Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where did the four days go?

It's 4:05a.m on my last day of the CNY break, and tomorrow it's back to work again. If only time could stand still and we could enjoy the 4-day break like there's no end to it, huh?

Anyway, it has been quite a relaxing extended weekend for me. Relatively, that is. Something which I could not say about the extended Raya weekend which would normally be filled with activities having to do with BINGEING most of the times, and of course visiting families and friends, and clearing and cleaning the dining table and kitchen, and bingeing again... :)

So, what have we been up to this CNY long weekend, then?

The usual stuff.


Friday evening, while driving the kids home from school, I received a phonecall from Ab*d, one of my MT friends. Apparently, On*ir (another MT friend) had asked her to organize a dinner outing for that night just to jump-start the long weekend break. It was either at The Curve, or at Ab*d's. Biasalah...MT outings and gatherings are normally memang terkejut-terkejut like this. Most of the times memang unplanned, and last minute. Tu yang lagi kick tu! Hehehe!

Abid called just to ask which option I would prefer, and I was fine with either. And we decided that it was to be at her place - a Potluck thingy. I called Dar to defrost the chicken, boil some egggs, and prepare the ingredients for Szechuan Chicken and Sambal Tumis Telur. By the time we reached home nearly an hour after that (yup - Friday evening jam sucks big time...), everything was ready for me to start cooking.

After solat Maghrib, the bersilat session in the kitchen started and I managed to finish cooking around 8:45p.m. Of course I had to take my shower first as I could not be going to Ab*d's smelling like Sambal Tumis Telur, could I?! The drive to Villa Damansara which normally would have taken only 20 minutes, took us nearly 40 minutes (again, dang the Friday night traffic along Persiaran Surian right up to Kota Damansara :() and we only reached Ab*d's place at 9:30p.m! Ayah was still stuck in clinic and was only able to join us much later.

Ibu's Ayah was already there with their heroes, while like my Ayah, Ibu was still stuck at work. J* and Iz*am were not able to join us as they were leaving for a diving trip in Sipadan the next moring (just the two of them) and they wanted to spend some time with their kids. Re*a and Ta*s pulak were already on their way back to kampung that night. Ibu and Ayah only managed to join us after 10p.m. And lo and behold - On*ir who was the one who suggested the dinner could not make it at the last minute, as she was stuck at a meeting in Putrajaya until 10:00p.m! I guess everybody was trying to wrap things up before the long CNY break.


Anyway, we were at Ab*d's until about 1:45a.m. The kids had fun. The Moms had an even bigger mega fun watching AJL 23 AGAIN. Couldn't get enough of Faizal Tahir the first time around you see...Hehehe! By the time we reached home, it was already 2:00a.m. And I went to bed with my contact lenses on. Dang. I knew there was something I forgot to do before my head hit the pillows...

Remember the Cross-trainer which we bought last week in our attempt to lose weight and tone our bodies up - me, Ayah and Hanna? Well, it arrived at 10:45a.m on Saturday morning just as I was about to send Hasya and Hilman to their Chess Class, much to my dismay as it was supposed to be delivered between 11:00a.m-12:00p.m! I couldn't just leave the delivery guys alone with Dar, as I needed to make sure the machine was assembled correctly, and that it was in working order, etc. I didn't have much choice but to call Gr*ce to ask if the kids could go to the afternoon class instead, and she was fine with it. (Thanks, Gr*ce!)

Our First Floor Family Hall-cum-Mini Gym :)

The kids' Chess Class was rescheduled to 1:30p.m and right after sending them, Hanna and I went to Mak's place to kill time before fetching them at 3:00p.m. Ayah decided to finish work early and volunteered to fetch them instead, and thereafter fetch Hanna and me from PJ. We decided to go to One-U to continue searching for a fridge for Ayah's office.

And we came back. With a guitar instead...

Yup - we did it again : coming back with an item which was never in our shopping list in the first place. Remember last week? The Cross-trainer?! This time, no fridge in the bag. No fridge in sight. At all. In its place - a Classical guitar.

Hanna had been begging (or should I say "bugging") us to let her go for guitar lessons for the last one year or so, but, both Ayah and I had never had the chance to really sit down and think about it UNTIL last Saturday. The guitar shop was just beside Be*t De*ki which we went to to find Ayah's fridge, and after a fruitless effort (yet again) to find a fridge yang menepati kriteria-kriteria yang telah ditetapkan oleh Ayah, we decided to just look at the guitar collection at Gu*ta* Co*le*ti*n and ended up buying an Alhambra C3 Classical guitar for Hanna AND enrolling her for guitar lessons there starting the first week of February! Talk about being impulsive, huh?

The guitar costs a bomb, but we were advised to get it as it will be easier for Hanna to make the transition to other guitars if she starts with the Alhambra. And I guess, it's not Hanna's exclusively as Ayah will be able to play it, too. So, pejam mata ajerlah... We just hope Hanna is serious about the guitar lessons and not HHTA ajer. I could have bought myself a nice piece of jewellery with the amount we paid for the guitar, okay?!

Hanna with the Alhambra guitar (which was supposed to be a fridge actually...)

Anyway, we had dinner at Se*re* Re*ci*e that night, and only reached home nearly 11:00p.m Saturday night.


Sunday morning, Hasya and Hilman had their usual traditional dance classes, and later in the afternoon, we went to Al*a and Ay*a's birthday party in D'sara Heights. They're my biras' nieces. Beautiful twins who turned 5 that day. We were at the party until about 6:00p.m, after which we went to get my car which was left at Mak's the day before. We had to rush back to SD as we had bought tickets to watch Inkheart at GS*C One-U that night. I had earlier planned to cook Sambal Udang for our neighbours, The Kangs, for their Reunion Dinner, but due to the time constraint, we just bought them a cake from Se*re* Re*ip* instead. (And it turned out that they didn't have the Makan Besar at home that night pun, but had bought a table and gone up to Genting to have the feast there while enjoying a concert by a Taiwanese star :))

We left the house again after solat Maghrib, and as all of us were still full from the party earlier on, we just had some Bi* A donuts before we went in to see the movie. It was okay-okay la for me, but the kids enjoyed it tremendously. Can't say Dar felt the same way, as I think she slept through half of the cerita! Can't blame her - the subtitles were not in Bahasa Indonesia...Hehehe! We left One-U just after 11:00p.m, and had Maggi at home for supper before hitting the sack.


Monday morning was spent tidying up and mengemas our room. Remember the tongkang pecah in our Family Hall after the girls' room makeover that day? Well, the 'wreckage' was still there until Saturday morning. And I had to clear the space so that the Cross-trainer can be parked there, right? So, all the 'wreckage' was transferred to our room, and the last couple of days, Ayah and I had to sleep in the living room downstairs as our room was, well...err, like a wreckage scene :) We can't be sleeping in the living room three nights in a row, can we? ;) So, I had no choice but to clear everything yesterday. Macam nak pengsan! :(

I managed to do some major grocery shopping at TE*CO with Hasya, Hilman and Dar later in the afternoon, while Ayah stayed home with Hanna. After TE*CO, we went to send some of the stuff to Mak's place to replenish the kids's food stock for when school re-opens next week. They normally have their lunch (and sometimes dinner) there, and I would stock Mak's fridge and freezer up every 2 weeks or so, knowing how kuat makan my kids are :)

By the time we reached home at 8:45p.m, Ayah had already left to send Hanna to a khenduri doa selamat/BBQ at her friend's place in Section 14. He decided to do some work at his office at PP*M while waiting for Hanna to finish. They came back around 10:30p.m, with some BBQ chicken and cakes which was basically our dinner last night :).


I fell asleep on the 2-seater sofa right after dinner, only to wake up at 2:45a.m, and only to find out that Ayah had also fallen asleep on the 3-seater sofa in the living room. Hmmmm...looks like we're getting too comfortable sleeping in the living room now. Hehehe!

I woke Ayah up to go and sleep in our room, and while Ayah fell asleep again almost immediately, I just could not bring myself to doze off. To while away the time, I went FB-ing and finally decided to update this blog of mine. And the result is what you're reading now - this rather looooong posting.

Sorry to have bored you guys with all the mundane stuff happening over the last 4 days. But, I'd rather bore you guys, than bore myself looking up the ceiling trying to sleep while listening to Ayah snoring beside me...Hehehe!

Anyway, to those who are going back to work tomorrow, accept the fact of life. Extended long weekends do end.


Another fact of life, those who work in the FT, it's another long weekend for us next weekend, huh? Yippee!!!

So, to all the Selangor people out there - deal with it ;)

And in case you guys are wondering...NOPE - I have NOT been on the Cross-trainer. Yet.


Ummi365 said...

Such a hectic weekend dear! Biasalah itu memang adatkan.. kalau boleh nak weekend tu berpanjangan to settle those unsettled stuff. As for me the last 3 days w/o bibik was oklah sebab budak2 dah besar and alhamdulillah my rumah ni kecik takdelah penat sangat nak kemas.

It's good that Hanna take up guitar lesson, both my abang and kakak did the last two years. And now abang has gone into headbanging songs. Urghh geram. It was my fault jugak pi beli lagi satu gitar for him.

Since today will be the last day of resting you have fun dear. For me ada 6 hari cuti babe hehehe.

Madam Tai Tai Again said...


Semput membaca your activities over the past 4 days. Mundane?? You got to be joking!

My kids took up guitar lessons at Yamaha during their summer break last year. They seemed to love it. However, bila dah balik sini lessons pun terbantutlah. We have yet to find a music school which they like.

Btw, another alternative if you don't want to stare at the ceiling whilst your better halve is snoring away is to get on to the cross trainer and work it! But I guess FB-ing and blogging are much easier forms of exercise (mental), right?

Anonymous said...

my brother's alhambra is 22 years old. it's a sound (pun not intended) investment. if hanna gets tired of it - you've the other 2 kids who may wanna play. and haizal plays jugak kan?

Ezza Aziz said...

Akak ingat fridge kecik tu ada kat Giant dan tesco laa...

Agak nya lepas ni beli drum set pulak..boleh buat rock band pulak!

BTW,lepas kenduri ni,kami pun buat house cleaning..sampai pasu bunga akak pun pun kena lelong....

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

That's actually a normal routine for our weekend. Berlari sana-sini to settle things yang tak pernahnya nak settle-settle :)

Waaaaaa, Ummi! Raya sakan you, ya?! Don't pray-pray - cuti Raya sampai 10 hari! Hehehe! But, good for you. Hope you managed to wind down and enjoy the time with anak-anak, despite being bibik-less.

Two of your kids ambik guitar lessons, ya? I guess for boys it's a natural process to progress to all the headbanging stuff sooner or later kot? Hehehe!

While we were at the guitar shop, there was this boy - I think about 10 years old, who was playing the electric guitar like a pro! Tabik spring...

wanshana said...


I guess "mundane" is pretty subjective, huh? Hehehe!

I hope Haris and Alya will find a good Music school to pursue their guitar lessons there. It's a shame pulak if tak continue coz' they've started and seemed to enjoy it, kan?

Hmmmm, it did cross my mind to go on the Cross-trainer, but, takut I might wake the whole house up pulak - exercising macam orang giler pukul 4 pagi!Hahaha!

So, the next best thing is to do some mental exercise, and like you said, what better way than FB-ing and blogging, kan? ;)

wanshana said...


Coming from you - an expert in anything to do with guitars, I guess we did the right thing :)

So, the Alhambra is a good guitar, huh? And we have not been conned then? Phew....legaaa.

And you said your brother's Alhambra is 22 years old? Hmmmmm, I guess that IS sound investment. I don't think if we were to buy a fridge that day, the fridge would last 22 years! ;)

And yes, I think even if Hasya will not be interested in playing the guitar, Hilman will, insya Allah. And yeah, Haizal plays, too (but it has been ages since I last heard him play...)

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Thanks :) Maybe lepas ni nak gi cari kat Giant (Oooops! Ibu, jangan mare...Hehehe!)

Tapi, it's not the bar fridge that we're looking for, but, the medium sized one. We found a nice Sanyo kat Be*t De*ki, but tinggal display unit ajer...

Hmmmm, memang ada chance nanti nak kena beli drumset pulak, akak...Anak bujang I dah awal-awal lagi sound nak belajar main drums bila dia dah reach Grade 4 Piano nanti...Letih...

Aikkk?! Nak kena lelong pasu bunga? Biar betul, Kak Ezza? Kalau Shana into gardening, boleh jugak bid for your pasu bunga tu. Tapi, I ni jenis tangan panas. Anything I tanam memang tak hidup lama lah, Kak Ezza :(

kay_leeda said...

Fuh...pack to the brim schedule nyer. Guess that's how it is when during these long break kan. Clean house, eat, then clean house again, and followed by other activity sosial yang tertinggal lama :)

I opted to have a quiet break. Esok sambung one more day of leave. Yeahhh...

Btw, we in Sgor have another treat of the public holiday. Just after Hari Wilayah, Thaipusam lorrr!! Yippy cuti lagi. Like I said to my staff, I can take Jan & Feb fine, coz got lots of PHs :)

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Shana,
If I could turn back clock, I think I'd go for guitar lessons masa muda2 dulu! I love the sounds made by guitar 'kapok'...

I hope Hanna will love learning it. My Hanna, Hasya and Haifa are taking piano lessons. Hanna & Hasya started when they were 4 or 5 but I told the teacher - tak payah exam2 lah. For fun saja - and that was my mistake.

They should go all out then. Now 5-6 years later, they're only in their 2nd and 3rd grades... tu pun sebab the new teacher they have since last year yg betulkan my perception...

tireless mom said...

Dear Shana

Same boat lah kita ni. My weekends are always busier and more exhaustive than week days. That is why at times we prefer to go somewhere, that is if children do not have much activities to go to.

Ayna, my 2nd Ace also plays guitar. We have a band at home now, 1st Ace plays piano, 2nd Ace plays guitar, 3rd Ace plays drum and 4th Ace plays piano too. The 5th one tak sure nak main apa, confuse!

zaitgha said...


Been wanting to leave words here since your Lonely Saturday but only now really can sit and type ha ha ha...mcm la sibuk sangat...reading this posting i yg rasa penat he he....on Sunday i was in Ikea from 4 to 6 pun dah rasa nak tercabut kaki...

my husband plays the guitar and when i mentioned about your latest buy, he said thats a good one....i posted his collection awhile ago i think but not the high ends one lah biasa2 jer....now the musics i hear in the house is either the 70s-80s rock songs or anything else from that era ha ha ha ...rock tuh from the father lah, everything else like ABBA from me ....ntah naper the kids dont go for the locals and the latest in the airwaves...

D.N.A.S said...

Orang Selangor cuti on Mon, 9th Feb (Thaipusam falls on Sunday). Orang KL pegi keje ye... la la la la la la.....

MrsNordin said...

Hee.. hee... have not been on the cross trainer, huh? I like your honesty!

Anak2 you ada banyaknya activities. Traditional dance, chess, lepas ni guitar pulak. I'm sure it's quite tiring to ferry them around. I've passed that stage and I'm glad. Tak larat lah!

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu...memang packed. Sedar-sedar, dah habis cuti dah! :(

But, it was nice to not have to go to work for 4 days in a row, and just take things easy. The kids' classes were still on on Saturday and Sunday. Rasa malas jugak nak menghantar-mengambik they all ni, but, that's teaching them to ponteng pulak, kan? So, terpaksalah jugak.

Yup, you have the Thaipusam break nanti, kan? Penuhlah KL nanti dengan satu Selangor gi shopping kat Jalan TAR tu... Hehehe!

I like January/February, too :)

wanshana said...


Somehow I takut nak main gitar - I have this perception that it will hurt my fingers!

All three of my kids go for piano lessons, too. I told them they can only learn a second instrument once they reach Grade 4. So, Hanna has chosen the guitar. Hasya and Hilman baru nak masuk Grade 1. So, kira okay lah tu that your Hanna and your Hasya are in Grades 3 and 2. My Hasya wants to take up violin, while Hilman - the drums!

They definitely follow their Ayah and not their Mommy. I'm so hopeless when it comes to playing the instruments. Even playing the recorder pun is such a chore for me! Their Ayah plays the piano/keyboard, guitar and clarinet.

wanshana said...

Kak Yatt,

Memang sah your kids can form a band! That'll be so cool, kan? Ala-ala Quinary M dulu :) What grades are your children in?

Hanna doesn't want to sit for any exams for her guitar. Saja belajar so as she can play for fun. But, if the teacher says she's good, we'll ask her to sit for the exams. Sayang nanti, kan?

By the look of it, maybe anak-anak I pun sama. I can already visualize (and hear the "bingitness") in my house with all the instruments nanti. Aiyooo...fenin!

Mior Azhar said...

Time flies, that's for sure. And like everybody else, I pun terasa penat sama. Kalau I ni boleh kurus mcm ni...

ummu asiah said...


The cross trainer..

I have tried that one di MV semalam..hhmm...memang dok terbayang di mata nak beli..the salesman said..even if ada customer nak beli yg mahal2..he will still suggest this one..I will wait for u to work on it first and boleh la suggest if it is a good buy...at this moment i will go to UIA and exercise..baru diletakkan beberapa machine untuk exercise di sports complex compound..atas tanah saja..sesiapa pun boleh guna..harap2 dapat bertahan lama.

wanshana said...


IKEA tu dah dekat sangat dengan my house! Next time you sampai IKEA and kawasan-kawasan sewaktu dengannya, do call me up, okay? Even though that Sunday tu we were at the birthday party, sure can excuse ourselves and make time for you :)

Yes, I've read the posting on your husband's musical inclination and his guitars :) I'm always amazed with people who can play any kinds of musical instruments (that's one of the reasons why I sangkut dengan Ayah, kot? Hehehe!)So, now I'm VERY convinced that the Alhambra is a good buy. Thanks, Zai :)

My two younger kids - they listen to whatever their Kak Long listens to. Mainly Pop Rock (Boy Rock Band to be precise - MCR, GreenDay, Simple Plan, Fallout Boys, Good Charlotte and the likes...) And most of the times, I have to listen, too. Sigh...

wanshana said...


Noted :)

Lalalala... Lalalililu... Hehehehe!

wanshana said...


At the time I posted this entry, I had not been on the Cross-trainer yet. BUT, but, but...I went on it last night!!! Yipeee!! Achievement besar tu, BJ! Hahaha!

I couldn't believe it myself - I actually went on the treadmill for 35 minutes (while watching FRIENDS DVD), took a 5-minute break and then went on the Cross-trainer pulak. But, only for 5 minutes ajer lah tapinyer coz' lutut dah lembik, babe. Hahaha! Kira okay lah after more than a year tak exercise like that, kan? :)

BJ, you are now just taking a break from the ferrying around chores...You still have your Nizzar to be sent to all sorts our classes/lessons everywhere, what...(Or I guess his sisters and brother can do that for you nanti, huh? Tak achi...Hehehe!)

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu, kan? Kalau ada 25 hours a day pun still tak cukup...

Memang seronok kan kalau kita boleh kurus just by doing all those running around, etc. Tetapi malang sekali, tak kurus-kurus pun kita...Ahaks!

Lee said...

Hello Wanshana, wow! I love that beautiful guitar. I have one, a Flemenco Victor Garcia. Love fooling around with it sometimes.
Looks like you sure had a busy week.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

wanshana said...

ummu asiah,

You must have spoken to the same trainer/consultant who talked us into buying the Cross-trainer then. We all memang tak cari yang mahal-mahal, so, when he told us the cheaper one tu is the best CT in the shop, tu yang terus TERbeli tu! Hehehe!

Hanna has been going on it everyday, and I think it is working for her. Can see the difference on her hips actually. So, yeah...I guess it does work if kita make ourselves go on it everyday, kot? ;)

I have a reunion for my batch this Saturday - after 23 years leaving school. So, tu yang semalam started going on the Treadmill and CT. Tonight and tomorrow night pun berazam nak exercise...sebab nak kurus for the Reunion, buleh?! Hahaha! I wished...

Good luck to us! ;)

wanshana said...

Hello Uncle Lee!

Kong Hee Fat Choy! How was your Chinese New Year Celebration? Looking at the menu that you posted the other day that Aunty was going to cook, I thought you might have gone into hibernation now! Hahaha!

It has been a pretty busy weekend for us, yes. But, we enjoyed the time spent with the family.

Yes, I've seen you with your guitar, Uncle Lee - in that negative effects "not-so-clear" pic of you. I wonder if we can see you and the guitar in a proper and an unedited photo soon? ;)

Take care, Uncle Lee, and enjoy your weekend :)

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Shana,

What a fun weekend plus the extended skali. I just got to know that Hasya & Hilman are into traditional dance. How interesting!

You know, school days will normally make my day. Tambah now, Yasmin & Wardah are both in afternoon session. After 2pm mmg boleh merendek smpi 6.30pm.

HB has been wanting to enrol the girls for guitar lessons. But none seems to be interested... ;-) Update on Hanna's lessons tau.

Kmar said...


Mengah baca your activities.. he.he..

Btw, we had a bad CNY weekend. The deadly storm hit hard our area. We were out of electricity for 30 hours.. no heating (cold winter weather and no cooking). Everything in the house are electrical.

The hilly route to our house... (we can see from our house? were close. Pine tress uprooted and cables were everywhere. No access. Luckily no rain but with 100-200km wind speed, a lot of destructions can be seen.

Our house was OK. Remember, the big garden table (8 seater) on the terrace ´flew´ to the corner, hit the pillar stone. Then ´lifted´ by the wind, push the top part of the pillar (5-6kg stone) down to the road... eerggh.. hit Jose´s car... 20cm scratch-dented. Luckily it is a company car. Kalau my car.. alahai.. Macam dalam movie pulak.

Today is the 4th day of ´cleaning´ up... helicopters... ´big machines´.. are still surveying the damage because sooner or later, there will be ice-snow... and possibilities of mudslide will happen. Night temperature is around 6 degree and at 2300hr, we can still see people cutting the trees trunk!!!

Adventure betul kali ini.

wanshana said...

Hi Jabishah,

Sekali-sekala dapat long weekend ni, best kan? And another long weekend for the KLites in a couple of days! :)

I know what you mean about ferrying the kids to segala mak nenek's lessons/classes that they have to go to. It can realy sap all our energy out, kan?

The only classes they have masa week-nights are their piano, mengaji and tuition (just Hanna). Saturdays - the two younger ones have Chess and Swimming. Sundays - traditional dance lessons.

Hasya takes the whole package, including the Royal Malay Court dances, and she has performed in front of dignitaries on a few occassions. Hilman only goes for Zapin. It IS interesting indeed. If you want to know more about it, just click on Dida's website which I have linked on my Sidebar tu.

I will update on Hanna's guitar lessons, insya Allah. I just hope she tak HHTA ajer...

wanshana said...


Alahai...ngeri jugak kalau the winds were blowing at THAT speed! Nasib baik you and your family were not hurt! But, how did you all survive without electricity for that long? Especially without the heating system? Kesiannya you all, especially si Daniel and Shasya.

Yes, I remember the table! Boleh terbang??!! And Jose's car??! Aduuuhhh...

And I can just imagine how it is along the narrow hilly road going up to your place tu. With tree trunks lying across it, things can be quite a standstill up on the hills...Hope the people concerned are doing their best to restore and repair everything, and things will get back to normal really soon.

You take care, okay?

MHB said...

wow!! your kids sure have lots of activities... they are all rounders, allright!! kudos to mom & dad sebab rajinnnya meghantar menjemput. My girls were in ballet and Yamaha music school untilll... you know... and then after that break of routine we never got around to go back to what was again.

Bila fikir balik, nyesal jugak tak sambung their music lessons...

Desert Rose said...

Kak Shana,

Mine (cross trainer & another tah pa ke namanye) has been transformed into a 'ampai' for towels and sejadah for quite some time and i have laways getting komen2 yg mengcengkam hati dan perasaan from my hubby regarding the machinery. Lastly I angkut sume place nicely in living hall at our old apartment which we rent out , since the previous tennant dah moved out & new one coming in next month. Ha ha....so much for a 'fully furnished' apartment' for rent add kan....org mesti ingat fully furnished got fridge, washing machine etc but instead we have a mini gym inside there, padan muka my hubby.Hope yours tidak menerima nasib yg sama ngan mine....

wanshana said...


It's never too late to re-start Maira and Misha on the music lessons, dear. They're still very young, and the fact that they already learnt their basics, insya Allah it won't take long for them to get into the grooves again :)

As for ballet, I really don't have any experience in this as none of my girls ever took it up. Depending on which level they stopped dulu, maybe they can pick up from there again?

Of course you'll have to be prepared to send and fetch them to and from these two extra classes lah pulah after that! But, it'll be worthed it :)

wanshana said...

Desert Rose,

Hehehe...Rasanya your machines tu adik beradik dengan machines I kot - multipurpose :)

Waaaa...lucky your tenants - dapat mini gym as part of the rental package. Jangan nanti, they all pun buat ampai sudah...Hehehe!

The semangat is still there, and so far I've been on the machines 3 nights in a row. Not bad, huh? ;) Hopefully this will last and I'll see some results soon, insya Allah.

maklang said...

kadang2 masa cuti tu lagi sibuk dari masa kerja kan...sampai tak cukup kaki tangan nak buat apa2 yang terfikir dek kepala...

take it easy dear...:)

wanshana said...


Thanks :) Dah take easy dah - in fact dah OVER easy, sampai dah rasa berat nak start kerja balik this Tuesday. Hehehe!

Betul tu! I think it's because we tend to try to make up for lost times by trying to do EVERYTHING we can think of in such a short time available.

Tu yang kekadang tu tercungap-cungap berlari sana-sini, and last-last, we need another holiday to recover from that holiday :)