Friday, February 8, 2008

Our very own fitness centre...

Ayah was woken up at 4.30a.m on Chinese New Year Day and had to rush to the hospital and open the lab for an emergency angio procedure. He only came back around 10:00a.m and tried to catch up on his sleep - only to be called back to the hospital just before 12:00 noon. Apparently, the same patient which his team did an angioplasty on that morning kept getting arrested. (Errr...NOT by the police, by the way."Arrested" as in - his "heart arrested". Hehehe!) Anyway, Ayah came back just after 2:00p.m. Half of the day which was a public holiday gone...and this is quite normal and we're all quite used to it.

Not wanting to let the day go to waste, but, at the same time not wanting to go to any busy shopping malls in the event that Ayah might be called back to the hospital again (and I might end up with a pout 4 batu panjang if that were to happen...Hehehe!) we went to check on the new house. We normally would go there on Sundays to clean/mop, etc. and then have a small picnic there. But as Ayah was away in Kobe last weekend, we had to give it a miss. So, yesterday was somewhat like a "Qadha" for the rigmarole.

We reached the house just after 4:00pm, and Daryati and I started our exercise routine a.k.a the cleaning rituals straight away. She was in-charge of the 1st Floor, while I tackled the Ground Floor, while Ayah handled Hasya's bedroom. Or rather, Hasya's BED. Hehehehe! Well, Ayah had a valid excuse to snooze away thanks to his Sleepless in PPUM events in the last 24 hours. But, I doubt if he really got any sleep at all as Hasya and Hilman were also occupying the bed, each trying to push the other off the bed!

Oh yes! By the way, we found Hilman's bedroom set the other day, but, due to the long CNY break, they could only deliver it after 20th of this month. So,this "pushing-each-other-off-of Hasya's bed" will continue until he gets his own bed...Sigh...

*** CHEESE! Pic of kids taken in Hasya's room with her new bedroom set.

*** Hasya and Hilman - "pushing-each-other" session.

Anyway, remember in my last posting when I wrote that our neighbour, Mr. Kang, was a fish tauke? Well, we just found out that we could be taukes, too - tauke sayur! Our courtyard which sits between the main living and the dining room is full of this undergrowth/grass which I swear looks like kangkung!

And, the garden has this crawling thingy which looks like bayam!(Errrr...Ibu, can secure contract to supply to T**CO kah?!! Hahaha!)

*** Kangkung, anyone?!

*** What about bayam?!

(Note to self : Have to find a gardener to tend to the grounds until we move in)

After finishing with the indoor stuff, we went outside to work out on the grounds. Remember when I wrote about the possibility of having a tree-house at the new place? Well, Hilman had since then, changed his mind, and now has requested for a SWIMMING POOL instead (????!!!) Hahahaha! Like how many zeros do you think Mommy and Ayah have to add to the budget if we were to agree to your swimming pool, my dear?! Hmmmmm...tough choice. Tree-house? Swimming Pool? Tree-house? Swimming Pool? Hmmmm....let me see...How much more do we need for a swimming pool? Yeah, right. Another 50 sen... HAHAHA!

*** Possible site for the Tree-house (or swimming pool?!!!)

And, did I mention that there's an Exercise Ground right in front of our new place? So, every time we're there, the kids would spend at least half an hour going on the apparatus, and yesterday was no exception. They have the Waist Twister, the Single Walker, the Sky Walker, the Rowing Machine, and a few others. So, I was telling Ayah - "We have no excuse nanti if we do not have regular exercise!" To which Ayah replied, "Yeah... just like we're not supposed to have any excuse NOW for not taking up jogging seriously when the jogging track is RIGHT in front of our SD house...." HAHAHAHA! Okay, Ayah, you've got a point, there.

*** Some pics of us trying the apparatus. Ada tokoh, or not?! Notice that Ayah is still in his lab attire - just in case the hospital were to call...sigh...

Anyway, for now - our visits to the new house will only be on Sundays. When are we moving in? Hmmmm...we don't really know. It all depends on when we can start the renovation work, which in turn depends on when our preferred contractor is free to work on our house... which in turn depends on when his current project will finish. Until then, if you guys cannot find us anywhere on any of the Sundays, try finding us at our new abode. We'll surely be there - if not working ourselves out with mopping and cleaning the house, or going to the Exercise Ground, we would probably be sweating ourselves silly tending to our kangkung and bayam plots there...

Hmmmmm....No need to get lifetime membership for Cel**rit* Fi*ne*ss la like this!

Cheers ;)


kudo said...

waa. nice house. compound boleh buat swimming pool large enough for a transformer to fall into from the sky.

IBU said...

Kangkung? R U sure? Waahhh..... i can already imagine the house warming party menu : sotong kangkung, kangkung belacan, yong tau foo with lots of kangkung... Then background music (Tuan Lokter's gig, Hasya's dance troop) must be "lenggang-lenggang kangkung". Muahaha... can't wait!

Lovely house sista! Cantik tol pink on white for the bed sets.

Why don't u start a blog vote to get a feel what the readers would like to see that melaut laman of yours to host; tree house vs swimming pool vs fitness centre vs errr ...kangkung nursery vs... sth else of your choice.

I vote first ye? TREE HOUSE !!! I angkat 2 tangan nih.

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

Errr... "boleh buat swimming pool large enough for a Transformer to fall into from the sky"?!! HAHAHA! I don't know about that...(and while we're at it, maybe we can have Megan Fox soaking in the sun beside the pool - dibawa khas untuk you...HAHAHA!

But, kalau nak buat khenduri kawin anak-anak, insya Allah no need to block jalan depan rumah to pasang khemah :)

wanshana said...


Yeah...we can have a "Kangkung Theme" for the housewarming nanti, eh? Tapi, Tuan Lokter tak boleh "Lenggang Kangkung" sangat coz' of his slipped discs... Hahaha!

Nak start a blog vote? Boleh - tapi, dengan syarat. Those who vote for "Swimming Pool" will also have to donate at least RM20k each. Coz' alang-alang nak buat swimming pool tu, might as well built a pool house sekali, kan kan kan?! Lepas tu, nak keep up with its maintenance lagi, kan kan kan?

Tree house - possible.

Kangkung nursery - possible. In fact dah start operation dah pun...

Fitness centre - errrr...satu pelaburan yang membazirkan coz' guarantee not put to good use... Hahaha!

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, I read your this posting with interest.
I must say your hubby got called to the hospital twice...he sure made the 'arrested' person a happy new year. And I'm sure the 'thank you' and good wishes he received is good karma, saving someone's life.
Love your new residence, Wanshana. And hang on, I'll get my truck come over for your kangkong.
I love kangkong belachan, kangkong lemak with sweet potatos, or kangkong sotong.
Boleh saya dapat tiga kati?
Ha ha.
Happy new year to you and all at home. Lee.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

such a huge compound i'd suggest hilman to demand from his parents for both pool and the 'proposed' tree-house.

as for his bedroom, i myself cant wait to see how it'd look like. i'm anticipating its going to be a typical boy's room filled with toy cars, balls, football boots and clothes scattering on the floor, rockn roll CDs playing out loud and caps hanging on the door knob, besides books on his studying table of course.

whatever it is, nothing beats having his own room.

^soooo... Mrs ayah, bila nak pindah ni? hehehehehehehe...

Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum ...

kak shana!!!

love your 'fitness centre'!!!

like this when we come home can come often la ...

love hasya's room too ... can't wait to see hanna's and hilman's ...

our love and hugs to them ... salam to abang H too ...

take care ...

:o) murni

ps: i vote both tree house and pool! hehehe ...

wanshana said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

Thanks :)

Yes - good karma indeed. A noble profession which requires a lot of sacrifices, and mental strength - having to deal with life and death day in day out. I don't know how he does it, but the kids and I are very proud of him :)

Waaaa...Uncle Lee. You want 3 kati ONLY ka? I can give you 3 lori, you know...Hehehehe!

Happy New Year to you, too - and keep warm! I read your comment in Ibu's blog that you're having a white CNY there...

Take care.

wanshana said...


Aiyyyooooo...can pengsan la like this! BOTH swimming pool AND tree-house? But, can laaar - I'll give you my Account Number, and you can deposit your RM20k next week, eh? Hahaha!

Yes, Hilman just can't wait to have his own room, too. Just the other day we went to a few Home/Living stores, and he was already choosing the paint for his room. He knows what he wants, that little man of mine :)

One thing that I can guarantee, his room will be filled with a lot of Hot Wheels stuff....and I mean - A LOT...

As for the possible date of us moving in, me. I'll give the standard answer which Ibu uses - "lepas raya, kot?" (But, don't ask which raya lah, ya?!)

Take care, Kerp ;)

wanshana said...


Wa a'laikumussalam! Just last night Abg. H and myself were saying dah lama betul tak dengar khabar you all! Good to see you here again, dear :)

I know you guys must be pretty busy - what with your exams coming soon and with Hilmi down south. Hope everything's well.

Alamak...another one voting for BOTH? Okay, problem. You have to queue behind Kerp when you deposit your RM20k into my Account nanti, eh? Hehehe!

Will definitely post a pic here when Hilman's bedroom set sampai nanti. As for Hanna's, we have yet to go and find hers because she doesn't really have a room yet! There's the guest room downstairs, but, we want everybody's room to be upstairs. So, we're converting the family living room upstairs into her room. So, she'll only get her set when her room is ready. I oso donno lah when that will be :)

And of course - our home is ALWAYS open to you guys, 24/7. The question is - bila la you all nak balik Malaysia for good ni?!!!!

Take care, dear. And please convey our salam to Hilmi, and hugs to the boys.

Mior Azhar said...

Nice place. Swimming pool it is.
And where exactly did you get Hasya's bedroom set. We've been looking for a white set like that.

wanshana said...


Thanks :). It's a nice change from our current abode. Sekarang ni, everytime the kids want to play within the compound, both Ayah and I have to reverse and park our cars outside. Even then, nak main kejar-kejar pun tak cukup tanah nak lari :(

Another one vote for "swimming pool"?! Okay then, another RM20k into my account. Kaccchhhhiiinnggg!!! Hahaha!

We got the bedroom set from Everkids @ One Utama. Both Hasya and I fell in love with it from the moment we laid our eyes on it. They have quite a few nice sets for kids there. There's a nice cream set which we're thinking of getting for Hanna (maybe).It's worth going there to have a look. I'm sure your girls will love the choices they have there.

Happy furniture hunting!

Take care :)

MrsNordin said...

Hi Shana!

This is Bj, if you still remember me. I've been reading your blog for a while now (Gylle yang bagi tau), baru sekarang nak post comment :). Nice house! I'm sure you all are going to have lots of fun at the new house, especially the big garden. Take care!

wanshana said...

MrsNordin @ BJ!!!

How nice to see you here! :) Of course I remember you maaa...Mana boleh lupa kawan naik keretapi mel JB-Ipoh/Batu Gajah-Taiping dulu! Hehehee!

Thanks...Yes, the kids are looking forward to kejar-kejar sessions at the new place.

But, we realized that with a bigger compound, comes higher maintenance. We managed to get a Mr. Bhadal Khan & Co (Bangla chaps) to mow the grass yesterday. Ended up with 8 large black bags of cut grass and RM120 poorer! Not only, that, we also saw one baby cobra hiding in my "Kangkung" plot!!! SCREAAAAMMMM!!!

A note to self - Mr. Badhal Khan said that if we maintain the grounds and if we don't have the "kangkung" plot there, the slitherin' thingy will stay away...hopefully...

Another note to self - have to get loads of "belerang" next weekend and tabur around the house. Sigh...

Take care, BJ. We should organize a get together soon! :)

MrsNordin said...

Hi again,

Hee... hee... so we're finally communicating!

Yes, with a big house like that, the maintenance is obviously higher. I think, if you're not eating the kangkung, you'd better get rid of them. 1) less nyamuk, and 2) less chance of the slithering thing hiding in the area.

I remember we had one huge ular sawa "visiting" one night. I think it came from a long-abandoned bungalow infront of our house as the new owner decided to clear the garden. Nasib tak masuk rumah!

Get Mr Badhal to come once a week to maintain your garden lah... that should give you a peace of mind... :)

You arrange lah to meet. Pick a date & place. I'll ask the rest.

Kmar said...

Shana, very nice house!!! I love big compound.. senang nak ´bernafas´.. he.he. Ayoyoyo... 8 bags of rumput!!?? I bet your Mr Badhal dah ´note´ down that you will be his LOYAL customer.

Ibu, I SOKONG you... TREE HOUSE!!! Btw, since Shana can supply a lot of kangkong, tak boleh ke dijual kat Tesco!!?? Boleh dapat $$$$ and can cover nak buat tree-house..he.he..

BJ, how´s life? Your baby? Hope everything goes well with you..

wanshana said...


Yes, good to be in touch again :)

Actuallynya, the "kangkung" is not really "kangkung" but, overgrown grass (macam mutant aje kan?!)Hehehe!

According to Zaz*, who stays about 5 minutes from our new place, the area memang banyak snakes - used to be kelapa sawit plantation maaaa.... Her house pun dah a few times masuk ular! So, we're keeping ourselves very alert for those creatures. Risau betul.

Yep - definitely have to have Mr. Bhadal over regularly. Jangan dia sangkut with my maid sudah...

Will organize something with my Red Box kakis to get together with your Red Box kakis. Sure havoc...

(IBU!!! Hello, hello! You received that?!)

Take care, BJ :)

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

The 8 bags of rumput included all my "kangkungs" and "bayams". Dah tak ada stock nak supply kat T**CO...Hehehe!

Yep - I think Mr. Bhadal Khan has put us in for early March for the next "harvesting" session. No choice, but to engage him. All these while, tak ada la pulak anybody else doing their rounds trying to find clients for their grass-mowing biz'. So, it's Mr. Bhadal Khan's rezqi :).

Take care, dear.

Anonymous said...


Kakak tolong cakap sikit sama kawan2 kalo mau rumput potong baik punya bole panggil saya. Gerenti bagus! Itu ular pun kalo ada saya bole kasi halau. Tapi kalo dua ular atau libih saya caj lain harga la, kak.

wanshana said...


wanshana said...

Hmmmmm....Patutlah Bhadal Khan balik lambat malam ni...Blog-hopping kat hospital rupanya! Chis!!!

IBU said...

hahaha... ayoyo... saya punya pipi ada sakit jugak la sebab mahu bagi tahan ketawa baca itu hi-tech badal khan punya komen.

alo kakak, ni sudah tau ada wular juga situ mari, misti kasi hingat sama you punya itu a/p - a/p duwa worang - kalau mimpi kena patuk ular, jgn terus sambung tidur haa... kasi kejut sama kakak utk telefon sama itu badal khan. dia misti ada standby 24 jam punya. sudah biasa ini 'on-call' biznes.

Kmar / Mrs Nordin

Yeahhh... I shall propose to enlist Wan Shana as potential SME to supply kangkung. Or ... maybe referral scheme for Mr Badal Khan for facilities mgmt. hahaha...

MrsNordin said...

Hello Kmar,

Is this who I think she is?? The girl from Ipoh who used to balik kampung naik train with all of us Ipoh-mali girls?

Hi!!! I'm fine, Kmar, thanks. My baby is turning two in a few months time. Long story, but I don't think we should use Shana's blog as a platform to tell the story of our lives. It won't be fair to her other readers!

Anyway, do you have a blog too? Or e-mail? I'm glad to hear from you.

Helena said...

Hey, nice housing area you have there. Macam serene ajer gitu....

Pool? tree house? Outdoor jacuzzi? Gazebo? wow..... bestnya to look into all the options.... hehe

I just love the white beddie.... Nampak chic aje...

Have fun with decorating!

wanshana said...


Aiyoyo...You rasa aaaarr, itu Bhadal Khan ada 24 jam on-call dekat itu hospital ato dekat itu kubun?!! Kalo dekat itu hospital punya on-call, manyak susah la ini macam...Sapa mo halo itu wular?!!!

Lagi satu, Ibu...Itu kangkung sama bayam stock sudah habis la .Saya mau jual itu wular dekat tempat you kerja, bole kaaa?!



I tak kisah...boleh tukar Blog title from just "Wherever You Are" to "Wherever You Are, Come Here for Jejak Kasih..." Hahaha! Anyway, hope all of us will get the chance to meet up soon. Insya Allah.



You're coming back for 3 weeks in July, right? We REALLY have to organize something while you're here, maaan! (sambil-sambil tu, you boleh jual pukal baju-baju ZARA kat we all. Hehehe...)


wanshana said...


Thanks :)

Yes, it's a pretty quite area. Too serene in fact, sampai "wular" pun has made itself at home there (but, of course I hope that was the first and the last time I saw them slitherin' things in my garden!)

I really don't know if it will stay quiet when everybody has moved in, though...

I think we will only seriously start decorating the place once the renovation work is completed. And I am SO looking forward to that.

Take care, Helena :)

Kmar said...


...5 weeks laa madam.. you got to NOTE down in your super-full agenda...he.he.. Actually Jose will be joining us for 2 weeks holiday. He got to work laa for his family .... oopss!!

We already bought our tickets. Dah tersimpan pun kat almari..he.he.he. nak tunggu time aje nak balik ke Ipoh ni.. eerrghh.. 5 more months to go... lamanya...

Pasal ular... we found a few kat our garden... Itupun sebab our grandpa-cat (14 years old) yang jumpa!!!.. he.he... baby snakes. Hopefully there won´t be any papa or mama snakes... or else I kena pakai snake-sensor everytime kat garden.... he.he..

D.N.A.S said...

I vote for swimming pool. Nanti we can organize Srikandi punya bbq party by the pool kat rumah kak Shana. Yeahooooo!

wanshana said...


5 weeks kaaa? Even better! Can't wait to have you back di tanah tumpah darahmu...:)

Boleh bawak balik itu "wular" Barcelona kah??! Can matchmake with my wular. Sure got Eurasian looks maaa...Hahaha!

Take care!

wanshana said...


No problem. With OR without a swimming pool also can organize Srikandi BBQ at our new place nanti what...

(Errrr...Maybe Srikandi boleh sponsor itu swimming pool?!) Hehehe!

Take care, dear :)

Anonymous said...


Ini sudah baik punya idea laa. Saya bawa itu wular kampung saya jumpa kakak punya wular...Kita kasi itu wular duduk sama2...Lama2 kita dapat wular cantik punya. Ayooo..rupa tentu manis, kakak. Kita panggil dia wular Banglaysia. Apa macam kakak...?

wanshana said...






IBU said...

HAHAHAHA...... ditto la Shana sama itu mr badhal khan !

eh! "BADHAL KHAN D'WULAR BUSTER". Hmmmmm... a good name for a blog huh?

p/s Malaysia punya store tarak jual wular la. Tapi boleh export sama itu China outlets. Amacam? Ada deal ka?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh just wondering, since its a quiet area, are there sherpas to look out for any crooks? bukan apa kak shana, the reason i moved to a condo was mainly for security reason. subang jaya, where i used to live was/is notoriously famous as haven for bad-hats, esp snatch-theft cases, which was so rampant.

Formerly known as Superwomanwannabe! said...

Hi Shana! Wah where is your house and I love the bed set! Definitely demand an invite hint hint hint.

Your hols sound remarkably like my hols!! Ie hubby working - !

Didn't realise you know BJ! She's one of my closest friend (sorry 'J i mengaku)

Depan Office I ni ada Redbox tau ! (Pavillion!) heehhehehe

wanshana said...


Tu lah nasib I - have to deal with this "pirated" Bhadal Khan. Hehehe!

China market?! Errr...tak per lah. Alang-alang dah ada network Bangla ni, better penetrate Bangladesh market kot? Ada T**CO tak kat sana?Hahaha!

P/S : Read your posting. Bless you! get well soon.

wanshana said...


Yes, memang ada Homeguard. In fact the guardhouse is right in front of our place.

I don't think they have Sherpa guards, though. Which is a shame because Sherpas are known to be very disciplined and reliable as 'protectors'.

Errr...but, I have TWO Bhadal Khans in my hand - the original one and the pirated one. Both can be my jaga lah kot? Ikut shifts...Hehehe!

Take care, Kerp :)

wanshana said...


Tu laaa - I pun baru found out that both of you know each other! I had an inkling when I read about Johan's birthday do the other day when you wrote "BJ's" name (Not many "BJs" around what!).But, tak tertanya pulak kat you...Anyway, it's proven again - it's a small world after all!

And my house is in "BJ", too! Insya Allah when we have sesi memanaskan rumah nanti (which I oso donno when laah!), everybody's invited :)

Yep - we know about Pavillion's Red Box. Sudah dua kali melalak situ maaaa...Where exactly is your office, btw?

Take care - and good luck with the stress test!

Anonymous said...

Dear Shana,

Just like others...cepat2 le start reno and boleh lak cepat2 buat itu house warming....Bestnye....

wanshana said...

EtaMy!!! (I hope you are THE Eta I'm thinking of?)

Good to see you here!

Alahai...If only it's as easy as that and straight-forward aje.

Banyak faktor-faktor luaran dan dalaman yang perlu difikirkan maaa...

But, of course, one of the main factors is the availability of our preferred contractor. He will only be done with his current project earliest in September 2008 kot? So, until then - no reno whatsoever.

We might just start furnishing the rooms/areas which will not be affected by the reno work first, insya Allah. Bit by bit - so tak de le rasa sangat kekeringan dan kekontangan sumber-sumber kewangan negara nanti...

And THAT is another factor - kena uruskan Balance of Payment negara and plug in the deficits sana-sini dulu...Hahahaha!

Take care, dear ;)

SitiNur77 said...

For that dimension of compound, I suggest u set up a FUTSAL COURT. Leh sewa and make some money somemore! :p

wanshana said...


Futsal Court?!!! Hmmmm....Never thought about it actually. Maybe a MINI one would be nice, eh?

I can just imagine Hilman and his friends playing futsal there. Fine with me as long as it will keep my boy at home...Hehehee!