Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Silver...

I was sitting on the two-seater sofa, watching Man U playing against Spurs - my eyes, although heavy, were on the telly. My mind - elsewhere...

I wasn't really watching the game. I was downstairs in the living room to accompany Ayah who was working on his article for the Ma*ay Ma*l Monday edition. He needed to e-mail it to the Editor early in the morning, and I needed to make sure that he stayed awake to work on, and finish the article. Every now and then, I would ask him some random questions on Man U and Spurs players. Not that I was really interested to know about them, but, rather, so that Ayah would have to think of the answers - and hopefully THAT would help him keep awake :)

Ayah was sitting on the three-seater sofa across me, when he suddenly stood up and walked slowly towards me. And I said to myself, "Hmmmmmm, ni sure nak menggendeng and nak sleep on my lap lah nih...bila lah pulak nak habis article ni?!"

But instead of sitting beside me and landing his head on my lap, he stood in front of me, gave me a kiss, smiled, and said -

"Happy Anniversary, dear...."

And I was like, "Errrrrrr..." (blank for about 10 seconds), before I came out with -

"Errrr...Anniversary? Errrr...what's the date today, eh?! Oh my God...Oh ya lahhh... It's 26th April! Alamak...sorry...I langsung tak ingat. So sorry!"

And he came out with -

"Hehehe...I ingat, but tak sempat nak beli card laaa... I was waiting for midnight tadi to wish you, but somehow I didn't realize until just now! (that was about 12:40a.m)

And I was still like -

"Ha-ah laaaa 26th April...I lupa!!! Hmmmm...25 years already! Sorry laaa! I betul-betul tak ingat!"

And that was SO UNLIKE ME, okay? There were a couple of times before this when Ayah was the one who forgot. BUT, NEVER ME!

I guess this time around, I'm the one who's more stressed out at work, compared to Ayah, sampai I pulak yang terlupa our anniversary.

Mind you, it's NOT our wedding anniversary, but, rather it's the 25th Anniversary of the day we first knew each other - when we were both 16 :)

If some of you might remember, it was this time last year when I posted a posting on our 24th Anniversary which somehow led me to share our Cerita Chenta yang berkebat-kebat with you all...Hmmmm, time REALLY flies!Has it really been a year?!

Anyway, so tadi Ayah asked me -

"Hmmmmm, where shall we go tomorrow?"

I knew he was thinking of dinner somewhere, but, nyaris I nak reply - "SELBERAN, boleh?"

Hehehe! Just joking, dear :)

ANYWHERE is fine with me, as long as I'm with you...


I make do'a that we will at least get to celebrate our GOLDEN Anniversary in 25 years time, in happiness and good health, insya Allah.

I love you loads (or as Hilman would put it - infinity and beyond...)



Scarred Soul said...

Congratulations to you both! :)

Reading your Cerita Chenta makes me all warm and happy lah akak...

Hopefully, someday, I'll find my own sweetheart to spend the rest of my life with... Just like your Dr. Ayah for you.

And you remind me so much of Anne Shirley from the book Anne of Green Gables. Gilbert Blythe is her childhood nemesis who later becomes her husband and sweetheart. And he's a doctor too!

May Allah bless you and your family , always. :)

P/s: Thank you so very much for your well wishes and do'a akak.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

not gonna ruin your day and blame it on the age factor. that said i'm 99% sure it was due to stress!


happy 25th Anniversary, Kak Shana and Doc!

ps- spurs were trounced in that game btw. traditionally, when that happens, its a cause for celebration for Arsenal fans worldwide. so here goes,...

Yamseng to Manure!

Naz in Norway said...

Happy Anniversary Shana and Hubby.
Haiii...yesterday I pi makan kenduri Kay, and today you pulak!
Semoga bahagia sampai ke anak cucu cicit OK :)

tireless mom said...

Hi Shana

Congrats. Happy Silver Anniversary to you and Ayah. Which one is the bigger celebration, the wedding or the first time knowing him?

IBU said...

SILVER????!!!! Wohohoho.... Congratulations y'all!!!!

Sebab Silver, so mmg sah kena pi Selberan. (Sorry doc, syiok tau jadi mami jarum ni.... dgn ucapan kpd Shana, u pun nanti jgn lupa jadi mami jarum to saba when the time comes. I'll whisper to ur ear).

Wishing you both loads of happiness, infinity & beyond!

Unknown said...

happy anniversary, kak shana. wah, silver! hm.. i knew my hubby when i was 16 too. but he wasnt my correspondence. your cerita chenta boleh jadi bukulah!

Mrs.A said...

Happy Anniversary Kak Shana and Ayah!!!!!

wow... 25 years is a very long must know him insaide and out.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

salam kakak,
haaaaaaaah retard lahhhhhh, 1st time kenal pun ada anniversaryyyyyyy!!!

Happy Anniversary, ya?? semoga more to come! Aaaamiiin!

havent read the cherita chenta [sebab dah lewat malam], but have bookmarked!!! pasti lebih meretardkan!

wanshana said...

Dear Scarred Soul,

Thank you :)

I read my Cerita Chenta postings again last night, and it brought back all the memories - happy, sad, hilarious, etc. Reading it made me warm and tingly all over. Hehehe!

Amin. Insya Allah, you'll find your soulmate. For all you know, entah-entah dah jumpa, but, you don't know it's him yet :)

Anne of Green Gables? That's one of the classics which I have not read. Hmmmm...lepas ni nak kena pi cari buku ni! ;)

May Allah bless you and your family always, too, dear. Keep well! :)

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you :)

Didn't want to say (AND admit it) - but, it WAS due to age AND stress actually. lethal combination - tak baik untuk kesihatan. Hehehe!

I heard about the trouncing of Spurs, too. Safe to say - Ayah is NOT a happy man now...

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you... Amin :)

Kat rumah I ni, kena makan khenduri dua kali. In September nanti wedding anniversary pulak. Jemput mai, naaa? :)

Have a great week ahead, dear.

wanshana said...

Hi Kak Yatt @ TM,

Thank you :)

Now that you asked, I can't really answer that coz we celebrate both the same! Hmmmm, MAYBE wedding anniversary lebih sikit kot? :)

wanshana said...


Thank you, my friend :)

No Selberan this time, maaa... disebabkan ada 2 anniversary celebrations, kan? The strategy is to wait for the WEDDING anniversary only. That way, the once in a year bling bling can thus become a bigger bling bling. Hahaha!

So, in September nanti sila jadi mami jarum sekali lagi, okay? And I akan mami jarumkan Saba, too. I scratch your back, you scratch my back, like that... ;)

wanshana said...


Thank you, dear :)

I bet you also have an interesting tale to share with us about you and your hubby. If dah kenal from 16 years old, sure banyak ups and downs nya, kan? But, jodoh yang kuat takkan ke mana :)

I'm waiting to read your Cerita Chenta pulak ;)

Take care.

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you!

Yes, I know him inside and out, left, right and centre and all around alright, and vise versa. Gerun... Hehehe!

Take care, dear :)

wanshana said...

Dear RKM,

Thank you :)

Ha-ah, apa nak buat, kan? Dah memang secara azalinya Ayah and I are hopeless romantics. Hehehe!

Hope you'll enjoy reading the Cerita Chenta as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Have a great week ahead, dear.

Ummi365 said...

wah wah.. silver tu.. Happy Anniversary to you both... Wishing you both a good year ahead.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

oops...sorry doc. didnt know you support the wrong side of north london...hehehe...

Desert Rose said...


Wahhhh , congratulations. I am sure u two ni mg soulmate lah, so sweet....And he rememered, oh my God, your Ayah shpuld b gazetted as National Treasure, u are soo lucky to have each other, so lomantic I felt like crying already.

Ucapan saya untuk u all berdua "Bercintalah hingga ke syurga ...."

p/s : When U first met ur Mr Doctor, I was 5 years old wahahaah ( tidak , tidak saya tidak bermaksud menyakitkan hati pun sumpah just to let u know that I jumpa my Kanda setahun je terus kawen, sebab tu our marriage is sooo colourful, coz he just realized he had married a badut with temporary insanity he he)

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you...Amin, insya Allah :)

Wishing you and Cik Abang the same, too :)

MAMAMIA said...

Happy Silver Anniversary. Semoga terus dirahmati Allah, kekal ke akhir hayat.

wanshana said...


He supports neither The Gunners, nor Spurs. It's not that Spurs lost that's irking him...It's because Manure won...

He's a Liverpool supoorter through and through, and because he spent nearly 10 years in Newcastle, he also supports The Toon Army ;)

That's why he's VERY unhappy. Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Desert Rose,

Thank you, thank you...Amin. Insya Allah :)

Aiyoooo, I feel so old maaa... You were 5 years old when I first met Ayah?! You are SO young, girl!

Hehehe! You all memang berpegang teguh to the "Jangan tunggu lama-lama" motto, huh? Well, I truly believe that it doesn't matter how long or how short the "getting-to-know-each-other" time should be.

It can take years, or it can just take months. Once hati tu dah tergerak and terdetik, and both know deep in their hearts that they want to spend the rest of their lives together, then marriage should be the next step for them.

Sometimes, bertahun-tahun berkawan, but, hati tu tak terbukak, because dah memang tak ada jodoh, kan?

It must have been a VERY interesting experience and journey for both you and your hubby masa memula kawin, and even until now, kan? Tu yang buat the marriage spicier :)

And don't worry...Ayah and I pun, even though we knew each other more than 10 years before we got married, ada gak temporary insanity moments which he discovered after we got married. Normal lah tu... ;)

Have a good week ahead, dear.

wanshana said...

Dear Mamamia,

Thank you. Insya Allah...Amin :)

My do'a that you and Papapia will also be blessed with many, many, many more years of blissful marriage, hingga ke akhir hayat, insya Allah :)

Take care.

jabishah said...

Oooops am sorry...

A belated wish, Happy 25th! The update will follow suit...? ;-)

wanshana said...


Thank you. No worries ;)

Hmmmm, nothing much to update coz' Ayah was busy the whole day Sunday (the hospital set up a booth at the Kota Dsara Forest Reserve Earth Day Celebration, and he only came back at 5:30p.m)

But, we did go out for dinner just the two of us later that night, but, every now and then, there would be - "Hmmmm, Hilman/Hasya/ Hanna would have loved this, etc.," So, we're going to the place again this weekend. With the kids. :)

Amy said...

Congrats Kak Shana and Mr Doc. Amy doakan berkekalan ke akhir hayatttt. AMIN

wanshana said...

Dear Amy,

Thank you...Amin. Insya Allah :)

Our do'a and best wishes to you and your "B", too ;)

Semoga kebahagiaan berkekalan...

anom said...

Congrats to you and the good doctor.. May Allah bless you with another 25 more years and more ;-)

wanshana said...

Thanks, Anom :)

Amin, insya Allah... My do'a of marital bliss for you and Nasir, too, insya Allah :)

bella said...

Kak Shana, Happy anniversary!!! wow...25 years huh...and still strong...selberan ke???hehehehe....hopefully its a nice big one this time!!!lol...kidding!
Congratulations Kak and Mr Doc!

wanshana said...

Bella dear,

Thank you :) Yup - 25 years!

Hmmm, sampai sekarang tak nampak lah pulak anything close resembling a Selberan jewelry box lying around the room...Hehehe!

He's waiting for our wedding anniversary maybe? ;)

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Hello ! Stumbled upon your blog today and am happy to read that you have been with your husband since you were 16. It is the same story with me and my hubby.. so keep on going strong.