Monday, March 9, 2009

Rejector? Rejectee?

Hmmmm...I can't remember the last time Ayah didn't go to the hospital during weekends or public holidays. The only times he didn't go to review his patients, I think, were either when we were on vacation outside of KL or the country. Even then, he would be calling the wards to check on his patients. Either that, OR his MOs or lecturers or his nurses would be calling him for advice.

So, when he told me that he was not going to review his patients today, I was thinking, "Joy, joy...Happy, happy! Maybe we can spend more time as a family today? Maybe go for an outing somewhere?" But alas, the only reason why he's not going to the hospital today is because he's not feeling well. He has a temperature and an upset tummy. He even threw up early this morning. Poor thing. So, today, it's my job to review him instead. Hehehe! He must be feeling VERY sick, because as far as I could remember, even when he was sick before, he would still go to work!

Not only that, Hasya is also not feeling well. It's probably the same bug. But, so far, only her body is dedar, and she just feels generally unwell. No vomitting, no upset tummy, etc. I pray that both Ayah and daughter will be okay by the end of the day, insya Allah.

Hmmmm, talking about the sick duo of Ayah and Hasya, this was relayed to me by Ayah yesterday.

Ayah was driving both Hasya and Hilman back from their traditional dance class yesterday when Hasya suddenly said -

Hasya : I want to study at Oxford University after my SPM (Mind you, she's only going to be 10y.o. next month, okay?)

Ayah : Hmmmm, that's really good Hasya. What do you want to read there?

Hasya : Medicine. I want to be a Cardiologist, just like you.

Ayah : But, why Oxford? (Ayah was just trying to test her)

Hasya : Because it's one of the best universities. And I want to study in the UK. Not in the US. Errr, Ayah, why didn't you go to Oxford, Ayah? Was it because you were not good enough for Oxford? (HAHAHAHA! Trust our choleric Hasya to say that!)

Ayah : Hahaha! No, Hasya...I chose not to go to Oxford. But, I did apply to do medicine there, though.

Hasya : And?

Ayah : And I didn't get in.

Hasya : Why is that? You were not good enough la kan?!

Ayah : Hmmmm, maybe. Or maybe because I listed them as my FIFTH choice in my UCCA Form?

Those who are familiar with the tips on how to fill in the UCCA Form to get into British Universities years ago, would know the Golden Rules of -

(1) NOT listing BOTH Oxford AND Cambridge in your choices of Universities, as the one listed below the other would definitely give you a straight rejection, hence you would be wasting one precious offer for a placing at a university.

(2) And if you were to list down Oxford OR Cambridge, you MUST list them as your FIRST choice, nothing less, if not, you would again be wasting one precious offer for a placing at a university.

(3) Only then could you go on and list the other 4 Universities of your choice.

And Ayah broke Golden Rules #2 and #3.

He listed Oxford University as his fifth choice, below Newcastle, below Nottingham, below Liverpool and below Wales in his UCCA Form.

But, what happened was, Ayah was called for an interview by all 5 universities - which was quite rare for those applying to do Medicine back then.

And he got offers from 4 of the 5 - which was even rarer for Medical School applicants. Most applicants would probably get, at the most, 2 offers.

Who knows? MAYBE, just MAYBE - the only reason why he didn't get any offers from Oxford University was because they could not accept the fact that Ayah listed them as his fifth choice?

He was called and went for the interview at Oxford, but they never asked him why they were listed as his fifth choice. But, I'm sure they must be going crazy inside to ask him!

But, the interviewees from Wales U did ask him why, and Ayah told them -

"If they know they are the best university, it doesn't matter where I place them in my UCCA form, they would still be the best university..."

He's got a point there.

And I hope Hasya (and her Kak Long and Hilman, too) will not see their Ayah as an "Oxford reject" (Oooops! No offence meant, okay, Ayah!), but rather, Oxford University was in a way, "their Ayah's reject". Hehehe! (Chewaaah!! Buleh?!)

And I know, Ayah would never change a thing even if he could turn back time and have another chance to fill in his UCCA form again.

Because he always knew what he wanted, and his first choice - Newcastle Medical School, had given him just that, and has made him what he is today :)

Get Well Soon, my "Oxford Rejector" hubby, and my potential "Oxford Scholar" daughter (whom I hope would neither be an Oxford rejector nor rejectee...) Hehehe!


jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

My doas to your abah. InsyaAllah things will be easier for him as he has his loved ones around to make his days.

And for your ayah... I really like his answer to why the U was his last option. Hehehe!

tireless mom said...

Dear Shana

Your husband so terror one like that no wonder he is a cardio. I can see that comung from Hasya.

Get well soon to both of them . I agree that is due to the bug. Both my 4th Ace and 5th Ace tak baik baik from demam, recurring ever.

udinb said...


As I went through your blog few months back, the story on studying in UK was interesting as you guys should be proud of yourself to be selected direct to UK university after higher education here. My belated congratulations.

I have a different kind of story for my children. Coming from a simple wooden school in the interior of Sarawak. Only be able to do my diploma and degree in UiTM's evening classes after getting a steady monthly paid job. Then doing my MBA after promoted to a senior post in the state govt.

Nurul, doing DIA in UiTM Shah Alam now, used to listen to my motivational lecture when I drove her to school. Now is Effa turn, she is now in Form 4. Coming soon will be Aina, only Primary One now.

I hope your hubby and daughter get well soon.

kei glass said...

Oh i hope your family gets better!!

Ed decided to reject cambridge for his masters, and aren't i glad he did, as otherwise he'd never have met me!!

MHB said...

Hope Hasya & Ayah gets well soon. Yeah, the bug is everywhere... make sure they have a good rest and TLC (am sure you already have that taken care of! :o)

"Because he always knew what he wanted" -- I can see that trait in him... just like he always knew he wanted you ;o)

D.N.A.S said...

Kak Shana,
I love Oxford. If I'm ever 18 again I would apply to study there.
The Oxford town is filled with brainy people and the environment there is conducive for studying.

Mrs.A said...

I don't log on for 3 days and you have 3 hapdets! Firstly, so sorry to hear about your Dad. InsyaAllah, dengan usaha this can be overcome.

Hope Ayah and Hasya gets well soon!

Take care Kak Shana.

wanshana said...

Hi Ja,

Thank you for the do'a. Insya Allah. Amin.

And yup - I like Ayah's answer, too! :) But, he does make sense, kan?

wanshana said...

Dear Kak Yatt,

Thank you - both Ayah and Hasya are okay. Syukur alhmadulillah. Hope your 4th Ace and 5th Ace are better now, too :)

I spoke/wrote too soon la yesterday coz' at 3:00 p.m. Ayah received a call from the ward and he had to go to the hospital to review his patients jugak. Demam-demam pun kena gagahkan jugak.

Yeah, he is terror when it comes to matters of the heart - that's why I entrusted him with mine. Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Thank you :)

The stories we tell our children on how we become what we are today will insya Allah inspire them to fare better than we did.

You have done very well in life indeed and I'm sure your girls are very proud of you and look up to you as their idol.

Our kids always see their Ayah as cleverer than their Mommy. Hehehe! And I hope they'll make his achievements as their benchmarks to surpass, insya Allah.

wanshana said...

Hi Kat,

Thanks! Haizal and Hasya are okay now.

Yup - it was fated that he went to Lancaster instead and met you!

But, we also believe that if it's fated that you guys are to end up marrying each other, even if he had gone to Cambridge for his Masters, somehow the two of you would have crossed each other's path somewhere, would have fallen in love, and got married anyway :)

wanshana said...


Hehehe! Just like I always knew that I wanted him ;)

And thank you - both Ayah and daughter are better now (even without any excessive TLCs from yours truly! :))

wanshana said...


Yes - Oxford is really cool, kan? But, too many brainy people around may not be good for my mental health. Hehehe!

Tensi memanjang kot...

wanshana said...

Dear Amy,

Thank you, thank you...

Have you gone to see the doc on the test results? My do'a that everything's okay.

You take care, too, dear :)

Mrs.A said...

Thanks Kak Shana. Will be seeing doctor on Thursday afternoon. He is also doing a detailed scan then. Am doing okay! Penat tu biasa lah kan. Ada dua in school. Lain2 schedule pulak tu. Time in between pun tak banyak to catch my breath!

IBU said...


Hasya is very visionary, that I can tell. But somehow I thought she would make one hell of a good lawyer. A doctor? Hmmm... thot Hanna would be interested in that (after her eye-balling blog entry!!!).

Idin has long decided to go to UK, and specifically Manchester University - for obvious reason. And he said, tapi kalau tak dapat Manchester, masuk Cambridge pun okay jugak lah... hahahaha.....

Ameer pulak dah ada extension to his ambition, nak jadi doctor & police at the same time. Hmmm... too much CSI you think?

Hafiz buleh join venture with Hilman, business kereta. LOL !!!

the principal said...

kak shana,

after I got my STPM result, I listed only 1 university in my application form - Universiti Malaya. Kalau I tau, there were 1,200 applications & UM ambil 100 je, I would have listed 7 unis. Maybe rep from UM rasa best kot tengok my form listed them as one & only. I was very very very lucky to get d offer. Kalau tak, menyesal seumur hidup.

wanshana said...


It can be pretty exhausting when you have kids going to different school sessions. Try to take it easy, okay?

And all rainbows and colourful butterflies, and buttercups in beautiful meadows for tomorrow :) Insya Allah all okay.

wanshana said...


Hasya can be a lawyer AND a cardiologist actually. She has traits for both - meaning she can be quite a handful sometimes. Hehehe!

Hanna as a doctor - yup, she's a very caring girl. And she's very good with people (So, if she decides not to follow her Ayah, bright future in PR, maybe to promote a Medical Centre somewhere kot? Hehehe! Something I know a certain hospital needs ;)

Hilman JV with Hafiz in business kereta? I liiiiike! :)

wanshana said...


Wow! Now! THAT is someone who knows what she wants! Respect...

I'm sure those who were vetting the applications were very impressed with you :)

Keanorlinsya said...

Brilliant husband you got there aunty shana.

wanshana said...


His brains make up for whatever grey cells that I lack (i.e. A LOT...Hehehe!)

That's what they mean when they say couples should complement each other, kan? Hahaha!