Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tomorrow : Report Card Day...

Tomorrow's Report Card Day for Hasya and Hilman.

Ayah will not be able to attend in the morning for Hasya's session as he has scheduled a few patients for his clinic, so Mommy will be going alone. But, insya Allah, both of us will be there for Hilman's report in the afternoon.

We sort of could guess how the results would be by the way the kids react when we ask them for the marks and the marks of their classmates.

Hasya seems to be answering with, "I'm not sure...", everytime we asked her who got highest for each subject and what their marks were, just to gauge where she stands this time. (Remember us? K-I-A-S-U PARENTS - spelt in capital letters? :)) So far Hasya got highest for English. The rest of the subjects - she either got second, third or fourth highest, with two classmates consistently doing better than her. Unlike the previous years, this year her two classmates were quite consistent in getting high marks for all, and not just for 1 or 2 subjects.

Ayah and I feel that Hasya might have been too complacent this year. As usual, we never push the kids for Mid-Year exams as we want to see who their "competitors" in class are in a "baseline" situation first. The grilling and drilling are reserved for the Finals :) We realized that she has been watching too much TV, and reading way, way, way too many story books at the expense of her school books.

As for Hilman, he has been keeping track of the marks of all the "smart" people (based on his observation la) in his class. He came back on Friday last week, saying that he might not get first place because Al*x and Ja*in*tha might have beaten him in a couple of subjects. But, yesterday, he came back and said that there might be a possibility that he could get #1 because he just found out that the two friends actually got lower marks than him for the subjects concerned. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes tomorrow. It might be that some of his other classmates also did well, and he was not "monitoring" their marks, kan? ;)

Anyway, we know that Hasya has learnt her lesson. But, we still need to put her in place. So, we have decided to bar her from watching TV indefinitely. And she's okay with it. The house has been void of the sounds coming from the idiot box for 5 days now. And the sweet thing is - because his Kak Ngah is not allowed to watch any TVs, Hilman is also not watching any programmes - including his regular and mandatory 10:00pm Naruto :) I think he feels kesian for his Kak Ngah.

But, but, but - yesterday he asked me, "Mommy, if I get #1, can I watch TV again?" Hehehe! I guess there's only so much a little brother can sacrifice for the sake of his Kak Ngah, right? Especially when he so deserves what little entertainment he can get around the house :)

Anyway, we'll see how they have really fared in their Mid-Year tomorrow. Whatever it may be, we hope that they'll do better in their Finals, insya Allah.

Even though Ayah and I never believed in sending the kids for tuition at such a young age, we feel that this time around we'll have to make an exception, especially when both of us are finding it more and more difficult to find the time to REALLY sit down and coach the kids, especially on a daily basis, out of the exam fever period. At least for Hasya, that is. We're thinking of a Home Tuition for her, and we're trying to get Pn. Ya*un*ha who tutored Hanna for her UPSR three years ago to tutor Hasya, too. As for Hilman, he'll probably need it when he's in Year 4 next year, too, ESPECIALLY for his BM Papers.

As for Hanna, she just finished her exams on Monday, and so far the results that she has got back are pretty good :) She'll probably get all her results after the school hols, I think. In the mean time, yours truly will have to just sit back and relax and TRY not to think of what her overall results would be.

My God...did I just say "school hols"?!

Hmmmm...I'd better think of things for the kids to do over the hols, now that TV is OUT for Hasya!

Cheers, y'all :)


DeeDee said...

Kak Wan,
When my son is ready to board the education cruise, I will bersila infront on you (rela or forced ;)) dan menuntuk from you.

sure ke you boleh duduk rilex2 and not thinking of tmr?

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Hi Shana,

I hope doa ibu dan bapa Hasya & Hilman termakbul hari ni. Whatever the results are both the kids have done very well. Kalau tak dapat the desired positions in class, the difference is just a tiny one aje. Don't be tough on them, ya.

Ummi365 said...

sounded like me there. hehehe.. me too very the kiasu one but cannot blame them if they dont get good results because I did not tutor them. I am very kiasu at outsourcing those to the tutors. bad kan..nak buat macammana, darah cepat naik bila ajar anak sendiri. aiyo i got no patiencelah .. :)

Scarred Soul said...

Dear kak Shana,

Huhu... teringat zaman sekolah dulu-dulu.

Tunggu dalam kelas tunggu parents datang...

Good luck for Hasya & Hilman.

And to you too, akak. :)

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Hi there..

In my house pun tv is banned for my lil one.
To me it just makes a person a couch potatoe...
ANyway once in a while with my supervision,,my Lil one loves to watch home and health channel...itupun yang "birth story"...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Shana,
Mummy got butterflies in the tummy tak? Good Luck ya!

And I'm so like ummi365... jenis tak sabar mengajar, so kena outsource la...hihihi...

wanshana said...

Hi DeeDee,

Hehehe! I say - no need to menuntut. Trust me. It'll all come naturally to you :)

No big secret - we just need to know our kids, and then we'll know how to deal with them be it for exam preps or all the other mundane stuff :)

Hmmmm...Surprisingly, I'm not that anxious tonight. Must be the age :)Insya Allah I'll get a good night sleep :)

wanshana said...

Gina @ MTT,

Insya Allah...Amin.

Yes, whatever the results, we're okay with it :) The only thing - we just hope they won't be complacent pulak nanti.

How's the packing going, dear? Dah bersih mata Minu dicuci? ;)

Take care, you :)

wanshana said...


I pun sebenarnya tak sabar when I teach my kids. Tu yang they all selalu kecut perut kalau buat revision with me. Asyik kena jerit dengan Mommy ajer! I think all mothers are like that kot? :)

I'm outsourcing, too. SOON! :)

wanshana said...

Dear Scarred Soul,

Thanks :)

Masa time akak dulu, we didn't have Open Day like this. Every time after exams we would just bring home our report cards and our parents would sign them and we would bring them back to school the next day. No chance for parents to korek rahsia anak-anak in class from the teachers :)

Nasib baik...Hehehe!

My do'a for you for Friday and beyond. Insya Allah everything will be alright, okay?

Take care. Think of happy thoughts!

wanshana said...

Dear Ibu, Mommy, Mom,

Waaaa...I respect you for standing your ground re : watching TV. Home and health channel some more. Good wholesome choice for your lil' one.

I think if dari kecik kita tak over-expose our kids to all those other programmes, they'll be okay with it. They won't miss what they never had, kan?

I ni selalu tak sampai hati nak deprive them of the box for too long. But, this time around, I'll have to abide to Ayah's rule - No TV until the next test. (Adoiii...I feel for Hasya!)

wanshana said...

Hi Ja @ DDI,

Thanks, dear :)

This time, butterflies still dalam kepompong. So far, so good :)

I pun akan outsource jugak, starting after the school holidays. But, only for Hasya. Hilman - we can still manage lagi, insya Allah.

As for Hanna, we do send her to Tuition, but, for 2 subjects only. But, we might outsource for another subject soon, insya Allah. Mommy and Ayah cannot cope maaaa...Nanti blood goes upstairs selalu sangat. Not good for the health :)

Mior Azhar said...

I'm sure both Hasya and Hilman did well. Kalau in my household, we sure dah raya sakan dah kalau dapat results macam your kids'.
I'm too lazy to be kiasu what to do. I siap susah hati kalau I kena tengok TV sorang2 and mesti pujuk the girls to teman me. I know... bad bapak. hehehe

wanshana said...


Insya Allah, results Hasya and Hilman will be okay. Our aim is always for them to IMPROVE - if not in their positions in class, at least in their individual, or total marks :)

I pun kalau boleh suka nak ajak anak-anak I temankan I tengok TV. But, errrr...I don't think they would want to watch HBO or Hallmark Channels with their Mommy, would they? Tak main laaaa...Hehehe!

Nope, you're not a bad bapak at all. In fact I would say you're a very good bapak for spending a lot of time bonding with your girls (Yan included!) at home :)

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Actually kan I stood my ground because at one point a few years back,anak and bapak bergaduh berebut kan remote control...
ha ha!!
I yang tak larat dengar their fights..and dua dua tak nak mengalah so I told my lil one this..

"You know sometimes in this life,kalau you mengalah,its not because you're a loser tau,its because you're a better person for not fighting like that for nothing"

That did it..hee hee...
Yang si bapak only at night...Tak menganggu we both langsung because My lil one's bedtime is very early.

Ya sometimes mengadap the box I dont mind but all the channels yang tak patut tu...Not allowed at all.

So far so good,she's ok with the house rule.
And I pun tak kiasu...hee hee

IBU said...


Sah kiasu...

I x sampai hati nak ban tv la...sbb i sendiri nak tengok jugak!!! LOL!!!!! How?

Don't 4get to hapdet report card results...

wanshana said...

Dear Ibu, Mommy, Mom,

That was a sound piece of advice you gave your lil' one :)

Used to have the same prob at home - anak-anak berebut channel with their Ayah. Now no more because most of the time, by the time their Ayah comes home, it's time for the kids to sleep anyway, and more often than not, Ayah dah tak ada energy to even watch the telly (not even his once-upon-a-time mandatory EPL matches!) Hehehe!

But, even on the rare occassions of channel clashes, the kids know that the TV in the livingroom is for Ayah, and the one in the family hall upstairs is for them. Mommy - gigit jari if her programme is also showing at the same time...

wanshana said...


YUP. K-I-A-S-U :)

Hasya being Hasya, she's ok with the "punishment". She knows the reason for it, and she accepts it. Tapi, yang kelakarnya, she would ask Hilman for summaries of Naruto every night after it finishes, and si adik ni pun bekerja keras to explain A to Z to his Kak Ngah. You know lah how limited his vocabs can be (both BM and English!), and how difficult it is for him to express himself and relay information. Hehehe! So funny :)

Yes, nanti I ada special posting on the hapdet :)

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Dear Wanshana

I know what you mean about tv mana siapa punya..he he.. we have tv in each room, kecuali our kitchen and dining room:)
Siang the tv in the living room will be switched on ajer coz I'm at home.Sambil buat kerja sambil tengok tv..favourite channel 733 and 106
Malam hubby conquer tv living room,I conquer the one in our room.

My lil one have tv in her room too but mostly for classical music..and Muslimah Dvd and of course her princesses Dvd lah kan.No astro definitely connected to her room:)

Luckily tho ,I never gigit jari when it comes to what I want to watch..he he he...

wanshana said...

Ibu, Mommy, Mom,

For us, it's 2 TVs for ASTRO (one of which is also used for the younger ones' DVDs) and 1 TV for PS2. Sometimes if demand terlalu tinggi, we have to use the portable DVD, too!

With 3 kids of different age groups, with different interests - it's inevitable :)

I rasa lah kan, kalau ada 10 TV kat rumah I ni pun, still tak cukup! (I bet, my Bibik pun nanti akan book satu to follow the Indonesian programmes!) Hehehe!

Anyway, nasib baik lah jugak I have my notebook and the internet to layan perasaan... :)

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, I am sure your kids will exceed your expectations.
Best wishes, Lee.