Sunday, April 1, 2007

Dunno why...but, my last 2 postings were not published?!!

It is SO frustrating!!! I have never had any problems with my blog when I was blogging from my Friendster site...and when I switched to Blogger, everything seems to be turning from bad to worse!

I have not been able to add any page elements to my blog ever since I switched to Blogger. And now - the posting that I posted has not been published!

I tried publishing it again - hence you could see the double postings. And when I tried to delete one of the postings, I realized that there was no link/tab to delete the posting! Aaaaarrrgggghhhh!!!

So, I'm REALLY glad that I still keep my blog at

Feel free to drop by there!

To those who are having problems with their Blogger blog site, wherever you are - we can only bersabar...but, until when? Hmmmmm...


P/S : I just hope whatever problems the Blogger team is having with this site will be rectified REALLY SOON! Or, I'm outta here - for good!

02/04/07 - Okay, I managed to delete the second posting when the "Delete" tab appeared briefly's gone again today, by the way. And, you know what? NOW I also don't have the "Compose Mode" links/tabs on my "Create a Post Page"!!!! Arrrrggghhhh!!! This is madness...

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