Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Langkawi 23-27 November '07

We had FUN, FUN, FUN in the SUN, SUN, SUN!

Ayah had a 2-day meeting at Sher**on Langkawi 24th-25th November, and the kids and I tagged along for a holiday in the sun with him. We arrived a day earlier, and yours truly managed to shop for a few Corningware and Corelle sets for herself. Hehehe! And the two days when the meeting was on, we just enjoyed the hotel, as Ayah could not get away from it all. Very nice hotel indeed (but, Hasya thinks The Cyberlodge is still the "bestest" ever hotel we have ever stayed at, though!)

We checked out of Sher**on after the meeting ended and checked in into Ber**ya Beach Resort for the rest of our Langkawi stay. Although the hotel on the whole was not as nice/posh as Sher**on Langkawi, the kids just loved the beach and the swimming pool at Ber**ya much better. And I think I agree with them on that. The beach and the pool at Ber**ya were very much more children-friendly. But, in terms of the rooms we had, Sher**on got everybody's vote and won, hands down.

Despite the fact that Hasya was having fever on and off throughout the 5 days, and despite the fact that Hilman threw up nearly everytime after he had his breakfast, lunch and dinner (not because of anything, BUT because he just ate too much all the time!) all in all everybody had great fun.

We rented a Mitsubishi Outlander to get around the island, and discovered Pantai Chenang which became our place to "cari makan" throughout our stay there. Food was excellent, but I have to say that I expected it to be much cheaper than KL. Apparently, Ayah said that if we were to have the same dish, say, in Kuantan, it would have only cost us half of what we paid for in Langkawi! Anyway, we still needed to stuff ourselves with all the seafood while we were there, right?! So, no choice but to eat! Hehehehe!

We managed to cover the 'wajib' attractions (Kota Mahsuri, Underwater World, Cable Car, Telaga Tujuh, etc). This time around we decided not to go island hopping or snorkelling - we're saving those for our next trip to Langkawi, insya Allah (and Hilman just LOVED the waterfall at Telaga Tujuh that we have promised him that next time we will spend more time there!)

But, I think I need another vacation to get over this vacation loorrrr...

Enjoy the pics!


pakpayne said...

bravo wanshana....!! the langkawi trip was really really a smashing time for you and family....
wonderful to see lots of smiles, laughter together as one happy family.
the makan-makan membuatkan saya teringin la pulak nak car ikan bakar hehehe.

ur 'ayah' such a sporting a loving daddy....serious.....anak2 manja2 dengan dia....suka tenguk!!

way to go wanshana....


IBU said...

Wahhhh....manyak syiok ohhhhh.....

Did you drive or flew there? Berapa bnyk excess baggage? Corelle & corningware segala.....

Never got a chance to go to the waterfall there b4. Must include in itinerary next time.

Dad of Four said...

We didnt go to telaga tujuh last year coz it was the dry season...We settled for Durian Perangin waterfall instead! Tg Rhu and Pasir Tengkorak beaches were excellent..! Glad you guys had fun...Havent brought my kids anywhere this hols, though!..sigh...

WANSHANA said...

Dear pakpayne,

Thank you. Yes, we had a smashing time in Langkawi.

The kids memang manja with their Ayah especially when we go away for holidays - the only time they can really spend father-kids time with him, AND of coz' the only time they can bully him into doing whatever they want him to do for them! Hahahaha!

Kalau tak jumpa ikan bakar kat Dubai tu, dapat makan unta bakar pun jadi lah kot? ;)

Take care.

WANSHANA said...


Memang manyak syiooookkkk!!! :D

We all naik belon gi Langkawi, and sewa kereta for 3 days to go around the island.

I told Haizal - the Corelle and Corningware tu are meant for our daily use (tapi beli sampai EMPAT sets + one casserole set?!!! HAHAHAHA! Haizal tertipu...)

Told him, "High time to change pinggan mangkuk which we have been using for the last 10 years laaaa". Hehehe!

Nasib baik masa balik tu plane dapat take-off.

Yes, you should go to the waterfall. Beautiful.

WANSHANA said...


Ayah's meeting was supposed to be at Tanjung Rhu Resort initially, but as they have a policy to limit the number of kids at the resort at any one time, the organizers changed the venue. Yes, I heard that the beaches at Tanjung Rhu are REALLY nice.

Somebody recommended to us to go to the waterfall at Durian Perangin, but as T7 was just 3 minutes drive from the hotel, we decided to settle with T7.

We're planning another out-of-KL break in a month's time. Kuantan is high on the list - another round of sea, sun, swimming pools and ikan bakar, insya Allah :D

Mr Engineer said...

Aiikkk.....pergi holiday pun sempat shopping?? you know, I am still recovering from my dear wife's shopping binge hari tu....tak tau lah macam mana kalau you all gang-up and pergi shopping beramai-ramai...

Anyway, I am sure the vacation (and shopping) was a great stress reliever.

WANSHANA said...

Mr. Engineer,

Errrr...It is NOT a holiday for us Ahli Majlis Tertinggi unless we shop til' we drop, okay?!

YES, the vacation (and shopping) was a great stress-reliever - for ME. I don't think Haizal agrees, though. Tengok I borong Corningware and Corelle must have stressed him out BIG time. HAHAHAHA!

(No laaah - just for the record : HE was the one who suggested we take the 5 sets. Sayang jugak kat bini, eh?! :D)

Ayah said...

Yes..Mommy Dear...

I suggested 5 sets...coz they only had 5 in the shop!!! :D Kalau nak ikutkan 5 ni pun tak cukup...Hahaha! Insya-Allah there will be next time.. :)

I thot the highlight was the waterfall. Thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a whale of a time! ;p

And I agree with u, dear... I need a long holiday to recover from this one!


hanna! said...


Ayah : Whale of a time? Wow. He admits ;)

Anyways. Chyupp2; I liked the waterfall too! And and the beach pun! Erm not to forget the cable car<3

Ahaha Mommy's scared of heights ;D

I'm not! Chewahh :D
Anyways, all I can say is Langkawi was fun. But I hate waking up early in the morning :(



Mior Azhar said...

Wow good to note that you and the gang are having fun up in Langkawi. For some reasons, Langkawi has never been my favourite place. Tak tau kenapa?
I attended a conference many years ago and checked in Sheraton too. Was having high fever thru out my stay then... must be that reason, kot.

LuQman said...

great for you to go to "langkawi"

warning:Never put to much "ands"



WANSHANA said...


Yeah - we had a great time...but, it was quite exhausting, too! Kita ni dah tua laaa, Ayah... Sakit-sakit badan segala!

Next time we go there, lagi LIMA set, bule?!!!




Glad you had fun in Langkawi, dear.


(I can see Ayah is sweating now...Hehehe!)

WANSHANA said...


Believe it or not, that was my FIRST time in Langkawi ever - and it was not as I expected at all. I was pleasantly surprised.

According to Ayah, and a few friends who had been there a few times before, Langkawi has gone through a lot of changes, especially in the last 6-7 years, and they are quite impressed with the efforts put in by the Kedah govt to beautify and make it more attractive to visitors (local and foreigners alike). But, of course, every now and then you could also see some spots which are not well-maintained.

But, that aside - maybe you should make plans to go there with Azian and the girls one of these days, and this time around - make sure tak demam! :)

Have to plan the holiday well so that you can cover, the beaches, the pools, the waterfalls, the cable car, the Marine Park (for snorkelling/diving), and they have all sorts or parks - birds, crocodiles, horse ranches.

NOT forgetting the Duty Free Shops AND all the seafood galore! Heheheh!

WANSHANA said...

Dear Luqman,

Thank you for visiting aunty's blog :D

Next time when you are in Malaysia, make sure you ask Abah to bring you to Langkawi, okay?

My son Hilman, who is also 7 years old, really had a great time there. I'm sure you will, too!

Take care, dear.


MAMAMIA said...

Did u all walk up all the way to T7 waterfall fr the parking lot? How long did it take to reach the waterfall? Was it tiring?

Corningware, memang banyak beza ke, harga dia?

Macam tak percaya, when U said this was your first time there. Betul ke?

WANSHANA said...


Yup - we walked up from the parking lot, but not right to the top. The slip route to the waterfall tu is somewhere in the middle. Itu pun semput ya amat! It took us about 10 minutes to reach the waterfall.

I really am not sure if the Corningware price in Langkawi tu okay or not, coz' I was never really interested in buying them kat KL ni... But, according to a friend of Ayah's, the difference that you pay PER set is about RM150 - RM200! So, I guess, it's a good deal.

Yes - my first time ever in Langkawi! Percayalah.... ;)

Helena said...

Glad you had fun at Langkawi. The last time we were there was when I was 5 months preggy with Zaryff. That was like 7 yrs ago!!

Eh I tot Underwater Langkawi tu, ikan2 dia dah mati.... ada lagi ke?>

Ayah said...

And Mommy dear...I don't think it would be the last either...percayalah! But the next time ni kena bring more kidz (hint..hint..) so that we can get more baggage allowance to bring all the pinggan-mangkuk! ;p

elviza said...

Fuhhhh sampai 4 set beli... you nak jamu saper tu Wanshana? Tak jemput I ker? :-)

Great pictures by the way...

WANSHANA said...


I think Langkawi offers a lot of different attractions for such a 'smallish' island - that makes it different from, say, Redang, Tioman, etc.

Hmmmm...maybe the next trip to Langkawi for you would be when you're preggy with the next one? ;)

The ikan-ikan @ Underwater World tu still alive and kicking (or rather - "swimming"!) I think there was an incident where apparently there was a sabo and almost all of the fish there died. But, they have replaced them with new ones.

My kids just love the seals and the penguins there!

WANSHANA said...


MORE kids for MORE baggage allowance to bring MORE pinggan mangkuk?!!!

Why didn't I think of that?!

Itu bisa diatur....Hehehe!

WANSHANA said...


Thanks :) they say, "Sediakan pinggan-mangkuk sebelum khenduri..." :D

Insya Allah, ada rezki I buat makan-makan session and invite all my blogosphere friends. But, 'bila' or 'di mana' - THAT is the question...

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tunelife said...


Saje nak share..saya ada menjual Corelle daripada USA dengan harga yang murah daripada pasaran. Ada ready stock dan ada juga pre order.

Bayaran boleh dibuat secara ansuran dan tidak lama lagi, pembayaran secara kad kredit pun boleh.

Jomlah layari sekarang utk jamu2 mate..hehe.. Jumpa anda di sana :)