Sunday, February 3, 2008

Part 2 of previous posting...

Ayah just came back tonight (Yahoooo!!!) and clarified a few things :

(i) His passport would be expiring this June (and not "had expired June 2007" as posted previously) - but, of course, as we all know our Immigration Department has been cheating us all these years. We pay for a 5-year passport, but it's only valid for 4 1/2 years!


(ii) He ONLY got to know that he was going to Tokyo and NOT Kobe while he was already HALFWAY through the journey - and NOT while he was still at KLIA as I previously thought!

What happened was, he realized that one of his colleagues who was with the group in KLIA was nowhere to be seen on the flight, and so, he asked one of the sponsor's reps. And this was what transpired -

Ayah : Errr...Have you seen Prof. Im**n?

Rep : Oh, he has taken the flight to Kobe.

Ayah : ?????? Flight to Kobe? (started to panic). What do you mean? Isn't THIS the flight to Kobe?!

Rep : Errrr...No, Prof. This is the flight to Tokyo...(?)

(And I'm sure, deep inside, the rep was telling himself - "Biar betul Mamat ni?!!")


This gets better and better, huh?


Helena said...

haha.... i just cant stop laughing.... kelakar betul.

wanshana said...


Memang kelakar...

Macam tak boleh percaya kan?! But, then again...this is Ayah we're talking about... :)

Take care.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Helllooo Mrs Ayah,

you have to excuse me for being new but you know, reading Mr Ayah's comment in the Tree House entry, i thought he was a pilot. then i read the previous post and i figured he was a neurosurgeon or something. To doubly sure, I re-read both entries but still no clue of what his actual profession is and i've stopped guessing since.

Oh well, he gets to travel the world and if he’s the adventurous type, he could do a Bourdain or a Zimmern. Now that’s a real dream job, better than a big-shot Juruterbang.

wanshana said...

Helllooo Kerp!

I'll put you out of your misery. Ayah's NOT a pilot. He's NOT a neurosurgeon, and he's also NOT a cardiothoracic surgeon. He's a cardiologist. There - I hope that answers your queries/curiousity. Hehehe!

I guess you can be excused for thinking that he was a big-shot juruterbang with all the travelling that he does, eh?

Zimmern and Bourdain? Errr...I don't consider their jobs as dream jobs at all! Okay, okay....the travelling part, I'm sure Ayah doesn't mind. BUT, sampling all those bizarre dishes that they sample during their travels??!!! Eeeeeyyeeeeww!!!

But, oh yes, having said that, I just remembered - Ayah was telling us about his trip to Kobe, and one time they had some lobster sashimi, and the lobster's head was still moving while they were having it!!! Being a graceful guest, Ayah had to take a bite so as not to offend the host...Can you imagine how FRESH the sashimi was?!

Take care, Kerp. Hope you'll have a good CNY break :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Whoaa…couldn’t get any fresher and more bizarre than eating a life creature. I think them Japanese people are the weirdest. They’d consume on anything even if it means their next meal could be their last on the dining table.

But this is equally weird. Talking about food with a cardiologist. Personally, I can only see that happen during a consultation session!..hehehhehehe…

Have a great CNY to you too, kak shana. You, mr Ayah and the kids.

Mior Azhar said...

And yes this is getting better and better. Now I'm confused... hahahha

wanshana said...


You should go to Vietnam...they eat everything under the sun. Ayah and I was in Saigon @ Ho Chi Minh City a few years ago, and we got the shock of our lives when we went to have dinner at this one Cultural Village... I can't even bring myself to cerita kat sini what we saw being BBQed! Anyway, I guess wherever we go, we have to accept their way of life, culture and the food they eat even though sometimes it is beyond comprehension! Zimmern would have a field day there...

You can talk about food with Ayah anytime - he loves good food. Don't worry. He won't charge any consultation fees. Hahaha!

Cheers :)

wanshana said...


Tu la... I just hope he won't reveal anymore of his classic travel tales which we would not have thought could happen to anyone, happening to him... (Memang teramatlah possible tu!) Hahaha!

Hope you don't stay confused for too long. What you need is a good rest over the CNY break to "unconfuse" yourself.... :)

Take care.

Mahariz said...

prof, i never have thought of you like this! hahahaha. so kelakar.