Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thank you...

Thank you for all the do'a and well wishes for my Abah and our family. Insya Allah dimakbulkan Allah SWT, and insya Allah we'll be alright through this dugaan.

Abah fell down at home on Friday afternoon. My mommy was inside the house at the time, and Abah was watering the plants and washing away some dirts off the front terrace. Apparently he was squatting down to rub off some stubborn stain and he got up too fast, felt dizzy and fell on his back. Luckily my mom saw him through the glass door and quickly went to help him up, but, of course being quite frail herself, she just couldn't lift Abah up. She called up my sister Yong at the office, and tried calling me, and of all the days, I left my HP at home that morning! Having failed to reach me, she then called up my Brother Eddie. Tengah panic tu, she forgot that she could have called my office number instead! And it didn't cross her mind to even call Ayah!

Both Yong and Eddie took half an hour to reach the house, and Abah was just sitting down on the floor throughout that time, as he was still feeling dizzy, and was probably still shocked by the fall. Both of their next door neighbours were at work, and my Mom who was also quite shaken with what happened just could not bring herself to get help from the other neighbours. She was hoping there would be passers-by from whom she could ask for assistance, but, there was none at all. I can just imagine how scared my Mom was at that time, tending to Abah...

Abah had some cuts and lesions on his elbow, but apart from that, he's okay now. As for his NPC, Ayah and I will be bringing him to see Prof Go*al* this Tuesday morning at PPUM to discuss the next course of action and all options open to Abah. And we're hoping that he could undergo his treatment at PPUM instead of GHKL.

We all bersyukur that the Big C is still at its early stage, and the tumor is quite localized, and insya Allah, with the right treatment, Abah will be fine.

But, whatever it is the treatment that he will be getting, I think we have come to terms that the next few months will be like a roller-coaster ride for Abah and the family, and we have to make sure that we're prepared physically and mentally for the ups and downs coming our way.

We need to make some adjustments to our daily rituals, but life has to go on.

And we're trying to make sure the kids are not too affected by all these, insya Allah.

Again, thank you for all the do'as and well-wishes. We are indeed touched...

God bless.


udinb said...

Kami sekeluarga mendoakan agar beliau beransur pulih dan Wanshana & keluarga tabah dalam menghadapi saat sebegini

IBU said...

Salam Shana,

Didn't had the chance to read your previous posting before we met last Saturday.

Our prayers for you & your family, and for your Abah's speedy recovery.


wanshana said...


Terima kasih.

Insya Allah, Amin.

wanshana said...

Salams Ibu,

Thank you, dear. Insya Allah. Amin.

I didn't feel like talking about it last night at Ab*d's, hence why I didn't share it with the rest of the gang.

Takut once I start talking about it, the dam will burst... :(

((((Hugs))) to you, too :)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Shana, my doa semoga Allah swt permudahkan segala urusan. My deepest sympathy for your Abah's condition. Kak Puteri baru baca yr posting sat sat. Sentiasa tabah and banyak2 sabar.. "hugs"

MA said...

Dear Shana

Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope everything will turn out alright.

Take care.

Dad of 4+1 said...


Our prayers are with you and family....


my prayers for your abah's speedy recovery.

take care..

Anonymous said...

Shana dear...

My prayers are with you and your family...Allah knows Best!


wanshana said...

Dear Kak Puteri,

Thank you. Indeed we can only try to be strong and bersabar, insya Allah.

Hugs to you, too :)


Dear MA,

Thank you. Yes, we hope so, too.

You take care, too :)


Thanks, Haq :)

wanshana said...

Dear Kak Ena,

Thank you for the prayers.

Insya Allah dimakbulkan Allah SWT.

You take care, too!


Dear Kak julie,

Thank you for the do'a.

Yes, indeed HE knows best.

anom said...

Salam K. Shana,

So sorry to hear about what your father and family are going through.. My doas are with you and your family.. May Allah give all of you the strength to go through this trying time.


Unknown said...

semoga sudah sihat doc hubby wansyana....semoga boleh kembali berkhidmat...ramai yang mendoakan kesihatan beliau...ramai lagi yang mengharapkan khidmat beliau...apa2 pun hanya wansyana dan anak2 yang mampu menghiburkan hati beliau dengan sebenarnya erti, senyuman kalian penawar baginya.

errr....saya dulu tak de choice. I went to the only place which acepted me! huhuhu.
that was Portsmouth.

wanshana said...

Dear Anom,

Thank you for the do'a. Insya Allah everything will turn out okay. Amin.

His first appointment with GH will be this 17th March. Then only we'll know the schedule for his treatment.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Abang Id,

Thank you. Ayah dah okay from his demam on Monday. Then semalam demam balik! Hasya pun like that - demam balik semalam. And today, Hanna also has joined the club. Tapi, Ayah and anak-anak ni sama ajer...Tak nak miss work or school even if they're unwell.

My Abah pulak, alhamdulillah coping well even though he knew about his Big C. Just that he's a bit weak the last couple of weeks ni. He's going to be 80 end of this month and has been quite fit for his age all this while.

I knew you were in Portsmouth through your cerita-cerita chenta dulu. Even though that was the ONLY offer you got, THAT was in fact THE BEST offer ever because kalau tak, tak le jumpa Kak LiL, kan?!

Sudah tertulis, Abang Id ;)