Thursday, October 9, 2008

Puasa Enam...

It's 9th Syawal today.

So far, including today (insya Allah), I have puasa four days of my Puasa Enam. Syukur Alhamdulillah. So far, so good.

Ayah and Hanna had managed to fast three days so far as Hanna only started on Tuesday, and Ayah had to break fast in the afternoon as he was not feeling well yesterday. But, as I also have extra days to ganti puasa which I plan to also do during Syawal, insya Allah, they can "catch up" and we'll get to "raya" together.

Hasya and Hilman - so far, two days. Hasya had a school trip to Dominoes yesterday, so she couldn't possibly puasa, could she?! What with all those yummy Pepperoni and Hawaiian Chicken pizzas beckoning her?! And because his Kak Ngah Hasya was not fasting yesterday, Hilman decided not to fast, too. So nanti, they, too, will have to "catch up" in order for us to "raya" together.

Apparently, Hasya's teacher asked her class the other day who amongst them Puasa Enam, and Hasya was the only one who put her hand up. And the teacher asked her if the whole family was doing it. And when she said, "Yes", the teacher asked, "Even your brother yang Standard 2 tu??!!" I think, looking at how montel and how kuat makan Hilman is, she couldn't believe Hilman would have the will-power to puasa outside a Non-Ramadhan month, especially when he would be surrounded by friends who would be munching away all the goodies foodies at school! Hehehe!

Ayah and I had never asked or forced the kids to perform the Puasa Enam, but syukur alhamdulillah, they wanted to do it themselves. It all started last year when they were curious as to why both Ayah and I were still fasting when it was already Raya! So, when Ayah explained what Puasa Enam was all about and betapa besar ganjarannya, insya Allah, the kids decided to puasa with us.

So, this year is the second year we all Puasa Enam together as a family, insya Allah.

The initial plan was for everybody to finish Puasa Enam by Tuesday next week. (Weekends tak boleh puasa coz' there are so many Open Houses to go to! Hehehe!). But, now that dah tak "synchronised", I will have to adjust everybody's puasa schedule so that we can puasa the 6th day together, and celebrate together - maybe berbuka at a place of the kids' choice outside on the final day?

Anyway, for sahur, I decided not to kacau Dar and so, for the past four days, I've been getting up at 4:45a.m to siapkan our sahur. Ayah asked me to just ask Dar to do it coz' he didn't want me to wake up and prepare everything. But, I kesian pulak kat Dar if she has to wake up just to siapkan sahur when she's not fasting sekali.

But, Ayah and I realized - after Raya, Dar has been slacking a bit. MAYBE, because she had spent too much time mingling with my MIL's and my SIL's maids in PJ over Raya, and dah berjangkit with their "malas" attitude. We (ourselves, my MIL and my SIL) had each given all the maids some Baju Raya and bonus raya. And we also gave Dar IDD cards worth RM60 for her to call her family during Raya. Maybe dah "naik lemak", kot ?

This morning, after sahur, I didn't go back to sleep, and tengok-tengok sampai 6:20a.m, Dar tak bangun lagi! Lawan tokey betul. Normally she would wake up at 5:45a.m. and prepare breakfast for Ayah. Ayah normally wakes up just before 6:00a.m and would leave the house with Hanna by 6:40a.m. And I suspect, when I leave the house to go to work, and send the kids to my MIL's place in the morning, she would continue with her chores, and then have a looooooong nap in the afternoon because we normally only reach home earliest at 7:00p.m every day. Nobody at home. Nothing much to do.

Hmmmm...maybe for the rest of our Puasa Enam ni, I should ask her to prepare our sahur kot? Tak boleh bagi muka sangat... And I'm sure I will not be depriving her of her beauty sleep as she would have the whole afternoon every day to sleep anyway.

Anyway, to those who are performing the Puasa Enam, selamat menyempurnakannya. Semoga ibadah kita diterima Allah SWT, and semoga kita diberi ganjaran yang berganda, insya Allah. Amin.


Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Hee..hee..Dar tu agaknya dah banyak lemak makan lots of lemang and ketupat masa raya kot. Time for you to sound sikit lah tu!

jabishah said...

I belum start lagi puasa 6 ni... Liat betul!

Ish... mmg diorg ni kalau dah mingle with other helpers, mmg lah mcm tu. Kena tegurlah sikit ;-)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

alamak...hasya, hanna and hilman have certainly put this old uncle kerp to shame la. this uncle has never done puasa 6 err...his entire life! malu je...

btw, lovely raya pics kak shana.

Anonymous said...

Salam WanShana & family,
Betul tu...
Can't give Dar too much... Lemak dah naik ke perut tu... nanti banyak sangat lemak dia pergi artery.... si Haizal pulak yg kena operate jantung si Dar tu... dah jadi kes naiya ler...

R, Saudi Arabia

wanshana said...

MTT @ Gina,

Tu lah tu! Lemang, ketupat, rendang, lodeh segala. Nasib baik dia jenis yang tak melantak chocolate cakes, and raya cookies semua tu! Kalau tak, lemak tahap bagus punyer sure...

Anyway, I didn't 'sound' her (don't know how to lah!), but, I did ask her to prepare this morning's sahur.

So, I'm in a ceria mood today coz' cukup tido. Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Tak aper... We still have another 20 days to go :). Banyak lagi masa, (unless tetiba cannot puasa for 20 days pulak!)

I ni jenis tak reti nak tegur maid. Nak suruh they all buat kerja lebih dari their normal routine pun, I serba salah...

Tu yang kekadang tu, Ayah tension!

wanshana said...

Dear Old Uncle Kerp (your words, not mine. Hehehe!)

Thanks :). I'm still waiting for YOUR Raya pics laa, by the way ;)

No need la to feel shame-shame one. But, it's never too late to start, no?!

MAMAMIA said...

Haven't started mine yet.

Kuat nya iman anak2 U!!!

wanshana said...

Salam Anonymous @ 5:31a.m @ R, Saudi Arabia,

Hmmmm, jenuh nak kena tanggung kos buat angioplasty si Dar tu pulak kang! Tolak setengah tahun her gaji pun belum tentu cukup tu.

Tapi, I doakan dia sihat, dan segala lemak-lemak yang setakat ini she has tidak akan menyumbatkan her arteri-arteri. Susah I nanti.

wanshana said...


Tak per... As I told Jabishah - we still have another 20 days (or maybe minus 6 days of weekends?!)ahead of us to complete it, insya Allah :)

Wallahua'lam, but syukur alhamdulillah, it is not a major problem for them to perform Puasa Enam ni, so far, insya Allah.

When they started last year, Ayah and I pun were quite surprised that they wanted (and could) do it.

Hafeeny said...

hi there..juz to share, some said puasa enam should not be combined with puasa qadha'..and i try to ask encik google abt this i found this:
so it's better to give priority to puasa ganti first and continue with puasa enam.. eheee..ok, slmt hari raya to all..slmt berpuasa jugak :)

wanshana said...


Thank you for hopping by and also for the link :).

I guess, a lot of us amalkan mengikut yang biasa diamalkan oleh orang-orang tua kita sebelum ini (which, if I may add, may not necessarily be correct).

I have to say that it is somewhat confusing sometimes because some ustadz/ustadzah memberi nasihat dan pendapat yang bercanggah on the 'gabungan' bit.

But, yes, I can see the logic in the hujjah in the link you provided. Thanks so much.

So, now that I'm in the midst of my Puasa, I need to get clarification on how to go about to sempurnakan my Puasa Enam. Hope ada yang boleh give some advice, please.

My niat thus far has been a gabungan of puasa wajib qadha' dan puasa sunat Syawal. Does this mean that I have to now continue with only the balance of my Puasa qadha', and then continue with 6 hari? or 1 hari? lagi Puasa Syawal?

OR do I start my Puasa Qadha all over again, and after that puasa 6 hari? or 1 hari? lagi Sunat Syawal?

Would appreciate some advice, please.

Thanks again, Hafeeny. Selamat Hari Raya to you, too! :)

Pi Bani said...

Memang ada banyak khilaf dalam bab puasa enam/qadha ni. In fact dalam bab-bab lain pun banyak perbezaan pendapat amongst the ulama. We cannot outright say this ustaz is wrong, that ustaz is right whatsoever. Zaman Rasulullah s.a.w. dulu pun ada cerita pasal 2 orang hambaAllah ni tak jumpa air untuk wudu' so depa tayammum and terus solat Isya'. And then baru jumpa air. So one of them ambil wudu' and solat balik sebab katanya jumpa air sebelum habis waktu while the other did not, pasal dia kata tak boleh buat solat sama dua kali. When the matter was brought to Rasulullah, he said both of them were right - because they both had valid reasons.

Eh, orang cerita pasal puasa apasal I cerita bab wudu' and solat pulak ni? My point is - pakailah pendapat yang kita rasa paling boleh diterima - Islam tu memudahkan bukan menyusahkan.

For me, I niat puasa qada'. Ada pendapat kata as long as kita puasa qada' dalam bulan Syawal, pahala puasa 6 tu tetap dapat. Which is also logical in the sense that it encourages us to qada' awal-awal instead of tunggu last minute. And then of course kalau dah habis qada' tu kita buat lagi puasa sunat, memanglah lebih baik.

Apa-apa hal dulukan yang wajib.


Anonymous said...

Kak Shana,
For further clarification on puasa qadha & puasa enam ada kat ustaz Zaharudin punya website:, siap ada justification (hadith, jumhur ulama' etc), maybe you can derive some 'kesimpulan' from ustaz zaharuddin's writing.

wanshana said...

Kak Pi,

Thank you! I guess I can conclude that because I had already performed the 5 days puasa, I should regard that as 5 days of my puasa qadha yang wajib, and now I should continue ganti puasa yang selebihnya. Six of those days, insya Allah, akan diberi ganjaran sebagaimana ganjaran bagi melaksanakan Puasa Enam Syawal.

(But, what about my NIAT gabungan qadha' dan sunat Syawal for the 5 days tu, ya?)

And of course, lebih baik if, I also perform a proper Puasa Enam after selesai qadha' my puasa.

Insya Allah, from next year, I nak amalkan mengutamakan Puasa qadha' and after that baru Puasa Enam Syawal, if diberikan kemampuan dan kesihatan (and of course, hopefully cukup hari to do both separately! Maklumlah - oghang pompuan ni, macam-macam hal :))

Thanks again :)

"Selamat Hari Raya", Kak Pi. Pergilah Open Houses this weekend to celebrate :)

wanshana said...

Dear my stf junior,

Thank you for visiting and for the link :)

I've visited the site, and it's actually the same article as the one in the link given by Hafeeny :) But, reading it again, actually helps in clearing my head of some issues.

It's quite clear what I need to do from next year, insya Allah.

Just for this year - still a bit "iffy" coz' I'm in the MIDST of my puasa with the NIAT gabungan.

Maybe, I should hold on to the principle that Islam tidak menyusahkan umatnya dalam menyeru kepada menjalankan ibadah.

I will niat qadha' puasa for the next 3 puasas, and insya Allah, if ada rezqi and terlarat, will perform a proper Puasa Enam after that. Kalau tak sempat, as what Kak Pi mentioned, whatever puasa qadha' yang Kak Shana sempat buat semasa Syawal jugs mendapat ganjaran sebagaimana Puasa Enam, insya Allah.


Thanks again :)

P/S : Any clue as to who you are, please? :)

Anonymous said...

Kak Shana,
U sure kenal I punya klu I mentioned my name. But then, for the meantime, let me be the 'mystery woman'. He...He.. Suspense sket...

Unknown said...

Shana...nak rebut pahala umpama puasa setahun...bukan chalang2 tuh!!..and I think anak2 akan ikut the parents...good example...

As for me...niat ade tapi belum terlaksana.....and think the same as some of the commentors..Islam tidak menyusahkan...

Again, Prof Yusuf Alqardawi juga dalam buku memahami keutamaan ade menyentuh tentang perkara puasa sunat...this is esp for me masa kerja dulu kalu puasa sunat..letih memanjang..and thus pikir sendiri which is priority??

BTw..kuat semangat anak2 little heart smiles...

Tata!and also...likewise...i pun jenis susah nak tegur dan arah mengarah tapi since...kalu maid dah melampaui batas...honk! honk!...lepas tu tido le....bukan banyak kerja pun...ish!!!grrr lak!

Waterlily said...

My maid sekarang ni dah nak masuk tahun ke 4 dengan we all. And now she befriends our neigbor's maid.

Ever since that, perangai pun ada lain sikit. Dah pandai menjawab..pandai malas..pandai bohong :(

Geram bukan main tapi apa nak buat.

Kak Teh said...

wanshana, in my household, only my husband yang dah start puasa enam. I belum lagi as I had not been that well. ...ish macam2 excuse.
Anyway, selamat hari raya posa nam.

wanshana said...

My stf junior,

Now you've REALLY made me curious! ;)

Adakah kita satu Rumah? Satu Persatuan? Satu Table? Satu Drama/Dancing Group?!

Hmmmmm? Tak boleh tido I macam ni. Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Thanks. Yes, we should know our priorities when it comes to amal ibadah kita, I guess.

Take it slow, okay? Insya Allah, nanti dapat sempurnakan Puasa Enam tuh. You tak ader nak kena qadha' puasa, so, straight-forward ajer nanti :)

I ni memang jenis yang tak suka pok-pek marah maid. Kalau I tak puas hati or marah, I would just give them a silent treatment. Tapi, laci and pintu berdegang-berdegung lah satu rumah!

Take care, dear.

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu... Memang tak boleh berkawan dengan geng-geng they all. Sedikit sebanyak mesti lah dok exchange notes, and cucuk menyucuk.

They all bukan kira pun kalau kita treat them very well.

All the best with your maid!

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

Thanks :) - but, now hari "raya" maybe slightly delayed. The kids have 3 more days to go, Ayah 2, and myself - ada tambahan terbaru...Hehehe.

There are still 19 more days of Ramadhan to Puasa Enam. When you feel better nanti, insya Allah boleh start puasa.

Get well soon, Kak Teh :)

P/S : I've been meaning to tell you - we've met before about 3 years ago at Whiteleys. At that time I had not started blogging or bloghopping yet. A good friend who was with me who had been following your blog approached you and introduced herself to you, and I tumpang sekaki. After that baru I started reading Choc-a-Blog :) Bayswater is my second home by the way :)

Lee said...

Hello Wanshana, just dropped by say hello.
How you doin'? Hope you had a fabulous Raya....
sure miss all that ketupat and rendang.
You keep well and have a beautiful Sunday, Lee.

wanshana said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

Thank you for dropping by.

It had been a lovely, and VERY filling weekend thus far. Went out from 11a.m for Raya makan-makan yesterday, and only reached home at 1a.m this morning!

Still a lot of lemang, ketupat and rendang around, but I normally would just go for other dishes when I go for all the Open Houses, and have a bit of either soto, lodeh, char kuey teow, mee rebus, or laksa asam or the likes :). If not, my body also will become like ketupat and rendang - mampat and full of fat. Hehehe!

Today - no specific plans apart from lazying around at home the whole day and going to my MIL's tonight as she's having some guests over for Raya. So, another round of makan-makan.

Definitely a good Sunday for me and the family :)

Here's wishing a lovely Sunday to you and Aunty. You keep well, too, Uncle Lee.

Take care!

Cyclones said...

Salam Shana...
I stumbled upon your blog by chance... quite interesting indeed... dah habis ke puasa 6 tu? My wife and I still have quite a number of days to go...

Salam perkenalan...

wanshana said...


Salam perkenalan to you, too :)

Today will be my 6th day of Puasa Qadha, insya Allah, and I have a couple more days to complete. I will try to do the two days during Syawal, too.

Kalau ada rezqi and sempat, I will try to buat a proper Puasa Enam after I have done my qadha, insya Allah.

Some say that the 6 days of puasa qadha' will also diberi ganjaran Puasa Enam, insya Allah. Wallahua'lam.

Here's wishing you and your wife "Selamat Menyempurnakan Puasa Sunat Syawal/Enam". Insya Allah.