Friday, November 16, 2007

The longest Thursday morning...

I thought waiting for Ayah to come back from KB last night was suatu penyiksaan. But, this morning (or rather - yesterday morning) - I got to REALLY experience REAL torture.

Hanna left for school with Ayah at 6:50a.m, after which I busied myself with all the chores around the house. I didn't get a good sleep the night before as I kept on waking up every half an hour or so - every time checking the clock. Aduhhh...lamanya lah pulak nak daylight!

By 8:30a.m, I already had Hilman and Hasya in the car - still groggy and still in their jammies, with their unkempt hair. The jam along LDP going towards Bandar Utama seemed worse than usual, especially at the Sri Damansara end toll. Both Hasya and Hilman slept throughout the first half an hour of the journey, and it was really quiet in the car, which was rather unusual - I thought to myself. There was something missing. And then I realised - I forgot to switch on the radio, like I would normally do. mind was somewhere else... It was with Hanna, to be exact.

As I left LDP and headed towards Taman Tun, Hasya woke up and reminded me -

"Mommy, don't forget to get some Dunkin' Donuts for my class party, okay?"

And I was like - "Party? What party?"

And then I remembered - oh ya... the end of year class party!

9:o5 a.m - reached Dunkin' Donuts off the Sprint Highway opposite Eastin Hotel. Hilman was also awake by then.

Still no phone-call from Hanna, and I was starting to have palpitations...

I thought of getting Dunkin' Donuts for both Hasya and Hilman's party as I was really in no mood to go somewhere else to get some other foodstuff, but, no - Hilman did not want any freakin' Dunkin' Donuts. He wanted a cake. I tried to talk him into settling with Dunkin' Donuts. But, no - he wanted a cake. Me - breathe in, breathe out (10 times).

9:15 a.m - headed towards my office to clock-in. I received permission from the HoD to be away in the morning.

9:35 a.m - still no phone-call from Hanna, and I decided to drive to Section 14 to get Hilman his cake.

Went to Bak*r's Cottage, and Hilman could not find anything that he liked. So, we made our way to Ki*g's Confectionery. My mind was miles away, when suddenly I heard Hilman - "Mommy!!! I want this one!". I didn't even look at the cake, and just asked the staff there to write "Happy Holiday" on it and paid for it. Still no phone-calls.

I dragged Hasya and Hilman to the bank and settled the car loan instalment, and we headed to the Post Office to post some letters.

10:05 a.m - reached Mak's house in PJ and dropped the kids. Tried calling Hanna, but she didn't answer the call. she okay?

10:10 a.m - should I call Hanna, or not? Oh well...what the he*k. I dialled her number again. Still no answer.

I called Ayah, who was already on his way to school from Putrajaya (where he had to attend to our Bibik matter at the Immigration Office). I told him that I was worried, and he said, "Hanna's probably in her classroom and has put her handphone on silent mode."

Yes, that must be it. That must be the reason why she didn't answer her phone just now- I was pacifying myself.

10:15 a.m - I called Cikgu Raz*an, and tried to sound as cheery as I could - "Assalamua'laikum Cikgu. Maaf mengganggu. Is it okay to talk? Cikgu di sekolah ke ni? Saya cuba telefon Hanna a few times, but, she didn't answer her phone. Risau jugak saya ni - Hanna senyap aje! Results dah keluar ke Cikgu?"

All that in one breath.

And I felt like he was taking forever to answer.

"Wa a'laikumussalam...Belum lagi lah Puan. Cikgu Nazr*l dah pergi Kementerian, dan dia dalam perjalanan pulang ke sekolah now ni. Dalam pukul 10:45 pagi ni dia sampai. Dan, insya Allah kami akan umumkan keputusan pada pukul 11:00 pagi di Dewan nanti. Insya Allah, Hanna okay tu. Walau apa pun keputusan dia, kita terima sebab dia dah buat yang terbaik..."

"Hmmmm...does he know something that I don't know?!" I was asking myself. Oh, please Allah...Please give me strength. Be still my 1000-beats-per-minute beating heart!

10:40 a.m - made my way to the school.

I was at the traffic light under the flyover at Jalan Universiti when my phone rang. It was Ayah. I looked at the time. It was 10:43 a.m.

"Hello, Mommy...are you on the way to school? Where are you now?"

"At the traffic light. Should be there in 3 minutes, insya Allah", I replied.

"Hmmmm...Hanna dah dapat results dah...", I heard Ayah said.

"And?!!! 5 A's??!!" - I was not breathing.

"Hmmmm..." Ayah sounded reluctant to say it, and then he said -

"Yes - she got 5 A's!", and Ayah was laughing at the other end."I knew she would get it!" Ayah said.

And all I could remember was that everything became very, very blur after that....because I was crying. And I mean - REALLY crying...

Vision blurred, I somehow made my way to the school and went straight to the hall, and saw my first born jumping up and down with her friends.

Hanna saw me and ran straight to me, and we hugged each other.

"Mommy! I got 5 A's!!! YESSSS!!!" she screamed.

I just nodded, and continued hugging her.

"Mommy, why are you crying?!!! I got 5 A's laaa!"

"I know, sayang...I AM SO, SO PROUD of you..." I managed to utter the words in between the tears.

And she gave me the biggest smile ever, and kissed my cheeks...

Syukur Alhamdulillah...


Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum ...

--> HANNA ... alhamdulillah and CoNGRaTuLaTioNS from all of us!!! so proud and happy for you :) keep it up ... :)

and what a lovely birthday pressie, eh - so HaPPY BiRTHDaY too!

*jangan lupa our A&W deal okay :) - whenever that may be*

to kak shana and abang H ...

behind every successful kid is a great parent - kiasu or not!!!
hehehe ...

so happy for you guys and wished we could be there to celebrate ...

take care and salam to all ...

wassalam ...


ps: thanx for passing the stuff to H when he was back :)

Mahariz said...

congrats. there's more to come, though. :D keep it up!

D said...

Indeed, Alhamdulillah.. Congratulations to the mommy too!

Mior Azhar said...

From both of us - Azian and I, Congrats to Hanna! Way to go girl!

(contrary to my entry - which is more about like lepas geram to certain relatives and friends, I too was nervous like hell at the office yesterday.... hehehe! cakap lain tulis lain!

Mr Engineer said...

Dear Wan Shana,

Congratulations to you and Ayah and especially to Hana! Job well done guys and berbanyak syukur ke hadrat Allah swt. One down and many, many more palpitations to come! And it has been a good beginning.....

And come next year it will be our dear Ibu's turn to have sleepless nights.....

Dad of Four said...

Congratulations to Hanna!

MAMAMIA said...

Another blogging mummy with 5As kid. Congratulations!!!

I tak sabar baca N3 U sebab nak tahu her result. Mula2 just skipped through the top part, till I saw the 5As. Then, baru baca balik slowly fr the beginning.

Had the same experience last year, nervewrecking kena tunggu sampai pukul 11, baru dapat tahu result. But, it was worth the wait.

So, what's next? Will she be joining your Alma Mater?

ummi said...

Salam, I bloghoped from Mamamia. Glad to hear your daughter got 5A's. Congratulations to Hanna and mommy/daddy too.

Yes I know the torture of waiting, I went through it twice already. ha ha ha.. semua buat tak kena. rasa nak lari je pergi sekolah dan dan tu juga.

WANSHANA said...

Dear Murni,

Thanks so much, especially for all your do'as for Hanna.

Yes, I saw Hilmi the other day and passed the stuff to him. So sorry - lama sungguh I simpan barang-barang tu. Haizal went to see him last night, too - straight from a meeting in KL, so, I couldn't join. It was quite late already and there was nobody to babysit the kids @ SD.

And thanks so much for the chocs, dear! :D

Take care.



Thanks. Yes - A LOT MORE to come...


WANSHANA said...


Thank you :D

Yes, syukur kepada Allah SWT...

Take good care of yourself, dear.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and anak-anak.


Dear Mior and Azian,

Thank you so much!

And Congratulations to Asma and Arissa, too! There's a cause for a double celebration, yes?

I have yet to let Hanna read all the comments here, but, I can bet she'll be grinning from ear to ear when she goes through all the congratulatory wishes.

I understand what you mean and how you feel as per your latest blog posting :)

Hmmmmm...mana boleh tak nervous, ye dak?! We'd be lying if we say that we don't worry about our kids. Of course ultimately we want them to be happy with their achievements so that they all bersemangat to always try their best and do well.

FYI, I only called a couple of VERY close friends who also have kids taking UPSR yesterday bertanya khabar. Believe it or not, I didn't even call my two brothers to ask about how their daughters fare in UPSR! Is this good or bad? I don't know...

I only got to know their results from my sister. Syukur Alhamdulillah, they did quite well.

Take care :)

WANSHANA said...

Mr Engineer,

Thank you! And a heartiest congratulations to Haris (and his Mama and Abah, too!)

Lega...for now.

Haizal and I were just talking last night - from 2010 until 2017, we'll have at least one child taking a major exam every year.

The only year when we can take a breather would be 2013!

Aiyoyoo...Doktor jantung pun boleh sakit dada woooo...

And this is not taking into account should there be another addition to the family in the future, you know...

Take care :D

WANSHANA said...

Dear Dad of Four,

Thank you on Hanna's behalf.

I will let her read all the comments and post replies to them tonight, insya Allah.

Take care.



Sorry to have kept you in suspense. Hehehe!

Yes, worth the wait alright. :D

What next? Hmmmm... good question.

Hanna has been accepted to go to Sri Am*n (her "dream school" kononnya...), but she has also applied to go to a boarding school.

I guess we'll just wait if she gets any offer to go to a SBP, and take it from there.

One thing for sure, she is definitely NOT going to my Alma Mater. Too far looorrr! Ayah and I have decided that we will only allow her to go to SS* of TK* - senang nak jenguk.

At the moment she's a bit fickle-minded la pulak. Kejap nak gi asrama, kejap tak nak. I really have to sit down and slow talk to her and ask her what she really wants. We don't want to force her into anything.

Will update you all on this, insya Allah.

Take care, Mamamia.


Dear Ummi,

Thank you for visiting :D, and thank you for the wishes, too.

Memang nerve-wrecking, kan? And as I mentioned earlier, we still have to go through this until 2017 at least!

I hope my heart can take the beating.

Take care ;)

Anonymous said...

shana dear...

congrats to hanna...faced the same torture yesterday too..alhamdulillah, 5As for Imran as well...syukur..sebelum tu mcm2 mimpi yg dpt...
lama x dgr citer u..
take care sis..


p/s lurveeeee the AZ's of my favourites at the moment..lagi satu yg best "teman terulung"!!

Ayah said...

Jz to share my experience of yesterday...

Mommy was in the car on the way to SSP. I was already there and I was walking into the hall where all the std 6 pupils were in waiting for the result scripts to be given one by one. As I almost had one foot in I heard Hanna's name being called. There was a loud cheer as she stood up (budak ni kan popular, konon..Haha). She rushed to get the script and soon after her eyes descended on it she started jumping up and down (the earth shook for a moment!). Then she ran to her friends and teachers. I jz stood there at the door of the hall watching my first child looking so happy. She was ecstatic.

Then she turned and saw me. She immediately ran towards me in full flight and hugged me close. Err..if it happened on the field it would look like I was being rugby-tackled by Jonah Lomu! We must have hugged for...a whole second! But it seemed like a long time...

U see...Hanna & I, we have a special relationship. We love each other to bits (I think..Haha) but we don't say it to each other and we sakat each other a lot. She would never want to be seen near her dad in school...I guess nampak tak cool lah..Hehe. So to be hugged by Hanna...and to be seen 'live' in the hall in front of everyone is a big BIG deal! I think she was so happy that she didn't care! Hahaha...

Anyway...Hanna, it's ur 12th birthday tomorrow. I would like to wish u a happy happy birthday. Many congratulations...I am so proud of u...n I love u... (phew)

Ayah :)

fifi said...

Congrats Hanna! Aunty Fifi is so proud of you! Ayah and Mummy must be over the moon :) Lots of hugs from us all.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Hanna, to you Kak Syana and Ayah too...

Will have my berdebar-debar moment in 2 years time...


IBU said...

CONGRATULATIONS HANA!!!! My favourite Aunt Shana's first daughter... hehe!

Kena celebrate ni.Kena.Musti!Pasti!

Mee rebus & teh tarik!

Mr Engineer's first son also 5As?! Wahhhh....Congrats!

kak ton said...

Hi shana,

Congratulations to Hanna.

And congrats to the parents too! :)

SitiNur said...

Congratsss... to Hanna, Mommy & Ayah.

So tak berhajat jd Srikandi lah ye? Hehe. Mana2 pun ok tu.

Thanks for sharing the moment. Enjoy d celebration! :)

Helena said...

COngrats Shana & Hanna!!

WOw.... I can really understand how u felt and how Ayah felt... hehe....

Last yr the morning of the results, I couldnt even swallow the roti bakar walaupun hanya secubit. (Hubby paksa I makan) My hands were shivering, my throat was dry). And it was really exhilarating to hear Mia;s name called - she was the first person to be called, angka giliran 001.... And see her receive the UPSR slip, amidst the hiruk pikuk everyone in the audience giving a thunderous clap, her friends shouting her name oever and over again.....

sigh.... such sweet memories.

My advice to u, irrelevent of whether u decide samada nak duduk asrama ke tak.... just isi whatever borang yg ada. Borang MRSM dah ambik ke belum. (U STF ke?)

Then have a heart to heart talk on what she wants. Coz life at boarding schools as u know are not a bed of flowers. Esp for 1st formers.... So she must really want it to withstand all the challenges there....

WANSHANA said...

Dear Along,

Hi! Thanks so much, and my congratulations to Imran, too.

Sorry, I've been pretty busy at work and also at home. Bibik belum menjelma lagi. Hoping to get one by first week of December. Tak menang tangan, especially now dah start cuti sekolah.

Yes, Teman Terulung is also nice :D

Take care, dear.

WANSHANA said...


I'm so glad that you were there when they announced her results...At least one of us witnessed Hanna's reaction to it all that day :D


WANSHANA said...

Dear Fifi,

Thank you on Hanna's behalf :D

Yes, we're over the moon (and the sun, too!) Hehehe!

Take care, dear.


Dear Amy,


All the best for 2009, ya?

The thing is, however well we think we have prepared ourselves for it, we still can't help but feeling anxious when it comes to our kids exams...

Take care :)

WANSHANA said...


Hehehe! Hanna tersengih-sengih baca all the congratulatory wishes here. She still couldn't find the time to leave a comment.Last weekend was basically Hanna's weekend (celebrating her UPSR results and also her 12th birthday with her friends)

Yours truly and "His truly" (i.e Ayah - Heheheh!) had to become their chaperones for 2 days. Pening nak melayan 7 screaming teenage girls during their outing. (Hmmmm, I MIGHT post an entry on that IF time permits, insya Allah)

Mee rebus and teh tarik ? Bisa diatur...(cuma tak tau nak atur kat mana and bila ajer laa...) :D

WANSHANA said...

Dear K. Ton,

Thank you... :D

We're just so happy and lega now.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

shana...can so relate to Ayah's experience...cold sweat all over, I tell you...
and the thunderous applause n shouts when Imran's name was mentioned...was so proud of him that the tears flowed freely, even my so-called macho other half shed tears...
ni baru upsr, belum uni lagi..
81 out of 300+ scored straight As in his school..
next year, Abang's turn..PMR...
memang boleh sakit jantung dibuatnya..hope Ayah can be on stand by..hehehe..


WANSHANA said...

Dear SitiNur,


The whole weekend was spent celebrating actually. It was also Hanna's birthday on Saturday, and we had six screaming girls over for a sleepover on Saturday night and a skating outing on Sunday.


WANSHANA said...


Thanks. It was a lovely feeling indeed.

Yup, I'm an STFian through and through, BUT Ayah and I are not that keen to send Hanna down south. Too far laaa...

We'll only let her go to an ALL GIRLS school close to home, so we're left with only two choices...

Hanna seems to be warming up to the idea of going to asrama, but, I still need to really sit down and have a slow talk with her about the whole thing. At the end of the day, we only want her to be happy.

Take care.

Hanna said...

To Uncles, Aunties, Kakaks, and Abangs :

Thanks so much for the congratulatry wishes, and also birthday wishes!

I appreciate them :)
More A's to come!
And OMG, next year Form1, :O
I'm gonna miss SSP.
Thanks to all my teachers,
especially Cikgu R**man!