Friday, November 14, 2008

Rumour has it...

Hmmmm, since the kids only finished their exams on 7th November, the school year ended with us not knowing their official final exam results! Apparently, Hanna will get her official results online towards the end of November, while Hasya and Hilman will only get their Report Books when they register for the next academic year!

1, 2, 3 - AAAARRRGGGGHHH!!! Tergamak their schools do this to their pupils?!! (Or rather - to their KIASU parents?!!

But, dengan pengiraan yang telah dibuat sendiri dengan membandingkan markah-markah anak-anak kami dengan markah-markah anak-anak mak bapak kiasu yang lain, yang mana anak-anak mereka merupakan our kids "competitions" in class, kira tolak campur bahagi beberapa kali (errr...more than 20 kali actually, especially dalam kes-kes yang agak musykil dan was-was, serta tak puas hati. Hehehe!), rumor has it that -

Hanna will get 2nd place behind Fa*hana a.k.a "The-girl-who-can-never-be-beaten....ever" (according to Hanna lah). Believe it or not, in almost ALL of the subjects, Fa*hana beat Hanna by 1 mark! But, syukur alhamdulillah, her marks are VERY impressive indeed. And she has climbed up 4 places. She was 6th in the Mid-Year Exam. And it goes without saying - that MOMMY AND AYAH ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU, HANNA!!!

Ini "rumor has it" laaa... :)

Hasya also (amost definitely) telah melepaskan her takhta to Im*an (yup...the boy whose marks were our main concerns in my last posting. Hehehe!). Imran beat her by 2 marks. The final paper that they got, which was Science - Hasya got second highest in class. Even though she beat Im*an by 6 marks in Science, his overall total was 446/500, while Hasya's overall was 444/500 (not a good number, huh? Hehehe!) So, from #1, she is now in #2. She has worked really hard for the exams, and she either got 1st or 2nd highest in all the subjects! And it goes without saying that MOMMY AND AYAH ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU, HASYA!!!

Ini "rumor has it" laaa... :)

And Hilman has retained his #1 position! Hip Hip Hooray!!! He got highest for two of the subjects (Science and English), 2nd highest for Maths, and 3rd highest for BM. I think compared to his friends, Hilman is quite consistent, in the sense that he's always up there in the top 3. That's why, syukur alhamdulillah, the #1 spot is his. His friends who got highest or high marks in some of the subjects, did not do that okay in their other subjects, and that had pulled them down. So now, Ayah and I are debating whether Hilman has followed him ("Science" brain?) or me ("Social Science" brain?). He seems to be good in both fields. Hmmmmm? Science brain or Social science brain, it goes without saying that MOMMY AND AYAH ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU, HILMAN!!!

Ini "rumour has it" laaa.... :)

(Can only be verified in 1-2 months time maaaa...)

AND rumour has it that their Ayah is planning to reward them with COOL stuff for their achievements over the school holidays ni. YAHOOO!!! But, Ayah is in a dilemma - should he wait for the official results to come out before he goes out and get those cool stuff? But, that will be so late maaahhh!!! We're hoping to add some excitement to their cuti sekolah with those cool gadgets ;) Hmmmm, to play safe, tunggu next year, kot? ;)

Errrr, Hanna, Hasya and Hilman - part Ayah wanting to buy the cool stuffs for you all ni pun, kira "rumour has it" aje, tau?... :)


* Hanna, jangan tension, okay? ;)*


udinb said...

Haiya .... good lah u wanshana, very particular and detail about your children performances.

Not like me, always leave it to Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas cum wife :) I only want to know the final result, the detail she sorts it out with them.

Result belom tahu lagik, I oredi announced the reward to them, holiday to Jakarta and Bandung. Next time better wait, learn something from u lah .... TQ

Intanterpilih said...

hi kak shana,
has been a regular silent reader to your it the way u write.....:)

jabishah said...

Hahaha...Kak Shana,
Mcm sports commentator daa. You try baca your entry, buat tone Hasbullah Awang ke, hihihi.
But rumour has it that these Kiasu parents frm SD wont tahan till next year to reward the kids. Betul tak? Itching to get what you plan to get for them kan?
Anyway, congrats to your kids for theirs excellent results! Happy holidays!!

Anonymous said...


Waterlily said...

Congrats congrats congrats to Hanna, Hasya and Hilman.

In my case, I try to be kiasu when it comes to my son's achievement. Bila I tanya, kenapa dapat 88 jer, orang lain boleh dapat sampai 98? Dia boleh jawab..'still A apa?'. Then bila i suruh baca buku kat rumah...dia boleh kata, lagi baca lagi lupa lah mommy, dont worry, i pay attention in class.. Aikk? camana nih?

wanshana said...


If I tak particular, I jugak yang susah nanti - cannot tahan the anxiety. Nanti blood goes upstairs. Ayah is just like me. In fact sometimes Ayah yang oooovvvveeeerr than me :)

We all rotate duty Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas every now and then, tapi masa exam BOTH jadi Menteri. Boleh?!

Waaa, bestnyer holiday to Jakarta and Bandung. I'm sure you all will have a great time there. Shopping haven for your girls, especially for Ana :)

Happy Holidays and have fun!

wanshana said...

Hi intanterpilih,

Thank you for hopping by all this while and thank you for bearing with all my ramblings, and still liking it! Hehehe! I'm flattered indeed. I've always loved it when I make new friends in blogosphere.

You're always welcome here. Hope to see you here again soon :)

wanshana said...


Thanks, dear.

Alamak! Hasbullah Awang?!!! I say, kalau macam Wan Kamarudin tu ke, okay jugak...Hahaha!

Hmmmm, I think you're right la. Cannot wait that long. I think we'll probably call their class teachers just to get confirmation before going on the shopping spree :)

Happy Holidays to you, too (and all the best ;))

wanshana said...

Hanna dear,

Sabar itu separuh dari imaan, :)

And remember, the best things come to those who wait ;)

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

Hehehe... But, he's got a point there - still "A", what? And in UPSR, etc - that's the only thing that counts. Hehehe!

Some kids are just plain brilliant, and they don't need to study bagai nak rak if they concentrate in class. I bet your son is one of them.

Anyway, each child has his unique ways to study, and we cannot force him to use other methods or style. Takut tak work for him pulak nanti.

Take care, and have a great weekend!

Ummi365 said...

wah.. bagus. bagus.. tahniah tahniah to each and everyone of them.. berbaloi lah semua kerja keras ibu and ayahkan.

as for me can only bangga the primary school, yang secondary tu .. dapat B pun i dah bersyukur.

Anonymous said...

You know what, Mommy dear... I really hope that next year Hanna & Hasya will be in the same classes as Fa*hana & Im*an that they can 'exact revenge on them'. Hehehe...

Sorry...I don't mean to sound so aggressive and violent! Our kidz are competitive enough without us breathing down their necks, I know...but can't help it. Dah kiasu, buat camno? ;p

Anyway, Hanna, Hasya & Hilman...Ayah & Mommy are so proud of you. Just make sure all of you GET NUMBER 1 EVERYTIME!!! And full marks strongly recommended.


Spena said...

Sis, when I read this post I tersengih sorang. Just imagine I met my primary school friends recently and they all siap reminded me of our Std 1 till 6 years sape yg asyik dapat no 1,, sape yang tak boleh di kalahkan lansung etc....
Hehehe...nasib baik my mom tak kiasu....

MAMAMIA said...

Alahai.... no need to wait till results come outlah. Bagi aje... they've done well & I think they deserve it.

Time is too long for those who wait!!! Kecian they all.... & mak cik sorang ni yg tak sabar nak tahu apa gadjet tu...

Anonymous said...

salam kak shana,

awww ... your kids are sooo good ... congratulations kids!!!

you have to teach me how to be kiasu lah :)

can't wait to know too what's the suprise ... hehehe ... *nosy parker!*

anyway, i want to thank you very much to you and abang H for visiting mummy ... susah kan you both aje ... she will be happy when hilmi turn up to visit her tomorrow! yeah ... he's on his way as i am typing this ... :)

thanx again and take care!

lots of hugs ...

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you... I think 99% of the credits should go to the kids. Ayah and I only gave them that 1% push :) (ONE VERY BIG PUSH. NO MERCY PUNYA. HAHAHAHA!)

Every child has his own special gift and talent, and each takes his own time to reach his peak. Sometimes they develop their aptitude earlier than others, and sometimes much later in life. The bottom line is - each child is unique and special. So, not too worry to much about your secondary school kids :)

Happy Holidays, and all the best melayan anak-anak :)

wanshana said...

Adoi...Brutal jugak Ayahnya, ya?! Hehehe!

Mommynya pulak prefers if they go to a different class next year, so that they can compete with new competitors - just to gauge where they stand in their year more or less. A new challenge can be quite refreshing for them, don't you think?

wanshana said...


Hehehe! I think all of us can still remember vividly our primary school days when it comes to "who's the girl/boy to beat in class". Even akak pun until now can still remember my rivals in class. I can still remember their full names and faces so clearly. I think if I were to bump into them in a crowded place one of these days pun, I would recognize them! :)

My parents pun tak kiasu, so, I really can't explain where I got my kiasuness from. From Ayah, kot?! Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu...I think we will heed your advice. Kesian kat bebudak ni nak menunggu. Cuti sekolah so panjang pulak tu. And tomorrow's Hanna's birthday anyway :)

The gadgets/cool stuff tu bukannya apa sangat really, but, they're something we know the kids have been eyeing (tapi tak pernah terang-terang mintak. Dioghang ni pun pandai jugak bahasa-bahasa kiasan ni...Hehehe!)

Insya Allah, will update on this soon :)

wanshana said...

Salams Motley,

Thank you. Agaknya berkat kena leter selalu ngan I kot? Hahaha!

Kiasuness ni, I think is not teachable la kot? Either you are, or you're not. And sometimes you can also be in between :)

Aaaawww...I wish I could be there to see Mummy's face when she sees Hilmi!!! Knowing you guys, sure she doesn't even know that he's coming home. How long is he back for? Will he be staying at El*ine's? I'll get Haizal to call him tonight, insya Allah.

You take care, too!

Oh ya, Hanna says thank you for the birthday card. Got it yesterday :)


Unknown said...

Shana, apparently nowdays disebabkan pereksa hampir nak cuti banyak skolah ( termasuk 2 of my 4 kids) keputusan akan dimaklumkan pada kita2 'kiasu' ni..semasa cuti skolah...isk!isk!

Btw Shana..tahniah untuk semua anak2 u...Hanna, Hasya and Hilman...termasuk ayahbonda mereka...
err..very stiff competttion eh!...keep motivating them..beza 1/ 2 markah ni..kalau kita pun leh jadi tensionnnn..argghh

Ok.tata..Slamat bercuti...kiss for your kids who'd made their parents proud giler!!..

p/s: kalu kitakan Shana...rasa macam terbang di awang-awangan...

MrsNordin said...

Well done to your children! Can I send my kids to your house, ah? :)

IBU said...

Congratulations to the kiasu parents & the children.

Errr... to borrow Tn Doc's words, can you help 'breath down' my children's necks too arrr?

I can't remember me studying hard or dutifully doing my homework ... primary or secondary. So, very difficult to exert too much pressure on my kids laa... hehehe...

Now with Ameer, I'm the one feeling pressured because he's so kiasu to finish his homework & do his revision and prep for test or exam. If school hols, he wants to finish them all on the first day of school holidays. Alahai... baru in kindy tuh!! HELP!!

wanshana said...

Hi Eta,

Thank you. I pun terasa`macam di awang-awangan ni :)

Good luck to us yang still nak kena menunggu for the official results ni. Jangan dapat darah tinggi dah. Hehehe!

Markah yang 1-2 markah beza ni memang menensionkan and mengecutkan perut. Last exam, Hasya beat Im*an by 1.5 markah ajer!

Selamat bercuti to you, too :)

wanshana said...

Thanks, BJ :)

Nak hantar anak-anak you ke rumah I? Hahaha! I think MrN and you are already doing a marvellous job with the kids, dear ;)

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you...And A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Abang Idin for scoring 5As in UPSR! Lega naaa?

Nak ask us breathe down your kids' necks? I can just imagine Hafeez's expression if we were to do that with him. Hahaha!

I, for the life of me pun can't seem to remember to study that pulun masa sekolah dulu, except masa SPM month - coz' last minute "vision" (can't call it "revision" coz' it definitely wasn't a "re-" thing. Hehehe!

Waaaa...I'm pretty impressed with Ameer, you! Definitely tak ikut his Ibu ni. HAHAHAHA!