Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleepless, Panic and Proud in SD...

It has been a crazy 24 hours for me, and I need a break. Badly. So, here I am - blogging.

I had two articles to submit this week. One today, and another one on Wednesday. Both articles are actually based on my Powerpoint presentations - one which I had done 4 months ago, and another one just two weeks ago.

It was supposed to be an easy peasy thingy, as I only needed to expand on my Powerpoint slides, right? Well, hell no. I had been putting all these on hold (in other words - I HAD PROCRASTINATED), that I had in fact forgotten where I had kept record of all of the references which I used for my Powerpoint slides especially the one I presented four months ago! To write an academic article without giving due credits to your sources would be an unforgivable, biggest sin, I tell you... So, I had no choice but to dig all my sources up again...

So, I was up all night last night, expanding my slides into comprehendable sentences, to form reasonably decent paragraphs, to come up with an article of 6,000 words in length. With all my sources (books, articles, case summaries, etc.) spread all over the bed, I was typing, while flicking through the materials, and checking some online sources, etc., all at the same time.

With the whole bed being conquered by my good self and all those papers scattered all over it, Ayah had to sleep on the mattress on the floor last night. Kesian... But, it's actually good for your back, dear. You have slipped discs, remember? (Hehehe!)

Ayah had sent all three kids to Mak's house last night actually, due to several factors -

(i) Ayah was leaving for Tokyo (again) this morning on the 9:00a.m flight and he had to leave for KLIA by 6:15a.m. This would have meant that he would not be able to send Hanna to school, which in turn would have meant that yours truly would have to do just that, driving all the way from SD to Sr* Am*n at 6:45a.m, and then coming back to SD again.

(ii) But, as yours truly had been bogged down with work since yesterday and it didn't look like yours truly would be able to finish it even if she didn't sleep for two nights, we decided that it would be easier if the kids stayed in PJ. Adek would be able to send Hanna to school in the morning, while Za*a (Mak's driver) would be able to send and fetch Hasya and Hilman to and from school today.

(iii) And I need total ME time to produce a good piece of writing under 12 hours.

So, the kids were all deposited with Mak last night.

I was doing my work until about 3:00a.m when I must have fallen asleep, only to wake up at 5:20a.m. when the alarm clock went off. I somehow noticed that Ayah had woken up, but, I just could not open my eyes, and went straight back to sleep, only to be woken up again, this time by Ayah, at 6:15a.m when he was about to leave for KLIA. The airport limo was already waiting outside. Kiss-kiss, muah-muahs and off he went (with yours truly still curled up under the duvet...)

At 7:45a.m. I woke up to the sound of a car alarm from a neighbour's house, and continued working on my article. Ayah called twice from KLIA before boarding the plane - just to make sure that I was indeed doing my work, and not sleeping as he knew that I had to finish the article by today. Thanks, dear :)

By 8:30a.m, I knew that it was impossible to concentrate on writing my article, so I called my HoD, asking his permission to work from home today as I found it such a hassle to pack and unpack all the materials and continue with my writing if I were to go to the office this morning.

And I had been working from 7:45a.m straight, only to have a few minutes breaks here and there to have my brunch (of sup foochuk and kaki ayam), and dinner (of Maggi Laksa!), and to freshen up and perform my solat.

And it was at 6:25p.m when I realized that I had not informed Mak's driver that he was supposed to fetch Hasya and Hilman from school! And the kids finish school at 6:20p.m. every Monday! We've always had this understanding that on Mondays, he would send them to school, and I would fetch them and go straight back to SD. Somehow, I totally forgot to tell him that I would not be able to fetch the kids today and that he was supposed to fetch them instead! Yikes!!!

Panic giler... I straight away called him only to find out that he was already on his way home! My mind was muddled up, and I started to panic. I didn't want to trouble my MIL by asking her to go through the peak-time traffic to fetch the kids! But, if I were to set off from SD then, I would only reach the school at 7:15p.m earliest! That would be way too late, and I didn't want the kids to wait that long - just the two of them there. I tried calling Adek to ask if she could fetch the kids, but she was in the bathroom! That would probably take a long time, and I started to panic big time!

Syukur Alhamdulillah, I managed to get hold of Na*ir*h (Mama of Hasya's bestfriend, Al*a) on the phone, and syukur alhamdulillah she had yet to fetch Al*a from school lagi at that time and she didn't mind fetching Hasya and Hilman and send them to Mak's house. Legaaaa... Thanks, Na*i. I owe you BIG TIME!

Boleh I terlupa about my kids in the midst of my work yang bertimbun ni?! Ish, ish, ish... Tak pernah dibuatnya! Nasib baik jugak I realized at 6:25p.m. Mak would not have suspected anything if the kids tak sampai her house this evening because she would have thought that I had gone to the office today and I would have fetched them and brought them straight to SD from school like I normally would do on Mondays! I cringe to think of what might have happened if I totally forgot about the kids tadi. This had never happened to me before.

Anyway, the kids called me up when they reached their Wan's house to update their Mommy on their Final Exam results, which I then SMSd to Ayah (who insisted that I update him everyday!)

This was the SMS that I sent to him at 11:27p.m -

MIN (i.e. Hasya) Eng 93 highst, Pemahamn 86, highst 95 (x im*an), Penulisn 91, highst 92 (x im*an), Maths 96 (im*an 97.5), Agama 90, Seni A. Boils down to Sci now.

MAN (i.e. Hilman) Sci 100, Eng 93 (both hghst), Maths 97 (2nd. Highst 99.5), BM 89 (highst 96), Agama 88, Seni A.

Hope both gd enuf 4 #1!

To those who have been analyzing the text message, you all had probably come to these conclusions -

(i) Both Ayah and Mommy are ultimate Kiasu parents

(ii) Im*an is Hasya's competition in class (everybody else's markah are so not important, EXCEPT for Im*an's)

(iii) Both Ayah and Mommy memang tak akan tido malam - menunggu Hasya's Science paper results, and also Hasya's and Hilman's position in class...

With or without their positions in class, Syukur Alhamdulillah, both Hasya and Hilman have done really well. And so has their Kak Long Hanna who so far has got highest and/or Top 3 for all her subjects.


And I'm also proud of myself, by the way, because at 10:50p.m. just now, I managed to e-mail my finished article to my colleague finally. Yippeeee!!! And surpise, surprise - instead of 6000 words, I managed to torak to more than 8000 words altogether ;)

I'm so gonna give myself a treat this weekend...and of course, my kids, too! Hehehe!

But, in the meantime, another piece of article beckons me... nak kena submit this Wednesday...Sigh...


Waterlily said...

Adei Shana..I baca entry you pun sesak nafas..terikut ikut panic nye..heh heh..

Congrats to all your children for their achievement! Memang kena treat with something special ye tak? And you too...time for facial again? or body massage at Sembunyi Spa? You deserve it dear..

udinb said...

"Ayah had to sleep on the mattress on the floor"

hehehehe :)) ... sampai begitu sekali. Maybe good for a change.

Kita serupaaaaa! Except that my 10 days' stress (DUN Sitting) will hopefully be over by this wednesday after CM deliver his winding-up speech. Planning to take a break to KL for the weekend with Nurul and shopping for books.

Unknown said...

to wanshana's team of young leaders in the making....welldone!! clap clap, applause!!!

to wanshana herself.....yes, u so deserve a treat after all that marathon of work! mana dapat semua energy tu??
terrer kamu!!!

Anonymous said...

salam kak shana,

get yourself a ticket and come here!!! of course bring chiman,chimin,chinchin and abang H!!! *wishful thinking nih!!!*

anyway ... as usual, your kids are so good and i am so proud and happy for them!!! they worked hard kan :)

and you too!!! i remembered you staying up late at night finishing your 'wanted' work for elona ... hehehe ... and sambil tu kita tenent online :) hehehe ...

so ... make sure you get that deserved treat yah!

take care and lots and lots of hugs!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Shana..this is not to make u 'terangkat' all the way...(if yes..ape lah salahnya..u deserve it pun).but I read ur posting to motivate myself as well..(other than source of hiburan etc..)..

Sure berselerak atas katil..and bestkan if some times we just have time for our self only to finish whatever yang musti!...tapi kok terlupa itu anakanda2....ish!ish...musti tahap kefokusan yang melampaui batas dan nescafee bergelas2..haha!.

And...tahniah for the kids...and u too....doa yang termakbul...

p/s: And 100 for science...wah!!musti kacang punya for hilman..

Ezza Aziz said...

akak pun sesak nafas nak abih kan entry you,,macam cerita james bond gak....kejap ke atas kejab kebawah...and I notice that I jugak belajar something new in my english...thank you cikgu!!!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'm amazed how anyone could come up with an article consist of 6000 words, let alone 8000! and the dateline for the next piece is what? 2 days away? i would have abandoned the article and quit the job...hehehe....

hey, congrats to the kids. a pat on the back to them and to you too kak shana. kena celebrate la this coming weekend...hehe..

wanshana said...


Thanks! :) sesak nafas? I semput and had palpitations throughout the 24 hours tu.

This weekend, Ayah's having a meeting at one of the hotels in Cyberjaya (not sure which one, though) and we all anak-beranak will tumpang sekaki and spend a couple of nights there.

I'll definitely pamper myself at the hotel spa. And if Ayah is generous enough, I'll let the girls have some hair treatment, too as a special treat.

Can't wait!!! :)

wanshana said...


Hehehehe! When Ayah first had his slipped discs hari tu, memang he had to sleep on the floor. Bila dah rasa okay sket, naik balik atas katil :)

One more day, and after that MERDEKA!!! (I'm right on track to finish my article by tomorrow afternoon, insya Allah)

So, you'll also be giving a sigh of relief tomorrow, ya? Enjoy the liberated feeling while you can, before another avalanche of workload comes your way. Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Abang Id,

Thank you...thank you :)

Hmmm, I pun tak tau where I got the energy to do all that. One thing for sure, I work better under pressure. In fact, I dare say that I excel under pressure.

That's why semua kerja buat last minute. Hehehe! Tapi, tak boleh buat selalu - nanti blood goes upstairs...NOT my blood, but Ayah's. Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Salam motley,

Thank you, dear :)

Yes, the kids worked hard, alright. So proud of them :)

Urrrghhh....don't remind me of my "burning the midnight lamp" episodes in Newcastle. Sakit jiwer...Nasib baik lah you were there tu mengurangkan kesakitan jiwer I. Hehehe!

Insya Allah, we'll make a trip to the UK in the next couple of years ni. Boleh lah divert gi Exeter and lepak kat rumah you all, eh?

Take care, dearie.

Muahs, muahs! Hugs, hugs!

wanshana said...


Thanks, dear :) But, I don't see how reading about how chaotic and so kelam kabut I can be to finish my last minute work could motivate you. HAHAHAHA!!

Stress you up, maybe? Motivate - surely NOT! Jangan ikut kerja last minute I ni, tau? Hahahah! Tu lah tu...sampai boleh terlupa anak, you!

Hilman has been taking home the Best Science Student Award for 2 years now. He definitely didn't get those science-minded genes from his Mommy :)

Yes, to him (in his own words) -Science is easy peasy. (Chewaaaahhh! Bukan main lagi!)

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Thank you and welcome. Saya pun banyak belajar dari Kak Ezza. Sama-sama terima kasih, akak :)

Alamak, sorang lagi yang sesak nafas? Boleh geng dengan Waterlily nih :)

Macam cerita James Bond? HAHAHAHA! Tang mana tu ya? Part hero hensem, tak der pulak kat dalam posting ni. Heroin yang sexy, laaaaaaggiiii jauh sekali! Hahaha!

Take care, Kak Ezza. Selamat berexperiment and have fun with your new Acer ;)

wanshana said...


Thank you, thank you (also on behalf of the kids). We're definitely celebrating this weekend.

I, too, am amazed with myself sometimes. Hehehe!

And I, too, wish that I could abandon the article and quit my job sometimes... But, then again, lepas tu I'll suffer coz' tak leh gi shopping! Oh tidaaaakkkk!! So, for the sake of shopping, tahan ajer lah :)

Cheers, Kerp ;)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Shana - letih kak puteri baca abt all the things that you had to do.. kalau i tak terbuat kot.

btw, I checked out that srikandi site, awat depa tak update? another thing, how much senior am I from you in STF? must be close to 2 decades kot..

Kak Teh said...

tahniah to both children and parents!! and you all deserve a great treat.

You have all done very well.

IBU said...


Syiok kan buat paperwork last minute ni? When adrenalin is pumping fast - baru the writings tu laju .... hehehe.... sama lah kita; birds of the same feather, suffer last minute together-gether. kahkahkah

My kind of write ups pulak normally not measured by number of words, rather number of slides. And the challenge with kedai runcit I ni pulak, we have to keep it short & simple. So the lesser slides, and the shorter/simpler words & sentences - the better. Adeiii... Fenin laaaa....

Aiyooooo.... terror2nya anak2 kome! Congratulations. Cam mana Hilman boleh score BM tu, tolong cerita sikit.

Anonymous said...

Konbawa wagimoko... ;p

I can only sympathise with what you have been going thru. I know you are one superwoman...but your patience, strength and perseverance have never ceased to amaze me! :)

Like you, I am very anxious about our kidz' results. Yes, we push them hard. Yes, we are so kiasu. But whatever their results and positions, we will be so SO proud of them! :)

Missing all of you like crazy!Can't wait to be home!

wanshana said...

Kak Puteri,

Thank you for hopping by :)

Hmmmm, reading your blog, rasanya Kak Puteri is more superwoman than superwoman herself. Hehehe! Definitely stronger and can last much longer than those bunnies in the Energizer batteries ads. Definitely lagi energetic than me :)

The contributors to the Srikandi blog are volunteers who also maintain their own personal blogs. And sometimes bila dah bogged down with work and families, we tend to become disengaged from what's happening in the Srikandi circle, so much so, we didn't have anything significant or relevant to Srikandi to blog about :( That's the only explanation I could offer (for myself lerrr...)

Tak sampai 2 decades la, akak... I sat for my SPM in 1985 :)

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

Thank you on everybody's behalf :)

This weekend memang nak give everybody a special treat to start the school holiday with a bang! Still have not decided what it's going to be actually. Any ideas?


wanshana said...


Memaaaannnnng syiok - hingga menjilat jari (yang cramp after banging on the keyboard for 12 hours non-stop!) Hehehee...

Tak pernahnyer nak serik kan? Dari kecik dulu mak dah kata buat kerja tu jangan gopoh-gapah, and belajar or buat kerja dari awal...tapi degil, tak nak dengar. Haaaaaa, kan dah kena tidur dengan kertas berkebat-kebat kat atas katil tu...

Thanks for the congratulatory wish for the kids :)

Hmmmmmm, macam mana Hilman score BM? Errrr, sebab minggu lepas his Mommy tidur dengan another set of kertas berkebat-kebat atas katil - buat mock BM papers for him to practice, kot?

Tu lah tu...Mommy dia suka sangat tidur dengan kertas....Kesian kat Ayah dia...HAHAHAHA!!

wanshana said...


Konbawa whatever to you, too :)

Sympathize ajer tak cukup laaa. Kena bawak hadiah besar dari Jepun, baru okay. Hahaha!

Yup, I'm so very proud of the kids whatever their results would be. They've tried their best and that's what matters.

Missing you like crazy, too.

And oh ya, by the time you come back nanti, the bed will already be clear, insya Allah ;) Hehehe...

All the best with your presentations tomorrow, dear.

MrsNordin said...

A friend of mine, the other day, terlupa nak drop off her son at her mother's house. Bila dah sampai office and dah park kereta, tengok kat tempat duduk belakang, her 8-year old son! Tertidur. Hari dah pukul 2.30 petang, boss kat office dah mencari, budak ni kat belakang kereta... nak tak nak, kena pusing balik hantar kat rumah mak dia.

She said, "Aku rasa nak nangis bila tengok si N**** kat belakang kereta!" Stress, pressure of fetching and sending kids to and from school, home, mum's house, and work was taking a toll on her that day. I made her a cup of coffee when she reached the office. Then only she cool down sikit. Kesian..

wanshana said...


I can just imagine how your friend must have felt that day. But, I also could not help but imagine should she have not looked to the back of the car that day, she might have forgotten that her son was in there! The son could have continued sleeping in the car, under the intense afternoon heat, etc.

Ngeri to imagine further bila ingatkan some cases when kids had died in similar situations! Nauzubillah.

Yes, it is pretty stressful when we have to be the kids driver, sending and fetching them to and from wherever it is that they need to be at. Even MORE stressful when we have to juggle that with our full-time job. Memang kesian. I feel for your friend, too.

I'm quite lucky as my hours are very flexible, and I don't have to necessarily be in the office to do my work. Like now - I'm actually at my MIL's, taking a break from writing an article. And my workplace is just within 10-20 minutes from the kids school/classes and my MIL's place.

As fate has it - my MIL's driver just quit 2 days ago, and I'm now the driver for the family. Even though this has of course affect my work schedule, I didn't have to make a major re-scheduling of anything (so far). Syukur alhamdulillah.

Another problem - when my MIL gets a new driver, I would have to be with him everytime he has to send and fetch my kids for the first week or so, just to make sure he familiarizes himself with the routes, etc. And of course, dealing with a complete stranger whom you're entrusting your children with - that's a major worry, too!

Getting the kids to take a school bus or van was never an option. It has always been something that we could work out somehow (however inconvenient it could be sometimes), but we still prefer to send them ourselves (or get the driver to help out when necessary).

And of course, the priorities of the driver would always have to be my MIL's schedule and appointments, and sometimes I do have to drive the kids the whole day because of this. Then again - He IS HER driver :)

Ayah and I are thinking of getting one for ourselves next year after we have moved to BJ, insya Allah.

Madam Tai Tai Again said...


I dreamt last night about an article in a newspaper about a writer relating her experience in the world of blogging. Guess who wrote that article? It was Wan Shana!! Crazy dream or what? :)

Congrats to both Hasya and Hilman for their great results. You and Ayah have the right to be kiasu parents - your children are your best product, you know! They are turning out very well, thanks to you guys.

Mior Azhar said...

Congrats to Hasya and Hilman... well done!
and that was real Ya Rabbi! moment lar boleh terlupa pasal anak.. hehehe. Lucky ada orang boleh pick up your kids.. kena pulak sekarang hari cepat gelap...
It happen to me once... but not really terlupa but my meeting dragged on and in the end I was already very late. Then my phone battery dried up.. panic gila in the traffic jam masa tu as I was unable to call Yan at home mintak dia ambik the girls. In the end, I just simply buat muka tak malu and asked driver kereta sebelah to pinjam his phone.... nasib baik dia bagi (bless him)... dah desperate le katakan.

MAMAMIA said...

Well done to your kids for their excellent results & you for that 8000 words report. THat long, huh???

Engrossed punye pasal, sampai terlupa anak2. I know it was never your intention to do that. But don't make that a habit, sekarang ni zaman org jahat ambik peluang aje...

Jgn ambik hati, ok! Ni cuma nasihat..... I have my moments too.

Anonymous said... the lounge and counting the hours. Lamanyalah pulak rasa :(

See all of this evening, insya-Allah... :)

ms hart said...

Hello MRS Tuan Doktor - tambah sorang lagi sesak nafas - saya, saya, saya...hahh hahh huhh huhh....phewwhhh...Ya Allah...memang tabik springlah kat you ni...roller-coaster kind of entries are fast becoming your trade mark lah!! he he Before long you kena letak disclaimer clause, Wanshana...he he...Oh ya, congrats to your super kids...and their super parents! My kids pun pandai jugak...pandai berangan!!:)

jabishah said...

Waaa Kak Shana,
What a hectic day. Good that you had your dear ones to help you around with chores.
Your kids did well in the exams. Congrats! So, ke mana school hols ni? I ni tgh preparing myself mental & physical for the school hols. The girls will be 24/7 at home! ! Pening....

wanshana said...


Thank you :) The kids worked hard for their exams, and they now see how hard work will always be rewarded, insya Allah.

Waaaa, sampai mimpi about me?! Musykil, musykil...Hahaha!

Hmmmm, if only the two articles that I had to write this week memang about my experience in blogworld, sure berkebat-kebat I boleh tulis under 1 hour! Tak payah stressed out big time like this.

Take care, dear...

*Jangan mimpi I lagi, okay? Nanti MrS marah nati. HAHAHAHA!!

wanshana said...


Thank you on the kids' behalf :) lah orangnya yang kat traffic light dulu yang pinjam handphone Ayah, lepas tu, tak bagi balik, ya???!!!

(Hehehehe...just kidding!)

I can just imagine how panicked you were when the phone went dead on you just at that critical moment. Macam-macam terfikir. Lain kali kena bawak battery spare wherever you go.

wanshana said...


Thank you from me, and thank you from the kids :)

Yup. 8000 words for that piece, and this morning I submitted another piece - 8008 words. Crazy, huh? A total of 11 hours of sleep over 4 nights. That's me with my procrastinating life...

Dak aiihhh...tak marah pong :) Thank you for the peringatan. Insya Allah next time tak buat lagi. Errr...part lupa anak tu la tak buat lagi. Tapi part buat kerja last minute tu, chek tak boleh janji. Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Yeay!!! Yahooo!! Yippee!!! Yabada badoo!!!

P/S : Dah tak ada paper bertimbun-timbun atas katil dah, by the way ;) HAHAHAHA!

Ezza Aziz said...

amboi shana,dah tak kertas bertimbun2 kat katil tu....ehem2 elok la tu...lagi pun malam ni malam jumaat....malam untuk isteri isteri dapat pahala...!!!!!hahahaha

wanshana said...


Hahaha! Nanti I kena suruh tuan doktor prescribe inhaler lah pulok kat my blogger friends semua...

Thank you, thank you :)

Anak-anak I pun semua kaki berangan. Tambah-tambah pulak hari tu we all janji nak reward them if dapat good results...But some of their angan-angan tu stay just that lah - angan-angan. Unless pokok deduit yang I tanam belakang pokok betik neighbour belakang rumah tu I tumbuh dengan meriahnya nanti :). Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Thanks, dear :)

Yes, syukur alhamdulillah - family and friends support are there in times of need and emergencies like hari tu.

This weekend, to start off the school holidays, we're lepaking at one of the hotels (not sure la pulak now whether kat Putrajaya or Cyberjaya?). Next weekend, insya Allah we'll be in Corningware Island...Ooops! I meant to say Langkawi Island :) (And Ayah dah start berpeluh...Hehehe!)

Have fun with the kids over the holidays, dear, and good luck (don't we all need that for the next 2 months...) Hehehe!

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Betul tu! Sama-samalah kita mengumpul pahala sempena Malam Jumaat yang penuh berkat ini. Hahaha!

* Kenang daku semasa mengumpul pahala mu....NOT! HAHAHAHAHA!!! *

Kmar said...

Shana, your angels have done a good job!!! So, cuti ni boleh le main PS2 lama-lama.. he.he.he.. and can demand a few nice treats kan, kan???

Theta said...

Since it's already Friday, I guess you're breathing a bit easier now.

Hope the Wednesday paper was completed on time!

So have the other results come in for the kids?

Do update us too. Hehe.

Take care and treat yourself and the well-deserved kids this weekend!

MHB said...

wanshana!!! I wish I was like you and Ayah... you know part yang buat mock-up test semua tuuu... I used to do that when I eldest was in Std 1... and memang it helped her a lot!! She was top of her class... now, no 2 or no 3 je... my youngest pulak kesian sebab I never paid as much attention to her schoolwork as I did her sister... no alasan for me, I just have to be a better mom!! Hmmmm...

wanshana said...


Thanks :).

Hilman will definitely spend more hours mengadap his PS2. Now he's only allowed main masa non-school days ajer. Cuti sekolah ni, balas dendam lah tu :) But, we limit it to 2 hours a day. If not, nanti berebut dengan Hasya :). Hanna dah tak heran all these PS stuff. She has gone to "better" things (konon), i.e. internet :)

All of them will get a nice treat each for their hard work, insya Alllah :)

wanshana said...


I'm breathing normally again...for now. Next weekand, I definitely will need an oxygen tank to help me breath. I have 80 exam scipts and 80 assignmemts to mark, and I plan to finish marking by Thursday 20/11.

We're bringing the kids to Langkawi 21/11 - 24/11, insya Allah, and I just want to enjoy habis-habisan, and I can only do that with the knowledge that I don't have any work piling and waiting for me after our Langkawi trip.

The Wednesday paper was only completed on Thursday actually, but, yeah...I completed it :)

Kids official results belum keluar lagi. So, we have come up with keputusan tidak rasmi. Hehehe! You can check it out in my latest posting :)

Take care, dear. Have a great weekend!

wanshana said...


Doing mock papers for the kids is no joke, kan? But, insya Allah kita buat yang termampu. It's actually to identify areas of their weaknesses before the exams and we can do that in so many other ways. It just so happened that we chose the "mock paper way" :)

Don't be hard on yourself, dear. I know that you're a wonderful mom to your girls, and I believe Maira and Misha are doing very well at school :)

Have a great weekend, and here's wishing your lovely girls "Happy, Happy Holidays!"