Thursday, July 31, 2008

We are "semi-good neighbours" now (?)...

Remember my posting on how people perceive or judge other people by looking at the cars they drive? And that because both Ayah and I drive our national cars, we could not be put in the "Good Neighbours" category?

Hmmmm...What if Ayah "pasang lagi satu" in the form of this?

Does this mean we are now in the "Semi-good neighbours" category? Hehehe...

Anyway, Ayah got his new car a few weeks back, after years of me persuading him to get a proper sedan. He had been driving his Naza after we sold off our 12-year old second-hand banged up Audi 100 2.3l in 2004 (we brought the Audi back from the UK in 1997). He was happy with his Naza. In fact, he was (and still is) VERY happy with it.

He only started seriously considering getting a sedan about 8 months back and was waiting for a new model to come out which would be worthed buying. A lot of our friends and family suggested the new Camry (what a beauty that is, kan?), but, as Mak already has that Camry at home, Ayah being Ayah, he was not really keen on getting the same car for himself. So, it was actually quite a tough thing trying to decide on which car to get. With him not wanting to get the exact same cars as Mak's or his or my siblings' or our friends', we didn't have much choice of good/nice cars left there, did we? Nasib baik we didn't opt for Perdana - such HIGH maintenance, that car, huh? Or is it only if we live in Terengganu? ;) Hehehe...

Anyway, so, when we heard that Honda was launching the new Accord in April, we decided to check it out. We brought the kids along, and they just loved it! With a 4 to 1 vote for the Black model, I lost. I had wanted the silver/blue-ish model. But, I've also seen the gold one on the road a few times, and I think that's awesome, too! It's okay lah - as long as Ayah and the kids are happy, I'm happy :) So, black it is.

But, we had to wait for more than 2 months to get the car.

So now, we have an MPV in the form of the Naza - our family/weekend car which has to be parked outside our gate as our porch is just way too small to fit all three cars in. Well, actuallynya boleh fit if tak ader this tiang in the middle of the porch. We deliberated on over whether we should do a bit of renovation to remove that tiang and change the gate, etc., but, decided against it as insya Allah, next year dah nak pindah to the new house anyway. Might as well use the money to renovate the new house, right?

We have a small 4x4 (if you can call it that) in the form of the Kembara - MY faithful car which I drive to work, to pasar, to run errands, to ferry my kids around to wherever it is they need to be ferried around to.

And we have a sedan in the form of the Accord - Ayah's car which he drives to work now (alternating with his Naza every other week - coz' takut nanti his Naza "merajuk"...Hehehe)

But, let me fill you guys in into a piece of fact. If you guys want to know, I have NEVER EVER driven the Naza and the Accord since we bought them. Not even once. And the Naza has been with us for the last 4 years! Reason being - I ni penakut nak drive big cars! Ada phobia sikit (or rather, BANYAK!) Hehehe! In fact, I have NEVER driven any other cars (not my siblings', in-laws', friends', etc.) apart from MY Kembara!

My Kembara was my FIRST and the ONLY car I've bought and driven thus far (I only sat for my driving test and got my licence in 1998, BUT, only started driving in 2003 at the age of 35!) I'm so used to driving a small 'elevated' car, that I don't think I can start driving a big car (and so near to the ground some more).

Ayah has been asking me to drive his Accord whenever he's taking the Naza, but NOOOOOOO WAAAAAAYYYY I'm driving that car, man...

Whatever it is, we have yet to qualify for the "VERY Good Neighbours" title.

No Beemers, no Mercs, no Jags and the likes parked on our porch the last time I checked maaaa...

Bila lah agaknya boleh upgrade ourselves to the "Very Good Neighbours" category ni, ya? ;)

Hmmmm...Tak per lah . While Ayah is now in the "Semi-good Neighbours" category, I can continue sitting in my warm and comfortable seat in the "Not-so-good neighbours" club for now... Hehehe...


Mior Azhar said...

Oh no, having just read this entry I now realise that we are definitely in the "not to be seen with neighbour ... ever" category. How sad!
But seriously, I like Civic better than Accord... but either way both are cool.

wanshana said...


Waaaaa! Can create another category some more, huh? Hahaha! I rasa with my banged up Kembara, I fit in nicely in that category, too :)

Yup - we were contemplating whether to get the Accord or the Civic, but decided on the Accord as it's newer in the market.

Yup - both are cool, but the Accord ni nampak macam "Transformers" sket, tak?

MrsNordin said...

The Naza is actualy quite easy to drive, you know? It's very light and easy to manouvre. Try it!

Wah... sure your hubby happy cruising with his new toy, ya? Congratulations!

IBU said...

Cool !!!!

And aiyo... the numbers! 999 is the emergency number kan? 4 untuk apa? Hishhh..... scary, but surely fit his identity as the emergency rescuer.

p/s I fall in a totally new category, "hopeless neighbour category " - the one who can only offer watermelon as desserts if (and ONLY IF) I got invited by the neighbours to their pot luck gathering. Sighhh...

p/s which reminds me, MEE REBUS, MEE KARI...or whatever me you wanna call it - fine by me.... I want my mee!!!!

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wanshana said...


I'll just take your words for it...Hehehe! I don't think I'll EVER drive the Naza. EVER!

The ONLY time I had my hands on the wheel was when there was one time the Naza was parked behind my Kembara and I was in a hurry to go somewhere. Ayah was in the bathroom, and I just could not wait for him.

What I did was (dengan tangan menggeletar ni, and jantung berdebak-debuk) reversed the Naza and then reversed the Kembara out of the gate, and just left the Naza out there for Ayah to park it inside our compound again! Punya lah...

Thanks. He's happy alright...but ada pelik sket - he would go to work very early and balik very late so that people won't know that he's driving a new car! If ada friends around at the car park, he would wait for them to go away, before he gets in or out of the car! That's my Ayah for you... Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Ibu a.k.a pembekal tembikai...

Hello dear. Hope you're feeling much better today. I assume that you're blog-hopping from home. Try to have a good rest, okay? ((((HUGS)))))

Itu 9994 stands for our wedding anniversary date la, makcik! 9th September 1994 :)

As you would have noticed, the Naza and Kembara also pakai ini nombor keramat XXX 9994 ;)

Okay lah...we'll fix a date for my mee rebus before puasa ni lah, okay?

MrsNordin said...


It means he's a very humble man. Not a show off (altho' he can very well show off his new car! His money what?!)

9994 your wedding anniversary. Nice! Nordin's cars semua pakai 6071, I dunno why. When i asked, he said it's just a number. Hmmm... somehow I doubt it.

Ayah said...

Thats a nice car.. i used to drive a Kelisa which I love very much but had to sell it off due to unavoidable circumstances.. I prefer Proton always, regardless what people say.. but Honda is a really nice and well built car....

Is Proton coming up with a SUV or MPV soon? May need em in two three years next...

wanshana said...


Kelisa was one of the options when I was deciding on which car to buy 5 years ago. Settled on Kembara because it's an 'elevated' car - boleh nampak seantero dunia while driving - that's one of the criteria I look for in a car.

Kembara : pick-up hanchus la, but, I'm not going to race in it, am I? (Even though according to my Ayah and kids I it looks like I am sometimes :))

I don't think Proton will come up with an MPV or a SUV (well, at least not anytime soon!) as they are quite comfortable in the medium capacity vehicle market which they have been dominating in the last 20 years or so.

I think they're leaving that to other producers which are setting up plants all over ASEAN to take advantage of the AFTA arrangements.

If you're looking for a spacious car, in which even the Bibik will be very comfortable, we highly recommend the Naza. But, it's a gas guzzler, and it's quite hard to negotiate around tight corners (according to my Ayah la...)

Yup - Honda is a really nice and well-built car, alright....BUT, I'm still NOT so gonna drive the Accord...

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, you not the only one takut drive the cars you wife used to drive in Malaysia, but sini dia takut especially both my previous Gran Marquis and now my Lincoln are V8 engine cars.
My Lincoln is18+ feet long, ha ha.
But the Honda you got very popular here. But hitam ta' panas in Malaysia? Ohhh I forgot, ada aircond.

My dream is to own a new Lincoln MKS, but I sayang to let go this Lincoln...I guess after some years of faithful service, one tends to fall in love with the car.
Have a great weekend, Lee.

Anonymous said...

It was our initial attention to get a small car that gets me from A to B and back to A everyday. Fuel-saving, cheap and easy parking were the main criteria. Ya lah...bawak Naza kan macam bawak bas (as my Mom would put it!) and I thought Satria would fit the bill perfectly...until Mommy somehow managed to persuade me to get the Accord. You can ask her how she did it lah! ;p

Now that we've had it for over a month, I have to say it is definitely a better drive compared to our previous Audi and Beemer. However, I am still not comfortable being seen driving it. Don't know why... :)

Anonymous said...

Oops! Typo error: "It was our initial INtention..."

Was in clinic and in a rush tadi..silap type pulak! :D

Waterlily said...

Am back in KL already.

Reading your entry on cars - hmmm...looks like I join one blogger - "not to be seen with neighbour ever" category! driving around in my ancient Integra. No intention to buy or trade in with a new car, coz most of the time, it's tersadai kat porch! Still serve us well though, tak pernah rosak except battery flat coz lama tak pakai..

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

I laughwed when I read ur post. I thought I was the only one who never drive hubby's car! I've never driven my hubby's 1st MPV which we had from 2001-2005. Not even once! Now my hubby's MPV 2005-current pun I x penah pegang steeringnya. Penakut gila...

I'm waiting for my new car to arrive (dah 3 bulan tunggu ni)which is bigger than what I have now... so tengah kecut perut ni. But I think it's more psychology la... as long as its our car, mesti boleh drive kan? Will update you on that later... :)

MAMAMIA said...

We have something in common here. I haven't driven my hubby's car either. Itu tak termasuk reversing the car fr the porch, to make space for the kids to play.

Lagi satu, we all pun dah lama plan nak renovate the porch. Sampai sekarang tak buat lagi... Ni dah nak raya balik, kena tunggu next year raya agaknya...

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee,

Looks like Aunty, myself, Dalam Dakapan Ibu and Mamamia can form a club, huh? Hehehe...

Aiyoooo...18 feet long?! That will occupy the whole stretch of my porch, I think?!

Do you have to let go of your current Lincoln if you buy the MKS? Keep both la, Uncle Lee - can start your collection of Lincolns what...

Cheers :)!

wanshana said...

I will just take your words that the Accord is a better drive than the Audi and Beemer - because I never drove any of them!

You deserve the Accord, my dear. Well, frankly speaking, if you were to ask me, you deserve a Beemer, or a Merc, or even a Rolls Royce! But, let's be realistic here, eh? Hehehe!

Have fun with your new toy :)

wanshana said...

Hi Waterlily!

I just got back from Kuching this evening.I just loved it there! Had an overdose of Laksa Sarawak. Yummy!!! :)

Don't worry about your Integra. It can't be worse than my Kembara ;)

Enjoy your 'transit' stay in KL, dear.


wanshana said...

Ja a.k.a DDI,

Welcome to the club, my dear! :)

You're right actually. As long as it is OUR own car, we're alright with driving it. The mentality is - even if we were to wreck it, we wouldn't have to answer to anybody...Betul tak?

I remember negotiating with Ayah -

Me : I will only start driving when you buy me my own car!

Ayah : And I will only buy you a car when you start driving!!!

Abih tu camno?

And this went on for more than two years before we finally bought the Kembara.

Keep us update on your new car :)

wanshana said...


Waaaaaa! One more member for the club. Ini sudah bagus ni...Hehehe!

Oh, you pun kena reverse kereta outside to create space for the kids to play, ya? Hehehe...ini lagi satu club which we can form, huh? :)

Take care, Mamamia.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

kak shana/doc,

my girlfriend drives a satria and believe it or not, my bulky wheelchair can fit in nicely at the back. she had thought about switching to a bigger car but practicality was the order of the day. regular maintainance might jsut see her driving the same car for the next...err...10 years kot. we've grown so attached to it anyway. sayang nak lepaskan.

wanshana said...


Yes - Satria is quite a practical car, and its appearance (in terms of size) is quite deceiving actually. It's actually quite ok - space wise.

And as Doc mentioned, it was one our options for his daily home-hospital-home transport.

With regular service and a lady driver behind the wheels, Pinky's Satria should serve you all at least 10 years, I guess? (Unless Pinky's boyfriend short-circuits the the audio system affecting the wiring, etc., with his very loud rock and punk music...)

Unknown said...

di suatu masa yang silam...saya bawak nissan econovan, neighbours siap tanya if i had side bisness di pasar malam...hahaha.

kemudiannya, saya dapat pulak compeny car tapi sudah di pakai dari pengurus lama ....kira kereta mewah la jugak...lima bulan lepas tu, saya tukar policy kereta syarikat dan upgrade ke kereta lagi mewah...neighbour tanya pulak..."eh awak ada side bisness jual kereta ka?"


but i was a very good neighbour after that. hehehehe

wanshana said...

Pak Payne,

Waaaa...Bagus bisnes Pak Payne, ya? Dari bisness pasar malam, terus bisnes jual kereta! Hahahaha!

It's great that you are in the "very good neighbour" category now. Well done! Syukur alhamdulillah. From your writings on your experiences climbing the corporate ladder, etc - you sure deserve it, I must say :)

Oh yes - "Selamat Pulang"! Hope you'll have a great time balik kampung ;)