Sunday, April 5, 2009

All in a day's work...and fun :)

I woke up at 7:00a.m on Saturday morning, and only went to bed at about 1:00a.m the next day. That's a good 18 waking hours - out of which I think I only got the chance to sit down for about 2 1/2 hours in total (excluding the times when I was sitting in my car, driving, that is :)

I don't think our new PM's schedule running up to the three by-elections pun was as packed as my last Saturday's schedule!

The day started off with me going to Pasar Taman Tun at 8:30a.m as I needed to get the stuff to cook for a Pot Luck Dinner to be held at my Sis Lala's place in Keramat to celebrate our Abah's 80th Birthday that night. Abah's birthday fell on Monday 30th March actually, but, we decided to have a makan-makan on Saturday instead with my other set of MTs - the regulars at Lala's on Saturday nights - i.e. my siblings and my BIL's siblings and families.

Hanna had to come along with me to the Pasar as she had to be at Sek. Ab*ul Sa*ad at 10:00a.m for her Interact Club meeting/gathering, and there was no way that I would go back to SD to fetch her after going to the Pasar, and then send her to Sa*ad. I would be wasting petrol, wasting my time, wasting on toll money, and of course - wasting my energy, too, if I were to do that.

By 9:45a.m, we got everything we needed from the Pasar, after which we went to my MIL's place in PJ to send some of the groceries there. Ya lah kan....Anak-anak I memang selalu didepositkan kat situ before and after school, and semuanya kuat makan, kan? Every 3 days or so - kena lah replenish stock in my MIL's fridge and freezer :)

From PJ, I went to send Hanna to Sa*ad and waited in the car with her outside the gate until her other school friends came. I left her with Aqila and a few of her seniors at about 10:00a.m, after which I drove back to SD - reaching the house at about 10:25a.m. By that time, Hilman and Hasya were already up.

I took my shower again, and after the kids had had their breakfast, I left for Sa*ad again at 11:20a.m with Hasya and Hilman to fetch Hanna. We reached Sa*ad at 11:45a.m - greeted by a sulking Hanna who had been waiting there, at the front gate, under the hot sun since 11:30a.m! Sorry, dear...

We rushed to One-U as Hanna's guitar lesson was to start at 12:00p.m. The traffic and the crowd were not that bad, syukur alhamdulillah, and we reached her class five minutes early. While Hanna was having her lesson, Hasya, Hilman and I went to MPH to get some books, and then to Pa*kso* to get a birthday present for Ayah's friends' daughter whose birthday party we were planning to go to later that afternoon. Imagine - 2 places to go to under half an hour, had to choose and shop for books and birthday presents some more! It was quite a rushed job as Hanna's guitar lessons was only for half an hour, and we were aiming to be back at her class before she finished her session at 12:30p.m.

From MPH and Parkson, the three of us went to get Hanna and we all left One-U at 12:40p.m. Just as we were about to leave the parking area, my BIL Su*fi*n called to ask if Hilman would be interested to follow him to the Sepang Circuit as he had an extra ticket to watch the F1 Race. Of course Hilman was interested lah kan?! (But, having said that, he was having a difficult time trying to decide between going to Sepang OR going to the birthday party which was to be held at the Tr*ca*er* Bowl at Tropicana Club - much to his sisters annoyance! Hehehe...Dah lah dapat gi tengok F1 free - lepas tu boleh tak sure nak pegi or not?! Aiyooo...Kak Long Hanna dia sikit punyer tension ker...Hehehe!

So, instead of going straight to Tr*ca*er* Bowl, we had to make a diversion when I had to send Hilman to my MIL's place as Su*fi*an, together with my SIL Ly*n and their 2 kids - Q1 and Q2, would be leaving for Sepang from there. We reached Mak's house just before 1:00p.m.

After dropping Hilman off, Hanna, Hasya and I drove straight to Tropicana for Aleysha's 6th Birthday Party. Aleysha is the daughter of two of the doctors who are with Ayah at TMC. Ayah who had been working from morning was supposed to meet us there as I segan nak gi the party just with the girls as I had never met Aleysha's parents before this. So, we waited for Ayah in the car until about 1:35p.m when we finally saw his car going into the parking area.

Ayah and the girls had fun bowling while I just watched from the sidelines. And the amazing thing was - it was Ayah's second? (or maybe third?) time bowling ever, and he actually got the highest overall score that day (much to Hanna's and Hasya's dismay! Hahahaha!)

Hanna and I had to leave the party at 3:40p.m while Ayah and Hasya stayed on a little bit longer as I had to send Hanna to my MIL's place as her Aunty Ad*k was to send her to a handball tournament in Section 13 PJ which was supposed to start at 4:00p.m. They left just before 4:00p.m, and barely a few minutes later, Ayah came back with Hasya.

Leaving Hasya and my car at my MIL's, Ayah and I made a dash to BSC to join our KPP86 - BTU2 friends for a Reunion at The Do*e. We were fashionably late (Hehehehe...) as it was supposed to start at 3:00p.m...and we reached the place at 4:30p.m! Even though there were only 15 of us, it was actually a good start for our first reunion after 23 years of going our separate ways. It was really good to see all the gang. Thanks, Wa*Sa* and Li*a for organizing it. Insya Allah next gathering, we'll get a bigger turnout :)

We left BSC at 5:45p.m and headed back to my MIL's place as Ayah had to drop me there before going to another meeting - this time with his primary school reunion committee members at Ja*a32 (which was supposed to start at 3:00p.m!). I left my MIL's place with Hasya at 6:20p.m to fetch Hanna from her handball tourney. And seperti biasa (and I didn't mind really :)) Hanna asked if I could drop three of her seniors at a couple of places, and thus, we had to make a detour to Section 14 and Kg. Tunku before heading back home to SD.

We finally reached home at 7:05p.m and I had to start cooking immediately as I was to bring two of the main dishes to my Sis Lala's place for our Pot Luck dinner. Nasib baiklah I had earlier left instructions for Dar on what to siapkan, and Dar was ever so efficient. By the time I reached home, all the ingredients had been prepared, and I only had to put and mix everything in the pot and kuali and cook them. I finished cooking Ayam Masak Merah and Acar Rampai at 7:55p.m. and straight after that went up to get ready and solat. By the time I came down at 8:20p.m, Hanna, Hasya and Dar were all ready to go.

I couldn't wait for Ayah coz' nanti semua orang kat Keramat lambat pulak makan coz' waiting for my lauk-pauk! So, I called Ayah up and asked him if I could drive to Lala's with the girls first. Ayah had just finished his meeting and was just about to fetch Hilman from my MIL's (Hilman had just come back from Sepang then). Ayah gave his greenlight and off I went to Keramat with the girls and Dar.

We reached Lala's place at 8:50p.m - semua orang dah lapar menunggu ketibaan my lauk. Hahahaha! And the feast began at 9:00p.m :)

Abah was very happy to have his 80th birthday celebration last night. If only his sons were there, too. Eddie was down with flu, Jame was in Taiping and Abang Imi had something on last night. But, it's okay - Abah's favourite girls were all there with him last night :)

However, Ayah and Hilman only reached Keramat at about 11:00p.m as Ayah was called to the hospital just after they left Mak's place for Keramat. He had to attend to an emergency case. And according to Ayah, Hilman had a field day exploring the A&E Department last night while waiting for Ayah to finish his work. Hehehe...

By the time Ayah had his dinner with Hilman, most of the Keramat MTs were already leaving for home. Ayah spent some time berborak with my BIL and my biras, and I could see that he was struggling to stay awake! Mana taknyer - he had been out and about since 8:00a.m in the morning! He was physically and mentally exhausted after a looonnnngggg day of work and socializing. By midnight, he was having a splitting headache and had gone into my nephew Amir's room for a short nap.

By 1:00a.m, I decided to just let him sleep. Or rather, I decided that ALL of us should just spend the night at Lala's as I didn't think I would be okay to drive back to SD myself.

The kids were delighted of course!

Me - the only concern was on how to clean and store my contact lenses? Aiyoooo...pakai langgar ajer lah! So, last night I had to sleep with my lenses on. To all the opthalmologists out there - I know...I know...That is one of the biggest sins for you guys, kan? Sigh. But, what to do? Unplanned overnight stay, maaaa...

As for Ayah - he woke up at 3:00a.m, and immediately started working on his article for Ma*ay Ma*l. I don't think he slept at all after that. He woke me up for Suboh at 7:00a.m, and continued working until we left Lala's place at 8:30a.m this morning.

What to do? Suamiku sememang seorang workaholic... :)

Anyway, for a different perspective of what went on yesterday, Hanna also has bits and pieces of her day posted here and here :)

Here are some pics.


MHB said...

Sis Shana -- phewh... baca pun dah termengah-mengah!! ;-D

You are indeed blessed with a wonderful family!!

Dad of 4+1 said...

I agree with myheartbleeds...I boleh rasa kepenatannya! Salute you!

Naz in Norway said...

What sort of battery are you running on?! Please inform OK as I need to order some too :D

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Strong woman you are! I yg baca pun terasa mengah..hehehe...

But the most important thing is, you had fun with your family. Quality time.

Amy said...

Amy selalu rasa Kak Shana ni superwoman..sebab apa tau? After going thru all the ordeal for the day, you still have the energy to cook! Tak kira la maid dah siapkan everything ke, me kalau dah penat, masuk pintu terus menuju ke bilik, tak koser nak pandang dapur. :)

tireless mom said...

Memang mengalahkan the new PM.

IBU said...

Hectic indeed, for worthy reasons.

Happy belated bday to "Abah".

I think I will always remember your Abah response to someone's query - was it during KPP registration ker? Someone asked, kampung kat mana? He answered, bukan dari kampung, dari Ipoh. Waaaahhh!! Caya lahhh...

p/s Of course masa tu "Ipoh mali" were unheard of yet.

wanshana said...


Yes, indeed. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Next time kalau tengok entry I ni panjang sikit, make sure inhale nebulizer dulu before baca...Hehehe!

Take care, dear :)

wanshana said...

Haq @ Dad of 4+1,

Of course lah you pun boleh rasa kepenatannya...coz' you all punya Saturday schedule pun packed to the brim jugak, kan?

Kita kan sama-sama jadi supir for the kids around the clock masa weekend...Hehehe!

wanshana said...


I tak guna batteries...I guna rechargable hi-powered motorboat engine :)

To order, please e-mail me or contact me via FB. Buy 1 get 1 free...Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Ja @ DDI,

Yes, I had fun alright, and tak terasa penat sangat coz' I was with the family for most of the time :)

Have a great week ahead, Ja :)

wanshana said...


I taknak jadi Superwomen kalau kena pakai underwear on the outside like Superman...Hehehe!

No lah Amy...The trick is - while you're on the go, never stop to rest or sit down or take a nap coz' masa tu lah kita akan terasa penat ya amat. If you keep on going until you settle whatever it is that you need to settle for the day, insya Allah energy level can sustain until malam :)

(Well, at least that is how I feel :))

Enjoy your week! ;)

wanshana said...

K.Yatt @ TM,

I think I kalahkan the former PM more!

At least the former PM got the chance to sleep jugak at all the meetings he attended, kan? ;)

Take care :)

Malaysian Economy said...

Satu blog catatan peribadi dan keluarga yang baik dan berkualiti.

wanshana said...

Dear Ibu,

"Hectic" is my middle name. Hehehe!

Thanks. I will convey your birthday wish to Abah, insya Allah.

Hehehe...Trust my Abah to come up with such a response :) But, he must have said "Taiping", instead of "Ipoh", kot?

When they first moved to Kota Damansara, he would tell everybody that their house is in KOTA DAMANSARA, and NOT Sungai Buloh, and he would "ignore" those who asked him how the new place in Sungai Buloh was (Jokingly that is :))

And everytime they see him, those people would jokingly refer to KD as SB just to pull his legs. Hehehe!

Take care, you :)

wanshana said...

Malaysian Economy,

Thank you :)

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, just dropped by say hello.
Very interesting lifestyle you leading, ha ha.
Have a great week, Lee.

wanshana said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

It has been a while since you last dropped by. I have been hopping by your blog but, tak sempat leave comments lah, Uncle Lee. Sorry! :)

Hmmmm...I guess I do lead an interesting life....BUT, without the "style" lah kot?! Hahaha!

How to have "style" if most of the times I would be dashing here and there like a mad woman?! :)

Take care, Uncle Lee, and enjoy your week ahead :)

MAMAMIA said...

Utk Abah U, Semoga Panjang Umur, & terus Diberkati Allah dengan kesihatan yang baik.

How did u do all that? One thing I admire about U is that, U boleh ingat all the timings to the minute detail. Such precision!!!

wanshana said...


Thank you...Amin. Insya Allah.

Hehehe...Well, if you have a packed schedule for the day and you have to run to all corners of Klang Valley throughout the day, you would have to plan out a workable schedule and try to stick to the schedule, too! Kalau tak, sure nervous breakdown! Hence, the "precise" timing (kononnya lah tu! Hehehe!)

But, it has been a habit of mine to look at the time everytime I finish doing the things in my "Things-to-Do" list just in case I need to make some adjustments to the schedule as I fly through the day :)

zaitgha said...


at first i thought my weekend was hectic, but after i read yours, i yang tercungap2 he he...

have a good week ahead and take care

bella said...

Wow...macam-macam ada hari ini...hehehe....vitamin apa you makan...kasi nama pls!!!hehehe

MrsNordin said...

My God! Tak penat ke Shana??

Unknown said...

Shana..kita baru baca blog ni ..sebelum tu..conteng kat dindin fb mu...

Emm..patutlah...tertido2 kat opis..tak sempat buat peta je...hihi...

Selamat panjang umur..dan those anak2..bestnya dpt gi bowling ....some of ur pics...anak2 punya renungan ..sangat tajam dan garang meh!

wanshana said...


Thanks :) Had a packed week, but, it was good :)

I read up on your weekend posting hari tu - I think yours was more dasyaaaat! Hehehe!

Hmmmmm, kita ni agaknya ada gene Wonderwoman kot, ya?! :)

wanshana said...


Vitamin H2o ajer :)

I used to take a lot of supplements before. After a while...jadi malas pulak. Tak der le pulak rasa ada effects ker...I only stick to Redoxon Vit C now.

Enjoy your weekend :)

wanshana said...


Mana tak penat, weh!

Sampai hari Selasa sakit-sakit badan, tau...


wanshana said...


Thanks :

Yup, the kids had fun bowling. I think we should bring them there more often. Ada tanda-tanda they'll be quite good at it actually :)

Tu lah, Eta...penat weekend tu sampai melarat-larat ke weekdays. You know what happened lah, kan? Hehehe!

Pandangan yang tajam dan garang?! Hmmmm, must be from Hasya lah tu...dia frust bila the bowling ball masuk longkang. Dia tu kan ke perfectionist... :) Hehehe!