Sunday, December 14, 2008

In preparation for a new man in the house...

Tomorrow my little boy will move a step nearer to being a man.

Yup, it's the "snip-snip" time for him.

It'll be done by Dr. Ra*ak at DSH. It was initially scheduled for 8:30a.m, but, I received a phonecall from one of his nurses yesterday to inform me that the procedure has been rescheduled to 12:00p.m tomorrow. It makes no difference to me as I will be on leave tomorrow. In fact I'll be on leave until 29 December. But, Ayah would have to reschedule some things at work. He will now have to go to the hospital early tomorrow morning and hopefully he'll be in time for the procedure.

We have had to make some new arrangements and preparations in light of our Hilman becoming a MAN.

First of all, to prepare Hilman mentally, Ayah had a heart-to-heart talk with him two nights ago about the whole thing. We had dinner at Mak's house on Friday night. The kids were sent there earlier in the morning before I went to the office, and I went back to Mak's house after work, as did Ayah. So, after dinner, we went back in separate cars. All the girls went in my car, and the boys went in Ayah's car. Quite convenient for Hilman to ask his Ayah all the necessary stuff about the whole thingy throughout the journey back to SD when he was alone with his Ayah.

Later when I asked Ayah if Hilman told him if he was scared, Ayah told me that Hilman said, "A bit...", but he appeared to be okay with the whole thing. But, was he? Because later that night, he came knocking on our door at 3:30a.m, crying slightly saying that his left knee was hurting, and he asked me to urut his kaki. I massaged the part he showed me which was painful, he curled up against me, and I hugged him tightly until he fell asleep.

After he fell asleep, Ayah and I just looked at each other and we just couldn't help but broke into laughters. Ayah said that Hilman probably had a bad dream or a nightmare about hurting his leg or something like that - all triggered by his anxiety. He was walking just fine when he came into our room. No limping whatsoever. He was (and probably still is) anxious about Monday. I hope and pray that he'll be fine tomorrow, pre-procedure.

Secondly, as mentioned, I'm taking leave until 29 December. If only I could extend it until the kids start school again, but the Uni's second semester starts on 30 December. So, no choice :( I know Hilman will probably need me to bring him to the toilet and all, at least in the first two weeks post-procedure. I know that he will not want Dar to help him with those stuff yang sewaktu dengannya, too. So, I'll be at his becks and calls for the next 2 weeks. It'll be an interesting experience for both of us, I'm sure (and for his sisters, too!)

Thirdly, all this while Hilman has been sharing a room with his sisters. Obviously, that arrangement has to be changed after tomorrow. The kids and I have been pretty busy clearing up our top-floor room for the past one week. The room has been our huge store-room of sort since we first moved in to SD. And we rarely go up there, except when Hilman wanted to play with all of his Hot Wheels tracks. We are now converting it into the girls' room.

But, you can just imagine the state of the room after 12 years of storing all sorts of stuff! At the moment it's full of toys, clothings, old books (especially Ayah's!), and old whatevers. We have managed to divide their old toys and clothings into three groups - those to be donated to Rumah Titian Damai, those they want to keep, and those to be thrown into the bin. I must say, those Alam Flora guys have been working overtime clearing our garbage in the last few days! Ayah's books and stuff are still up there, and we have come to accept the fact that it'll be an impossible task to get the room ready by tomorrow.

We need to really clear everything before we could re-paint the walls, fix an air-cond unit there, and pasang the curtains. And of course, there's the trip to IKEA which the girls have been pestering me the whole of last week. Nasib baik there's already a Queen-sized bed up there which the girls are willing to share, and there's already a set of built-in wardrobe and cabinets in the room. So, it's just to get some additional drawers and lightings for them. And as I'm typing this, we have not even chosen the colour, we have not bought the air-cond, and we have not ordered the curtains yet! I hope to get everything ready for the girls by next Monday, insya Allah. I'll probably post a posting on the room make-over after everything is done nicely :)

Fourthly, I've also stocked up the freezer with ikan-ikan yang tak gatal for Hilman's consumption for the next one week. Luckily, Hilman loves his fish, so, he'll be fine being a "fishetarian" for the next 2-3 weeks. The freezer is full to the brim with all the bawals, kurau, tenggiri, ikan merah and senangin, etc. The only thing left for me to do is to think of what to do with them! Hilman loves his fish just fried with garam kunyit, but his Mommy is thinking more like steamed, souped, sweet "n" sour fish, and the likes for him. Hilman will surely miss his Ay*mas Hot and Spicy chicken :(

Still on food, considering that Hilman will have to berpantang for the next 2-3 weeks, I decided to cook some Laksa Asam for tea today - one of his favourites which he will not be able to take masa pantang because of the belacan in it. And tonight, Ayah will take us out for dinner, most probably at Co*y Co*ner so that Hilman can have as much sharks fin soup as he wants!

And, fifthly, I have all the kain pelikats ready on standby. We bought a few kain pelikat for boys while in Langkawi that day, and I've also taken out quite a number of Ayah's semi-old ones, too :)

The truth be told, I am pretty nervous about tomorrow and the 2-3 weeks that follow actually, but, I don't want Hilman to know that.

Please make do'a that Hilman (and his Mommy!) will be fine for the procedure tomorrow, ya... And, wish Hilman luck, y'all! :)

Thanks so much!


MA said...

Wow...such a huge preparation for the coming of age. My boy also is counting his days..haha. So far nampak macam okay sahaja. Hopefully no last minute jitters!

Good luck with Hilman tomorrow.

Spena said...

He will be doing just fine sist. I think you are more worried than him...hehehe...

Mrs.A said...

Kak Shana,

My Hilman had 'his' done with the same doc.. No worries, tak sakit pun! Only the first injection. (there will be 2). He walked out on his own out of the office. I used a seluar cerut as doc put a cup over his privates. .. Only the 3rd day bila nak start healing did he start feeling slight pain. Your Hilman will do just fine!

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

How old is Hilman again? 8 kan? Cpt ye you making him into a man.

I will not experience this but frm what I heard, nowadays after like the 3rd day they can wear pants.. silap2 boleh naik basikal kut. Hehehehe..

Im sure insyaAllah things will be alright. Don't forget to post some pics of the new man ye... Ish, dah bujang dah Hilman tu ;-)

Take care to mommy & son.

Ezza Aziz said...


you punya preparation ni macam anak you ni nak beranak jer...relak la mommy....cuma berkhatan jer...seminggu dah okay laa,another minggu dah boleh jalan jalan dah. heheehe,very detail betul you ni...kalau Hilman bersunat pakai ring tu,dia akan ok je ,tapi lepas bukak ring tu,dia akan rasa ngilu bila anu dia terkenua kain atau seluar. Yang selalu kita bayang kan ialah cara masa dulu,pakai tok mudim tu,tu sakit lama ,,sekarang dah canggih,pakai laser dan ring problem laa. Daging pun jangan makan tau..Gatal...

Selamat berkhatan untuk Hilman.

Mior Azhar said...

Haa, good luck to Hilman and er.. you too!! I remembered one of my uncles lari dari rumah bila his son kena temujanji ngan Tok Mudim many years ago. nasib baik bukan my cousin yang lari..
I'm sure Hilman will do just fine esok..
I just realise... I don't have to go through this hehehe

wanshana said...



Hehehe...Ni sebab first time nak melalui experience ni. Don't know what to expect, so, I'm just preparing in anticipation of what might transpire :)

So, when's Adik turn? Abang sure jadi "consultant" melayan his queries and bagi tips. Hehehe!

Good luck to Adik, too!

wanshana said...


I think he will be fine, too, insya Allah.

You're right - I yang restless malam semalam. Asyik terjaga a few times in the middle of the night! Hehehe...

wanshana said...

Mrs A,

Thanks for the reassurance and the tips. I sure hope, too, that he'll be fine, insya allah

I tak terfikir la pulak nak get him a seluar cerut. In my mind, dok teringat masa dulu-dulu orang dok pakai kain pelikat ajer! So, bermacam kaler kain pelikat I siapkan for him. Memang tak boleh fikir out of the box betullah I ni...

Hmmmm, maybe sempat I gi One-U pagi ni and find a few pairs for him... Thanks again :)

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

Yup - he's 8. We all pun not so sure when's the best age to have it done.

I remember when I was small dulu, normally the boys had it done between the ages of 12-14. My arwah atok was a hospital dresser, and during cuti sekolah, he would be the kampung Tok Mudin (using relatively modern methods compared to the original TM :))and my grandparents' house would be tuuned into a hostel, full of boys that age who would board for 3-4 days before going home.

My arwah atok would clean and change the dressing, etc until they parents are okay to do it themselves at home. My arwah Atah would prepare the food ikut pantang orang melayu, etc for the boys. First class service, I tell you...Hehehe!

Nowadays, I think they're doing it at a younger age. In fact ramai jugak yang buat in the first few days of being born.

I hope Hilman will heal fast. Sekolah dah nak bukah dah ni...

Insya Allah I'll post some pics - if anak bujang I okay with me snapping away his pics nanti. Hehehe...

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Thanks :)

Hehehe! Can' help it laaa, Kak Ezza...First time experience :)

Thanks for the tips. Okay - no daging for him until betul-betul baik. Nasib baik semalam dia dah makan spare ribs and lamb pepuas!

Tu lah, ramai yang kata insya Allah cepat baik. I hope so. Kalau dulu-dulu tu - takut bentan segala, kan?

Kak Ezza, tak sabar nak jumpa Kak Ezza this weekend!

wanshana said...



Aikkk?!!! Awatnya pulak si Pak yang laghi? Hahahaha!

Hmmmmm, he probably had a traumatic experience when he had his berkhatan when he was small dulu kot? His son going through it must have triggered some very "painful" memories for him kot? Hahaha!

Ha-ah lah, Mior. You're spared of all these anxiety. Tak achi!

Mrs.A said...

kak shana,

doc yg suruh pakai seluar cerut. tapi later hilman pakai kain gak..

good luck.. to both of u... relax....!

wanshana said...

Mrs A,

Thanks :) It makes sense actually to pakai seluar cerut at the hospital. The boys would feel so awkward and segan wearing kain pelikat walking back to the car, kan?

Hmmmm, the only seluar cerut which Hilman has are his jammies pants, and shorts. No decent ones at all. I have this strong urge to go and get a few kat One-U sat lagi ni!

Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out... (I'm trying to relax here. Hehehe!)

ms hart said...

Good luck to Hilman and his very own Florence Nightingale!! Eeee..I can imagine my 'drama' when my gingerredman's turn pulak!!

Mrs.A said...

lupa nak cakap... together with underwear (besar2) sikit .. to keep cup in place.. he took a long time to throw the cup away..!

Unknown said...

best of luck to the new man!!!

pakcik dulu2 duduk atas batang pisang...satu pagi mak dan kakak2 mencari...sebab pakcik lari dan bersembunyi.....satu kampung mereka cari, dan pakcik menyaksikan org ramai berkumpul...sebenarnya pakcik ada dekat jer dari rumah, di dalam reban ayam....hehehe!

but but but, the new man jangan lari naa....mesti jadi berani naaa!! mama pun dah sediakan segala2 nya tu....dan papa pun dah slow talk tu...

pakcik dubai.

Hanna Haizal said...

Ahaha, I hope from now on he won't grow sideways as much ;D

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

So dah tiba masanya for Hilman's rite of passage, ya.

All the best to you and hopefully everything will go smoothly and as painfree as possible.

wanshana said...

Ms hart,

Thanks! Dah selesai dah pun :)

It was not as we expected it to be. It went so smoothly and pain-free. Dr Ra*ak was just superb. I highly recommend him to those who have anak bujang yang nak disunatkan :)

When it's your gingerredman's turn nanti, why don't you take one week leave and do it in KL under Dr. Ra*ak? According to him within 2-3 days dah okay dah. We'll see how it goes with Hilman and I'll let you know.

Dr. Ra*ak is very good with kids - all anxieties gone within minutes. Your gingerredman will be fine under him, I'm sure :)

wanshana said...


Thanks. We took an XL sized undies with us just now just in case, but his normal-sized undies worked just fine :)

The follow-up is on Friday. I guess after that Hilman can throw the cup away. But, I can imagine how reluctant he'll be to part with the 'protector' nanti. Hehehe...

He has not asked to go to the toilet yet. I'm just waiting... anxiously. Hope he won't have any problem/pain wee-wee nanti.

wanshana said...

PP @ Pakcik Dubai,

Hilman says thank you :)

I say, Pakcik Dubai sembunyi dalam reban ayam?!!! Hahaha! Sure panic orang kampung mencari you. Berapa lama majlis tertunda because of you, Pak Payne? Majlis beramai-ramai or Pak Payne sorang ajer jadi "Raja Sehari"?

That must have been one of the most memorable stories of your childhood. Sure sampai sekarang jadi topic sembang kat kampung tu. Hilman tak ader reban to hide in, la, Pak Payne.

Anyway, he was very good just now. No hassles at all. Syukur alhamdulillah :)

wanshana said...

Hanna dear,

Yup - your lil' brother is not so little anymore. He's a young man now :)

People say after bersunat boys would grow very fast. So, you have to be prepared when your sweet lil' brother grows much, much taller than you!

Aaaaaahhhh, he'll be so handsome and macho, I'm sure. Nanti he can be your chaperone during your outings with your friends ;)

wanshana said...


Thanks. Syukur alhamdulillah, dah sempurna semua.

It was hassle-free and pain-free. And Hilman was such a darling. Tak buat perangai langsung :)

Anonymous said...

salam wanshana,
semoga semuanya akan berlalu dalam keadaan yang terbaik mungkin, inshaAllah.

teringat kembali ketika my Muazim had his done, kami semua sibuk sediakan bermacam-macam 'gadjet' agar dia selesa memakai kain dan berselimut. heeheehee...

wanshana said...

Salam E @ Acciaccatura,

Thanks :). Syukur alhamdulillah, semua dah okay.

Memang banyak gadget which came to our mind ni, tapi, nampak gayanya insya Allah Hilman will be okay without all the gadgets. So far, so good - cuma tadi he was asking what position should he take untuk tidur malam ni. Nampak gayanya tonight will be a sleepless night for me again - just to make sure his ***** is protected all the time.