Thursday, December 11, 2008

One of the biggest pahalas...

"One of the biggest pahalas one can get is to make one's mother happy".

And the easiest way, too, if I may add.

That was what I told Hanna and Hasya while we were waiting for Hilman to finish his piano lesson just now. Both the sisters normally finish their lessons at 7:15p.m, while Hilman finishes his session at 7:45p.m. The girls would normally do their homework or read their books while waiting, but it being the school holiday and all, they brought neither with them this time.

So, to kill the time, I asked Hanna to give me a foot massage.

This was what transpired -

Me : Hanna, could you massage my feet, please?

Hanna : Okay, Mommy. Which one?

Me : Both. I did say "feet", right?

Hanna : Alaaahhh, Mommy!

Me : Hey, banyak pahala you get if you make Mommy happy, tau? When you urut my kaki, I feel relaxed and happy. And when I'm happy, you'll get a lot of pahala tau, Hanna. Betul tak, Dar? (Dar, our maid was also there).

Dar : Betul Hanna. Lagi lama Hanna ngurut Mommy, lagi banyak pahalanya yang Hanna dapat.

As Hanna continued massaging my feet, I was going -

Me : I'm happy! I'm happy! I'm so happy! Waaaahhh... Very happy...Bliss. Banyaknya pahala Hanna! (Much to her annoyance, of course. Hehehe!)

Just then, Hasya came out of her class, and Hanna asked her -

Hanna : Hasya, you want pahala, right?

Hasya : (A bit confused, but, said) Yeah... (?)

Hanna : Good! Urut Mommy's right foot while I urut her left foot.

Mommy : Yes, Hasya - I told Kak Long that you'll get a lot of pahala when you urut Mommy's feet, tau?

Hasya : But Mommy!!! Your feet are smelly!!!

Me : Well, the smellier they are, the more pahala you'll get, especially the longer time you urut my kaki, tau, Hasya...

Hanna and Hasya : Eeeeewwwwwhhhh, Mommy!!!

(But, they continued massaging my feet for another 5 minutes).

After 5 minutes -

Me : Okay, thank you, darlings. That was really.....(and both of them dropped both my feet together, at the same time, before I could say) "nice"!

And both ran straight to the toilet at the back of the institute -

Hasya : I want to go to the toilet first, Kak Long!! I want to wash my hands!!

Hanna : Me, too!!


Thank you, girls. Mommy doakan Allah gandakan pahala for you for massaging my smelly feet just now :)

After piano, we went to Nasi Ka*da* Se*ap for dinner as the kids said that they missed eating there. It has been more than a month since we last ate there. Ayah managed to finish his clinic early, and he joined us at 8:45p.m.

Right after dinner, the kids then asked whether we could go to Gr*nd Un*on Supermarket to get some DVDs. Again, their excuse/reason was "Dah laaaaaammmaaaa tak pergi Gr*nd Un*on, Mommy". Anyway, they were right. The last time we went to get DVds there was probably 2 months ago!

However, Ayah was pretty tired by the time he finished his dinner, and wanted to go home straight to rest. So, I had to bring them to Gr*nd Un*on myself.

As we were going up the stairs to the first floor of the supermarket where they sell the DVDs, Hilman said this to me -

Hilman : Mommy, I like it when you wear this baju la, Mommy.

Me : Why, Hilman?

Hilman : You look nice in this baju, Mommy. You look thin in black. Pretty.

Me : Do I REALLY, Hilman?!

Hilman : Yes, Mommy. Black makes you look thin and nice.

Now, THAT surely made this one fat Mommy VERY happy, I tell you... Cair I dibuatnya...

So, guys, I'm a VERY HAPPY mother tonight. Firstly, happy when my girls gave me a very nice foot massage, and secondly, when my boy gave me such sweet compliments. (And I think he really meant it because he was not there when I told his sisters about the pahala thingy at the Music Institute earlier on. Hehehe! :))

Memang banyak pahala anak-anak Mommy dapat malam ni, and Mommy doakan that all of you will remember to make me (and Ayah) happy throughout your lives and will accumulate all the pahala you all truly deserve, insya Allah. Amin.

Because I AM TRULY HAPPY every single second of the day of my life being your Mommy.


Mrs.A said...

Awwwwww Kak Shana... so sweet of Hilman. My Hilman is also the same way.... Must be the name... ha ha ha

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Oh..what a sweet posting, Shana.

I'm sure your kids too feel very blessed to have you and Ayah as their parents.

For now, they are just happy they have double pahalas for the performing the foot massage and giving compliments to their Mommy!

Anonymous said...

entri ni buat saya rindu kat Mak saya. :(

tapi Hilman adalah sangat sweet. hmm hmmm mungkinkah bakal sweet talker? hahaha just kidding. :D

IBU said...

Dear Madam Happy Feet

Lepas ni mintak "pijak belakang" pulak - but I suppose only Hasya can do that lah .... hahaha....

And about Hilman - don't melt too soon lah. Didn't you know children are moms' best mirror? And in this case, he's saying it out right - I'm verbalising what he didn't - if you wear any other color, you look fat la mommy... HAHAHAHA .... I know this sounds cruel. But hey.. not so cruel compared to DUMPING one of VBF (very best friends? hahaha...) to fantasy night with Faizal Tahir! Grrr...I'm not over it yet, MOMMY OIIIII!!!

hehehe.... I know... I'm lovable even when I'm angry. LOL!

Theta said...

Haha...this post makes me smile. Imagining the girls rushing to the toilet to wash their hands. So girl-like! :D Despite that, I'm proud that the girls massaged your feet. Some would just ignore such a request.

Hilman is such a gentleman!

This proves to show that you have inculcated some great values in them. I should learn some tips from you. ;)

ms hart said...

Wanshana, nak tahu, malam-malam bila I penat, I would ask my kids - jom, siapa nak pahala lebih, jom picit2 badan mummy...and they'd berebut-rebut to picit...sampai drama...biasalah my kids tu and their drama, kan? And, kalau ada anyone of them yang dah buat I hangin erlier, I'd say - mari sini, redeem your dosa tadi..picit2 mummy, dapatlah semula pahalanya!!!

So sweet budak2 ni when they want to, kan??? he he but you ni memang ibu yang mithali lah, Wanshana!

wanshana said...


Yup, MUST be the name!

Hilman = calm, gentle, courteous.
Memang gentlemen anak-anak kita, kan? Hehehe!

And his second name is Syauqi = affectionate, kerinduanku.

Guess they really live up to their names, huh? Syukur alhamdulillah :)

P/S : I've read your posting on your Hilman, but tak sempat left a comment. Will do so later, okay :)

wanshana said...


Thanks :)

I could feel my heart melt malam tu, tau. Lierally! :)

Hmmmm, I hope they read your comment. Bebudak ni always think that their friends' parents are are better in every way, kan?

Your kids are very blessed to have you, and MrS as their parents, too. That's for sure :)

Can't wait to meet you on 21/12, Gina!

wanshana said...


Alahai...Sorry to have triggered your homesickness, dear. And winter is not helping much, huh? Memang depressing, kan? Make sure you call home regularly, tau?

When I was in the UK last year, I called the kids and Ayah twice a day. There was a special number which you can call to connect to Malaysia for 3 pence a minute. And I would call and talk to them for about 20 minutes everytime. That's about 40 minutes a day (or an hour a day, if I called them three times). That's even cheaper than calling inter-state kat Malaysia ni!

So, call your Mom selalu-selalu, okay?

wanshana said...

And hanakirana,

Hehehe. Terlupa pulak nak comment on this -

Yes - Hilman adalah sangat sweet. Memang pandai ambik hati. If sweet-talking at appropriate places and in appropriate matters, okay lah jugak tuh :)

Let's just hope he won't be a sweet-talking politician ;)

wanshana said...


Kalau Hanna or Hilman pijak belakang I, mau kempis and kurus I nanti! (Hmmmm, maybe it's not such a bad idea! Hahaha!)

Actually, it did cross my mind that he meant I looked fat in other colours, etc. Hehehe... But, I decided not to think about the bahasa kiasan and all. I memang sudah cukup gumbira malam tu, and didn't want to spoil my RARE glorious THIN moment! HAHAHAHA!

As per "Superman" - I say, sorry lah, gang... Nanti we'll make up for it. I really thought you dah balik JB for the long weekend. But, errr... Anyway, I pun didn't have any say in it what?! You kena serang Ab*d lah, kot?! HAHAHAHAHA!

(Ab*d is SO gonna kill me!)

And yes - you are lovable even when you're angry, dear (I nak bodek nih...)

wanshana said...


Thank you :)

You should have seen how the girls bolted straight to the washroom that night. Macam tak cukup tanah they all lari! Hahaha! And Hilman is a gentleman alright. I guess he follows his Ayah :)

No tips, dear. Just be yourself and continue doing what you're doing with Sadia and her soon-to-be-born sibling. They'll be MORE than fine :)

wanshana said...


Thank you, but I wouldn't call myself an ibu mithali. There'll be times when I am SO-NOT-IBU-MITHALI, okay?! (Let's not go into that, shall we? HAHAHAHA!)

Yes, senang kan anak-anak nak kumpul pahala and redeem dosa from us, kan? In addition to mengurut and memuji lebih-lebih, there's the cabut uban session, too! Memang rasa tenang when they all cabut uban I with their tiny (Hasya's), chubby (Hilman's) and long (Hanna's) fingers. Habis semua stress...

Waterlily said...

Kalau I suruh my eldest picit kepala, 5 kali picit dah tanya, 'dah mommy?'..belum picit smelly feet lagi!'re lucky shana, I still look fat in whatever kaler la..hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

salam wanshana,
untungnya awak ada anak-anak macam ni. malangnya untuk saya, rugi sikit sebab saya penggeli. heeheehee...
semoga silatulrahim antara kita berkekalan. :)

wanshana said...


Biasalah tu! Anak-anak I pun sometimes macam tu - ada jer excuses to cut short the urut session. Tapi, I guess malam tu, they could not cook anything up coz' there wasn't anything else to do pun kat music class tu! Hehehe!

I say, Waterlily - you ni pakai any colour pun glamour laaa! Size L ke, XL ke - tak jadi hal punya... I ni la pulak nak kena gi shopping menambahkan baju-baju hitam to my wardrobe lepas ni untuk main "silap mata" to "appear" to be thin! Hahaha!

Tapi, tak aper...Yang penting our hubbies and anak-anak accept and love us seadanya kita, kan?

wanshana said...

Salams E @ acciaccatura,

Thank you for visiting.

Insya Allah. Amin.

I know what you mean. Dulu pun I ni penggeli jugak, especially bila tangan yang mengurut tu halus-halus and comel sangat! Rasa "merayap-rayap" ajer jejari tu kat kaki! Lama-lama baru okay :)

Tapi, memang hati ni rasa tenang kalau anak-anak yang mengurut kita :)

P/S : Boleh I link your blog to mine, please? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

boleh, thank you. sorry, already have you in my list, tak mintak izin you dulu.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

I tergelak bila sampai part smelly feet tu... hihihi...

Masa kecik ni senang 'suruh'. Bila besar nanti hopefully pun senang. Every night one of my daughters will come and urut my kaki ke, tangan or belakang. I guess I should let them know of the pahala they'll get as you've mentioned so that lagi rajin urut Ibu...hehehe..

wanshana said...

E @ acciacatura,

Thanks! I've already made the link.

And no problem - you can link yours to mine, too. It'll be an honour :)

Thanks again!

wanshana said...


Actuallynya tak smelly pun (errrr, I think?!), but girls being girls... Hehehe!

Lucky you - anak-anak mengurut tetiap malam. Most of the times I would have to ASK my kids to do it. Once in a blue moon, they would ask me whether I want a massage, and would do it voluntarily. But, I still bersyukur even for those rare moments, of course :)

Take care, Ja.