Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hanna UNgrounded...

To some, I might have been a wee bit (an understatement?!) too emotional last week when Hanna got her UPSR results. After all, it was ONLY UPSR, right? It wasn't PMR or SPM, or STPM, and it was not even her Uni exam - all these exams being the actual keys to pave her future.

However, it may not be so much of feeling anxious for Hanna. Rather it was more of a guilt trip for me, I guess. For some of you who are new to this blog, you all might not know that I was away from the family for 7 months (November 06-June 07) - meaning for the first 6 1/2 months of this crucial year for Hanna, I was not here for her - to guide or supervise her in her studies. Everything was left to her and her tuition teacher, Puan Ya*untha, who came 3 days a week to Mak's house to coach her. My contribution in that 6 1/2 months : I would call to talk to Hanna and her adek-adek twice a day everyday without fail so that they would not feel my (physical) absence. So, I was REALLY anxious as I was worried that THAT could have affected Hanna's performance (and Hasya's and Hilman's performance, for that matter).

But, syukur alhamdulillah, all three of them did us proud...and I can't thank Puan Ya*untha, and of course all the teachers at SSP enough for all their help and guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and infinity thank you from us.

Anyway, for those who have been following this blog, you would have remembered one of my earlier postings when Hanna was grounded. But, last weekend, as a reward for her 5As, and also because it was her birthday (Saturday 17th November), Hanna was officially UNgrounded, and she was allowed to have some friends over for a special dinner prepared by her Aunty Adek (my sister-in-law) at Mak's, after which they came for a sleep-over at our place in SD.

Aunty Adek who is a die-hard fan of Jamie Oliver volunteered to cook for Hanna's birthday and UPSR celebration. She slaved over the stove and oven since 8 a.m Saturday morning until 8:30pm Saturday night - preparing an All-Jamie-Oliver menu. And moi - my sole contribution was my "Spaghetti Olio" (or as my kids would call it - "White Spaghetti").

* The chef with moi.

And oh yes, that morning we all also had a special treat when AYAH (Yes, you read it right - AYAH!) prepared breakfast for all of us. For HIS standard, I think he also came close to Jamie Oliver....NOT! Hahaha!

* Ayah showing his cooking skills
** Hanna with the Jamie Oliver's spread prepared by her Aunty Adek

It was also my Mommy's birthday on 14th November, so it was a double celebration (or rather TRIPLE - if we include Hanna's UPSR celebration.

* Hanna with friends and family
** Hanna with her Jaddati - the birthday girls!

The next morning, we brought the kids to a skating outing at S**way Py**mid. Imagine supervising 7 screaming/giggling girls (plus Hasya and Hilman who only joined after their traditional dance class at 1:30p.m) from 11:00a.m until 3:00p.m!

* Hanna and friends at the skating rink.

We went back to Mak's house for Zohor and Asar, before proceeding to John*y's at Jaya Section 14 to continue with the celebration. We had the usual Steamboat, etc and sent everybody home after that. By the time the last girl was sent home, it was already 8:00p.m, and both Ayah and I were already like "kain buruk"...

* Dinner at John*y's

But, it was all worth it. Everybody had fun... HANNA had fun...after all we were all celebrating her...

Well done and Congratulations again, my dear...and Happy 12th Birthday!

Ayah and Mommy love you very, very much. And we're so proud of you!


MAMAMIA said...

Happy Bday to Hanna & Jaddati. Semoga Panjang umur..

That must have been the sweetest gift for her, being ungrounded & having friends over.

Going anywhere this holiday?

Formerly known as Superwomanwannabe! said...



Keanorlinsya said...

Happy 12th Bday Hanna! and congratulations with ur great results. Have a blast yea! xoxo

Dad of 4+1 said...

Happy b'day to Hanna and Jaddati!!

wanshana said...


Thank you (on behalf of Hanna and Jaddati) for the wish and do'a.

Yes, she had a blast over the weekend having friends sleeping over. Yang peningnya - her Mommy and Ayah le...

I really don't know what time the girls finally went to sleep that night (or if they actually did at all?!)

This weekend will be another full weekend - we're going to Lan**a*i for 5D4N! Yippee!!! This will probably be the ONLY outing out of KL for us this cuti sekolah ni, so I want to really make full use of our family time there and enjoy each other.



Thank you, thank you!!

And YES!!! MUST GET 2GETHER! Have to plan "plorperly" looorrr...Cik Abangs kita asyik sibuk memanjang..

This weekend Lan**a*i trip is actually a "tumpang sekaki" trip for us. Haizal has a meeting to attend, and we're just extending our stay another two days after that.

Take care.

wanshana said...

Dear Kea,

Thank you on Hanna's behalf.

The problem is - she has not stopped having a blast ever since the UPSR results were out!!!

Bagi chan... :D


Dad of Four (plus 1!)

Thank you on behalf of the birthday girls.

Hmmmm...Hanna has actually read most of the comments for my last posting, but she somehow coud not find the time to reply them. I will try to sit down with her one of these days, so that she can write her personal comments and thank yous.

Take care, DoF.

Mior Azhar said...

Happy Birthday Hanna. What a celebration... with your 5As and all. You'll remember this for a long long time.
And sampaikan salam harilahir to your mom too.

I like this entry. I really do. Lots of food!!!

wanshana said...


Insya Allah, I will convey the birthday wish to my Mom. Thank you.

Hmmmm...what I failed to mention in this posting was that we also attended a belated Raya Open House at my biras' parents' place on Saturday afternoon. They had the hawkers stall concept - roast lamb, char kuey teow, tauhu bakar, rojak, satay, Laksa Penang, ABC - the whole lot!

Decided against mentioning this - takut nanti people think we all ni tak der kerja lain...Dok maaaaaakaaaan memanjang! Hehehe!

You would have liked the posting more if I were to include that, I guess? :D

tokasid said...

Salam wan:

Alhamdulillah, tahniah dan selamat hari lahir to Hanna.

without you by herside for half a year and she did performed well, thats something.

She will have great things waiting for her, insyaALLAH.

wanshana said...

Salam tokasid,

Thank you for hopping by :D, and on behalf of Hanna, I thank you for the well wishes.

I've been a silent reader of your blog sebenarnya :) - selalu dok bloghop from Mior's and Che gu's.

Syukur alhamdulillah, Hanna is quite an independent kid. But, at the end of the day, I have to say that her teachers (tuition and at school), played a big part in her achievement. Of course, I'm also grateful to my MIL with whom Hanna and her adek-adek, and Ayah stayed over the 7 months I was away. Dan tak lupa juga saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Ayah yang terpaksa menjaga anak-anak selama ketiadaan saya di sini - chewah... macam nak terima Anugerah Bintang Popular la pulak... :D

As parents, we can only make do'a that anak-anak kita will have a bright future ahead of them, insya Allah. Amin.

Thank you again.

P/S : X-Edwardian? (I or II?). I'm an x-TMGS myself (Primary school aje la tapinyer)

Anonymous said...

To all Uncles, Aunties, Kakaks and Abangs :

Thanks so much for the birthday wish! :)
I'm finally 12, boleh dapat IC :D
5A's baby, boleh celebrate~~

Yeah, that day was fun fun fun!
Thankyousomuch, Mommy and Ayah! ;D
After this, you two chaperone us for more noisy outings, okie? :DDD


Kak Teh said...

wanshana, congratulations! There are so many happy parents! And I am also a very happy aunt!

Azian hasan said...

'Happy Birthday' to Hanna and many..many ..congratulations with ur UPSR result.
Sampaikan jugak wish"Selamat Hari Lahir' to your mother.Semoga gembira selalu....

Unknown said...

happy birthday (belated) to hanna..and congrats on the 5A....
congrats to ayah and ibu too.

ucap selamat to shana's mom as well.

what a happy occassion!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Super MOM!!!! (you must be beaming endlessly...)

Helena said...

happy birthday HANNA!.. You deserved to be ungrounded for the rest of the this year! (hehe another 5 weeks to go)

Shana, it looks like the kids really had fun. I remembered my Mia celebrated non stop until school reopens! hehe.

So apa hadiah yg hanna dapat for her 5As?

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

Thank you :D

Yes - many happy parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, etc around tumpang happy sekali.

It is a good morale booster for the kids to have all the support around them (even if they did not get 5As) Everybody should rally around and offer several rounds of encouragements for them to strive hard(er) :D

Take care, K.Teh.



Thank you :D, insya Allah, I akan sampaikan to my mom. As for Hanna, I think she will be checking the comments later, and I'm sure she'll be smiling when she reads your birthday and congratulatory wishes for her.

Take care.

P/S : I still have not had the chance to have some Kitchen Moments with the kids laaa...

wanshana said...

Abang Id,

Thank you! :D I will sampaikan your ucap selamat to my Mom, insya Allah.

Yes, it was a happy occassion indeed. We make do'a that there'll be a lot more of these moments to come, insya Allah. Amin.

P/S : Checked Luqman's blog - Kiuuuuuutttt!!! ;)


Dear Elviza,

Thank you :D

Yes - beaming since 15th November until now...and my jaw hurts like crazy!!! Hehehe!

Super Mom?! Hmmmm...I wished... ;)

Take care. Cheers!

wanshana said...

Dear Helena,

Thank you!

OMG! 5 more weeks to go before the new year?!!! I didn't realize that until you mentioned it, you know?

OMG! Time flies so fast - and it's that time of the year again to get new school uniforms, school bags, stationeries, etc (yang ada sekarang ni semuanya dah lunyai!)

Hanna's hadiah for getting 5As? Ayah and I are still trying to work on a surprise-thingy-which- we-would-not-have-allowed-otherwise for her. Hopefully it'll be good news for Hanna. Watch this space for updates! :D

Take care, Helena.