Friday, February 15, 2008

First time...

First time EVER. This year, Ayah and I did not give each other a Valentine's Card!

Not that we "celebrate" it, but every year, just as personal gestures, we would give each other a card. And Ayah would give me a bouquet of red roses - without fail. And I would also give him a little something. I guess we could have done that on any other days, but, well...we chose to do it on VD, right? Most of the times, we would go out for dinner - nothing or nowhere fancy, or I would cook him something special. And after three kids, our Valentine's Dinner would also include K.Long Hanna, K.Ngah Hasya and Hilman.

Somehow, this year both of us had been pretty bogged down with work and stuff, and we just could not even find the time to get a card for each other! And it just did not occur to us to even make any reservations at any of the restaurants. And somehow, this year BOTH of us did not expect it to be the same as previous years' VD. Hmmmm...must be the age, eh? :)

At the stroke of midnight - 0000hr 14th February, 2008 -

Ayah : Happy Valentine's Day, Mommy...

Me : Happy Valentine's Day...

(Hugs and XOX)

Ayah : cards this time! Tak sempat!! Hehehee...

Me : Hehehe...tak per...Sorry, I pun tak sempat beli card for you.

Ayah : I love you...

Me : I love you, too...

(Hugs and XOX and Snuggles)

Both : ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz....

In the morning, while at work - Exchanges of mushy "I-Love-You" SMSs.

In the afternoon - A phonecall.

Ayah : Hello... Hi! How are you? How's your day?

Me : Hello... okay. What about you? Busy clinic?

Ayah : I'm okay. Not so. Do we have any plans for tonight?

Me : Errr... not really. Hilman and Hasya ada mengaji, and Hanna ada tuition.

Ayah : Hmmmm...I will try to come back early. Maybe we can just go out for dinner somewhere after sending Hanna to tuition?

Me : Okay.

Ayah : Any idea where to go?

Me : Hmmm...not really. I don't mind anywhere. Maybe somewhere in Section 14?

Ayah : Okay, then. I'll try to come back before Maghrib.

Me : Okay. See you later then. Bye!

6:20 p.m - A phonecall.

Ayah : Hi! Sorry...where are you now?

Me : PJ (my MIL's house)

Ayah : There's an emergency and we have to open the lab for an emergency angio. If there's no complications, I'll be back by 7:40, insya Allah.

Me : Okay...(dalam hati - be prepared. There might not be any dinner out tonight!)

Ayah : Sorry...

Me : It's okay.

7:35 p.m - Ayah came back!

After solat Maghrib, we left the house and sent Hanna to the Tuition Centre.

Ayah : I tried calling a few places just now. All fully booked. What do you feel like having?

Me : Hmmm. You know me - tak kisah. Anything goes. Dekat Section 14 aje lah...

Ayah : TGIF is full. And Jaya 33...Errr...malas lah nak cross over to the other side. Sushi?

Me : Can...Errr...Kat Ipoh Kopitiam tu pun boleh.

Ayah : You don't mind?

Me : No, laahh!

After sending Hanna, we made one round surveying the eating joints at Section 14. All were packed. We managed to find a parking space near the mosque.

Me : Wanna try the Indian restaurant at the back?

Ayah : Okay. It has been a while since we last had Indian pun...

Walk walk walk - and saw "The House of P*k**za".

We ordered plain briayani with a few dishes, and some lassis and just enjoyed each other's company until it was time to fetch Hanna. Not the most romantic place to have a Valentine's Dinner, I know. But, we were together :)

Went to fetch Hanna, and then the younger ones at Mak's place, and went back to SD.

2359hr 14th February 2008 -

Ayah : Happy Valentine's Day...I love you...

Me : Happy Valentine's Day....I love you, too.. :)

(Hugs and XOX and Snuggles)

Both : ZZZzzzzzzzz...

(It MUST be the age...Hehehe...)

Hmmmm...FIRST TIME - No cards, No roses, No planned dinners...

But it still feels like when we fell in love...the FIRST TIME...


MrsNordin said...

Hee.. hee... it must be the age factor! I felt the same way you did. I was thinking last night, alah... makan McDonald's je pun tak apa, as long as "berdua". Also the first time, no card! Satu kapal lah kita.... : )

wanshana said...


Nasib baik BOTH Ayah and I tak sempat. If only one of us yang didn't manage to get a card - lain cerita jadinya!!! This posting would probabaly have a different tune to it. Hehehe!

Yes, McDonalds also can. No big deal :)

That's exactly it - no big deal. It's Valentine's Day everyday, throughout the year, eh?

Take care.

Mahariz said...

para 3, line 3.

hey, i thought your kids read this!!!

wanshana said...


What do you think the "little something" is?!!!

I meant a little gift laaa, brother! Small, small cute things like that...

(Oh my...I'd better rephrase the sentence la like this...) Hahaha!

idham said...


"hugs...kiss....cuddles..." stays forever - bekal yang cukup hebat bila berjauhan. I don't remember red roses but i never forget a hug, a kiss and a cuddle and a laughter.


Kmar said...

Me.. on Valentine´s Day.. errgh.. is the same date of my hubby´s birthday. He always claim 2 presents. He was away to UK for a few days so nothing special. We will be hosting lunch for his family this coming Sunday.

I do remember, there was one time he forgot to buy anything for me on Valentine´s Day and I ended up asking him about my present. Oopss... and he told me to wait.. and within a minute he was back holding a bouquet of red roses for me. Ok, that was nice of him but those ROSES were from OUR GARDEN!!!!.... ha.ha.ha.ha...

He smiled with a guilty face.. ´Sayang, sorry.... sincerity with love counts, isn´t it?´... Can´t blame him since he was away for work...!!!

Theta said...

Regardless where you ate, the important thing is both of you are together. Romantic nonetheless...

We had to take turns eating in Pavilion Food Court, since Sadia was acting up. But the important is he's here with us on VD. :)

wanshana said...

Abang Id,

Very true, indeed :)

Yes, when we're apart we would miss the warmth, the closeness, the company, and all the intangible feel-good thingies...

wanshana said...


Aaawwwwwhhh....I still think that was really sweet of Jose!!

I can just imagine his face when you asked for your prezzie and him running up to the garden to get the roses for you... Macam dalam movies la pulak, Kmar!

Happy Entertaining this weekend. Are you making that finger-lickin' lamb dish that you made for us hari tu, or a full-spread of Malaysian dishes?

Do convey our birthday wishes to Jose, please.

P/S :- I still think you should have a blog on your life in Barcelona, dear. Give it a thought, eh?

wanshana said...


Yes - the most important thing is we're together.

Actually, kat House of P*k**za tu, okaylah jugak...Ada bau Roganjosh, Korma, Pajri segala...Romantic, apa...Hahaha!

Been there, done that! We used to take turns to eat when the kids were small, too. The only difference was, I took turns with the Bibik...Ayah best aje makan course by course without much interruptions. Hahaha!

Take care, Theta :)

Mior Azhar said...

Oh my! How very romantic.
Definitely a Pasangan Mithali in our book.

Ayah said...

Our 23rd Val Day was just as special as the last 22, dear... and I'm looking forward to another 23, and many many more...together...


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

kak Shana & Mr Ayah,

the most important thing here is you guys cannot keep your hands off of each other till eternity.


SitiNur said...

Ooowwhhh... So sweet and still very hot!!

Aiseh. We are married for only 3yrs plus this yr, but no celebration. Maybe it is not the age, but the place! Where to romantic dinner in Labuan??? HUargghhh... Kena kado' dinner kat KL nanti. Hehe.

wanshana said...


"Pasangan Mithali"? I don't know about that...but, thanks :) Tough fight dengan Abang Id and K.Lil la macam ni! Hehehe!

We do try to be open about our feelings when we're in front of anak-anak (with discretion, of course!!), and even if some may think otherwise, I personally think that this is perfectly alright and healthy for the kids.

You and Azian pun romantic what!Please convey my salam to your lovely darling, ya? ;)

Take care.

wanshana said...


- ditto -

Amin...Insya Allah.

P/S : I suddenly remember the scene in "Gubra" when Ida Nerina was staring at Harith Iskandar while he was sleeping after he came back from the hospital... Remember what they said to each other after that? Morbid, but it was rather cute and very sweet...

wanshana said...


Thanks...Insya Allah...

I don't know why, but reading your comment, somehow this image of Ayah and I - both with our dentures in a glass of water on the bedside table came to mind... and in the background is Jim Morrison's "Light My Fire" playing?!!!! Hahahaha!

Take care, Kerp.

wanshana said...


Thanks. It will only be hot if we continuously boil and reheat it ;)

Kalau tak ada nice romantic restaurants kat Labuan pun it's okay. Tumbuk sambal belacan and goreng ikan masin, makan dengan nasi panas at home can still be a very romantic affair...It's the company of the love of your life that matters.

Take care, dear ;)

U.Lee said...

Hello Wanshana, I enjoyed reading your night of Valentine sayang here.
I can feel the warmth both of you generated.
The place, the restaurant never matters when two persons are of one heart.
One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life.
That word is love.
The most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty and joy as the years increase.
This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing.
It cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it.
It is a sort of divine accident, and the most wonderful of all things in life.

I too did not give my wife a single rose as the snow was too high and my car was snowbound. But just a hug and a tight embrace says it all between us.
I love my wife like I met her yesterday.
You have a nice evening, Wanshana, best regards, Lee.

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee...

Aaaawwwwhhh...that's just so beautiful...

I also bet - even though the snow was high and your car was snowbound, both you and your lovely wife didn't even feel the cold, as both of you were all snuggled up in each other's warmth. Right or not, Uncle Lee? ;)

We have to keep the love matter what, no matter how. Only then, we'll get eternal bliss.

Thanks, Uncle Lee. Keep warm, and take care.

IBU said...

Dear Shana,

You all memang sah topping the list of Majlis Tertinggi's most romantic couple. Sampai bila-bila.

Nanti esok2 jgn lupa simpan dentures kat mana nooooo?!!! hahaha....

Mr Engineer said...

The House of P*k**za brought back lots of good memories as it was one of the places that I used to take mrs engineer to dinner when we were courting. Hmmm...seems like yesterday.

Greetings from Jeddah

wanshana said...


Hehehe...Amin. Insya Allah...

Dentures aje ker? What about hearing aid, walking frame, reading glasses segala?!

Can you just imagine ALL of us MTs at RB at the ripe age of 90 with all these "accessories" with/on us?!! Hahaha!

Hope you're feeling much better now. No sniffles anymore?

Take care.

wanshana said...

Mr. Engineer,

Waaaahhhh...Mrs Engineer never told us about the rendezvous you all had at the House of P*k**za! So, another way to a woman's heart is through loads of Northern Indian curries, eh? Hehehe...

I remember the early years Ayah and I were courting - we would go to Shakey's Pizza in Subang Jaya - not just the two of us, but with all our chaperones - Villa Damansara, Mak Datin, Faj*r*, B*gg, Az*in, YOU and IBU included!!! Remember or not? :)

Yes...time really flies...

Take care.

afsi said...

Dear WS

A good one... luckily for me, never did do anything with Mama on VD before... no special cards, no special dinner etc...

At least I have an excuse.. her birthday is in the same month and already spent on that...:)

wanshana said...

Dear Afsi,

Thanks :)

It's Valentine's Day everyday throughout the year anyway, kan?

Yes, I read your birthday dedication to Mama in your blog that day. THAT was more than ample to cover her birthday AND Valentine wishes. A really sweet and heartfelt love note from you...I'm sure she was all warm and tingly when she read it. Bliss...

Take care.

Kmar said...


Btw, I got my Valentine´s present from Jose. Guess what?.. A digital photo frame, bought at the airport in UK!!??? .. ha.ha.ha.ha...

A very smart move because he knew that he won´t get a ´green light´ from me for such a gadget!!

wanshana said...

Waaaaa Kmar!

That's a cool prezzie. I wouldn't mind getting one of those.

Saves me from filling in the albums with hard copies and/or getting hundreds of frames to fill up the already limited space we have at home!

But, of course, I wouldn't be doing the 'filling up' of the digital frame. I would still need Ayah or Hanna to download all the pics there. I am so NOT into downloading stuff, etc. Hehehe...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh, yesss...make sure its the 14-minute version of 'Light My Fire' instead of the 5-minute radio version...longer the spark at one go!

wanshana said...


Aaahhh yes...the 14-minute version!

The only worry would be - both Ayah and I would have already hit Dreamland and snoring away just as the song is about to hit the 14th SECOND! Hahaha!

Cheers, Kerp!

Eta My said...

Hi Shana dear,

..Well.nevermind forget ape pun...the current still there...buzzzz..& zest....just like the first time..Happy Belated VDay..ta ta..Salam - Eta

wanshana said...

Hi Eta,

Thanks :)

Yes, memang banyak "current" and "buzzes" and electrifying moments still - more than what can be potentially generated by the Bakun Dam...Hehehe!

Take care.

MAMAMIA said...

There's always the first time....

It's the thots that counts, betul tak??

wanshana said...


YES - SETUJU 200%!!

Take care :)

elviza said...

Excellent entry - precise and direct to the point despite the love season.

I adore the hugs and kisses.

You so lucky to have "I love you" all the time.

The only time Bapak Luqman ever said it was right after the akad and after Luqman was born (even then I am not too sure because I was heavily drugged. He could be saying I hate you for all I know).


wanshana said...

Dear Elviza,

Thanks :)

Most (Malaysian/Malay?) men are like Bapak Luqman, I guess - they only express their feelings in extremely elating situations, like when they become a husband and/or a father, like in his case.

I'm sure Bapaq Luqman was also very "high" on both occassions -"high on L-O-V-E" for you! ;)

As Mamamia said, it's the thoughts that count. Even if he doesn't say it out loud, as long as you can see it in his EYES...that's enough. That's more precious, no?

And once in a while, when out of the blue the "I-Love-Yous" come out, go get yourself a lottery number. Hahaha!

Take care, dear.

Superwomanwannabe said...


Macam my valentines day je!

Definitely the age- and the kids and the work and the bla bla

but the love is there....and the mushiness is there- so that's ok, eh!

wanshana said...



Bini-bini doktor ni amatlah menyedihkan ...Hahaha! We're just SO used to all these, huh?

Anyway, you're right. As`long as the L-O-V-E is there, nothing else matters.

Take care, dear.