. I will now let Mommy do what she does best... :)

wanshana said...


What laaa you?!!! Cannot remember aaaarrr?

I bagi hint kat you - DUIT...

And I kan gang lepak tengok Solid Gold kat SBC with J*, Aw*n, Ya*i Sam, and Arwah R*ss...And of course, from Yus kita :) Cerita pasal M*n* tu kira topic hangat jugak le masa tu...Hahaha!

Bagus punyer outsourcing...

Dad of 4+1,

It was "McGyver", right?

Hahahaha! Bagi chan la kat Mamat tu...

wanshana said...


Aaaaawwwwwhhhh....that was so sweet. You nak I create for you your own blog ke? Hehehe!

Yes, even though no "I lap yous", etc masa tu, I think you dah start "investing" untuk future prospect masa tu, kan? Lovely cards - for my birthday and Valentine's Day (Aikkk???!!! Tapi kata tak ader aper-aper?! How aarrr?), the Musical Box, and of course the frequent letters...(tapi, TAK ADER aper-aper...)

Anyway, I'm glad you reacted the way you did actually...coz' you're right - if not, things might have been very different.

Okay, sequel around the corner :)

Dad of 4+1 said...

No lah I think Knight Rider..! Rahsia semua terbongkar when your prefects came over to our school! Ha Ha!

Hanna said...

Ayah jealous :D
Oh and this is for Ayah:
"Like you, Mommy dear...I somehow felt you were the one for me after only a few exchanges of letters. Pelikkan? It's something very difficult to explain then..and it is still difficult to explain now. Hanna, Hasya & Hilman...if you ever read this comment of mine, don't you dare ask Ayah ok? (hehehe...)"

SOOOOO, how did you feeeeeeeeel like? *wink wink*

Haha, mommy dah popular la sejak mula quadriology ni :)
Can't wait for the finale :D

Until then,

wanshana said...

Dad of 4+1,

Yes, right - Knight Rider!

I think there was a sesi 'deklarasi' by M*n* masa tu. I seem to remember he was being pushed around by you guys, pressuring him to own up to Ibu, or something like that, during our visit tu... :)

Ibu!!! Takkan tak ingat lagi kot?!!

wanshana said...


Ayah has been complaining to Mommy that you've not stopped teasing him since you read this posting?!! Come on...give him a break! Hehehe!

By the way, ingat, okay? Masa tu Ayah and Mommy TAK ADER APER-APER, okay! Hehehe!

Kmar said...


Banyak chapter kisah ´percintaan´ you ni??.. he.he... tak sabar pulak nak baca the next chapter.. cepat-cepat tulis..

Kalau those events happen now, mesti tinggi bil talipon, bil hp, bil elektrik (computer..) ..ha..ha.. Kalau takat bayar duit stem, still ok tu. Anyway, you already got back your ´investment´ on those stamps!!! Not only him, but with three angels ... betul tak??

Anonymous said...

K.Shana, Y*s sounds familiar to me?? Was she from Ipoh?? Y*s**r**a Bt. M***m*d Y***f?? hehehe... Can't wait for the next sequel...

Blueroses ;p

wanshana said...


Yes! Memang berbaloi my investments - returns from strong unit trusts pun tak boleh dapat macam ni. Hahaha!

Just posted the sequel 15 minutes ago. Enjoy :)

wanshana said...


Yup - you've got the right person alright! She's probably reading this, too!

Are you from Ipoh, too? Were you with us balik utara naik keretapi mel malam every time cuti sekolah? ;)

Enjoy the sequel :)!

Anonymous said...

nope...I'm far..far away younger than K. Shana & K.Y*s (normally i used to call her K.I*a)...(perasan nyer)ehhehehe... jeng..jeng...jeng... she's one of my relative, anyway .... ;)


wanshana said...


Such a small world! She's your relative? I know that her adek-beradek call her Kak I*a.

Actuallynya I'm not that old tau! I sat for my SPM at the age of 7... Hehehe!


If you're reading this - ada sikit jejak kaseh untuk you ni...

Anonymous said...

Not really JEJAK KASEH ler K. Shana, I went to Ipoh last Dec. & had a chance to meet her & little Na**lah... ;p Ok, take care K. Shana... I think it's not to late for me to wish u...Happy Anniversary!!! Wishing u all the best & may Allah bless u...


wanshana said...

Blueroses, that one... :)

I dah lama tak meet up dengan Yus sebenarnya, but we do call each other every now and then. The last time we saw each other was maybe 3-4 years ago!

Thanks for the Anniversary wish - never too late ! ;)

IBU said...

Dear Shana,

Call me cruel... but I must say my selective memory has not selected those memories to be in my long term memory.

Aiyoooo..... you could even remember this M*N* guy being pushed around and all...haiya... how come I really x ingat huh? Ishhh!! I didn't realise I my memory can be that bad lah! Kes parah ni.

wanshana said...


Can't blame you - you had to be selective back then. Banyak bonar chalun-chalun pak we to choose from...Hehehehe!

Valerie said...

Good words.