Thursday, October 30, 2008

If I were up against Brangelina...

Hanna and I were on our way to SBL to get some workbooks for the kids in preparation for their exams on Tuesday morning, when Richard Reid went on the "JJ & Rudy Morning Crew Show" on Hitz FM with some Hollywood gossips. What else, but, more on celebrities going through break-ups and divorces.

And suddenly Hanna asked me -

Hanna : Mommy, do you think Angelina Jolie really is a home-wrecker?

Me : Well, I believe she admitted that her affair with Brad Pitt started when they were filming Mr & Mrs Smith, and at that time Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. So, in a way - yeah, she is a home-wrecker...

Hanna : Kesian kan Jennifer Aniston? Angelina Jolie is so bad.

Me : Well, Hanna, it takes two to tango. Kalau Brad Pitt tak mengada nak melayan Angelina Jolie, it would not have led to anything.

Hanna : Do you think Jennifer Aniston is still angry with them?

Me : I'm sure she is. Her marriage crumbled because of them. If I were her, it would be very difficult to not be angry. I would be very angry for a long, long time.

Hanna : Do you think she's angrier with Brad Pitt or with Angelina Jolie, Mommy?

Me : Well, if I were her, I would be angrier with Brad Pitt. He was her husband. For better or for worse. He should have stayed faithful to her. Angelina Jolie was never in their marriage equation. If I were Jennifer Aniston, I would definitely be angrier with Brad Pitt. Fullstop.

Hanna : If you were Jennifer Aniston, (Hahahaha! Wishful thinking!) would you forgive them?

Me : Hmmmm, difficult to say, Hanna. IF I were Jennifer Aniston - even though I may say that I could forgive them, DEEP inside I know I could never do so 100%. And I definitely will not forget. That's for sure. Maybe given time I could forgive them for having the affair. Maybe the affair might not have led to anything pun. Maybe, Brad Pitt would come back to me at the end of it. BUT, I don't think I could forgive him for making me lose the trust I had in him. THAT is not a good feeling to have all your life, you know - not being able to trust him again. EVER. And I guess I could never forgive him for that.

And Hanna just nodded her head as if she understood what I was trying to say.

And we both went very quiet for a good 5 minutes after that.



Anonymous said...



Okay I'm done laughing ;p
AND I will be legally 13 in half a month's time, thank you very much ;)


jabishah said...

You know Kak Shana, you gave the best answers there. But knowing these kids, Im sure they might share your 2 cents with friends. The remarks mesti.. "Sportinglah your mom!" ;-)
ps- I pun still kesian kat si Jenn tu.

IBU said...

If you were Jennifer Aniston..

AIYOOOOO kakak..... Itu Badal Khan gerenti bela wular banyak2 bagi patuk sama worang lain yg mau kacau sama kakak laaaarr........

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i think Jennifer is hotter than angelina. no, wait. i think Jennifer is the hottest of them all. period.

wanshana said...

Hanna dear,

Why should I berangan about Brad Pitt when I have your Ayah yang lagi HOT dari Brad Pitt???!!

(HAHAHAHAHA!!! I know you're so going to puke after this! HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

wanshana said...


Hehehe...Hanna asked me a question, I gave her a truthful answer :)

But, the best answers would still come from Jennifer Aniston, I guess. Only God knows how she must have felt and is still feeling now.

Yes, I pity her, too. Even though she said she was ready to move on, she's still looking for love out there. And what makes it worse is that Brad and Angelina make everything about their life together so public.

wanshana said...


If I were Jennifer Aniston... I would pray hard to be turned back to myself maaaa! I don't need the heartaches and all that come with being her loorrr...

Errrr, I don't have to be Jennifer Aniston to have Badal Khan to guard me with his wular, dear. I am hot in my own right, okay?(HAHAHAHA! In my dreams...)

Anyway, I don't need Badal Khan to protect me when I have my own Brad Pitt in the form of Ayah what?(NOT! HAHAHAHAHA!!!)

wanshana said...


Yup - I agree with you. Jennifer is hotter than Angelina.

But, hottest of them all? Errr...maybe not, kot? Mana you nak letak Eva Mendez, Megan Foxx, Jessica Alba...(and not forgetting YOUR Britney?!) Hehehe!

Unknown said... dok baca..amboi2..dua-dua pompuan bergossip..siap bagi pendapat..and tetiba ade ur footnote...tergelak sorang2 depan pc pagi2 jumaat nih!!..ade-ade je topik korang anan beranak nih...

p/s:Affair atau dak..tepuk dada tanya selera kan..kan..( and apelak yang kita merepek gak ni..)..tata!

MrsNordin said...

I always have this Brad-Angie-Jen conversation with my girls at home. Reason being: we love Hollywood gossips!

Our stand on this:

1) Jen can never compete with Angie
2) Jen is still not over Brad
3) Brad & Angie make a better couple than Brad & Jen
4) If I were Jen - I will regret not keeping Brad as my husband for the rest of my life.
5) Jen will take a long time to get over this and find happiness again. It's a big slap on one's face if your husband is taken away by Angelina Jolie, seriously..!

Waterlily said...

I always wonder why Brad Pitt fell for Ange yang kurus kering tu...itu la namanya, cinta itu buta. Watched that movie Wanted when I was in Kuching. Gawd..Ange looks so much older la dari umur dia (even when she bared her skinny tatooed back and a**). But..kurus tu la cantik kut? Sigh...bila la nak kurus nih!

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu...Melayan sangat pertanyaan-pertanyaan cepumas anak-anak. Hehehe!

But, sometimes it's interesting to listen to their perspectives on adult matters ni actually. They're very frank, and sometimes they see things which we don't.

wanshana said...


Somehow this Brangelina and Jen topic ni memang jadi topic hangat in most households - very juicy and very so the drama one.

In some ways, yes - Jen can never compete with Angelina. In the "demure" department, Angelina would win hands down for sure. But, I still think Jen's a more wholesome individual than Angelina.

Very subjective maaaa...and we don't really know them in real life, kan? But, I'm still rooting for Jen :)

Hmmmmm, if Brad Pitt mata rambang and main kayu tiga like that, I don't think I would regret losing him - tak kira le handsome or hot macam mana pun dia.

My personal opinion ;)

wanshana said...


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some men prefer skinny girls, some prefer voluptuos ones.

We only need to make sure we know which one yang our hubbies' prefer ;) Hehehe!

But, at the end of the day, yang penting - hati kita mesti ikhlas dengan suami, and insya Allah, kita gemuk ke, kita kurus ke - they'll stick by us, insya Allah.

D.N.A.S said...

Wah, I have to prepare myself in case my sons ask this kind of question. Susah nak jawab tuuuuu. With girls, I think it's easier to reason. With boys????? Oh nooooo!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I didn't know Brad and Jen were married!

Err..who is Brad Pitt anyway? Hehe

P.S. Jen or Angelina? Hah...nothing compared to my dear wife! ;p

Kmar said...


What a conversation!!! Kalau my daughter ask me such a question.. mau pening kepala nak jawab!

Itupun nasib baik si Jennifer & Brad tak ada anak together. Or else lagi complicated nak jawab.

Btw, sekali sekala berangan jadi Jennifer apa salahnya kan???.. he.he.he..

wanshana said...


If your boys start asking such questions, pass them to their Dad. Simple. Hehehe!

But, I'm pretty sure if you have to come up with the "right" answers/replies, you'll be more than fine, dear :)

wanshana said...


Hel-lo??! Where have you been? Knock-knock! (I'm knocking on your tempurung here!)

Aaawwwwhhh... Nothing compared to moi?! Thank you, thank you...

Hmmmmm, very suspicious ni. You nak bodek apa ni, ya? ;) Hahaha!

wanshana said...


I can just imagine you having similar conversation with Shasha....dalam loghat Perak. Hahaha!

Yup, you're right. Nasib baik Brad and Jen didn't have any kids. If not, so very the messy one.

Berangan jadi Jenniffer Aniston? Hmmmmm? Don't think I'd get anything by doing that, apart from being very depressed with my life. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA Ayah compared to Brad Pitt?
Haiyoo, Haiyooooo!
Ayah lagi teruk, tak tau pun they were married. *Sigh.
Be a man, Ayah! :D

Madam Tai Tai Again said...


For all her good deeds, I think people will always remember Angelina for her role in wrecking up Brad and Jen's marriage. I do wish I could dislike her, but her contributions to the global refugees and her charitable work have far outweighed any negative feelings towards her.

As for Brad...well he is quite a good man too. Unfortunately cinta itu is a fragile thing kan. He might have loved Jen before...but it was not a perfect marriage for him. We are just external spectators and we don't know what really went thru their marriage life.

Sometimes kita tak mencari cinta lain, tapi cinta yg mencari kita. Perhaps at that time in his married life, when he was still searching for somekind of fulfillment, Angelina (and her package - children and charitable deeds) came along. That perhaps was the fulfillment Brad had been looking for at that point of his life. I don't think Brad fell in love with Angelina just for her looks.

But it is really interesting that you were discussing this with your soon-to-be 13 year old daughter. IT is a sign kot...your girl dah besar!

wanshana said...


You know lah your Ayah... Always oblivious of what's happening around him, ni kan pulak of what has been happening nun kat Hollywood nun... So, tak relevant to him, and his life :)

wanshana said...


Yup - that was what I was saying earlier - we don't really know them in real life, kan?

I guess, Yes - Angelina Jolie has done a lot of charitable work, and has a good heart, and she probably was the missing jigsaw piece in Brad Pitt's life when they fell for each other.

But, being a wife, and imagining how it must have been for Jennifer, I still feel very much more for her. And to have Angelina Jolie as the OTHER woman...Gosh, it must have been REALLY difficult for her...

Gina, it is not just merely a sign - my daughter MEMANG dah besar! Hehehe... She's way taller than me now, and she is very mature in her thinking :)

Enjoy the weekend!

MAMAMIA said...

Kita punya own artis pun nak ikut macam ni jugak . Siapa lagi kalau bukan 'NOrmanHakim, Abby & Memey'... All these while, I tak penah kenal siapa Memey ni??

Kalau betullah cerita ni, kesian Abby tu... I can really feel her pain.

wanshana said...


Aikkk?! Ni new crisis ke? Bukan ke hari tu dah bercerai sekejap and then dah baik balik? I thought I saw/read somewhere not too long ago they had a bday do for their daughter/son? This Memey ni, artist jugak ke?

Sejauh manakah kesahihan cerita ini, Mamamia? (Chewah!)

Alahai... Kesian nyer :(

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Shana,
Sometimes I don't know whether what we're doing is right. What I mean is when the kids ask us any questions, we'll answer them truthfully... regardless of their age.

There are times when I felt I gave out too much info yg tak sepatutnya kids their age patut tahu. Can't help it.

Pasal Brangelina tu... 'iman' Brad Pitt tu tak kuat tu... tengok mulut sexy si Angelina..hehe.. But you're right, it takes 2 to tango.

But I don't know why, I don't really like si Jen tu. Even when she was with Brad Pitt. Don't know why...

Pasal Norman & Abby, it's all over the newspaper today.... kesian Abby.. but I hope she'd sail thru this...

wanshana said...


I dah surf the papers on-line to read on si Norman Hakim punya cerita tu. It's actually news to me coz' I've not being following all these gossips on local artistes ni semua for quite a long time now. Tak kuasa.

I really thought everything was okay for him and Abby after the first crisis dulu tu. But, ya lah - we don't really know what has been going on in their marriage behind closed doors, etc., kan?

Whatever it is, let's hope that Abby stays strong and gets through this second storm with the love and support of her family and friends, insya Allah.

As for Norman, if memang tak ader salah Abby (yang besar, ketara and tak boleh dimaafkan atau dibimbing), I only have one thing to say to him - "JERK!!!"

Otherwise, we'll have to accept that this is a dugaan for him, and kekuatan jodoh diuji sebegini hebat.

We can only do'akan what is the best for both of them, and anak-anak. And only Allah knows what the best would be for them...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

kak Shana,

ok maybe i was exaggerating a bit on Jenny, as i fondly call her, but not on Britney, she's the hottest to ever walk on stage!

IBU said...

Aiya....blom tular topic ke?

Okaylah... let me share with you some examples of "celebrity" talk I have to endure with my boys.

1) Sapa lagi kuat - Naruto ker atau.. ? (ntah sapa lagi sorang dia mention, I x ingat)
2) Siapa paling power - Superman, Batman atau Spiderman?
3) Macam mana Transformer solat?
4) Transformer pandai flush toilet tak?
5) Four arms (Ben 10) gosok gigi pakai which of his arms?
6) Mana lagi bagus? PS2, PS3, Xbox or PSP?
6) Kereta mana paling laju kat dunia? Bila Ayah nak beli kereta tu?

Get the drift? Sighhhh....

I think I want to engage Hanna in one of the more real celebrity gossips next time I see her lah. Kesian I....

wanshana said...


Tough fight between Britney and Jon Bon Jovi nih - coz' for me HE'S the hottest to ever walk on stage ;)

Tapi, I bagi markah kesian kat Britney... Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Yup - got the drift. Hahaha!

You can pinjam my Hanna anytime if you ever need a session of girly Hollywood gossip. No problem. But, you have to be prepared to get soalan-soalan atau fakta-fakta cepumas from her nanti, okay?

Sebagai contoh -

Hanna : Mommy, Brad and Angelina are not married kan?

Me : (Cringe....) Nope.

Hanna : But, they're getting married soon tau, Mommy, because the children are beginning to ask questions... ( ye lah tu...entah mana she got her stories? )

Me : What kind of questions?

Hanna : Well, you know...

ME : ( Nope. I don't know, Hanna )

Hanna : Anyway, they're getting married for the children's sake so that they are not considered as children out of wedlock...

Me : Errrr...they were born out of wedlock, and nothing could change that, Hanna. Fullstop.

Hanna : Ya ke, Mommy?!

(Sila jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan seterusnya dengan jawapan-jawapan bertapis, buleh?)

Keanorlinsya said...

Salam aunty shana!!
how is everybody?
missing everyone.

takut tak, hanna turning 13 tapi maturity beyond her age?
ur reaching the i-can-be-ur-bestie-but-im-still-your-mother stage.
good luck.
it can be fun, but still confusing at times. especially for the child.
sometimes i cannot stop myself blurting things to my dad, and then regret it la kan bila kene marah sbb he's still a parent. somethings, u hide from ur parents.
everybody does that.

other times, his feedbacks mengejutkan jugak. sbb things kind of set in the head like 'wow..he's treating me like an adult'

sigh..growing up is scary.

wanshana said...

Salams Kea,

Everybody's fine, dear. Thank you.

Good to have you here again :) It has been a while. How are you? I gather that you're having your Sem break now?

Yes, I'm at that stage now. Awkward stage. Not just for me, but also for Hanna. This is the stage where I don't know how much I should reveal, or how little I should keep to myself (you know what I mean?) But, I'm just taking everything as it comes, and just follow my instinct :)

I know you have a very close and special relationship with your Dad. That's cool :)

Feeling scared of growing up is normal, dear. But, you'll come to a stage where you'll say to yourself, "Phew...I'm glad I went through that and that I don't have to go through it again!". It's just a process. Just enjoy it :)

Take care, Kea ;)