Monday, October 6, 2008

It starts with the letter "K"...

We were on our way to Ayah's cousin's Open House in Saujana Impian yesterday, when we had a trivia on which country manufactures what car makes, etc. And suddenly Hilman asked his Ayah -

Hilman : Ayah, do you know which is the fastest car in the world, Ayah?

Ayah : Hmmmm... Naza?! (obviously - because he drives one! Hehehe!)

Hilman : Noooo! Not Naza!

Ayah : Mommy's Kembara?! (Hahaha! Yeah, right...)

Hilman : NOOOO!!! (He was getting annoyed with his Ayah already :))

Then Hasya chipped in -

Hasya : Is it a Ferrari?

Hilman : NO! You know the answer, Kak Ngah. It's Bugatti Veyron!

Ayah, Hasya, and Me : Ooooo...okay...

Then Hilman came up with another trivia -

Hilman : Now, do you know what's the second fastest car then?

Ayah, Hasya, and Me together : No. What IS the second fastest car then, Hilman?

Hilman : You guess la!

And Ayah started naming all the Protons and Peroduas Mak Nenek, much to Hilman's annoyance.

Hilman : No! No! NOO!!! It starts with the letter "K"!

There was a 10 second pause, before Ayah came up with -

Ayah : Hmmmmm... KONDA?! Kyundai?!

Hilman : NO!! (And he started laughing)

Me : Koyota?! Kazda?! Kerodua?!

Hasya : KMW? Kercedez?! Kerrari?! Kroton?

Ayah : Kaudi?! Korche?! Kodge Kiper?!

And Hasya came out with : KINI KOOPER??!!!

And we all just couldn't stop laughing after that. Ayah sampai tak boleh nak drive lah lepas tu bila tengok Hilman and Hasya berguling on the backseat... :)

Hilman : (in between his laughs) NO!!! It's KOENIGSEGGEGGEGGEGGEGGEGG!!!

Ayah and I : Huh???!!! Koenig what?!!

Apparently there IS a car by THAT name (or something that sounds like that??!!)


Amy said...

Hahhaha kelakar gila...I dok sengih2 depan lappie ni. I love the Raya photos..I think I nak ikut macam you la letak slide, tak la cramped sgt my post..but not now la, my Raya photos will be posted as the usual boring way dulu...

Unknown said...


K'geli K'hati K'Pak K'Cik K'ak K'pin K'baca K'lakar K'Banget!!!!


Krim Kslam Kepada KHilman!!!

Kmar said...


Bunyi nama kereta tu tak pernah dengar pun... I bet your Hilman mesti teliti everything about fast-car.

Btw, I tengok kat internet... the factory is in Sweden. Presume .. Swedish company. Boleh le plan for your family next holiday trip ke Sweden.. he.he.he... boleh visit kilang kereta tu.

MAMAMIA said...

First time I dengar ni... Kena google jugak lah..

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Hee..hee..Kini Kooper! I like that very much.

Btw, I've never of Koenig before. Mesti kereta terror ni yg kat unaffordable category, hence I tak pernah dengar.

However in Malaysia I believe the fastest car on the NS Highway is the Kerodua Kancil. Pecut laju mcm F1 racing!

wanshana said...


Hehehe....Memang kelakar. You should see and hear how Hasya said "Kini Kooper" tuh! Tersedak we all!

Looking forward to your Raya photos - slides or no slides ;)

wanshana said...

Kabang Kid,

Kemang keli kati :)

Insya Allah, kakan kampaikan kalam Kabang Kid kat Kilman kanti.


wanshana said...


Yes, Hilman showed me one of his books on cars, and there IS a car called Koenigseggeggeggeggeg (not sure of the spelling) manufactured by Koenig of Sweden. The founder of the company was Christian von Koenig (I think?).

All of their cars are of limited edition. So, I think tipislah harapan nak gi visit their plant in Sweden, unless we plan to buy one or two Koenigs... Hehehe!

Hilman is into anything and everything about fast cars, alright :)

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu... I pun baru google semalam.

Try typing "KOENIGSEG" (or was it "KOENIGSEGG"?) and you'll get to see some fabulous sleek cars :)

wanshana said...


Cute jer kan - "KINI KOOPER"... Hehehe!

I setuju!!! Memang tak ader lagi kereta kat Malaysia ni yang lagi laju dari Kerodua Kancil... (and it does start with the letter "K"!)

But, hang on... Kekadang tu Bas Transnasional pun kalah Ferrari kat NS Highway tu!

Anonymous said...

Anak you follow Jeremy Clarkson BBCs 'Top Gear' ke? First time I tengok kereta tu kat program tu la..


Kak Teh said...

kelakarnya tehlast K tu!!!
This reminds me of those days driving around with children - playing I spy.

My childminder pulak - she couldnt pronounce F - to her F is P. So when the children played I spy with my little eye, something beginning with P - she shouted - PLOWER!!!

wanshana said...

Hello Anonymous @ 7:21p.m @ Ex-housemate (presumably O*a?);)

(Un?!)fortunately and surprisingly, Hilman does not follow Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear! I guess because we never introduced the series to him kot? We know that it's on ASTRO, but we never bothered to take note of the time it's aired. He has seen it a few times, but, he didn't really take note of the time.

But, every now and then, when we go to MP* or Bo*de*s, we'd buy him some cool car magazines which he normally brings to bed with him - sampai jadi belacan...

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

HAHAHAHA! Kelakar!!! I can just imagine you and anak-anak sakit perut ketawa (or tahan ketawa) when that "PLOWER" came out!

I teringatlah pulak one of my colleagues - when he was asked what his house number was on this particular street in SS2, he said "One - Eight - Jilo"...

But, I always find it cute when people cannot pronounce "R" (which becomes "W"), and "S" (which becomes "TH") Comel :)

IBU said...


Orang yg pergi register trademark nama tu gagap kot? ekekekeke....

Eh! Kalau R jadi GH (macam si Ameer tu) pun cute jugak tau...

p/s This week dok cuci mata tengok Kini Kooper & Korsche & Sports Kercedez berderet2 on the road.

wanshana said...


Gamaknyer ler kot... Hehehe...

Oh yes - "R" jadi "GH" pun tersangatlah cute!

Nanti balik Malaysia cakap kat Ameer - "Selamat Haghi Ghayer fghom Aunty Shana, ok? ;)

I know what you mean. Kat London tu, all those cool cars melambak macam Keghodua Kembagha kat sini...

Selamat mencuci mata! ;)

udinb said...

Juz wanna let u know, I hv added u to my Blog List

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, your kid is cute, ha ha. I too never heard that car.
I'm sure you all had a fabulous raya....all those lovely food, ketupat, rendang....
You keep well Wanshana and best regards, Lee.

wanshana said...


Sure...No problem :)


Dah start kerja balik ke?

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

Hehehe... Thanks!

Those Koenigsegg cars are pretty cool actually....(but cannot lawan your Lincoln laa, Uncle Lee... :))

Yes, Raya was great - all those SAME glorious food everywhere we went to, and we still couldn't get enough of them! Then, balik rumah, went on the weighing scale, wishing that we could turn back the clock...Hahaha!

Take care, and you keep well, too, Uncle Lee :)

Waterlily said...

Your son's sooo kute! Kete Koenig? Macam bunyi kete from outerspace je..:)

Err..tanya Hilman, kete tu boleh terbang tak? hehehehe....

wanshana said...


Kalau boleh terbang, nak kena ada pilot license la pulak nanti... Hehehe!

Ayah also googled on this Koenigsegg car the other day. Apparently, this Koeningsegg car could well be THE FASTEST car in the world, and NOT Bugatti Veyron, because the latter was tested on a 9km straight stretch road, while the Koenigsegg was tested on a circuit. So, IF it's one on one on a straight stretch, Koenigsegg could probably win hands down.