Friday, October 17, 2008

Stars in their eyes...

It took us nearly one and a half hours to reach SD from SS* just now.

I left the office at 5:50p.m, and reached the kids' school about 6:05p.m - inching away until I reached the Balai Menunggu at 6:15p.m. Once Hasya and Hilman got into the car, we started our journey home. In the pouring rain. Through the jam. So, banyaklah topik-topik menarik which surfaced in the car. We only reached home at 7:30p.m.

Topic 1 (Started when we saw the new James Bond Movie Billboard near Eastin)

Hilman : Why is the James Bond character different, Mommy? (translated - why is it that it's a different person playing James Bond every time?)

Me : They're just actors Hilman, playing the same character - James Bond.

Hilman : Why do they have to change the actors?

Me : Well... the previous actors are all quite old already, Hilman. They cannot be running and jumping over buildings, and what nots. Not realistic la nanti.

Hasya : How old are they, Mommy?

Me : A few nearly 70, maybe over. A few over 50.

Hilman : What about the James Bond in Quantum of Solace, Mommy?

Me : Hmmmm, I'm not sure - he's 30 something, I guess?

Hasya : Which is your favourite James Bond, Mommy?

Me : The current one - Daniel Craig.

Hasya : Why?

Me : Hmmmm, I think he's the best Bond so far. His portrayal of Bond has been the most realistic so far. I think.

Hasya : Do you think he's good looking?

Me : Well, he's not THAT good looking. But, I think he's really attractive. He's got piercing blue eyes.

Hasya : They look like snakes eyes la, Mommy!

Me : No lah...He's got VERY nice eyes.

Hasya : Eeeeeewwww... Mommy?!

Me : What?! And he's very muscular, too!

Hasya : I don't like muscular men...

Me : ?????!!!!


Topic 2 (Still on Hollywood Stars)

Hasya : Mommy, who's your favourite actor?

Me : I have a few.

Hasya : Who, Mommy?

Me : Well, I like Tom Hanks.

Hasya : Because you like Forrest Gump, right?

Me : That, and he's a VERY good actor. I also like Bill Murray.

Hasya : Bill Who?

(And I started naming a few movies which Bill Murray starred in. All met with blank looks)

Hasya : He must be VERY old.

Me : ????!!!! No! He's not THAT old! Have you seen "Groundhog Day"?

Hasya : No.

Me : Oh, never mind. Oh yes, I also like Steve Martin.

Hasya : Oh ya... He was in Cheaper by the Dozen, right?

Me : Yes - and he's also in The Pink Panther Movie. Remember?

Hasya and Hilman : Oh yaaaa!!! He was the one who was trying to speak proper English right? The part where he wanted to say, "I would like to have a hamburger", tu kan, Mommy?

And both of them gave the cutest French accent macam Inspector Clousseau tu. Hehehe...chomei!

Me : Yes, that's the one!

Hasya : Oh, I like him, too. And I also like Nicholas Cage.

Me : ???!!!! Errr, how did you know Nicholas Cage, Hasya?

Hasya : I saw The National Treasure. 1 AND 2 - BOTH of them.

Me : When was this? Even Mommy have not seen them, tau?

Hasya : Dah lama dah... He's cool...

Me : ???!!!


Topic 3 (Still on Hollywood Stars)

Hasya : Mommy, do you think Angelina Jolie is nice?

Me : Yes, I guess so. I think she has a good heart - adopting and taking care of all those poor children from all around the world, etc.

Hasya : Yeah, I think she's nice, too. Too bad she's going to H**l...

Me : ????!!!!!


Topic 4 (STILL on Movie Stars)

Hasya : Mommy, do you like Daniel Radcliffe?

Me : No, not really. I don't think he can act. I like Rupert Grint, though.

Hasya : Yeah, me, too. I don't like him. And I read somewhere that he acted in a play - naked! I'm never going to see it!

Me : Me neither. And you are MOST definitely NOT going to THAT play, okay?!

Hasya : I know. I just told you what?! Anyway, I also like Emma Watson - Hermione.

At this point, Hilman butted in -

Hilman : I like Cedric Diggory, Mommy!

Hasya : HILMAN!!! He's a guy la!

Hilman : I know. But, I like him in Harry Potter la, Kak Ngah.

Me : ????!!!! (Hmmmmm, THAT'S IT - He's definitely NOT going to Ayah's alma mater!)



TOPIC 5 (STILL on STARS. What else? But this time - singers)

Hasya : Mommy, do you like Rihanna?

Me : Nope.

Hasya : Me neither. She's so lembik like that... (and Hasya started imitating the way Rihanna sings, etc.)

Me : Yup. Lembik!

Hasya : Who else do you like?

And she started listing down the names of all singers which came to her mind. All of which got a straight "NOPE" from me as replies.

Me : But, I kinda like Avril Lavigne and Pink, though. And Fergie and Black Eyed Peas.

Hasya : Simple Plan?

Me : They're okay. And I like Bon Jovi.

Hasya : Who?!

Me : Bon Jovi. They, oh well...never mind.

Hasya : Are they old?

Me : ???!!!!!


* Anyway, to those who are new to this Blog, Hasya's 9 years old, and Hilman's 8 years old, by the way :)


Unknown said...

hehehe :-) cute star talk!
having views and opinion matters - it makes our children individuals of their own.
being able to have conversation abt them - that is freedom.

parenting can be so fun and cool!!


NorAiniJ said...

Dear Wan Shana,

Had to leave comment on this one(selalunys Ghost Reader je..:D). I luuurve Bon Jovi too and sure, to 9/8/7-year olds they would go like "Bon who???". Rasa tua betul unty NJ ni hah..:D


jabishah said...

Kak Shana,
I bet a long journey back home is never bored with such conversation. I too look forward to having conversations with my elder girls alone without the interruption of my younger girls.
Ni baru je ckp abt a movie... Balqis will "nak tgk movie", "mana", "bila", "papa kan kerja".. mmg surrenderlah menjwp. Hahaha!

wanshana said...

Abang Id,

Yes - it can be fun and cool indeed. Sometimes they would come up with things which are totally unexpected, and you just don't know how to react!

I have three kids with three totally different characters, and different levels of maturity. So, scene-scene they all bertekak kat dalam kereta tu memang selalu sangatlah...

It's interesting to listen how they argue amongst themselves. Even more intersting to hear when they argue with US! :)

wanshana said...

Dear NJ,

Thank you for hopping by and for being "Pembaca Hantu" all these while. Hehehe! I always enjoy getting to know new people and make new friends in blogosphere ni :)

Yes, Bon Jovi is just awesome, kan? But, somehow when they started going accoustic, dah kureng sket... And I still prefer their old songs much better, especially those in "Slippery When Wet".

I had the chance to see their concert way back in 1989 (or was it 1990?) at Wembley, and I can still remember every single detail of that night. Totally awesome. I think I was the only one in tudong in the whole audience!


Kita sememangnya telah tua... Hahaha!

wanshana said...


Yes, it's interesting indeed, and I never get bored having so many interesting conversations with them. The topics could range from just about anything.

We have covered among others - cars, and MORE cars, different kinds of worms (?!), all the "Why This and Why That", Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Pak Lah, Anwar Ibrahim, More cars, the US Presidential Election (?!) and the Israel-Palestine issue!

But, of course Hilman being the youngest and yang paling "lurus", hence would be the one coming up with 1001 questions (much to the annoyance of his sisters), SELALU kena marah dengan his Kak Long and Kak Ngah. Lepas tu - gaduh... Sigh... (imagine when they gaduh ALL throughout the journey...)

I'm sure you'll have a lovely time in the car with youir lovely girls, Ja. Have fun! (But, be prepared for unexpected questions coming from them!)


Hasya : We have to get married before we can have children, right, Mommy?

Me : Yes.

Hasya and Hilman : How do cats get married, Mommy?

Apa nak jawab???!!

ms hart said...

Wanshana, at least you can connect with whoever stars your fast growing up kids are talking about! Never mind they are blur on Bon Jovi!!!! ha ha ha...I am so hopeless with all those new singers lah, actors lah... but thank God for Mammamia, at least bolehlah hum the songs together-gether gitu!! Tapi my kids hairan - how come you know all the songs mummy? he he.. they all ingat mummy dah 'upgrade' sikit ke...ghopa2nya, memang lagu zaman mummy!!! Laaa....

Waterlily said...


you ni kira ok lagi..whenever my son talks about the celebrities, i pulak yang tanya "who?". Sampai anak i boring nyer sesangat..hahahaha..

But i like to talk to him about my younger days, my late grandmother, when his uncles were younger...i like to show him gambar lama lama..yang kelakar kelakar, yang posing maut gitu..hahahaha..

D said...

hey, your kids are so advance la! my eldest boys who are 11 are real movie fans, so obviously they know the actors and actresses of movies they watch (which are of the late dad's and mine)... Have yours seen all of the Bonds' films?

IBU said...

Aunt Ibu's favourite star is...

I'm sure your kids would know this one:
ROWAN ATKINSON, aka Mr Bean!! hehe....

the principal said...

I love Bon Jovi but not as gila bayang as my sist. She once signed her name as Jovina (her name is Halina)

I last watched Bon Jovi in Oprah. My heart melted. Dulu minat gak John Travolta, but now his perut....(his private plane parks right outside his house, I cant expect him to cycle)...

Kmar said...


So funny to engage on conversations about movie stars especially bila dengar the kids comments... he.he..

Btw, I love Bon Jovi! Rezeki you dapat tengok concert. I nak tengok tapi ticket habis. Got to wait la. I managed to watch James Blunt´s concert (jadi le..) in a small area (only 3000 fans. Dapat la chance tengok muka dia dekat-dekat... he.he.he.. My hubby kata, suara dia ni SEBIJIK macam dalam CD and actually sounds a lot better in real life!!!

Theta said...

This is one funny series of conversations. I can't help but snigger to myself!

My twin sister loves Daniel Craig but I, on the other hand, don't find he's attractive. One of many in which our interests diverge. :)

Here's one trivia you can share with them :
Daniel Radcliffe is also known as Harry Puffer on the sets of Harry Potter since he's a chain smoker.

wanshana said...

ms hart,

I'm left with no choice. At home, if it's not Disney Channel or Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon or the Sports Channel, it's Channel E or MTV... Day in, day out.

And when I'm in the car with the kids, jangan haraplah I nak dengar Era ke, Suria ke, Sinar ke, etc. It's always Hitz or Fly.

Have not had the chance to catch Mammamia The Movie, but planning to see the Musicals with friends, insya Allah. ABBA is also one of Ayah's favourites.

P/S : I met Ni*a at Ly*n's PIL's Open House yesterday. She told me that she knew I was reading your blog and leaving comments, etc. vise versa. I terseganlah pulak. Lepas tu, macam tergamam tak tau nak cakap apa-apa...

So, Ni*a, if you're reading this, sorry tak borak-borak semalam. There were also so many people around maaa...

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, I sure could'nt help chuckling at your conversation with your kids.
Gosh, they are great conversationalists too.

Lots of women love the new Bond....ha ha.
My wife one time gaga over Yul Bryner the Botak! She says tengok his eyes boleh surrender.
Forgot to ask her surrender what? Ha ha. She saw King and I tiga kali! Cheeee! Waste duit jer! Lee.

wanshana said...


Those facts (or myths) about the stars - they're something which you don't need to occupy your head, really. Hehehe!

The kids just love to listen to Richard Reed on JJ & Rudy Morning Show on to catch on the latest gossip on Hollywood stars - and I'm left with no choice but to listen to it, too!

My kids are also fascinated with the stories and photos of their nenek moyang. My son siap tanya -

"Mommy, when did the world turn colourful?"

when he saw all the black and white pictures. Hahaha!

wanshana said...


Hmmmm, I don't know about them being "advanced"...Hehehe!

They have not seen all the Bond movies, only Casino Royale (and maybe one of Pierce Brosnan's).

But, I think they saw a documentary on all the James Bond movies which was shown on Channel-E some time ago. Tu yang they knew about the different actors playing 007.

They were quite confused about Batman, too! Whu so many Batmans??! Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Velkam back :)

Yes, Rowan Atkinson @ Mr. Bean ROCKS!!!

Have you seen all of his Blackadders series? They're just hilarious. Yang tak tahan - si Baldrick tuh... :) Priceless.

P/S : Mammamia on?

wanshana said...

The Principal,

Jovina?!! Sah meroyan! HAHAHAHA!!! (Just kidding :))

Yes, they're hot, kan? Especially si Pakcik Jon Bon Jovi tu. Makin tua, makin mengancam jiwa dan raga. Hahaha!

Oh yes! How could I not include John Travolta? Another brilliant actor. Private planes which he flies himself pulak tu. Who can top that, huh? (Because of that, I choose to not notice his perut. Hehehe!)

wanshana said...


The Bon Jovi concert was awesome. And what made it even more awesome was that it was held at Wembley Arena! That was really out of this world. I gi with Ab*d and Re*a masa tu :)

I've also been to smaller concert venues when I was in the UK dulu. My Uni selalu jugak ada small gigs at the Student Union Building. Saw Richard Marx, Hue and Cry, Salt & Peppa (I wonder where they are now...)

James Blunt - Wow, he has such an engaging voice. Good for a night out just the two of you (and 298 other concert-goers. Hehehe!)

wanshana said...


I still smile to myself everytime I read this posting. If you knew Hasya and Hilman personally, and could imagine how they would say all those stuff, it'll be even funnier :)

I say. You don't find Daniel Craig attractive?! I think he's HOT. If he gets any hotter - the movie screen will catch fire for sure. Hahahaha!

Thanks for the trivia. I think if Hasya knows this, she'll be anti-Harry Potter for sure.

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

Kids do say the darnest things, kan?

Waaaa...Your wife minat Yul Brynner? He was one hot sexy guy, too. Tak rugi duit, Uncle Lee. Hahaha!

I watched The King and I four times myself. 3 times - Yul Brynner (not consecutively, though - but over 10 years or so, I think), and 1 time - the Chow Yun Fatt's one. I still think Yul Brynner's portrayal of the King of Siam was way better than Mr. Chow's.

Take care, Uncle Lee.

afsi said...

Dear WS

hahahaha...welcome to the generation gap

ms hart said...

Wanshana!! That's nice..I mean you meeting N*na at the Raya do. Actually cik adik tu tak tahu kot I ada blog!! I smsed her that I got to know you through blogsphere!! Tapi tak tau lah kalau2 lepas tu dia dok klik2 and jumpa both yours (fofular) blog eh ehem..and mine (buah cempedak di luar pagar, sort of!!) Have a good week ahead, ok?

wanshana said...

Dear afsi,

Thank you for the welcoming note :)

Besar betul gap tu kan? Kalau kat London Underground tu, sure full-blast announcement - "MIND THE GAP!!!" ;)

(Now I know why my Abah selalu berletiaq non-stop bila tengok Awie and Amy Search berambut panjang...)

wanshana said...

ms hart,

Hmmm, maybe Ni*a didn't so much say that she knew we had blogs of our own, but, as you said - we knew each other from blogosphere. There's a difference there :)

Let's keep it that way, shall we? Nanti if she starts reading our blogs pulak nanti, and let Ly*n know about it, hilang credibility I sebagai kakak ipar yang maintain cool di mata adik iparku. Hahaha!

Take care, mshart. You have a great week ahead, too!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Nasib baik lah they asked you about those stars yg you kenal, so bolehlah menjawab. Kalau tanya pasal actors in HSM3 ka, susah jugak tu. Hari tu Hanna tanya pasal HSM3, but I only knew 4 of them .... yang lain tu sorrylah, manalah aku nak kenal!

I like Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino... eh banyaklah pulak...hihi..

wanshana said...


Tang HSM3 - I surrender. I only know 3 of the stars (if I can call them THAT, that is!) So, you're better than me :)

We share more or less the same minat of stars actually. You've got good taste, Ja. Hehehe!

Ini I belum masuk lagi all the British stars like Colin Firth, Sean Bean, Alan Rickman, etc.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bill Murray rocks, and Groundhog's Day was one of his best. but perhaps you should have mentioned Ghostbusters, as that might ring a bell on the kids,...maybe.

but its true la kak shana, the last time i saw Bill on tele, he looks very old. with grey hair and all. almost like steve martin, only balder.

wanshana said...


The only "Ghostbusters" the kids are familiar with are the cartoon series...

Yup, "Groundhog Day" was definitely one of his best movies. While for Steve Martin - "Roxanne".

Maybe one of these days, Ayah and I should get all the classic DVDs, kurung the kids in a room and force them to watch all of those good ol days movies back to back...

Hmmm, personally I think Bill Murray looks MUCH older than Steve Martin.

Enjoy the long weekend, Kerp!