Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oooops! He did it again...

It was 12:03a.m and I was packing Ayah's stuff for his trip to Bangkok later today. He'll be taking the 6:00p.m flight from KLIA, and ideally he will have to leave for KLIA at 3:30p.m.

The kids will be in school and I will be at my office then, and Ayah doesn't want to push off from SD as there'll only be Daryati at home then. So, PJ it is - meaning that all his stuff needs to be packed before we hit the sack tonight, as Ayah will be bringing his luggage with him when he goes to work early tomorrow morning, and he will go back to Mak's house around 2:45p.m, and the Airport Limo will be there at 3:30p.m to fetch and send him to the airport.

Wanting to make sure that things will not repeat itself like what happened here, I went through his normal "to-bring" list and ticked off all the items which were already in the bag, until I reached the part which said "Passport".

I couldn't see the passport anywhere - not in his hand-luggage which he used when he went to Kobe early this month; not in the drawer, not on the dressing table. I spent a good 10 minutes searching for it, after which I called out to Ayah who was downstairs doing some work.

Me : Ayah! Where's your passport?!

Ayah : My passport? Errr...tak ade kat atas ke?

Me : Nope.

Ayah : (15 seconds of deafening silent, and then -)'s not with me laa!

Me : ????!!!! What do you mean it's NOT with you? You need it for your Bangkok trip esok!

Ayah : I terlupa laa - it's with B** Y*n. I gave it to her hari tu coz' she's applying for my Visa for my China trip next month....

(B** Y*n is one of the Drug Companies representatives who's arranging/organizing Ayah's trip to the CIT Conference in Beijing)

Me : (Aaaaaarrrrrrggghhhhh!!! Malas nak layan macam ni!!!!!)

And I continued packing Ayah's other stuff.

Ten minutes later, Ayah came up. He was on the phone with B** Y*n. It was 12:35a.m. After getting the directions to go to B** Y*n's place, he put down the phone.

Ayah : I have to go and get my passport from her tonight la...coz' she'll be in Sheraton the whole day esok and will not be able to drop the passport at the hospital. And I have a busy clinic esok and I won't be able to go and see her!

Me : Where's her house?

Ayah : Per**na Con*o - Dama**a*a P*r**na

Me : (Nasib baik la dia tak surrender your passport to the Chinese Embassy lagi...And nasib baik la jugak dia tak duduk kat Kuala Selangor ke, Meru ke....)

And just as I'm writing this, Ayah is on his way to collect his passport from B** Y*n...

Tak kuasa...


Ayah said...

Dah dapat passport (phew...). Now can sleep well tonite.

Btw, where am I flying to again?


Mior Azhar said...

Hahaha. Lesson learned? Not, apparently. But I think this is a husband thing lar. I pun selalu misplace stuff which irritates Azian forever and ever

Kak Teh said...

somehow this sounds very familiar.
We were going to germany, or was it holland - tickets all ready, bags all packed and at midnite - oh no, my passpost has expired! At ten past midnite - i made a call to a friend in the immigration office.

then trip to malaysia. Bags packed, passport checked. Ticket ada. arrived airport on time. At the check in: Sir, your flight was yesterday.

BTW i wonder is ayah is related to my husband? such familiar traits.

Kmar said...


Kena simpan ´valium´ kat rumah laa.. ha.ha.ha.ha...!!!

IBU said...

aiyoooo.... tanya sama itu Tuan Doktor... errr... ada ka apa2 tinggal dalam jantung bapak ku?

wanshana said...


Ni kang ada yang patah gigi ni kang...

wanshana said...


Lesson learned? Errrr....if all the lessons learned by Ayah from all his travelling tales were to be deposited into a bank, he'll definitely be declared a bankrupt! Hahaha!

Setuju! Memang a husband thing. Para isteri semua memang boleh diharap dan sentiasa organized macam askar.

I really feel for Azian. One of these days I think we need to compare notes :) Hehehe!

P/S - All the best with the new job!

Anonymous said...

k shana,
hahahahahahahaha dat is so kelakar!!! fortunately for me, my husband is not at all like that... unfortunately, i am!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

btw, do u hppn to be known as onair when u were in school?

wanshana said...

K. Teh,


Reading some of the comments to my earlier posting on Ayah's travelling tales, I gathered that there are so many of Ayah's "kind" out there, and in a way, that's quite a relief - it means he's "normal" after all! Hahahaha!

And now that I know Awang Goneng has also joined the club, I'm more convinced that there may be so many others who have similar traits with our men, and the rest of us are the ones yang "abnormal"? :)

Definitely have to trace their salasilah. I'm sure there's a connection somewhere. Sepusat sepusing kot? Hehehe!

wanshana said...



Interesting...could you elaborate more, please on how this could solve the problem? I need all the tips or petua to make sure there'll not be similar encounters/incidents after this...Hehehe!

(Or maybe we need something stronger than valium???!!!)

wanshana said...


Be rest assured - Tuan Doktor is very thorough when it comes to his job. Only when it comes to things that he knows would irritate the hell out of me, he's like SO absent-minded...Sigh...

(But, now that you've asked, I'd better get him to check Bapak's post-angio images again...Mana la tau, dia tertinggal his ticket to Beijing ke pulak kat situ...HAHAHAHA!)

wanshana said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for visiting. I'm guessing that you're my junior from JB? :)

Hmmmmm... Please refer to my response to Mior above -

"Setuju! Memang a husband thing. Para isteri semua memang boleh diharap dan sentiasa organized macam askar"

Nampak gayanya I have to retract that statement now...Hehehe! But,
it's okay, coz' the "club" which now has quite a number of "members" is open to all irrespective of gender :)

And you're forgiven for thinking I was "Onair" :) - a lot of people got confused because our names are quite similar. I was/am the "other" one - "Shana". Hehehe!

But, "Onair" is one of my MT gang. If you've been following some of the earlier comments, she's also known as "Mrs.Engineer".

Take care!:)

P/S :- Were you our junior dulu? Any chance of jogging my memories as to what your nickname was? I'm old, but with the help of some Siberian ginseng + ginkgo biloba I MIGHT remember you... Hehehe!

Eta My said...

Shana..irritate the hell out of you..saje nak manja la tuh..becoz he knows ade org care...punya..mengada! :D!!!!

wanshana said...


Ada cara-caranya untuk bermanja dan mengada-ngada dengan isteri, dan saya boleh berceramah selama 2 jam setengah seperti Dato' Fadhillah Kamsah untuk menerangkan cara-cara bermanja yang betul yang tidak mendatangkan kemudharatan kepada kesihatan para isteri...

Dan cara yang digunakan oleh Ayah, BUKANLAH cara yang saya recommendkan kepada para suami...

Sekian, terima kasih.


Ayah said...

Sawasdee kap...

Err...Mommy dear...Is my flight today ke...or is it tomorrow? Can't be yesterday, coz I came here last nite! ;p

Hahaha...don't worry. Relaaaax...Ur hubby dah improved 110%. M actually in the airport lounge being bored stiff! Flight is delayed by 30 mins, btw.

See u tonite!

U.Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, ha ha, enjoyed read your this post.
For me, whenever we have to travel anywhere, I few days will sit down write in sequence what has to be done, i.e. 'switch off heater, check oven, close windows, change money, etc etc, last, passport'. This will be pasted on fridge door and ticked off prior leaving house for trip.
Then at the door, I stick one big memo, 'check money, air tickets, passport, windows closed, oven off'....then we leave.
Just like a pilot doing checks before taking off.
My most embarassing moment, one time dated a girl, I forgot my wallet!
Alamak, betul malu la.
Had to discreetly phone a friend bring money, I meet him in bathroom...and in the restaurant bathroom, couple of guys thought one of us pushing drugs collecting money, arhaa ha ha.
You have a nice day, Lee.

wanshana said...


Lucky I didn't lock and bolt the front door after reading your "sangka-cute" comment tonight. If not, tido dalam kereta le you malam ni... Hehehe!

Good to have you home, dear :)

We missed you.

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

I can just imagine all the 3M "Post-its" pasted all over your house!

Well, I guess it's better to do that and feel safe and confident than having doubts about everything. You wouldn't be able to have a peace of mind and enjoy your vacation if you have not checked/ticked every single item on your list, right?

HAHAHA! Two drug pushers doing business in the loo. THAT must have been a sight!

Here's wishing you a great weekend, Uncle Lee.

Take care ;)