Sunday, October 12, 2008

Of smelly pasar and green packets...

We left the house just before 11:00a.m yesterday to send Hasya and Hilman to their Chess class at TT*I. While waiting for them to finish their class at 12:30p.m, I brought Hanna and Dar to the market to get some groceries. It was supposed to be ONLY chicken, but we ended up buying vegetables, some dry stuff, some seafood, kuey teow etc., much to the annoyance of Hanna. Hehehe... She kept on going on and on and on about it.

She said she could not stand the smell of the Pasar, and I told her, as a girl she needs to get used to all those smell because more often than not, it'll be us women folks who would have to do THAT chore, because most men are just like her Ayah - either they'd be too busy to go to the market OR even if they're not busy, they would not know what to get - what fish, what sayur, etc. ( offence meant, dear ;)) I should have told her that if she thought Pasar TT*I smelled bad, she should go to the other markets...

Anyway, the whole time we were at the Pasar, she would ask me -

Hanna : What ELSE are we getting after this, Mommy? Can I just stay in the car, Mommy? Do I HAVE to follow you to get the fish? Can I just sit here at the bench?, etc.

Naik tension lah jugak I...But, then again, I told myself (sometimes I have to REMIND myself!) - "It's okay, she's only 12 years old. What do I expect?!"

We fetched the kids at 12:30a.m, and went to Mak's house to send all the groceries there. Ayah only reached Mak's house from the hospital about 2p.m, and we started our Open House marathon by going to Mak An*ak/Ro*ie's Open House in Section 14. We left just before the sky opened up at 3:15p.m, and made our way to Al*ng's house (Ayah's big brother) in Ar* D'sara in the REALLY heavy rain (and I mean REALLY HEAVY. Sampai langsung tak nampak jalan!). We only left Al*ng's house at 5:40p.m and made our way to Ayah's Pak Long's house in Kajang. And as expected, after the heavy downpour, everywhere was jammed, and we only reached Kajang just before 7p.m.

After Kajang, we left for my Wanchik's place at 7:50p.m. She stays in Pu*ak Al*m. So, you can just imagine how renyuk everybody was when we finally reached Puncak Alam at 9:20p.m - from one end of the world, to the other end of the world! I finally met my cousin's wife, El*ne, and their two kids. The last time I saw him was before he got married (and his eldest daughter is now 5 years old!). I also met another cousin (from another Aunty), Ji*a. The last time I saw her pulak was when she was 9 years old. She's in her final year at UI*M now! So, it was nice to have met her again after all these years.

And both El*ne and Ji*a who had never met our kids before, thought that Hanna was in Form 5! Can't blame them. They were not the only ones who thought that. I think some people even thought that Hanna was already working coz' yesterday when we went to the Open Houses, she didn't get her duit raya at one of the houses! Kesian dia... But I promised her that I would top up her duit raya to equal her adek-adek's, which we normally do anyway :)

If the hosts sendiri yang distributed the packets, for sure she'll get one. But, because the hosts had delegated the task of distributing the duit raya to their staff who didn't know her, can't blame them for thinking that Hanna's not a kid anymore!

They wouldn't know that there would be at least 11 years more before she starts working (if she starts right after getting her degree) and 15-20 years more (basing on current average age of getting married that is) before she would be going to the smelly Pasar herself to do the groceries for her own small family. ;)

Heck, even I sometimes forget that she's only 12 when I look at her. Only when she starts fooling around with her adek-adek, and I see how childish she can be, that I would then realize that she's still a kid...

But come to think of it, Hanna dear, no matter how old you are, you will always be our Baby, anyway... Our FIRST Baby :)

Here are some photos - and you'll see what I mean about Hanna :)


udinb said...

"either they'd be too busy to go to the market OR even if they're not busy, they would not know what to get - what fish, what sayur, etc."

hehehehe ..... I guess I am in the same category.

Hi wanshana, as I am typing this, got stuck for 3 hrs 20 mins flight delayed at one of Down Under's busiest airport, fying JETSAR Airline. So guys, stop cursing Air Asia or MAS

Unknown said...

Oh I suka bau pasar....and i tell u, pasar ni di mana jua...baunya sama jer...Dubai ka, Saudi ka, Spore ka....Chow Kit ka....sama jer wangi nye!! hehehe and I like.

Waterlily said...

hahaha Shana, sama ler dengan anak dara I yang umur 3 tahun tu. I bawak pegi carrefour section ikan / ayam pun dia tekup hidung. Then cakap kuat kuat pulak tu "BAU LAH MOMMY!!"

Tak per Shana, dah besar esok...she can stand the smell, and who knows, you dont have to accompany her :) Dia pegi sorang and beli all that's needed!

Anonymous said...

It's okay, one day I'm sure I'll get used to the smell of fish and chicken, and when I can drive in 5 more years, I'll drive you to the pasar! :D

sarahH said...


i've been one of ur silent readers all this while..

but hanna is only 12?????

all this while when looking at her photos, i thought she's already in form 5 or so.. but don't worry hanna.. take it as a compliment. maknanya, orang nampak u matured la.. that's a good thing right? after all mommy will top up ur duit you're not at the losing end, kan? hehehe..

talk about pasar, masa kecik2 dulu i mcm hanna jugak.. lagi teruk, pegi pasar tani i pengsan (sbb tak tahan panas and all the smells...hahaha...mengalahkan puteri raja..but that just one time incident la)

now that i'm working and staying alone far from my parents, kena la jugak belajar pegi pasar sendiri... i guess, in the next 10-15 years hanna pun sama jugak la.. tu dia dh promise nak drive u to pasar in the next 5 years!

(panjang plak i bercerita kat sini..hehehe)

wanshana said...


Don't worry - you're not alone there ;). But, having said that, I have a friend who never goes to the market or the supermarkets because her hubby just loves getting all the barang dapur for the house! Bertuah badan... :)

Guess by the time you read this, you're already back in Kuching.

I'm sure you're very happy to be reunited with your girls :)

wanshana said...

Abang Id,

Bau Pasar Keramat and Pasar Chow Kit TAK SAMA dengan bau Pasar TTDI tau...

But, Pasar Chow Kit tu lagi banyak varieties, and lagi murah. Best. I used to go there with my Mom way back in the 90's dulu.

Pasar Chow Kit and Keramat tu, banyak benda yang tak boleh dapat kat tempat lain. Tapi, now ni tak kuasa`lah nak drive through all the traffic to go there.

Kat Dubai and Arab Saudi, tak ada bau unta ke, Abang Id? Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Somehow I cannot imagine Hanna doing that. :)

Susahkan anak pompuan ala Diva ni, kan? Hahahaha!

wanshana said...

Hanna dear,

Mommy expect you NOT to JUST drive me to the pasar, but also COOK everything that you beli from there, okay? ;)

Hehehe...but, thanks, anyway for the thought.

(Errr...and I hope you're not expecting Ayah to get you a car in 5 years time? Pakai ajer lah Mommy's Kembara tu, okay? ;))

wanshana said...

Salams Sha,

Thanks for hopping by and following my ramblings all these while :)

Don't worry. If not for the fact that I gave birth to her in 1995, I myself would have thought that she was in Form 5!

Wah, you boleh buat satu Club Diva dengan anak-anak I ngan Waterlily! Hahaha! But, seriously - you fainted at a Pasar Tani? Oh dear, I'm sure your mom panic masa tu. Was it the smell of the pekasam or the tempoyak?

I have a feeling, Hanna ni nanti, sampai dah kawin pun mintak I pegi pasar for her... Lepas tu, masak for her, too ;). But, we'll never know, coz' I dulu pun sebenarnya hanchus jugak bab-bab pegi pasar and memasak ni!

Take care ;)

sarahH said...

owh, i lupa nak cakap..

now i know kenapa bila ur kids pegi outing with their friends they must be accompanied.. I thought "strict betul parent si hanna ni.. dah besar panjang pun mak still kena ikut pegi outing!" hehehe..

club diva eh?? interesting. I'll make sure we will appoint you as Penaung!hehehe...

p/s: I think i fainted sebab panas sangat kot.. and yes, my mom panik giler2!

Mior Azhar said...

Dulu I selalu jadi driver Azian gi Pasar ChowKit... and the bau pasar melekat kat baju sampai balik rumah... imagine our daughters kena pergi that kind of market...
Sekarang we do our grocery at Mydin Hypermarket... lega la sikit.. hehhe
Yes, just like you tak de hal le pulak nak drive all the waaay out just to get brg2 dapur.

MrsNordin said...

To tell you the truth, I never liked going to the pasar until I married MrNordin. First ~ tak reti apa nak beli, Second ~ tak tau harga (kalau kena tipu pun, I'd never know), Third ~ it's lecah and dirty. My brother would go to the pasar then.

Lepas kawin, macam dah suka pulak pegi pasar sebab tau apa nak masak dan apa nak beli. MrNordin pun suka ke pasar. At first dia suka pegi Pasar Pudu, tapi I didn't quite like it there sebab it's a Chinese pasar. Tak de ulam2 semua. Now we go to pasar keramat whenever we 'feel' like cooking something.

My kids pun sama lah dengan anak you. So kalau we all nak dating berdua without the kids, we'd say, "We're going to the pasar!" Sure sorang pun tak nak ikut! Hee.. hee..

Anonymous said...

I, too, am guilty of that with my eldest... more often than not, rasa mcm dah besar... only when she starts menyakat the adik2s, then have to remind myself that she's only 12! :-S

ms hart said...

Wanshana, my SILs and I were just talking yesterday - how come kids nowadays are so err...shall I not use the word b** he he he err...'grown up'?! Same with my anak dara - paling tensi part cari kasut!! Macam sampan!! And ya, samalah jugak part pergi pasar! That day when she was keeping me company while I washed those berekor-ekor ayam for Raya, she asked if she can escape the washing part because she just liked the makan part!! ha ha girrrrllzzzz!!!!

And..yeaaahhh...that's Ly**, eh? My God, still looking the same, smiling the very same smile too!!! Kirim salam kat dia kalau dia ingat lah ada sorang senior garrrrang nih!!! ha ha

p/s waahhh...baju oren/bright peach tu yang tak tahhhaaan!!! Meriah!

Anonymous said...

Kak Shana,
Ur Hanna looks 'lady-like' and poise as compared to err..u at that age. He..he.. Sorry..Yelahh, bebudak sekrg looks so matured, yg girls lah, yg boys different story. My boys lah especially.Kekadang, keluar toilet pun terlupa nak pakai t*w*l.

Oh yess.. a little more clues abt me (He..He):-
i. Sama-sama blok B
ii. Sama-sama jadi prefect
iii. Rasanyer persatuan yg sama kot, PBSM
IV. Junior sethn je..
Rasa-rasa bleh teka x saper diriku ini??

Azian hasan said...

My mom, tak suka pergi pasar and when she got married, my arwah bapak yang buat semua kerja beli-beli barang pasar. Bila my arwah bapak meninggal, barulah my mom terpaksa pergi pasar. First time dia pergi pasar, she bought 5 kilos cili kering. Imagine banyak mana tuh..masa dulu, satu guni..!So, dia pun 'no comment' bila I membebel pasal bebudak yang tak suka pergi pasar.

Madam Tai Tai Again said...


I used to accompany my mum to the pasar at Old PJ town every weekend masa kecik2 dulu. Loved the chaotic scenes at the pasar. But bila dah tua2 ni, wet markets do not hold much interest and I dread going there. Thank God for Carrefour and the likes!

Btw, Ayah's relative lives in Kajang? Kat mana tu? My old kampung is at Batu 13, near Simpang Balak.

D.N.A.S said...

Kak Shana, I also don't like pasar smell.
Not long ago, my MIL suka pegi Pasar Borong Selangor on Saturdays. I selalu cari alasan taknak ikut. Hehehehe sebab bau dia memang tak best.

wanshana said...


I think I will still chaperone her until the day she gets married kot?! Hahaha!

Penanung? Sounds good. But, must give fringe benefits, okay? ;)

wanshana said...


Bau Pasar Chow Kit memang power...

Yes, thank God for hypermarkets. I do most of my barang dapur at TE*CO. And I've been told that I'm considered as a BIG spender there :) Tak kisah lah, as long as I tak payah redah wet market selalu.

Masalahnya, anak-anak pompuan I - nak pegi TE*CO pun bercinta! So, how?!

Kat Pasar TTDI tu pun normally when my choice of wet stuff tak der kat TE*CO, baru I go there.

wanshana said...


I pun dulu mana lah suka nak ke pasar tu...But, it's either me or Haizal. If nak harap Haizal, kebulur lah kot we all anak beranak. Kalau tak pun, makan packeted non-fresh stuff ajer lah tetiap hari! Hehehe!

I have my favourite vege, fish, meat, chicken and dry stuff sellers at Pasar TTDI tu. I only go to them, so much so, they already know what I want and how I want them to be. My fish seller tu, siap bagi recipe on how to cook the fish/seafood which I buy from him everytime :)

Yes, Pasar Keramat tu - macam-macam adaaaa... (But, bilalah they all nak pindah kat new building tu, ya? Dah sepuluh tahun kot tak siap-siap!)

Hmmm...good tips on how to get the time to merendek with Haizal nanti ;) Thanks!

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu, kan?

I pun kekadang terlupa that Hanna is only twelve. Sometimes when we go shopping, etc, and when I see her skipping lah, berlari lah, or tersadung kaki and jatuh, etc baru realize that she's still a kid. But, I do wonder, orang lain kalau tengok perangai dia kat shopping malls tu, sure pelik tengok dia melompat-lompat with her siblings (not knowing her real age)

wanshana said...

ms hart,

Oren...jangan tak oren... Hahaha!

Tell me about kasut macam sampan...Memang siksa nak cari kasut raya hari tu.

Kesian kat Hanna, all the shoes yang dia berkenan semua tak ader her size. Last-last tu, I just asked the shop assistant to keluarkan whatever shoes they have in Size XYZ (dia tak bagi I reveal her size here ;)). From there, she would just choose the design that she likes. So, tak banyak choice la.

Yes, that's Ly*n. Dah anak 2 dah tu. Hehehe! Nanti I sampaikan your salam to her, insya Allah. I think I can guess your real name :)

wanshana said...

My stf junior @ mystery woman,

I tau lah I dulu tomboy. Usah diungkit cerita lama...Hehehe!

Hmmmm, I have three names in mind -

Ma*li*a @ N*

Ha*id*h @ Am*

Wa* Ro*ma*ir*

The other prefects your batch same house are all Puteri Islam, I think?

Am I getting warmer? Or have I hit bullseye?

wanshana said...


I have a friend whose Mom pun tak pernah pergi pasar or pay the bills, etc, seumur hidup coz' my friend's father would do everything. So, when her father passed away, her mom was totally lost. Kesian betul :(

Your Mom beli sampai 5 kilo chili kering?! Boleh buat berniaga balik tu! Hehehe!

Anak-anak you dapat gene Mak you kot, Yan? :)

wanshana said...

Gina @ MTT,

Yes - for me, it's "Thank God for TE*CO!" :)

Even though I practically stay in PJ, I tak pernah gi Pasar Old Town tu. I ni jenis yang suka just stick to the places yang I dah biasa and know where they place their goods at. So, it's either TTDI for wet stuff or TE*CO for other household products. I heard PJ OT market is quite okay in terms of choices and harga.

Rumah Pak Long Haizal kat Sungai Ramal Luar - near the Masjid.

wanshana said...


Pasar Borong Selangor ni kat mana, ya? Is it the one in Selayang, or yang somewhere near Puchong tu? Memang tak pernah sampai lagi both markets.

FYI, our next door neighbour ni, towkay ikan kat Pasar Borong Selayang. He has a small lorry which he parks in front of his house. So, kekadang tu, kat depan rumah we all ada sikit-sikit bau pasar jugak lah :)

But, we don't mind coz' yang bestnyer, we all selalu dapat ikan free from the family. Bukan calang-calang ikan they gave us you - Black Cod, Bawal Hitam, Bawal Emas, Kurau, Udang Galah, Sea Bream segala. Jimat belanja. Hehehe!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Shana...
Finally I dah kampoi baca your postings! Yay...

You know what, my Hanna has the same 'problem'. People always thought that she's in high school padahal baru 11 years 1 month. She's big for her age...especially after getting her mens at 9y3mo.

Sometimes I pity her coz she can't buy her clothes at the children's dept... kena beli at adult's. Sames goes with the shoes... kena beli kasut adult. No more Barbie sandals since she was 9.

I always made it a point to tell people who saw her coz altho she looks 16, when she starts talking and berlari-lari with her siblings, terus nampak 11!

Maybe both of them should meet up. Boleh compare notes..hehe...

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

I always enjoy your photos. About the pasar thingy... hmmm.. ergh.. arh... I was very much like Hanna. Well, Im afraid I cant really use a past tense to that. I too don't like pasar.

Alhamdulillah, I am blessed with a husband who goes to pasar. Since married to him, baru lah I ke pasar.. BUt ada syarat jgk tu... He will go to the wet market, I will be happy shopping for sayur, bawang & the dry market. Wajib bwk hp. Nanti nak jumpa dkt kereta senang... Teruk kan?

ps- I still tak lepas you ikan selar & kembung... Sama je to me! Ahaks..

Anonymous said...

Kak Shana,
I'm one of ur silent skrg nak bersuara. In my household pun, I'm the one yg akan pergi pasar every saturday to stock the fridge with 1 week wet stuffs. Tapi everytime i'm on maternity leave, my husband will take over the job. So bila i pesan sawi, dia beli kangkung(nak tanya malu pulak tu...typical men la katakan). Bila i pesan tenggiri, dia beli ikan tongkol...kelakar pun ada.

wanshana said...

Ja @ DDI,

Selamat Khatam! Hehehe...

Betul tu, Ja. I kesian betul kat Hanna when she was 8-9 years old dulu bila tengah suka nak bergaya with all the kids stuff, etc, tapi tak pernahnya ada her size. Last-last kena get adult stuff for her.

Memang boleh sangat lah kita arrange for our Hannas to meet up. Hanna always thinks that she's the only one with big feet, big hands, and big problems kat dunia ni when we shop for her stuff. Dia selalu "marah" I if I tell people her shoe size!

Memang I peratikan, when we go out and dia berlari-lari with her siblings, people would turn twice to look at her. I guess they'd be thinking to themselves, "Biar betul!!!"

At the same time, I also notice that boys (of maybe above 15y.o) would also "check her out"! Risau I, you...

wanshana said...


Thank you :)

Hmmmm, lucky you! Your hubby Cancerian?

Ayah has never been to the market on his own. I bet if he does that, he will only come back with one fish, one vege, one chicken, etc.

Either that, OR he would come back with a whole load penuh satu boot kereta coz' takut kena marah ngan if he gets the wrong things! So, just to be safe - borong segala benda. Hahaha!

Don't worry. I pun tak pass lagi ikan kembung and ikan selar tuh... ;)

wanshana said...

Dear Anonymous @ 4:58pm,

Thank you for following my ramblings all these while and finally leaving a comment today! :)
I'm always honored and happy to get to know new friends reading this blog.

Hehehe...kelakar pulak bila baca about your hubby. I think, memang boleh sangat lah Ayah and him start a club - "The Hopeless Market-goers" :)

But, errr...having said that, I pun take berapa sure the difference between ikan tenggiri and ikan tongkol, you! Hahaha!

Hope to see you here again :)

MA said...

I suka pergi pasar cos I like to get all the fresh fish, udang, ketam etc...and I heret all my Brood pergi sekali and I am proud to say that now even Adik knows the difference between kunyit, halia and lengkuas ! (when I was at his age - I don't even know what serai is!)

Mula-mula semua protes la cos busuk, basah lah etc - but I told them that is where you get the stuff that Mama cooks. Kalau tak nak Mama gi pasar, semua makan roti kering cecah Teh O saja. Now at least they know if nak makan their favourite food, what are the things we need to buy.

Now when Adik wants to bodek me - he will offer himself to teman me pergi pasar ~ then I know la he got something up his sleeves!

wanshana said...


Waaaaa...tabik spring kat Adik! I was like you - I think I only knew the difference between halia and lengkuas when I was 19-years old!

And I only knew the difference between daun ketumbar and daun sup when I was 35-years old kot?! Itupun sebab masa tu belajar how to cook briayani and the recipe required daun ketumbar. If not, sure sampai sekarang kurang pandai :)

I wish I could heret my kids like you do yours. Lucky you. Mine - I think they'd rather starve than go to the market to get their rations!

And Adik - POWER punya bodek tu, MA! Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Ketumbar, kunyit, lengkuas..?

Err..semua tu ikan ke?


Theta said...

Kids do say the darneest things :D

I wonder if in the near future, when their time comes, all these Wet Markets would be demolished for a more 'fragrant' market environment.

Sadia can't even smell anything foul, which include sweating onions or frying chicken on a pan. Bau pelik sikit, she'd sniff and say, "Smelly"


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

alamak, lambat again. but never too late to remind hasya nowadays we have Giant, Tesco, Carrefour and the likes to get groceries. worry not Hasya, you can now say goodbye to smelly pasar...muahaha...

oh God, this uncle is super cool!

*kak shana, believe it or not, even if there was any of my pics taken, it was from other people's camera!

wanshana said...


Har har har... FUNNNNNNNYYYY...NOT!

I think I should let you spend one whole day 'ngan Aunty Nyonya sayur tu for a crash course one of these days, buleh?

Kalau tak pun, dengan Ah Lim Ikan tu...

wanshana said...


Yes, they do, don't they?

Hmmmmm...demolish the wet markets OR come up odourless markets. I'm sure there are a lot of budding scientists, inventors and designers out there who are willing to be part of the project to come up with such a market.

Sadia can team up with Hilman. My boy ni, any strong smells would make him want to throw up. So much so, when we go out, we have to make sure we avoid going pass too many eating places yang mengeluarkan segala macam bau...

(Yang peliknyer - Hilman kuat makan!)

wanshana said...


It's Hanna yang Minah Diva and tak tahan with wet markets ni. But, I think Hasya pun will be a Minah Vogue soon and would smirk at the idea of going to get all those fishies and chicken, etc.

Don't think the mention of TE*CO, GI*NT and the likes would work for them. It's the IDEA of getting all the groceries which is not appealing to them - doesn't matter where we go. But, of course, wet markets are ranked lowest of the places to go to.

Anak-anak zaman sekarang...I won't be surprised if when their time comes, they could just order barang-barang basah ni online from the comfort of their homes...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Oops, correction. Hanna then. Sorry hasya!

Me going to wet markets is totally out of question la. I mean, habis tayarwheelchair kotor bau ikan. Ok it may be an excuse, but a good one at that!


Or something like, when guys are asked to go to pasar beli bawal hitam, he comes back empty-handed because, semua bawal nampak kelabu je…muahahahaha…

Unknown said...


Hari tu my kak long pun tanya Hanna tu form berapa...

But she's sweet and pandai gak nak borak ngan makcik-makcik cam I ni..

Dan bila dah gitu memang le bila kat public mata sijejaka2 meleret2...mungkin dia kurang perasan..yang kita-kita mak depa lah ni yang mata meleret2 kat those boys ..hahaha..

And rasanya bukan takat girls...boys pun ade yang tak gemar tempat lecek dan smelly...becoz one thing yang kita perasan..mungkin kita selalu dok preech kat depa the importance of hygiene..etc...toilet training segala...sket sebanyak tempat2 gitu memualkan la kot..

btw...Hanna..tak pelahkan..dah besar nanti pi pasar dan masak...handy!!!eh!eh!..jgn lupa salin resepi turun temurun...

rasanya ramai anak2 pompuan zaman sekarang cam tu...

Kak Teh said...

I went to the market with brother in law - dua -dua tak kenal lengkuas and halia. and the jintans? forget it.
anyway, just to let you know we had a wonderful time with Ibu and her husband. A pity time was too limited and of course they had to do their shopping di Bicester.
But we got on like house on fire. I can say that I have met your Postman!

wanshana said...


Bawal hitam ke, ikan merah ke, selar kuning ke...makes no difference. One can always use the excuse of being colour blind... (Ehemmm...) ;)

You should come up with a new invention or something - everytime the wheel turns a certain number of times, it will let out an anti-fishy fragrance! You should patent it - can make lots of dosh! :)

wanshana said...


Hanna can be very childish and manja some times...tak padan dengan size. Hehehe! But, yes, she's very good with people - she can get along with the oldest makcik one second, and with the youngest baby around the next second.

Anak dara you pun dah besar panjang, and looks very matured.

This is the time rasa macam nak kena ada extra mata and telinga and pasang bodyguard for them, kan?

And rasanya, it's not because they feel the pasar is unhygienic. Saja mengada jer tu... Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Kak Teh!

Yes, tell me about the jintans!!!

I've given up on which is jintan manis and which is jintan puteh. So much so, I would just put both in my cooking when in doubt!

Better still, I now mix all three powders - ketumbar, jintan manis and jintan putih in one bottle. Senang cerita.

So, you've met my Postman yang baaaannnnyyyyak berjasa dengan I tu! (Kalau I Ketua Menteri Melaka, dah lama Ibu dapat Datukship :)).

I know what you mean - when it comes to Ibu, everybody would get on like house on fire with her :)

Ibu pergi Bicester???! I can bet, if she has the time, she'll heret her Ayah to Ashford pulak nanti.

Alahai, nampak gayanya aeroplane takleh nak take off le nanti...

Anonymous said...

Eh, Mommy...I can tell the difference between halia and lengkuas you know...

Yg satu tu ikan air tawar dan yg satu lagi ikan laut dalam...tapi which one is which ya..? Hmmm...

;p ;p ;p

wanshana said...


Hmmmmm, pandai lah you...

Ikan lengkuas tu yang Mak bela kat Ulu Langat tu laaaa... Yang ikan halia tu, yang I bawak balik dari Sarawak hari tu - yang buat ikan masin tu...

Kmar said...


Dulu, masa kecil, my parents mesti suruh I temankan mereka ke pasar-basah. I just like the ´smell´...

I think I am the only one in my family yang minat ke wet-market. I ni suka banding-banding kan harga and tengok sama ada ikan or fruits tu segar ke tak.

I can spend hours and hours. My hubby selalu ´bising´ sebab kalau I borong mesti berkilo tapi masaknya tak tentu lagi... he.he.he..

Now ni zaman moden, we can order via internet all the wet-food. Order pagi, petang sampai... I am not suprise kalau kids nowadays tak minat ke pasar.

wanshana said...


You're amongst the rare species yang suka gi pasar ni kot... Hehehe!

I tak suka nak banding-banding harga or nak pilih yang fresh or not coz' memang tak reti. I wouldn't know the difference pun. Lagi satu - I tak reti nak bargain. Kalau Mamat jual ayam tu kata RM73.10, RM73.10 le I bayar...Sad, huh?

And like you, I, kalau gi pasar or TE*CO, memang borong habis...Macam ada anak 2 dozen nak kena bagi makan. Yang beratur kat belakang I mesti masuk Tanjung Rambutan coz' tension giler nak tunggu turn dia nak bayar...Hahaha!

MAMAMIA said...

Dah bertahun2 I tak pergi pasar. Pasar malam & pasar tani tu banyak kali lah. Sekarang ni I get my things fr Tesc* aje, or kedai runcit dekat rumah.

When I was a little girl, selalulah ikut my Ayah pergi pasar. I enjoyed those trips.

Eh, I dgn Mdm Tai Tai satu kampunglah, sort of...

Anonymous said...

Kak Shana,
Selamat Hari Raya to you and family.

hehehe...we frequent the same pasar la...but I went there last Saturday...

For me, my mother sent me to the market since the day I was able to cycle alone(those days when girls can go alone everywhere)and mind you it was the amrket in, it was, dirty, of course, but, interesting experience!

I love going to market.When I was studying overseas, I will just go and lepak2 at the market...crazy kan...ehehe..

give her day maybe she will like it.

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, she's a lovely kid, takes after her mom, ha ha.
I knew a lady once, she pun cannot tahan those market smells, so only shops at supermarkets...regret to say she can't find a husband.
You have a nice day, best regards, Lee.

wanshana said...


I jarang pergi Pasar Tani coz' kat tempat I lalu lalang selalu tu, it's on Thursday mornings. Time-time tu I berpasar tani kat office :)

I prefer to go to Pasar Malam if Ayah is around. Itupun not to get barang dapur basah/kering, but more like Yong Tau Foo, Apam Balik, Putu Bambu/Piring, Murtabak, Durian, etc. Itu kira standard stuff - jarang beli benda lain :)

Hmmm, baik you korek-korek ngan MTT. Entah-entah you all related kot?

wanshana said...


Selamat Hari Raya to you, and your family, too :)

Do you stay around TT*I or kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya?

I like that pasar actually. That's where I get my supply of Kuey Teow (specially for goreng). The aunty nyonya yang I frequent for my veges tu selalu bagi I free daun sup, daun bawang, daun ketumbar segala.

Yang Ah Lim ikan tu pulak is my sumber resipi for ikan and seafood :)

Nowadays, anak-anak I nak keluar pagar pun I tak bagi. Ini kan pulak nak naik basikal gi pasar... I pun dulu, ke mana-mana naik basikal. Round satu kampung. Selalu lah jugak jatuh kat jalan (and I have the scars to prove it!) :)

Kesian kan bebudak sekarang? No more care-free life like we used to have. Sigh...

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

Hehehe...Thank you :)

Hmmm, if your friend starts frequenting the market also cannot guarantee that she'll get a husband loorrrr! (UNLESS, fate has it that she'll end up marrying the towkay ikan there?) Hehehe!

You have a nice day, too, Uncle Lee :)

Anonymous said...

Kak Shana,
We used to stay nearby, now dah move to a place not far from yours actually (wink!)
Yes,me too, I have the regular sellers, auntie sayur I pun selalu kasi daun2 bwg/ketumbar it the same ppl(its brother n sister vege stall)and the kueyteow seller tue mmg best, I like to buy their stuff, mmg quality stuff. We always go in the morning, order brg kat chicken seller,the uncle jual ikan then breakfast and then turun sambung shopping, hehehe...tah2 kita pernah berselisih bahu...

wanshana said...


Must be the same Aunty sayur lah kot? She's the one yang "slow motion" and muka expressionless (tak ada perasaan?!) tuh :)

And I selalu beli my dry stuff kat this shop yang owner dia macam hero Tamil tu. Hehehe! My tailor pun kat situ - 1st floor.

Hmmmmm, memang... entah-entah kita pernah berselisih bahu kat situ?

Anonymous said...

Kak Shana...hahaha...sah...same aunty sayur...i baru discover the kedai jual bahan cake kat belakang (facing shop lot) padahal dah 5 thn dtg sini...hehehe

wanshana said...


Walau pun muka dia macam tak ader perasaan, she's a very nice aunty, kan? (sebab selalu bagi dedaun free tu kat kita :))

Ada kedai jual bahan nak buat kek kat situ?!

Errrr...why am I NOT excited to know this?!

Oh, I know - I tak pernah masak kek pun! Hahahaha!

Take care, dear :)