Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Young Love's Soul... :)

I went back to my MIL's for a short while over lunch yesterday as I had the kids' stuffs (which they had asked me to drop at their Wan's on the way to work) in the car. I totally forgot about it until about 1:50p.m.

As the bags contained their change of clothes and also their stuff for their piano class later in the evening (read as "unfinished piano homework"), I had no choice but to send them then. Hasya and Hilman finished school at 1:00p.m, while Hanna at 2:00p.m.

Upon reaching my MIL's at around 2:10p.m, I saw that Hasya and Hilman had just finished having their lunch, but I didn't see any lauk-pauk served on the dining table. So I asked them what exactly they had to eat, and they told me that they had asked my SIL's maid to make them Campbell's Chicken Soup which they had with some bread.

Hilman who was excited to see me home started telling me about school, etc,. When he's excited, sometimes he can't construct his sentences properly and it could be quite difficult trying to understand what he's trying to say. And it doesn't help when I myself do not make myself clear. And yesterday was one of those days -

Me : How was school today, Hilman? What did you do for Hari Maju Diri? Did you have fun? Hilman dah makan?

(My fault for asking him too many questions at one go!)

Hilman : Dah makan. I had Chicken soup with bread and I put a lot of pepper in it. School was good! We had to be in groups and we had to write about what we like. And Mommy, I wrote letters about the girl I like and then I put the letters 'HS' on it, too!

(Excuse him, please. That's his English when he's excited ;) Hehehe!)

Me : (And I was like...???!) You did?! What did you write in the letter?!

(I was quite surprised to know that he was bold enough to share with his friends about the girl he likes in school because at home his sisters would be teasing him about it 24/7 and he would vehemently deny liking the girl! So, I thought - "Waaaahhhh! My son so bold already, and so confident about this girl!"

Hilman : Huh?! What letter?

Me : You said you wrote a letter to ****** ****? Did she know it was from you?

(And I thought that was so cute and sweet!)

Hilman : Nooooo!!! I didn't write a letter to ****** ****!

Me : Then, what letter were you talking about, Hilman?

Hilman : NO! I didn't write her a letter. I used the pepper to write the letters of her name and my name (he meant their initials!) on my Chicken Soup la, Mommy!!! I didn't write any letter to her!!!

Me : Ooooooo...okay ;)

And I thought THAT was even cuter and sweeter! :)

That's my Hilman...Hehehe!

(And I must say that he has excellent tastes in girls. That ****** **** is damn cute, I tell you!)



Unknown said...

Shana..carca marba la pulak...Hilman..hilman..

dillazag said...

kak Shana,
So shweet... :)

MrsNordin said...

Hai.. kecik2 lagi dah pilih menantu ke??

wanshana said...


Begitulah anak bujang I sorang tu... :)



Hehehe...Yes, it warms my heart imagining the initials he made on his soup using black pepper. Ada potential jadi hopeless romantic like his Ayah ;)



I tak pilih! Hilman yang pilih!!! Hehehe...

D.N.A.S said...

I had to read twice baru paham.... hahaha.

IBU said...

Early bloomer. Mana lah nak tumpah nya kuah kalau tak ke nasi.... ahaksss!!

bella said...

Hehehehe sweet...showing his romantic side huh...

Nice that you have got yourself a new addition to the household to assist you...

Actually I did comment using my mobile in your previous entries, but apparently tak masuk...isk..penat je's been awhile I've been semua tgk via mobile je...take care Kak, btw, the Suzuki Vitara tu mmg cun, sgt ranggi!

MAMAMIA said...

Alahai, anak teruna U dah besar...

I love reading Chicken Soup series...