Saturday, April 10, 2010

Makcik confused... :)

Hasya is upset that she's not in the same 4x100m Team that won 1st place in last year's SSP's Sports Day. She said the team has been split into two now. So, there'll be two teams representing Green House this year, and she said she she's very sure that neither team would win the top three placings!

I asked her the reasons why the Green House teacher had split the team knowing that they would have a very strong chance to win 1st place again this year? And she said, "EXACTLY! That's why!! I don't know!!!"

And she was quite visibly upset about the whole thing.

Well, what do you expect from choleric Hasya, kan? She always wants to win!

And I was upset for her, too, knowing her capabilities. And knowing that she and her original team would win, given the chance, insya Allah.

But, on the other hand, I had this bit of conversation with Hilman.

Hilman : Mommy, I'll be running in the 200m event for the Sports Day!

Me : Wow! Congratulations! Well done! Have you practised for it? Do you think you can win?

(Frankly speaking, I was a bit surprised because Hilman is more of the Lontar Peluru and Tarik Tali type of athlete. You know what I mean? Hehehe!:)

Hilman : I don't know. I fell down while practising, and got second last.

Me : It's okay. Nanti masa Sports Day, you have to run REALLY fast and be careful not to fall, okay?

Hilman : Okay. But, I always got second last bila practise la, Mommy. Even before Puan Anuradha chose me. I don't know why she chose me la?

And at this point, Hasya butted in and said -

Hasya : Teacher said she wants to give everybody a chance to participate masa Sports Day!

Hilman : I guess so. But, Mommy, how can I make sure I run fast and win the race, Mommy?

Me : Hilman, just run to the finishing line. Run as fast as you can, okay?

Hilman : Okay, but, I think I'm going to get No. 7 or No. 8 again.

Me : It's okay, Hilman. Just run. Who knows? On that day you can win with me cheering you on?

And Hilman just laughed away at that thought! :)

Hilman : It's okay lah, Mommy. But, if I don't win, tak per, right?

Me : It's okay, Hilman. As long as you try your best, okay?

Well, Hilman is a phlegmatic boy, and very laid back about everything anyway :)

And I'm happy for him, because I know he would try his level best, and he would enjoy the experience of running for his Green House, insya Allah :)

I feel bad for Hasya, but, I feel happy for Hilman.

In other words, I am bit confused really - on how I should feel between the decisions made by the Green House teachers on the 4x100m event AND the 200m event because BOTH involved my kids, but both with probably different implications on and outcomes for them...

Anyway, let's just wait for Saturday next week, shall we? That's when their Sports Day will be held ;)

All the best Chimin and Chiman!! :)

And just remember to have fun, okay?


Naz said...

Que sera sera...but with you cheering on, I think there is nothing that they cannot tackle.

Run, Chimin Chiman, Run!!!!!

Kmar said...


Children are so honest with their answers. Sometimes.. buat kita ´garu kepala´ nak cari jawapan yang diplomatik.

Best of luck for both of them!! Go Green Go.. he..he.. (Dang Anum)

wanshana said...


Thanks... Insya Allah :)

I rasa I'll have a very sore throat this Sunday! Hehehe!

wanshana said...


Yes - it can be quite difficult to tackle their questions sometimes, kan?

I had wanted them to join Red House, of course, but, Haizal somehow managed to talk to the kids Class teachers when they were in Std 1 to put all of them in Green House. Reason - him being an ex-SSPian, and was in Green House, too (waaaaaayyy back in 1975-1980, 35 years ago!)

Semangat... :)