Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Langkawi Trip...

Salams, and Hi, y'all.

I know...I know... our Langkawi trip tales are rather lemau already, but, I was so busy last week, and only managed to upload the pics to my Slide account today.

I'll let the pics do the talking, huh?

But, briefly -

Second day - the weather was glorious, and we spent the day enjoying the hotel pool and beach, and later we went island-hopping to Dayang Bunting, Beras Basah, and Singa Besar (the last island - we didn't go on land, but we fed the eagles from our boat). We had fun at the beach, and also at the Dayang Bunting Lake. Hilman said that was his favourite part of the holiday :). Went back to the hotel around 5p.m., and Ayah was kind enough to let Hanna and I have a mother-daughter bonding time at the Aroamas Spa, while he whiled away the time playing ping-pong with Hilman and Hasya.

Only 18+ are allowed actually, but we told them that Hanna was 16 (tipu sunat!), and they let her in :). We went for the steam room, sauna, Balinese massage, Mandi Lulur and ended the session with the Mandi Bunga. All that in 2 1/2 hours. Bliss...(but, this surely burnt a hole in Ayah's pocket! But, sekali-sekala okay kan, Ayah?!) Thank you, Ayah... Mommy and Hanna REALLY enjoyed our bonding time at the spa...

Kesian Hasya... She was upset that she could not join us at the spa. Not even for a hair treatment session! She said it was not fair because when we were at Kuantan Swiss Ga*den, she was allowed to have the hair treatment with her Kak Long. Anyway, to make up for it, I had some bonding time with her at the room later - teaching her the right way to makan kuachi. Hahaha!

Third day - we had very fine weather, too. We spent it at the KILIM Geo Park (went to two caves, a fish farm, eagle feeding, etc - all along the mangrove coast). We then went to the Wildlife Park, where the kids played with some very cute and some not very cute birds and mammals and reptiles. Ostriches - NOT cute at all. So garang and lahap I tell you!!! We then proceeded to the Durian Perangin Waterfalls where all the girls decided to just watch Ayah and Hilman had fun in the VERY cold water. After about 20 minutes, both of them decided to call it a day. Dah menggigil-gigil...

We then went to the Oriental Village for some light shopping, and the kids had some fun time playing with some pythons... (Eeeeewwwww...Urggghhhhh...AAAArrrgggghhhh!!) They definitely didn't get their courage and bravery handling those slimy, scaly, slithering thingies from Ayah and I. That's for sure! Meremang bulu roma I...

Fourth day - it started to rain from 4a.m in the morning up until the time we reached the airport at 7p.m to catch our flight back to KL! But, no worries there because most of the time was spent indoors anyway, ESPECIALLY at the Haji Ismail Group Duty Free Shops in Kuah. I need not elaborate on this, lah kan? Suffice to say, we again burnt a BIG hole in Ayah's pocket with my Herb Country Corningware shopping spree!

It's okay, Ayah...nanti I tampal balik the holes, okay? :)

We reached KLIA at 10:30p.m, and only reached SD about midnight.

Everybody had great fun in Langkawi, and we're planning to go again next year. We'll probably do something different next time. The snorkelling trip to Pulau Payar will be high on the agenda next year, insya Allah :)

Enjoy the pics!


MHB said...

Yeay!! Finally got to see the piccies... lamaaaa tunggu tau!! hehe... so glad you guys had fun and you got your Herb Country collection!! :-D

btw, did you think Pulau Dayang Bunting was eerie?? I felt 'semacam' je masa kat situ... nak cycle jauh2 on the paddleboat pun takutt...

p/s: pulau payar high on the list next year?? does that make Hj Ismail 'low' on the list?? hehe

btw, I just found out that my 'big brother organisation' is organising a workshop in Langkawi in a couple of weeks and I will be the rep from my company... dah terbayang dah Hj Ismail tuuu... hehe

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

the eagle feeding was featured in Globe Trekker. in a way i can picture how interesting the experience was for you guys. as for the pythons, i'm with you and Doc. had the glorious of an opportunity to overcome this age-old fear last week and the furthest i went was its whole body curled up nicely on my lap while Pinky held its head. hehe...ok laa...better than you and doc i presume...hehehhehee...

*it was a real pleasure having you and doc around last sat. cant thank you enough, esp doc Haizal for taking some of the time off for us.

wanshana said...


Sorry - lambat posted the pics. Work took over everything after we came back from the trip :(

Yup! We had fun, and I'm glad that I got my Herb Country sets, too! It has been my aim since our last trip last year to add on to the collection everytime we go to Langkawi. Hopefully, next year boleh tambah lagi. So, to answer your question - NOPE! Haji Ismail is not (and never will be) low on the list. He is still right there on top. Hahaha!

Yes, Pulau Dayang Bunting was eerie alright. I thought I was the only one feeling that, you know. But, my girls pun felt it! Like you, we all paddled within 20metres of the platform ajer. Tak berani nak go to the other end of the lake. It was not just eerie, but I felt macam a huge sadness in my heart. Strange.

Great that you're going there again. Errrr, jangan pulak nanti you spend more time at Haji Ismail's than at your workshop tu. Hahaha!

Happy shopping, dear :)

Waterlily said...

Hi Shana :)

When I look at the pics, i told my self, i need a holiday break soon..adeii...

Yup, Pulau Payar Shana - a definite must visit next time. Kalau boleh ambik yang stay kat pantai and not dalam boat, my friend yang ambik package boat tu boring..we all yang ambik kat pantai seronok giler! BOleh scuba diving, snorkelling, semuanya best, the underwater view was breathtaking!

I thought I sorang je rasa Pulau Dayang bunting tu semacam, rupa2 nya you and MHB (and your girls) pun ye? I paling takut tengok air dia la..looks semacam je - dark blue green and menakutkan surrounded by the junge kat pulau tu..eiii.., you paddle tak sampai 20mtr, i paddle tak sampai 5 meter, itu pun tak habis masa you..cepat cepat i naik jetty balik!

Anyway, selamat kembali shana ;)

Anonymous said... woo cuti2 ke beach lagik...arghhhh...i really need a break...hehehhe

ms hart said...

Woaaaa...tak tahhhaaaan!!!! I think all your pics speak more than a thousand words!! So glad you all had a marvellous time! Herb Country?!! I know if I need sedulang-dua dulang more than my limited collection, I can SOS you, aaa?? Same collection we have here lah!!!

wanshana said...


It was indeed a spectacular view watching the eagles in flight. Have never seen so many eagles in one place. Awesome.

As for the slitherin' creatures, suffice to say, I only held the part where the head is the furthest from me. Hehehe! Seriau you...

Hey, thank you so much for inviting us over for the bloggers get-together on Saturday. It was great to have met you at last!(But, errr...I find that you're somehow more pemalu in person? Hahaha! Ye ke?!) And of course, it was great to have been able to meet up with all the power bloggers there, too. Next time, insya Allah, Ibu can join us, eh?

P/S : Did you get your nasi for dinner that night? :)

wanshana said...

Hi Waterlily,

Thanks! Langkawi really has a lot to offer holiday-goers, kan? A lot of people said that Pulau Payar is must-go destination when we go to Langkawi, but somehow hari tu we were not that keen because we didn't expect it to be a whole day thing. So, next time we'll be more prepared for it, insya Allah. And we'll heed your advice and opt for the pantai package, insya Allah. Thanks.

I say, why don't you ajak Id*us to go away with the kids for a short break over Christmas break nanti? I also think you need a break after being the gracious host to all your guests the last one month or so ni.

Ya lah - the Tasik Dayang Bunting's water tu macam menyeramkan kan? I guess, the fact that I don't know how to swim made it more daunting kot? It was just too quiet for my liking actually.

Kalau ikutkan hati, I memang tak nak naik paddle boat tu, but because somebody had to temankan the girls, I beranikanlah jugak...

wanshana said...


Why not you ngushar your Cik Abang and ajak him to go for a short break this weekend? If tak pergi jauh pun tak per. Cyberlodge has an awesome spa I heard ;)

Go and pamper yourself, dear. Loosen up all the urat-urat yang dah tersimpul because of stress and all. Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Ms hart!

Wooooaaaaahhh!!! Memang tak tahan!! Tu yang duit habis tuh! Hahaha!

Hi-5!!! We've got excellent taste, huh? I thought of starting a collection of the newer designs masa pergi last year, but, balik-balik dok belek Herb Country jugak.

Boleh kalau nak pinjam sedulang dua dulang masa nak buat khenduri nanti. No problemo :) I pun nanti boleh lah jugak nak pinjam satu lori dua lori dari you, eh? Hahaha!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

oh nooo, never thought my maluness was discernible to the naked eyes! ok akak i admit, ada rasa malu sikit, but for mere reason it was our first meeting. could have loosen up a bit more if there was some rice-based dish on the spread! porridge tak boleh kira la.

*had dinner at a nearby mamak. Pinky ordered chapati and well, it goes without saying what i had.

wanshana said...


I say, actually Haizal and myself should be even "malu-er" because that was our first time ever at a bloggers gathering, while you have been to quite a few (playing host a few times some more!), and you all being amongst the top bloggers and all. I tell you... Sket lagi we thought of chickening out. Hehehe! Anyway, now that the ice has been broken (physically?), next time tak payah malu-malu lagi lah ya?

Hmmmm, let me guess. You had the whole spread of Nasi Briayani, complete with chicken, mutton, beef, sotong curries + poppodum + acar - all TWO (or three?) plates of them that night? Balas dendam... Hahaha!

Helena said...

whaaa.... jeles...... hehe

but glad that you all had a fabulous time..... maybe in a year or two nak pergi langkawi la.... we didnt go island hopping last time.....

Helena and family gi jenjalan end of the year kut.... but not sure where..... though i hope its gonna be sabah....

wanshana said...

Hi Helena,

Thanks :)

Ayah suggested that we go to Langkawi every year. If we run out of things to do and plcaes to go to nanti, I guess just staying and lazing around at the hotel pun okay. The kids will be happy as long as there's a nice beach and a nice swimming pool.

And renting a car would mean we can always take a leisurely drive anywhere and anytime we want (and of course - easier to hangkut my Corningware sets. Hahaha!)

Hope you'll get to go to Sabah. I'm sure Sabah also has a lot to offer. Don't forget to blog about it and post pics, okay?

Take care :)

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Hi Shana,

Bila pulak Pulau Dayang Buntin ada paddle boat rides? I dah lama agaknya tak pergi Langkawi sampai tak tau pun.

Love the pictures. You guys really had fun with the island hoppings, cave excursions, lepaking by the beach, spa treatments and shopping for Correll! Wish we were there too!

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

As always ... love the pics. Felt like I was there kat CW island jgk.

HB & I thought we made a mistake for booking the train to butterworth. We shld hv gone up to Alor Star ke or Arau ke & off to Langkawi kan. At least tak lah awal sgt smpi. We reached butterworth at almost 5am tau.. But the trip went well. Nanti will continue the sequel ;-)

I hv to take the girls to langkawi one of these days. Best sgt kan? Nanti will get to you for the places worth going k.

wanshana said...

Gina @ MTT,

Thanks! Punya lah baaaannnnyyyaaakk pics that we took. I was struggling to choose which one to post here! :)

Last year was the first time I've ever stepped foot on Langkawi, and we didn't go island-hopping then. So, I'm not really sure when they started having the paddle-boat thingy at Tasik Dayang Bunting tu. But, those who were here like 10 years ago do say that Langkawi has changed A LOT - for the better. Good for its people lah...(Apparently and coincidentally, betul-betul after habis sumpah 7 keturunan Mahsuri).

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

Your Penang-by-train trip sounds exciting, too. I'm waiting for the sequel(s). I'm always amazed with mothers who could travel and have fun with babies tagging along :)We might just try and do the same bebila nanti (errr...NOT having babies to travel with, but going to Penang by train, that is. Hahahaha!)

There are a lot of places for kids to have fun in Langkawi. If you don't want to rush, spend at least 4N5D there, rent a car, and plan your schedule to have some leisurely time there and also some time to enjoy the hotel, too.