Monday, April 12, 2010

Biggest Losers...Insya Allah :)

Ayah and I were just talking about all the insurance coverage that we have for ourselves and the kids thus far, and we were thinking of getting new policies, especially for the kids, considering how high hospital charges can be sometimes. Of course, kita always do'akan we'll be healthy, and dijauhkan dari masuk hospital,etc., but, of course, we'll never know these things, kan?

The kids being minors, of course their policies would have to be either under Ayah or myself. And of course, at this age, most of the times, we as Payor would have to go through Medical check-ups before our applications would go through and be approved.

The thing is, it has been quite some time since I last went for a thorough Medical Check-up : the whole blood tests, etc., and frankly speaking I'm quite anxious to go through one now, for fear of discovering any illnesses. I know, it's rather strange coming from the wife of a doctor!

The thing is, I have quite a family health history on my Mom's side. Both my arwah maternal grandparents had diabetes, hypertension and heart problems/complications. My Mom is also diabetic (she's on insulin) and she had a stroke in 2004, and also a double angioplasty done on her 3 years back. All three of my brothers are diabetcs, too. So far, syukur alhamdulillah, my sisters and I have been spared.

On my Abah's side - my grandfather was also a diabetic, and he probably also had a heart problem. He passed away when my Abah was 12 years old. We have a photo of him at my parents' house. He was a BIG man, he was. My arwah grandmother pulak passed away 3 months after my grandfather. And we don't really know the cause of death.

As for my Abah, apart from his recurrence of nose cancer, and his hypertension (which came naturally with old age), syukur alhamdulillah, he's quite healthy.

But, I worry of course. Just in case, I might discover that I am diabetic, etc., too, after the Medical!

Ayah had wanted me to just do a self-test first, but, even that - I takut nak buat! So, the next best thing is to UP my efforts in jaga makan and exercising BEFORE (IF, that is) I'm called for a Medical lah kot?

And the efforts officially started yesterday.

Below are excerpts taken from my SMSs with Ayah yesterday after I came up with a regime which BOTH of us should follow religiously from now on -

Me : Treadmill n X-trainer at least 20 mins each everyday. Rice 4 dinner only, plain water from now on, n we indulge in sweets and stuff on Sundays only. Deal?

Ayah : Deal! :) P/S - Everyday? ;p

(See how sceptical he is of my willpower?!)

Me : Yes. Everyday. Hv 2 make time for daily execrcise now. Startg 2day. Don't wanna die b4 all kids get married! Who will uruskan their khenduri? Can't harap u 2 do it :p

Ayah : Whoa...dat's deep! Wokay then...Starting?

Me : Startg now. Jz puttg on my trainers :) Hope it's not too late!

Ayah : Have fun! :)

20 minutes later -

Me : Thx! 2 km done. Cals burned : 155. X-trainer next.

Ayah : Add a few more n u will reach TMC! :)

Half an hour later -

Me : Only went on X-trainer for 7.5 minutes. Giler semput!! Cals burned - 20 only! Huwaaaaa!!! :(

So, I was a bit disheartened yesterday, but, I did try to stick to the regime.

Masalahnya, I cooked Sweet and Sour Ketam, Sup Kepala Ikan Merah, and Lemon Chicken for lunch yesterday! In other words, it was quite a feast lah jugak!

But, to stick to the once a day Rice regime, I cooked Kuey Teow Goreng lah pulak for dinner!

And in between, I managed to squeeze in some Shortbread Cookies and Turkish Delights which Ayah got from one of his patients!

(But, actually I was still sticking to the regime, kan? Coz' in the deal - we are allowed to indulge in sweets on Sundays. And yesterday WAS Sunday, innit? ;) Hehehe!

Adakah ini tanda-tanda awal that the regime will go down the drain soon?! Kita tunggu dan lihat perkembangan Biggest Loser Sri Damansara, okay? ;)

Anyway, I'm off for my treadmill and X-trainer session now.

Wish me luck, and doa'kan that both Ayah and I can maintain and stick to the regime...(and by June, you'll get to see a healthier and slimmer and toner us, insya Allah :)

* And that reminds me - I'd better make full use of my membership at a certain fitness centre at One Utama. Life membership konon...but, the last time I worked out there was 5 years ago!!


rad said...

Never do it alone, join an exercise group like geng aerobic ka poco2 ka, baru ada insentif! Hehehe...
P/s: I'm in our varsity's staff fitness programme - 1 hr aerobic every friday noon & extra session on saturday morning. Considering for squad aerobic (wakil utk sukan inter-varisty tuu hehehe)- training every wednesday after ofc & extra hours on saturday. Jogwalk dgn rakan2 sepejabat around campus - bila sempat!
And I still eat nasi goreng/kue teow goreng all the time which is actually not good!

bella said...

All the best ye...semangat mesti ada....

wanshana said...


I baca pun dah penat!!

Good on you! Tapi make sure you all kalah to UM masa inter-varsity ;)

I ni susah sikit nak bersocial-sports dengan ramai orang. I ni pemalu orangnya. Hahaha!

I used to pakat with another friend gi gym, but after a while bila one of us couldn't make it on a few occassions, lama-lama terus stopped going. Maybe if pakat among 3-5 people better kot?

Good luck with your aerobics!

wanshana said...


Thank you, dear. Takut semangat terbang ajer nanti...Hehehe!

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

I for one am not the gym type of a person.I'd rather swim or walk .
last week I've walked once ...this week not yet:D

wanshana said...

Ibu, Mommy, Mom,

Where do you normally go for a walk or swim, ya? Ada regular gang doing it together with you?

I'd swim, too, if I knew how. But, I ni hydrophobic - something which I must learn how to overcome.

The only walking I've been doing is on the treadmill. I don't really run on it - tak larat :)

I guess if we try to do it regularly, insya Allah it'll help - whether we do it indoor or outdoor. (But, doing it outdoor is so much more fun I guess!)

anom said...

Good luck K. Shana!! I like taking walks too (tak larat nak lari) -- going to parks really helps especially parks yang banyak trees like the Lake Garden area.. I like going there sebab tak panas sangat - pokok2nya merimbun, kita pun lebih banyak dapat oksigen.. Some other parks I frequent - Bukit Kiara park - dekat Taman Tun and Kepong Metropolitan Park.. tapi tak berapa best sangat la these 2 sebab ramai sangat orang esp weekends. Still prefer lake garden..

Amy said...

Go, go Kak Shana..

cekmekzue said...

hye Shana! just as I was reading your n3, I was binging on Kitkat! finished off one stick and slowly left the other three ( maybe for later:-) ) , perhaps. planning to eat that bar of Cadbury milk chocolate later:-) It's difficult to stay away from chocolate. we, my hubby and I were just talking the other day of getting a treadmill for us, he has started his cycling, but me,moi? have not done any erecises yet, just the usual house chores, theclimbing up and down the stairs everyday ( can you call that exercise?hmmmm....left the poco2 group for quite sometime now, really, i mean really need to start exercising now, wish both of us, you and I both, the best of luck in our mission!

Desert Rose said...

Ahak soooo cute Kak Shana, the way he 's being sceptical n the way u counter back he he...

Mine is collecting dust n towels becoz when we moved the thing to our room, tah mana2 la pulak letak cabelnya, now i'm looking at it wit sad face...tak2 sempat nak cari kabel tu. Hopefully, without the electricity connection, I can still run on it with style (style orang sasau hahaha)

wanshana said...


Thanks, dear :)

Akak ni, part nak gi briskwalking, etc., kat park segala, ada berat sikit. Macam-macam akak fikir - kalu nak gi toilet macam mana... Kalau nak stop sekejap and minum, tak jumpa kedai minum lah...Kalau ada dog p**, terpijak lah...dan segala macam reasons (or rather "alasan" Hehehe!)

FYI, right in front of our house is actually a jogging track, and I've been up there only once. Itu pun bukan sebab gi jogging, tapi saja nak ambik shortcut nak bawak the kids to the playground next to it - that was 5 years ago! (and we've been staying at this house for 11 years!)

wanshana said...

Hi Amy dear :)

Thanks! I need all the cheering I can get :) It's going to be a tough mission to accomplish, but, insya Allah I'll be okay :)

wanshana said...

Hi Kak Zue :)

YES! All the best to both of us!

Masa I was maidless hari tu, I also thought all the house chores, and going up and down the stairs carrying out the daily routines were enough exercise for me, but, the only thing I felt was TIRED, and no weight loss at all! (maybe 0.5kg every now and then). Didn't feel healthy at all.

Yes, you should go and get a treadmill for yourself, but, I have to warn you - bila benda dah depan mata, kot lagi susah nak go on it daily! Hehehe! Believe me, we have a treadmill and a Cross-trainer at home, and we rarely used them - up until last Monday when I told myself that I need to go on both or either of them every morning before going to work. So far so good :)

As for the chocolates, both Haizal and I have agreed that we'll go sugar free and low carbo for 6 days of the week, and only on Sundays, we can reward and indulge ourselves in sweet stuff :)

Hope this will last :)

* And I think you should join your hubby and start cycling with him - more time to spend together ;)

wanshana said...

Eja dear,

Tak per...As long as ada style. Penting tu! LOL!

Maybe you can get a new cable - kena gi balik kedai where you bought it. I'm sure that's included in their spare parts service.

Macam kes we all dengan our Karaoke Magic Mic set lah tu - hilang cable and now kempunan tak leh melalak kat rumah. Hehehe!

We all pun - sebelum ni, benda tu dok jadi tempat sidai baju and to place segala macam kotak. High time we start using it as we should. Hehehe!

* Selamat berlari dengan style, sis! ;)

D.N.A.S said...

Kak Shana, congratulations on the awareness to stay healthy.

I just nak share that there are ways to use your treadmill and cross trainer so that you'll not get bored.

There's one called interval cardio. Here's how do it on your treadmill:

First 2 minutes - brisk walk (speed 5-6)
3rd minute - jog (speed 7)
4th and 5th minute - recovery/brisk walk (speed 5-6)
6th minute - run (speed 8.5 or 9)

Repeat from the beginning and plus
13th and 14th minute - recovery/brisk walk (speed 5-6)

15th minute - cool down ( speed 3 - 4)

After that you can do the same on the x-trainer. It's just a matter setting different difficulty level.

The rule of thumb is, the recovery period must be twice the speeding time/more difficult level time.

Selamat mencuba.

IBU said...


I bought this skipping rope kat ..mana lagi...Tesco! the one siap with timer, loops count & calorie calc.

Semangat...balik terus set; entered weight & estimated time & loops. Tried a few loops, the mini screen counted 7, time berapa ntah.... calorie burnt 0. Huh..okay lah tu.... the gadget works! Easy to exercise ni....

BUT... that's about it. The rope is sitting pretty on my dresser since last weekend. LOL!!!!

wanshana said...


Thanks for the tips, dear! Insya Allah I'll put it into practice. I've been working on the same pattern all this while, but at one notch lower than yours (in terms of speed. Tapi, nak pi 8-9 masa running tu, agak musykil I can do it! Takut tercampak ke belakang la pulak! Hehehe!

I've started going back to the gym, and it feels good :)

I do'a I can maintain this, insya Allah. Amin.

Thanks again! :)

wanshana said...


Ehhh...Macam familiar ajer cerita ni. Where have I heard this before, ya?! Hmmmmm, let me think...

Oh ya...Sama cerita dengan oven you!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Tak per. Yang penting - niat you suci...Hehehe!

One way of making sure that we stick to a certain exercise regime is to have a pact with all the MTs. By June we should reach a certain target. What do you think?