Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I am worryingly weird...

This entry may be a wee bit late (which is an understatement!), but, hey - as they say, "better late than never", eh?

I was on my lunch break and was just blog-hopping and reading through some old postings by Ibu in her blog when I stumbled upon her "Weird Factors About Ibu At Last" which was posted in March this year which was actually in response to a tag. Ibu tagged me for that, and I promised her that I would work on it after I figured out how to create the links, etc (masa tu masih berhingus meleleh-leleh lagi in blogosphere daaaa...Eeeeewwwww!!!!) I was supposed to post an entry listing 6 weird facts about myself, and I was supposed to tag 6 others to do the same.

Due to the never-ending commitments in Newcastle and problems faced with configuring my (then Friendster's) blog, the whole thing just fell through the cracks, and I totally forgot about it....until today! (Selamat Hari Raya, Ibu.... Maaf Zahir Batin. Mintak Ampun! :D)

So, I thought I would just do it today, just to settle my debt with Ibu. However, I will not be tagging anybody because this is soooooooooo yesterday! This is just for the fun of it - and also, in a way for people to know that under this cool and composed image (that I have succesfully projected so as to fool you poor guys out there - HAHAHAHAHA!) there are some facts about me which are worryingly weird...

Weird Fact No. 1

I am a "Furniture RE-arranger".

I would rearrange the furnitures around the house (and in my office) once a month. And I'm not talking about just moving the tables and chairs, okay? I would move the beds, all the cabinets, the sofas, the dining table, the kitchen table, etc - in short - EVERYTHING! And when this "angin" comes, I would do the WHOLE house!

AND I do all these ON MY OWN - without Ayah having to move a single muscle. Not because he did/does not want to help, but because I would normally do the make-overs when he was/is not around.

(FYI, a few times he did not even notice the changes until I hinted it out to him a couple of days after that?! This happened EVEN when there was a MAJOR make-over that took place, okay?! Eherks!)

Weird Fact No. 2

I never weigh myself when I have my spectacles on.

Hmmmm.... I hear some of you saying that it's because I don't want to see the reading?!

Errrr...Hellllooooo!!! If I don't want to know how much I weigh, why do I go on the weighing scale in the first place?!! Duuuuhhhh...

Tsk...tsk...tsk....The reason WHY I don't wear my spectacles when I weigh myself is simple - so that the weight of my spectacles will not add on to the reading of my weight! So, I only weigh myself when I have my contact lenses on laaaa.... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Weird Fact No. 3

Still on the subject of weighing myself.

I would weigh myself a few times over a minute or so, at DIFFERENT spots in the room - hoping that at certain spots, the reading would be lower.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Weird Fact No. 4

I can only drive if I wear my Clarks Springers slippers. ( That reminds me, they are in such a sorry state now! Have to make note to self to go and get a new pair!)

I have tried driving with other shoes, and I have also tried driving bare foot - I totally lost confidence in my own driving when I was not wearing my Clarks Springers slippers!

I would only change to the appropriate shoes once I reach my destination. So, if you happen to be sitting at the front passenger seat, please do excuse the 4 pairs of shoes on the floor of the car, okay? I have two pairs of working shoes, one pair of casual sandals, and one pair of trainers down there.

Weird Fact No. 5

Contrary to a lot of peoples' beliefs and perception of me being a very expressive/verbal person, I don't really like to talk, at least when I'm at work. 9 out of 10 times, I would eat alone during lunch time. Due to my flexi hours, I would normally go down for lunch around 3:00pm when most of the people around me have finished tucking in their lunch, and they would only be going down to the cafeteria again for tea after 4:00pm.

Simple - nobody to eat with, SO, nobody to talk to, SO, no need to indulge in gossips, AND no need to rub shoulders with two-faced individuals or backstabbers who would be bad-mouthing others in front of you.... SO, kurang dosa.... Insya Allah...

Weird Fact No. 6

If I'm waiting for my turn to read the newspapers, I, for the life of me, CANNOT do anything else in the mean time!

If somebody is reading a newspaper, and I'm waiting for my turn to read it, I can just WAIT for my turn WITHOUT engaging myself in other fruitful activities while waiting!!! I can't even go to the kitchen and make myself a cuppa tea while waiting!

I can just wait by the side and do nothing... (errrr....besides staring into space, that is!) unless there is another newspaper which I can read in the mean time.

And this only happens when I'm waiting for my turn to read the newspapers. Not other things.

Weird, or what??!!!

So, there you have it - 6 worryingly weird things about me.

I am, after all, only human... ;) (Sorry to have disappointed some of you... HAHAHAHAHA!)

Cheers, and Wassalam...

P/S : So, Ibu, ZERO-ZERO, eh?! Hutang sudah langsai...


MAMAMIA said...

U'r not that weird after all... Coz I also like to move my furnitures around, usually done when Papa not around. & he won't notice the rearrangement... Kadang2 pusing2 balik arrangement lama!!

But Item 6 a bit weird...

Spena said...

YOu know what sist? I'm in for no % too - I always go lunch alone and don't mind doing that. Sometimes I don't understand why people need company for lunch.I just need to eat and a break time without my office colleagues around me!

IBU said...


Weird indeed!! And for that, your status in the Majlis Tertinggi shall now be elevated to .... I mean shall be decorated with Pingat keWeirdan Yg Tidak Terhingga!! hehehehehe ....

Hey! Wasn't it you who mentioned "birds of a feather flock together-gether? ", albeit different degrees of weirdness?

p/s Agak2 masa tunggu suratkhabar tu ada tak korek apa2 ke...? hehe

WANSHANA said...


Phewww! Glad to know that it's quite normal to move the furnitures around.

But then again -"normality" is pretty subjective, eh? Maybe we are the ONLY two who think that it is normal to do so, Mamamia?

And yes - there had been a few times when after re-arranging everything, it was back to square one for me all over again! Hehehe...

Hi - 5!!!



Yes - life is so much simpler if you don't engage yourself in conversations, and just concentrate on chewing and swallowing your food during lunch time...



Tengkiu! Tengkiu!

This is considered as tahap keWeirdan yang tidak terlampau ni! If I were to list down mengikut the highest Richter scale - ada yang tak mengaku kawan pulak nanti! Hahahah!

Hmmmm...maybe I should post an entry on the keWeirdan of our Majlis Tertinggi members (sambungan to my Birds of a Feather I and II postings dulu?!)

Well, weird or not - this is me, myself and I...

My name is DO (as in "Dough") - WEIRDO ;D

P/S : Whether I korek anything or not while waiting for the newspaper, it is for me to know and for you to find out. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum ...

dear kak shana ...

weird fact no. 1

hahaha ... teringat masa you 'sekolah' dulu and tensen pasal work ... everytime i visit your room berubah wajah (by the way ... i like the last arrangment! - memang 'centralised'!) hehehe ...

weird fact no.6

hehehe ... you're funny ... :)

take care ...

wasalam ...

:o) me

ps: dapat my email tak?

WANSHANA said...

Dear :o)

My flatmates pun pening kepala everytime they came to my room and saw everything changed yet again!!! Hehehe!

I think I had the 'centralised' arrangement for 2 weeks aje kot? I've lost track of all the rearrangements that I had done while I was at the Uni Flat!

As for the newspaper thingy, that's why I prefer to read all the news online nowadays ;D

And YES - I got your e-mail. Thank you, and so sorry for not replying. Will contact Hilmi to meet up and serahkan the stuff to your Mom ;)

Take care, dear.

drNO said...

weird u r especially the weighing scale part... time...u weigh ur specs, next time, u can just minus it up...:)

WANSHANA said...

Dear drNO,

Thank you for visiting :D

I visited your cool blog. Your kids are gorgeous! And I tabik spring your baking skills. I don't bake. Fullstop. :(

When you have been trying (unsuccessfully!)to go down to a certain weight for the last, let me see - 7+ years(!), every milligram matters. Hahaha!

We (myself and some close friends a.k.a the "Majlis Tertinggi") made a pact/resolution on the eve of 1 January 2000 that we would try to go down to XXkg by 31 December 2000.

Suffice to say, after more than 7 years - none of us succeeded! Hahaha! BUT, we are still trying ;D - itu yang penting - we have not given up.

So, precision is the key word - cannot minus-minus the weight of the specs one!!! Hahahaha!

Take care.

Abu Rabu @ Ash Wednesday said...

Have you ever considered this fact:
The weight of your glasses is a lot less than the total weight of the clothes you have on.

If you really want to be precise, you know what else to take off the next time you weigh yourself.

(Make sure your web cam is not turned on, though.)

P.S. Sorry I didn't get to see you and Ayah at the Raya do at my father's house. Maybe at Tok Mommy's MRT one of these days.

WANSHANA said...

abu rabu @ ash wednesday, long no see no hear from you! Good to have you back ;)

Errr...OF COURSE I HAVE CONSIDERED THE ABOVE! (and I'm not saying anything more. HAHAHA!)


P/S : Yes, we were hoping to see you and K.Ton there, too, that day.
We reached there quite late, and both of you had just left. Insya Allah, next time.