Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post-exam, pre-holiday ramblings, and Mr. Prefect Elected...

Hasya and Hilman had just finished their Final Exams today, and it's so nice to see the two of them fooling around again after a rigourous week of studying and revising. Even though Hasya always bosses Hilman around, they really get on very well with each other. And I just love to hear them joke and laugh together. Both of them have very infectious laughters, especially Hilman.

The two of them were supposed to return all their Buku Pinjaman tomorrow. However, without me knowing, Hilman had returned ALL his books to his class teacher just now. I had wanted to check his books before returning them - just to make sure that they still look like books after being in Hilman's possession for nearly a year. But, I guess there's no need for that now. Or maybe, I should just go and see his teacher tomorrow? If the books that he returned today look like belacan, it's only right that we should replace them with new ones so that the recipients for next year would not be turned off reading just by looking at them!

As expected, Hasya's books are just immaculate. Too immaculate in fact - macam tak pernah dibaca! Hehehe...But, I know that she did read them. She's the type who would not open her books fully when she reads them, just so that she would not crease the spine. That's Hasya for you. Tahan tu - dok 'mengintai' the pages everytime she reads her books. She has set all her buku pinjaman aside just now, and insisted on tying them up with a string before returning them to the school tomorrow. Mana lah nak cari tali rafia malam ni? But, Hasya being Hasya, she needs the string TONIGHT. Like NOW. Sigh...

Besides the textbooks business, there are also a few forms which we need to fill in and return to their class teachers by tomorrow. One is the Borang Naik Darjah, and the other one is Borang Tempahan Baju Pengawas for Hilman.

Yup - my dear boy is going to be a prefect next year.

We could not believe it at first when he came back a couple of weeks ago telling us the news.

It was like -

Hilman : Mommy, I'm going to be a prefect next year, Mommy.

Me : Awwwhhh...Congratulations, Hilman! But, are you sure? Or are you just being nominated ajer?

Hilman : Errr...I dunno..(typical of him! Hehehe!)

Me : Can you find out for sure, please?

Hasya : Mommy, for Std. Three prefects, they don't have to go for the interview lah, Mommy. Usually, if the teachers nominate the students, they terus jadi pengawas.

Me : Hmmm...are you sure?

Hasya : Ya lah, Mommy. But, I can't believe Hilman can jadi pengawas, lah Mommy.

Mommy : Why not?

Hasya : He's like a baby and not garang at all!

(Hasya is a prefect, and a VERY garang one at that! Hehehe!)

Hilman : Kak Ngah, I'm not a baby!!!

Hasya : Well, sometimes you act like one!

Hilman : KAK NGAH!!!

Hanna : Hilman, do you know what you're supposed to do as a pengawas?

Hilman : I jaga kelas lah. If the pupils are noisy, I marah and write their names lah.

Hanna : Aiyooo...Cannot imagine Hilman marah la, Mommy!!

Hasya : Ya baby only!

Hilman : KAK NGAH!!!

Me : Okay, okay...that's enough. Hilman, what did your teacher tell you?

Hilman : That I jadi pengawas la next year.

Me : I'm so proud of you, Hilman. Hmmmmm, how do you feel about the whole thing? How did you feel when your teacher told you?

Hilman : I had tears in my eyes, Mommy...

Me : Hah?! Tears??!! Why, Hilman?!

Hilman : Tears of joy, Mommy...

(And Hanna and Hasya just burst out laughing! Trust the sisters to do that...)

And when he told his Ayah the news later that night, Ayah's first reaction was -

Ayah : Hah??!! Are you sure, Hilman? (while looking at me, trying to get confirmation, before, hugging Hilman and continuing -) Congrats, Hilman! I'm so proud of you!

Hilman : (Dengan selambanya) I know. (Hehehe!)

Anyway, so tomorrow, the tailor will be going to the school to get the measurements for the uniforms, and Hilman needs to pay RM171/= which covers 1 long-sleeve blue shirt, 2 short-sleeved blue shirt, 2 vests and 1 T-Shirt Pengawas. Itu tak masuk lagi his school trousers (he needs at least 3 pairs!) and kasut hitam (2 pairs). And he doesn't need to order/get the Pengawas tie, as Hasya has two. She doesn't need them for next year. She'll be in Std. 4 - most junior in the morning session, so, she won't be a prefect anymore. And I think I still have Hanna's primary school prefect ties lying somewhere in the house.

My only worry now is - by the end of the school holidays, takut Hilman dah outgrew the prefect uniforms to be measured esok ni... At the rate he's going (with his frequent friendly visits to the fridge, and all) ada chance tak muat nanti...

Hilman, even though your Kak Long and Kak Ngah have been teasing you, WE (Mommy, Ayah AND your sisters) are very confident that you'll be a very good prefect, okay? Just that, maybe it's not a good idea to write down EVERYBODY's name in your little black book, for even the slightest rule-bending and rule-breaking, okay? :)

You can do it, Hilman.



Anonymous said...

salam kak shana,

waaa ... CONGRATS hilman!!! and of course to you and abang H too!!!

we are sooo proud of him ...

a very big hug for hilman!!! yay!!!

* mana ada baby la kakak hanna and kakak hasya - comel je! habis la lepas ni ramai la line up coz prefect sooo la the hensem! heheheh *

take care ...

:o) us

Unknown said...

Hilman....just like Mr Obama has been saying...."Yes, you can!"

pakcik dari dubai juga tumpang bangga!

pakcik dubai.

wanshana said...

Motley @ Murni,

Thank you, thank you...(also on behalf of Hilman). know la how Hilman is, and how his sisters are!

If you see him now, he's more "gebu" than hensem lah... Not just that he's chubbier, but his complexion is just so....gebu! :) (much to his sisters' annoyance. Hehehe!)

I'll definitely hug him for you. Best sebenarnya . In a way, his Kak Ngah is right - he's still like a baby. Bila peluk dia, sometimes I can still smell his baby smell :)

You take care, too, and have a great weekend :)

wanshana said...

Pp @ Abang Id @ Pakcik Dubai :)


Yup, just like Mr. Obama's chants, alright - "Yes, you can"!

(I know Hilman will be okay even though he is such a "lurus" boy! :))

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Hilman, congrats! Don't worry - you don't need to be garang, just be firm aje but friendly. Just make sure the other students follow the rules aje. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful prefect!

I was a prefect too dulu2. Tak garang pun...but managed to get my fellow friends to tow the line. Orang pun suka sebab kita tak garang mcm singa!

MrsNordin said...

Ini ikut jejak mummy dia lah ni... :) Congratulations to Hilman!

Mrs.A said...

Congrats to Hilman Kak Shana. I shall congratulate him myself when I see all of you at Q1's bday. (next year pun, next year lah kan... dah masuk social calendar dah!)


MHB said...

Hilman had tears of joy? Haha... that's so sweet, cute and adorable all at the same time!! Congrats, Hilman!! Your 'lil baby boy is sure growing up!!

ms hart said...

Waaahhh...same time with that Mr President, Sir ek?! Steadeyhh Hilmaaan!!! Congrats...Wanshana, I've just realised that your son is actually the youngest, ya? Samalah hero is the youngest, the baby..he he he...but promise, promise...we won't be that ibu mertuaku si nyonya mansor, kan?!!

IBU said...

5 keturunan jadi pengawas?!!!! Ayah, Mommy, Kak Long, Kak Ngah & now Hilman. Dahsyat!!

Congrats Hilman. All d best.

Jgn jadi macam Ibu dolu-dolu, acting jer tulis nama orang dalam buku, but actually sketch cartoons ... hehehe.... ni gara2 prefect elected by the peers la ni. AHAKSSS!!!

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, wow! You sure got a great kid there. And I always enjoy read your conversations with them, very heart warming.
"Dia tak garang..."? Ha ha. I like that.
Have a great weekend, Lee.

wanshana said...

MTT @ Gina,

Thank you on behalf of Hilman. I'll let him read your comment himself nanti :)

I was a prefect, too - a forced one pulak! We had a system, whereby the teachers would nominate the students, and after being shortlisted, we would hold an election. So, you can imagine lah students undi prefects yang they hoped not to be too strict with them! Hahaha!

My Arabic teacher made a remark when the election results came out - "WanShana, kamu jadi pengawas???!!" (in total disbelief, I must say!)

I protested at first (by clipping about 24 colourful paperclips on my tie the whole year!), but after that baru sedar that I had a "tanggungjawab". Hehehe!

I was not that strict. Neither was I too laxed :)

wanshana said...

mrsnordin @ BJ,

Thanks on Hilman's behalf, BJ. I will let him read the comments later.

Ha-ah... Ikut jejak langkah Mommy dia...Tapi, dia sukaaaaaaaa sangat jadi pengawas nih, unlike his Mommy! Hehehe...

wanshana said...

Hi Amy,

Thank you (on Hilman's behalf) :)

Yup, you can congratulate him personally in January nanti. Hehehe...

(But, honestly - can YOU imagine him being a prefect? Tak garang LANGSUNG, and never raises his voice ever!)

wanshana said...


Thank you for the congratulatory wish. I will definitely ask him to read your comment later.

Tu lah tu. I sikit lagi nak tersedak when he said he had "tears of joy" when his teacher called out his name. Kakak-kakak dia mengekek-ngekek tergelak!

Yup - he's growing up fast alright ;) (meaning I'm growing old fast, too!)

wanshana said...

ms hart,

Thank you on his behalf (not Obama's, but Hilman's. Hehehe!)

Yes, anak teruna I yang bongsu (for the time being, at least ;)).

Hmmmm....I don't think I'll be a nyonya mansor, but, I'll probably have a list of criteria of girls yang boleh dan yang tidak boleh dibuat menantu (the length of about 100 kertas kajang. Hahaha!)

wanshana said...


5 keturunan?!! Wei, lu ingat Hilman gua punya cicit kaaa?! HAHAHAHA! Anyway, thank you on Hilman's behalf :) had your little black book? Myself, I can't seem to remember having a book of that nature at all (maybe not in the first year of being a prefect at least - tunjuk perasaan la konon...Hahaha!)

But, I remember you (and Along Ma*li*a, Pe*ce & Li* Ra*ma*) being among yang (relatively) stricter (but not garang la) than the likes of me, Re*a, Arwah Ro**,Ha*ni, etc. Even I pun takut ngan you, you know? Hahaha!

wanshana said...

Hi Uncle Lee!

Thanks :)

Yes, Hilman is not garang AT ALL. That's why it worries me jugak - takut his friends don't listen to him, and he would get frustrated! But, I know for sure that he will not bend any rules, and will not practice cronysm whatsoever. Hahahaa! He is so lurus maaa..)

I like to borak-borak with my kids in the car - that's when they cannot go anywhere, and I can corner them with whatever questions I want to ask them, and I'll get all sorts of interesting replies/responses from them :)

You have a great weekend, too, Uncle Lee :)

Take care.

Unknown said...

Shana..achewah...En Hilman sudah mau jadi pengawas.....pasal garang tu tolak tepi le shana..but part kalu ade pengganas bergaduh..Kita tak leh imagine camana dia nak jadi superhero...sebab diakan cool and calm..(tu dr ape yang kita baca ur reading le..)..and tears of joy punya term pun buat kita tergelak..ku main pandai bahasa berbunga...

p/s: err...not to discount ayah dia ..tapi...kemana tumpah kuah kalu tak ke nasi....tahniah Shana..kita lak bergenang ayor mato..shd ur heart senyum kembang!!....leadership skill meh!!

wanshana said...


Hehehe...Thanks :)

Yes, he's cool and calm alright, and tak pandai nak gaduh-gaduh, etc. A perfect gentleman (siapa lagi yang nak puji kalau tak Mommy dia, kan? Hehehe!)

Tu lah tu...anak-beranak keturunan "tukang awas". Si Ayahnya pun dulu "tukang awas" jugak ;)

Hilman's Kak Long and Kak Ngah have been giving him tips and some crash course on how to be a pengawas the last few days ni. Macam ada orientation la pulak kat rumah :)

wallpapersdeco said...

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Unknown said...


waa tahniah Hilman... besar and berat tanggung jawab tuuuu. hehehhe
I remembered when I was in Std 5 and my brother in Std 6. He was a prefect then. But he attended afternoon session whilst I was in the morning session... one fine day at home we gaduh like boys always did (siap ngan flying kick segala maklum lar zaman Bruce Lee) and penyudah nya he wrote my name in his prefect's book - betul2 dasar menyalah gunakan kuasa ni.

wanshana said...


Thanks for the info/link :)

wanshana said...


Thanks for the congratulatory wish - I'll let Hilman read your comment later :)

Fuuuhhh! Sungguh tidak patut abangmu itu!!! So, what happened to you after your name masuk his black book? Kena ketuk ketampi masa assembly ke??! Oh, tidaaaakkkk!!

I bet this piece of cerita has become one of the nostalgic moments between you two when you reminisce the good ol' days, huh? ;)

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...


Whaaat? RM171 for that? Mak aaii... mahainyaaa....

Nasib baiklah my Hanna's & Hasya's prefect uniforms can be bought only at the local Uniform shop. Kalau kena tempah mcm Hilman.. aiyoo.. senget la bahu I!

My Hanna & Hasya dah hantar buku pinjaman tu... and they didn't tell me... so I didn't have the chance to check their books...

*p/s: Hilman - congratulations!

jabishah said...

Waa.. Hilman congrats! Yes, you can!

Cute je Hilman... with his tears of joy. Wardah pun was elected as one. She's been daydreaming abt it.

I remember, there was once I was discussing with Yasmin whether she wanted to continue as a prefect in Year 4. She answered it depends on her final results. If still OK, she continues. Hearing that Wardah commented.." Tak malu ke Kak Yasmin, adik prefect.. kakak tak"
Yasmin & I laughed simultaneously. Bila pulak jadi prefect ni? ( This was way before she was elected ..)

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Shana,

Haha...You know, when I read it at first, I saw 'Mr PERfect'...


Anyway, congrats to Hilman!

Prefect-ship is a lot of work, but worth it at the end of the day.

I was a prefect for 10 years, so much so that I didn't know what it was like to go to school without a tie. The work was alot, especially in the upper years when you're juggling more senior posts, exams, duties, and schoolwork, but worthwhile!

Glad Hilman has been given the trust to do this...=)

Kmar said...


Congratulations for Hilman achievement!! You guys must be so proud ´silently´ ... walaupun dok usik dia for being bongsu. Biasala tu.

Btw, sooner or later, mesti ada surat ´cinta´ nih.. ha.ha.ha.. Boys with tie always look ´macho´... betul tak???

Theta said...

Congrats to Hilman for becoming a prefect!

It must be in the genes ;-)

And congrats too that your kids' exam have come to pass. Now I'm sure you can breathe a little easier.

Take care and have a great week!

wanshana said...

Ja @ DDI,

Thank you, on Hilman's behalf :)

That's why laaa! Ayah and I were just discussing this the other day - how mahal it is to tempah the baju pengawas.

We were just thinking, how it would be for those kids yang have potential to become good prefects, but the parents may not be able to afford the uniform. Kesian the kids. If I got to know of such cases, I would not hesitate to sponsor them (setakat yang I mampu la), insya Allah.

wanshana said...


Thank you on behalf of Hilman, and congratulations to Wardah, too! :) Boleh geng dengan Hilman.

Kids memang suka jadi prefects, kan? I guess it's because they get to wear smarter uniforms, and of course - so that they can boss others around. Hehehe! However, my Hanna memang tak nak jadi prefect in secondary school ni. I wonder why?

I guess because at her age, she dah aware of konsep amanah and tanggungjawab more seriously, and she has to balance that with fooling around with her peers. Tu yang tak sanggup kot?

Nanti, kalau ada gambar Wardah in her prefect's uniform, jangan lupa post in your blog, okay? :)

wanshana said...

Hi Daphne :)

Hilman IS that, too - Mr PERfect. Well, at least to his Mommy's eyes laaa...Hahaha!

Waaa, 10 tahun jadi prefect? That's like nearly the whole of your schooling years! Tabiks :) Well, with your positive attitudes and outlook on life and responsibilities, I bet the teachers didn't have to think twice when they chose you.

Way to go, Daphne!

(Errr....Kalau they need prefects for your Uni, I bet you'll be nominated, too! Hehehe!)

Take care, dear.

wanshana said...


Thanks :). Yes, we are proud of him, especially considering that we never thought his teachers would nominate him (what with him being so lurus, and soft-hearted, etc!)

FYI, he never bothered to learn how to tie his own tie until about a couple of months ago. They need to wear their ties for assembly every Monday, and it was always Hasya who had to help him with his tie. Hasya got fed up and insisted that he learn to do it - and within a day, dia dah pro :)

Surat cinta?!! Oh tidaaaakkkk... Sure kembang-kempis his nose nanti. Hahaha!

wanshana said...


Thank you :)

Yes, exams are over, and I'm not waiting anxiously for their results. So far, Hanna's results have been pretty impressive.

Hasya and Hilman had only got one result so far, and if that result is reflective of the other papers, I'm pretty worried with Hasya's performance (worried that SHE would be pretty disappointed as she has always been the top in her class!)

I'm not that worried with Hilman - most of the time he's not even be bothered to know his results pun...


You have a great week ahead, too, and take good care of yourself, dear :)

wanshana said...

Errrr, I mean "I am NOW waiting anxiously...."


Desert Rose said...

Bravo Hilman, sure he'll be the most popular prefect, sebab baik hati, tak garang. Remind of my olden days where we used to 'bully' prefect sampai no one nak jaga our class ha ha. But we always team up with the nice ones. Kudos for Hilman.

wanshana said...

desert rose,

Thank you :)

I pun, if I wasn't a prefect dulu pun, sure I bully dioghang... Memang dasar nak rebel ajer dulu. Hehehe!

Yes, I think Hilman will be quite a popular prefect, insya Allah especially among the girls :)