Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The gifts of children...

I just called home an hour ago, and spoke to the kids (Ayah was still at work at 10:00pm!).

Anyway, just some snippets of our conversation -


Me : Hello sayang!!

Hilman : Hello Mommy...

Me : How are you? What were you doing when I called?

Hilman : Fine...Emmm...I'm making aeroplanes!

Me : Making aeroplanes? You mean paper aeroplanes?

Hilman : Uh-uh...I found my aeroplane book!

(FYI, that book has been MIA for so long that I thought Hilman had forgotten all about it! Title - How to make aeroplanes that can REALLY fly. I have tried making a few, and YES! They REALLY can fly!)

Me : Wow!!! So, which one are you making now?

Hilman :'s the Rod?Reb?Rofert? Errr, I forgot!!! Mommy, wait okay? I go and check first!

He was gone for about 10 seconds, then -

Hilman : Mommy, it's called the Radford.

Me : Sorry? Can you spell it out for me, please? I didn't quite hear that!

Hilman : It's R-A-D-F-O-R-D. It's Radford.

Me : Oh, okay - make sure you make a few, okay. Make nice aeroplanes for me, okay? Mommy want to see them in June nanti!

Hilman : Okay, Mommy...Hilman make 3 different aeroplanes for you...Bye...


Me : Hello dear! How are you?

Hanna : Hello Mommy. I'm fine... Starting to feel sleepy now.

Me : Hmmm....Ayah told me that you called him this afternoon, asking whether you could go to Aqilah's apartment for a swim? Hmmmm....What made you think that he would say 'Yes'?

Hanna : I don't know, I thought my punishment was that I could not go to my friends' birthday parties only. I thought I could still go to their house for a visit.

FYI - Hanna has been 'grounded' by Ayah because she went online and chatted with her friends last weekend when Ayah SPECIFICALLY told her that she could only do so AFTER she finished her KT Project. Needless to say, being an 11-year old girl who only gets the chance to go online on Sundays, she defied the Big Boss - who caught her three times (and warned her three times!) And yes, you guessed it - she still went online for the fourth time!

The outcome of it all - Ayah turned the computer off WITHOUT saving whatever work she had done at that point, which explains why a day after that, for the love of his anak pompuan sulong yang sorang ni, and (of course) so that she would not fail her KT, Ayah brought her back to our SD home after he finished work at 10:oopm on Monday night, just so that she could finish the project. There's no internet connections and colour printer at Mak's house. Suffice to say, this ended up with both of them not sleeping until 5:30a.m on Tuesday!

But, (of course) the punishment still stands - ONE full-package punishment : no internet, no handphones, no birthday parties, no going to friends' house, and there is also a significant cut in her daily school allowances, at least until Mommy gets home in June!

Yep - when Big Boss gets angry, he REALLY gets angry. No mercy. Nope. Zilch!

Me : No, Hanna...It's the full package this time! But, Ayah asked Mommy just now to tell you that he's willing to let go of ONE of the punishments, IF you do well in your Mid-Year exams - i.e. if you get the Top Three in your class... (I'm always the mediator to negotiate stuff between Ayah and the kids, by the way)

Hanna : Haaaaa?!! Top Three, Mommy? Top Five tak boleh ke?!!

Me : NOPE! Top Three!

Hanna : Alah Mommy...Michelle and Thivia memang la Hanna cannot beat! And Rashdan, too!!

Me : Well Hanna, if you say that even before you try, then forever you cannot beat them. It depends on how much you want Ayah to let go of that ONE punishment...

Hanna : I know...

Me : So, if Ayah asks you to choose, which punishment would you want him to forego?

Hanna : Between having my phone back and going to my friends' birthday parties, I guess?

Me : Hmmm... By the look of things, I don't think Ayah will let you have your phone back until June, dear...

Hanna : I know...

Mommy : So, what do you need to do now?

Hanna : Try my best to be the Top Three, I guess....(dengan suara yang sungguh trajis...)


Me : Hello darling! How are you?

Hasya : Hello Mommy, I'm fine thank you!

Me : Hasya dah makan?

Hasya : Dah!

Me : Let me guess - ayam goreng with nasi?!!

Hasya : (Giggling)...Yep!

Me : Hmmm....are you not bored with ayam goreng and nasi everyday, dear?

Hasya : No la Mommy...Just like Amisha (one of her gymnast friends) - she has nasi and asam pedas everyday what?!! I like ayam goreng what!!!

Me : Hmmm....okay... Hasya tengah buat apa tadi when Mommy called?

Hasya : I was just cutting papers.

Me : For your school project?

Hasya : No la...Just for fun!

Me : For fun? Errr....have you finished your homework?

Hasya : No - tomorrow no school!

Me : No school? Why?

Hasya : I don't know...No school la! Next week also - Tuesday and Wednesday no school!

Me : Why?! Cuti apa next week? (Later when I spoke to Ayah, then only I knew that tomorrow is the Hari Pertabalan of the new King, and the two days next week would be for Labour Day and Teacher's Day.)

Me : Well, even if you don't have school, you still have to do your homework, and do your revision for your Mid-Year Exam, okay?

Hasya : Okay Mommy...but tonight I'm just cutting all these coloured papers so that I can make a poster and paste on it 'Welcome Home Mommy', so that I can give it to you in June!


So, come June I will have three special gifts waiting for me when I arrive at KLIA - three paper aeroplanes (one of which is called a "Radford"), a 'Welcome Home' poster pasted with colourful papers, and the good news that Hanna is in the Top Three of her class, insya Allah...

But, of course - even MORE special gifts at KLIA - my three babies who made them (happen), waiting for me, and hugging and kissing and wrestling me at the Arrival Hall...

To all parents out there, wherever you are - I'm sure you would agree with me : Children and their gifts, especially the gift of love and the joy they bring into your life, in whatever form they take - they are JUST.... Well...they are...just...just...I don't know...Just too precious to be expressed in words...



Sue said...

Take pics ya wen at the arrival hall...nak tengok the hugs and kisses and misses...macam hindustan hehehe

wanshana said...

Dear Minah Celoteh,

Insya Allah, will do!

I actually have some pics of the kids and I at the Arrival Hall when I went back in December last year - errr...kalah cerita hindustan you...Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mommy..

ARFGH I cannot get top three!!! It would be a miracle if I do.. Anyways....... How do use those HTML thingys? I tried doing it but it just says ''Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed'' and then when I closed it it said the same thingys!!! Erfgh, I'm not up-to-date with ways to use the HTML thingys!! Hehe.. Ohh and u just HAD to remind me of all my punishments in ur bloggy!! NEHI!! Lol.. Blogspot seems nicer than Friendster, cause it's more colourful!! Yay!! Lol. Ohh NO! Esok school - Y ohh Y?! Nasib baik homework all finished (I think!) Hmm.. Hilman just gets more annoying and annoying-er (new word!) by the day! Hasya shouts at him more, too! (Well of course) And tadi I bought a new book, called ''The Girls' Book : HOW TO BE BEST AT EVERYTHING'' and its just really.. Red and Pelik and FUN!! Lol, Hasya won't give me back MY book! She's busy reading it- and Hilman's joining in too! (A boy!! Lol) Hasya is beside me right now.. She keeps me reminding me of my punishments! Hilman jugak!!


Hanna : (typing and typing the comment for this blog)



Hanna : (doing same thing)

Hasya : Eh KAK LONG!! Don't use computer!! Ayah is coming!!

AAHHHH!!! Anyway, kena balik PJ now.. It's already 8:10pm and we tak mandi lagi!! Eheh, we're shmelly!! Udara tercemar! Lol.. OKlah.. Talk to you later / tomorrow!! Bye love ya! MUAH! Miss ya!

wanshana said...

Errr...Hanna darling,

I think your brother and sister were right, you know? You ARE NOT suppossed to use the internet?!(Unless of course, Ayah lets you use it JUST to read and comment on my Blog?)

Hmmm...make sure you thank Ayah, okay? And MAKE SURE you don't use the internet for something else!

I KNOW you can be the Top 3, can even be #1 if you try just a bit harder.

Mommy Love You!

Anonymous said...


I DID give Kak Long permission to use the net ONLY to read Mommy's blog and write comments if she wanted to.

Well, we r throwing a challenge to u Hanna to get into the top 3. Just to say it again (and again...) to u, dear... Ayah found it extremely difficult to get any position other than no 1 (for the whole year) when I was at ur stage (and Hasya's & Hilman's too!). My Mum (ur Wan-lah) would not allow me to even dare to think I would not get it! So Ayah will not entertain any sad stories about how tough it would be...blah-de-blah... to get into even top 3!!! So there u go ;)

Gtg...ada emergency. Got to open da lab.