Friday, December 18, 2009

Laundry woes...

Bibik Dar went back to Indonesia on 29/11/09.

Two days after that I was involved in that accident.

And the whole family had put up at my MIL's place since. I was just too traumatized to drive, and staying with my MIL meant that I could tumpang rides with her driver or my BIL's driver to work and back, and also to ferry the kids for their classes, etc.

Staying at my MIL's also meant that I didn't have to worry about our laundry - my MAIN concern during Dar's absence actually! My MIL's and SIL's maids have been helping out with that. But, of course, being calculative as they are, they have not really done a proper job at that. Ironing pun macam half-past six ajer. Memang tak boleh challenge Dar's ironing. But, I AM thankful that all the clothes are folded at the end of the day.

Anyway, I've started driving again 4 days ago, albeit ONLY during daytime, and only to work and back to my MIL's, and once to send and fetch Hanna to and from her futsal session in Section 19 PJ. So, I'm still limiting my driving within my comfort zone.

Insya Allah we'll be going back home this morning, and I'm so looking forward to that. And I know the kids are excited to go home and sleep in their own rooms again, and have 24/7 access to the internet :) At their Wan's house, the wi-fi is only switched on at certain times, and Hasya finds it difficult to harvest her Farmville stuffs sometimes. Hehehe!

But, of course - 2 weeks accumulation of dusts in the house, and dried leaves on the front porch await us.

I'll be on leave until 27/12/09. That should give me ample time to get the house spick and span again, insya Allah (but, I think there'll be a lot of nagging and "blood-goes-upstairs" session with the kids in between).

The new Semester starts on 28/12/09, and we have yet to decide whether we'd be staying at my MILs' from that date until Dar comes back. I think Ayah prefers it if we were to stay in SD. He finds it easier to work on his articles and presentations when he's at home.

But, once schools re-open on 4/1/10, and if we were to stay in SD, that would mean I would have to attend to their schooling needs, etc, especially in getting their uniforms washed and ironed, and ready for school every morning. Over the years, the kids have been getting 3 pairs of uniforms each. This meant that by Wednesday, the Monday's and Tuesdays's pairs would be recycled for Thursday and Friday.

And of course, not forgetting Ayah's work shirts, too! At the moment I think he has enough to last him more than 2 weeks without any recycling needed. Meaning that in the worst case scenario, I would only have to iron his work shirts sekali gus every 2 weeks.

One way out of this is to get the kids 5 pairs of uniforms each, so that I only need to iron all of them sekali gus ajer over the weekend, Or maybe 10 pairs terus? So that I only need to do the ironing once every two weeks together with Ayah's shirts? Hahaha!

But, of course, another way is to stay at my MIL's and get the maids there to attend to the laundry/ironing and I terimalah seadanya their half-past six kerja.

OR, we stay in SD, I dump all the laundry in the washing machine every morning, send the washed clothes to my MIL's place on the way to work, and collect the folded and ironed clothes from there on the way back to SD? And I terimalah seadanya their half-past six kerja... again.

OR, I send all their school uniforms and Ayah's shirts to the laundry to be washed and ironed every Friday, so that by Sunday I can just collect them. Extra costs - but, a lot less woes.

Hmmm, the way I'm writing this - macam it's a threat to national security ajer kan?!

But believe me, laundry woes can be worse than that.

And only maidless working moms would understand ;)


Anonymous said...

I do understand that. I'm a working mom with no maid.
That's why this year I bought 3 pairs of school uniform for my kids.

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

I totally understand you...I hate laundry

MA said...

Oh I hear you Shana!

All my kids uniforms and my baju kerja hantar laundry for wash and ironing masa I was maidless. Less hassle especially time-time (unpredictable) rain. I don't have a dryer at home.

Most costs, no doubt but at least kepala tak pening...:D

Naz in Norway said...

I know... that's why I'm enjoying being in a household with a maid now that I'm in Msia.
I have vowed not to touch the laundry until Feb next year...*evil laugh*

Anonymous said...

I beli 5 pasang baju sek. Senang.

ms hart said...

Shana....!!! SUNGGUH mengerti...!!! uhuk uhuk uhuk (eh, macam tak boleh stop nangis pulah!!;-)) But I'm here to give moral support lah ya...(sambil tersedu-sedan..) hehehe

ummisara said...

kak shana,

u okay?

ohhhh bab laundry adalah satu penyeksaan.... *sigh* mental & fizikalllll

take care sis

dillazag said...

Laundry is the devil, kak Shana!!! Especially when you're maidless. ;)~~

DJari-Hana said...

Hi Kak Shana.Been following n reading yr blog since a year back. :-) Ilove reading yr entries..n sometimes it inspires me.. Thanks kak. Kagum dengan akak esp bila kekuatan/ketabahan akak untuk kembali memandu after the accident.As for me, i've never drive since my 1st n last accident on 1998... Harap2 saya akan kembali drive one day... Insya Allah. Keep on writing yer kak.. :-)

p/s: salam kenal .. :-)

Desert Rose said...

Kak Shana dear,

Laundry business IS A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY IN A LONG RUN okay, i for e.g HATES doing laundry and anything related to tak sukaaa.So I feel u...

Masa my bibik cuti, i send all work cloths and uniforms to laundrette,or just send them for ironing. I dont even have to initiate it, hubby yg sukarela hantar after his work shirt tinggal nyawa2 ikan dlm lemari hi hi

bella said...

Kak, I can totally feel you, sebab even my household yang cuma 2 org ni pun we're having headaches with the laundry inikan, bila Dar balik ye...
hope you are better now Kak!
salam and happy new year 2010 to u n family!

Unknown said...

Hi Kak Shana, it's me Millie :)
It was nice meeting you the other day! BTW I totally feel for you..when I was without a maid (transition between old & new maid), pernah sekali tu I pregnant 3 bulan, anak no. 3 still umur 9 bulan (yg teramat cranky & whiny)..and I was trying to be the superwoman doing all the chores, cooking cleaning and all. I will lose weight every time I'm without a maid. Tapi stress la so in the end took weekly cleaner. Nasib baik masa2 tu tak berapa byk order utk gift baskets. Kalau tak, pengsan!

Anonymous said...

weird but i love doing laundry,and ironing too.

nway,happy new year kakshana:)

wanshana said...

Dear Anonymous @ 10:30a.m,

First of all, please accept my apologies for this rather late counter-comment. This goes to the rest, too!

Hmmmm...We're in the same boat. Good luck to us :)

I hope, like me - yours is also a temporary thing. (Ohhhhh, I REALLY hope Dar comes back!) What about you, ya? Are you in between maids, or waiting for your maid to balik dari kampung ya?

I pun beli 3 new pairs of uniforms for the kids, and 2 more guna yang lama. Nasib baik muat lagi :)

wanshana said...

Ibu, mommy, mom,

Jom start a club!!! Hehehe! I'm sure ramai nak join jadi members :)

wanshana said...


This is the first week of school, and so far I masih boleh bertahan lagi. Rasanya, by next week kalau Dar tak balik lagi memang semua akan I angkut gi dhobi kot?

You're so right about problem with unpredictable rain. Now ni pun, dah ada dua load kat my indoor ampaian. Nak beli dryer pun tak tau mana nak letak. Dah tak ada space kat rumah I :(

wanshana said...

Oh Naz!

Seronok jadi ma'am, kan? Hehehe!Enjoy it to the fullest, dear.

JANGAN touch the laundry if you can avoid it. PANTANG orang bercuti tu! ;)

wanshana said...

Dear Anonymous @ 6:26p.m,

YES! Kita serupa! But, I beli 3 new pairs ajer. The other two - guna yang lama :) LESS worry masa mid-week, kan? ;)

wanshana said...


Tenkiu, tenkiu kerana menangis tersedu-sedan bersama ku...

But, give moral support ajer ke? Tak der maid satu boleh post kat sini ke? Hehehe!

wanshana said...


I'm fine, thanks - considering dah sebulan lebih tak der maid. The last time I check my weight, masih di tahap lama. Hehehe! Ingatkan boleh kurus... Wishful thinking :(

Laundry memang worse than the Spanish Inquisition, kan?!

You take care, too, dear.

(Was hoping you'd be there with Eja at the Makcik Bloggers meet that day. Insya Allah next time, ya?)

wanshana said...


You can say that again!!

Memang haru-biru hidup dibuatnya... :(

wanshana said...

Dear Djari-Hana,

Salam perkenalan from me to you, too. Glad you've enjoyed reading my ramblings all this while :)

You met with an accident in 1998 - that was more than 10 years ago. It must have been a very traumatic experience for you. I so understand how you feel. Akak pun hari tu macam hilang semangat nak drive again, but bila fikirkan I have been the one who has been doing all the driving around menghantar mengambik anak-anak ke hulu ke hilir, akak beranikan diri jugak...Frankly speaking, I still rasa phobia and my level of confidence pun affected. But, akak kuatkan jugak semangat ni, and tawakkal kepada Allah SWT.

Insya Allah, you can bring yourself to drive again one day. Have to start slow and around familiar areas first. After a while, you'll feel comfortable driving again, insya Allah.

All the best, dear. Take care :)

wanshana said...


First of all, I would like to say, it was REALLY nice meeting you that day. Finally! You are as kelakar and as warm as you are in your blog. And I have to say this - you are so chun melechun, too! :)

Rasanya dalam beberapa hari lagi akak pun akan start jadik regular customer kat kedai dhobi kat rumah akak tu. Dah lah sekarang ni dah jadi regular kat semua kedai makan kat SD tu!

Jumaat ni akak will kumpul all baju sekolah and baju kerja we all AND mana-mana yang patut di dalam gumpalan baju-baju yang dah macam Gunung Kinabalu kat bilik Dar tu. Kalau boleh baju-baju kecik pun I nak hantar sekali. Buleh?! :)

wanshana said...


Happy New Year to you, too, dear!

Hmmm, soalan cepumas. I pun tak sure bila Dar nak balik sini. Hari tu we bought her a one way ticket ajer coz' she wasn't sure bila her house repair akan selesai. But, she did say she would be back by 15 January. I hope so! Tak berani nak call her, coz' takut dikejutkan dengan berita dia takkan balik! Nauzubillah... Simpang...simpang!

wanshana said...

Dear Millie @ SohoMama,

It was REALLY nice meeting you, too! Bertambahlah lagi happening blogs for me to hop by. Hope you don't mind me linking mine to yours, ya?

How I wished I boleh kurus everytime tak der maid. Tapi, malang sekali - sebab aktiviti makan luar bertambah-tambah lah pulak masa Dar tak der ni. How to kurus like that?!

Take care, dear :)

wanshana said...

Dear shAiNe.aLi, rare species nih! Hahaha!

Oh, alangkah bagus kalau you ada kat KL...Boleh buatkan laundry akak! Hehehe!

Take care, dear ;)