Monday, December 22, 2008

What a Sunday...

How shall I describe it?

It was makan, makan dan makan lagi...AND ketawa, ketawa dan ketawa lagi!!!


The day started off with me driving to Ab*d's place in Vi*la Da*an*ara and reaching there at 9:55a.m. The janji was to reach her place at 9:45a.m, and then we would just car-pool in her car to go to The Pa*il*io*. The MT was to have brunch at The Loaf at 10:30a.m. Biasa lah kan. When it comes to MT gathering or outing, when we fix a time to meet up, we always have to plus (never minus) 1 (or sometimes 2) hours! Hehehe!. Anyway, we left at 10:05a.m, and syukur alhamdulillah the traffic was okay and we reached The Loaf at 10:40a.m. As expected (Hahaha!) we were the first ones there. By 11:25a.m, all the usual suspects were there. Standard lah tu...nearly one hour off the scheduled meet-up time :)

Makan punya makan, sembang punya sembang...we didn't realize that it was already 2:30p.m! We said our bye byes and muah-muaahs and both Ibu and I rushed to Concorde for another get-together at The Melting Pot. This time with our Makcik Bloggers friends. Dup dap...dup dap jugak lah hati (to borrow Ms Hart's description of her perasaan untuk bertemu mata buat pertama kali!) Hehehe!

We reached there just after 3:00p.m, and were greeted by the lady who has made the gathering possible - Mrs Nordin. Already there were Madam Tai Tai, Kak Ezza, Superwomanwannabe, Ms Hart, Zaitgha, Ummi365, The Principal and Busybody. We were later joined by Bella, Kay-Leeda and Tireless Mom. Memula tu memang nervous giler...

I swear memang bergegar Melting Pot semalam! And it was indeed a Melting Pot of blogger friends alright. Everybody just clicked and blended very well with each other. In a way, it was rather strange because even though we had never met before (except for a few who had gone a long way together), it felt like we had known each other for years! Strange...but it was a very, very warm and very, very nice feeling :)

I've known Ibu, MrsNordin, Tireless Mom for the last 28 years. We were at a boarding school together, and The Principal was our junior. But, the last time I saw MrsNordin was about 3 years ago, while I had not seen Tireless Mom since she left ST*, while The Principal - since I left school (and that was a looooooonnng time ago!). As for Ibu, errrrr...tak dapat dielakkan - selalu sangat jumpa whether we like it or not! (HAHAHAHA!!)

As for Superwomanwannabe, the last time we met was probably when my Hanna and her Nadine were about 3-4 years old when we went to visit her and Ja* at her Mom's place in Kemensah (?), when they first came back to Malaysia for good. That was about 10 years ago. She had 2 kids then, if I'm not mistaken. And now, after 3 more kids (for her) and 2 more kids (for me), we met again :) And I've also met Zaitgha a.k.a The Kitchen Goddess, once at a Raya gathering at Kak Ena's arwah Bapak's place last year. Tapi, masa tu I ni pemalu and segan nak mingle mongle coz' saya budak baru berblogging...Hehehe!

As for Madam Tai Tai, Kak Ezza, Ms Hart, Ummi365, Bella, Busybody, and Kay-Leeda, that was the first time we met mata bertentang mata. But semalam we were berpeluk-pelukan macam berjumpa semula lepas 30 tahun tak berjumpa dalam salah satu siri Jejak Kasih... Hahaha!


We were chatting away and ketawa bagai tak ingat dunia even after the Hi-tea buffet spread dah tutup. Even Ayah and the kids who came towards the end to fetch (or rather "drag") me home (?!) made a comment - "Fuiyooo...we could hear you guys even from outside!!" Hahaha!

And as for Madam Tai Tai, Hanna made a remark - "Mommy, she looks so posh!" And I agree with her. The birthday girl memang very the posh :)

We HAVE to do this again. SOON.

MrsNordin, Madam Tai Tai, Ummi365, Zaitgha and The Principal presented all the Makcik bloggers with gifts, and I feel so ralat coz' tak sempat to get anything for anybody. So, that is a very good enough reason to meet up again, non? And of course, another reason is to gegarkan ANOTHER place pulak. I don't think The Melting Pot would allow us in again after yesterday. Macam Concorde we all yang punya! HAHAHAHA!

To all the Makcik Bloggers - it was REALLY nice to have finally met all of you yesterday. Thank you, thank you for such a fun-filled afternoon. I dah sakit rahang now ni coz banyak sangat ketawa :)

We parted ways after beberapa rounds of peluk ciums just after 6:00p.m, with everybody already looking forward to the next Makcik Bloggers get together.

And because rasa guilty meninggalkan suami dan anak-anak satu hari, I decided to make up for it by bringing them to Hard Rock for dinner after that :)

So, all fair and square...(But, Mommy still think Mommy had the most fun, okay? :))

Dan sempena dah berjumpa dengan Ms Hart, malam ni I nak masak her famous Ayam Bali. Buleh??! ;)

For more sure heboh reviews, please see MrsNordin, MsHart, Kak Ezza, Superwomanwannabe, Ummi365, Kay and Tireless Mom postings on the get together.

Here are some pics. Enjoy!


MrsNordin said...

It sure looks like you had so much fun yesterday. From The Loaf, Melting Pot & HRC. Did the kids like the nachos?

I like your gambar "berpelukan di sebalik tiang' dengan Ezza. Hee.. hee... memang classic Jejak Kasih! And please say thanks to Hanna for taking the pictures for us. She was indeed an angel.

Shana, I share the same feelings about our newfound friends. I have a feeling, if I see them again on the streets, I wouldn't hesitate to hug them again, or if I'm in trouble, I know I could turn to them for help. Like I've known them for years... Why, ah? Strange.

Kak Teh said...

Syoknya! Will make sure I wont miss the next one.

Anonymous said...

Kak Shana,
FInally we meet, wahhhh best betul jumpa, and you are exactly as imagine you would be, peramah, warm, very loving person...and so sorry you had to endure my endless plates of food on your side...hehehhe...and meeting your family was a bonus!Maybe I will share my blog nanti...(when i know how to do it..heheh)

wanshana said...


Yup. Fun dari pagi sampai ke petang, sampai ke malam! Nasib baik tak sambung sampai ke subuh! Hahaha!

The kids love the nachos, but I had to scrape the beans off and finish them coz' the kids are so not into beans. Hehehe!

Yes. I like that pic of me with Kak Ezza, too. She is SOOOOO huggable, kan?!

It really was a great get together with our new friends (who seemed like old pals!)

Thanks for organizing it, BJ :)

(I'll tell Hanna re your thank you note, although I'm sure she will read, or already have read, your comment :)

wanshana said...

Kak Teh,

Memang syiooookkkk!!

Next time Kak Teh balik Malaysia, we'll organize another do, insya Allah :) Bila tu, ya? Kena organize baiiiiikkkkk punyer gathering for you ;)

wanshana said...


It was so, so, so nice to have finally met you! So, now I can put your face to your name. And such a pretty face, too! :)

No problem about the plates, dear. Memang normal depan I banyak plates and food macam tu. Nama pun memang suka makan...Hahaha! (And if you were wondering mana some of the food had gone to, they, errr...found their way to my plate and then to my tummy lepas tu! Hahaha!)

I second everybody at the gathering - you HAVE to start your own blog, okay, dear?! I am so looking forward to add your blog link to my bloglist.

Blog...jangan tak blog! :)

ms hart said...

Alamak Wanshana, you see, you all so composed and sopan-santun dalam memberi review...I jugaklaaaah dok ghiuh macam ayam kokok-kokok!!! hehe Tuan doktor pun comment decvent aje - boleh dengar kita dari luar..kalau Mr Sor I, dia pernah kata, dengar me and my gang huhahuha dari jauh, macam choral speaking cerita hantu, part mengilai-ngilai tu!!! Adoiii!!!

Yes, yes, yes...everyone was huggable and warm!! It's really lovely to have finally met everyone, and as Bella puts it, a bonus in fact, to have finally met your beautiful happy family! I dgn tanpa segan silu declare kat Hanna, anak aunty lah yang sama birthday dgn Hanna!! Terdiam dia kejap, trying to recall..dalam hati agaknya dok kata, aunty mana pulak niii??? ha ha ha Yea, thanks so much Hanna, for being the camera woman for this noisy bunch of aunties!!

p/s Oh ya ke nak masak ayam bali?!! Hope you all will like it too!:)

kay_leeda said...


Wah...first time meninggalkan trail di sini :) Chewah padahal dah terkekek-kekek dah yesterday.

Yahh, you are right, I'm having "tired" jaw myself too. Was trying to figure out how come I felt that way this morning. Yang gelak tak ingat tu, buat-buat lupa eh!!

Okies, you tell me how's the Ayam Bali yah. Me can only buat when bibik is back. Many weeks down, just two more days to go...

p/s thanks again to yr loverly girl and hubby as well for gracing the pic ceremony session :))

Ummi365 said...

dari pagi i dok tunggu ni.. atlast wanshana dah update.. understand buzy at work..i guess semua orang feeling the the same.. rasa macam dah kenal 30 tahun dulu. i tell you kadang2 kawan yang kita jumpa hari2 pun kita tak rasa the closeness.

see, the power of blogging can reconnect old friends, getting new friends. so powerfulkan.

but you really look lovely in real life tau.. macam ms hart kata.. sopan santun gitu..

IBU said...

What else can I say?

SYIOKKKK sgt kan?

Dari pagi dah tergelak2, makan tak ghenti, gossip/bergembang macam kita ni bagus jerk (ahahaha...), exchange views on romping trips (hmmm... awat you missed to blog about the "pyjama fantasy"!!?), compared jelly beans & horrifying discovery of protruding tummies that cannot be tugged into corset anymore.... compare makeups plak tu lagi...with the illusion of they were effective in making us look younger. HAHAHA....

Pas tu sambung with sessi gegak gempita at the melting pot. Aduhai... small world indeed, pusing2 ada jer someone knew someone else.... Siap ada cerita SX18 & romping trips lagi ( hahaha.. superwoman is so gonna get me!)

Haizal was so funny - he said he could hear the noises dari jalanraya lagi...

Oh gawd... the food at HRC - macam sedap jer? Eh! Lapar ke ni? Bukan ke i dah dinner tadi? Ahahaha....

Next topic: healthy living ...err... how to reduce our 'middle earth' aka jelly beans.

tireless mom said...

Dear Shana,

Memang it was an enjoyable Sunday for you, from morning til malam. Thanks to your wonderful family including your husband doctor for dropping by and assisting us in the photo taking (your hubby memang muka typical cardio, so clean and berseri face lah). With the meet boleh lah teruskan catching up again in the blogland.

Agree agree... everyone was so huggable, especially Kak Ezza and Ms Hart.

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

I pun rasa keseronokan nya. Tx for sharing the pics... Lovely! I hv to join next time...

Waaa, abg hilman dah habis pantang ye. Dah boleh pakai jeans ke?? ;-)

Waterlily said...

This time my turn pulak konfius lah Shana. Thought I've left some comments here tadi, but it could be some other blog too..been hopping from one blog to another pasal MB meeting ni..:-)

Glad to note you all were having a great time! That's all I can say..I yang tumpang tengok gambar pun dok sengih sengih kat sini.

wanshana said...

ms hart,

I sampai tersedak bila baca part Mr Sor said, "macam choral speaking cerita hantu, part mengilai-ngilai tu!!!" Fuyooo!! Brutal punyer description tuh!! Tetapi sungguh tepat sekali! 10 markah untuk Mr Sor! HAHAHAHA!

And Ayah pulak tersedak when he read how you and Ummi described me as "bersopan-santun"! Hmmmm, he knows otherwise and is privy to a lot of my unsopan-santunness when I'm with him at home. Enough said. HAHAHAHA!

My family pun seronok jumpa Makcik-makcik Bloggers semalam, especially Hanna because she does read most of the blogs. Just that sometimes she gets confused who's who coz' semua satu kapla and lebih kurang ajer. Tu yang dia blank kot semalam :)

I would luuurrrrvvve to meet your family, and the families of all the Makcik Bloggers, too! Insya Allah one day we'll include them in our gatherings, too. So, nanti rombongan Cik Kiah satu bas datang dari Melaka, wokay?!

And yes!!! I telah berjaya masak your Ayam Bali. Nasib baik semua bahan-bahan ada dalam 'kolkas' (coz' hari tu beli serai, lengkuas segala konon nak masak rendang masa Raya Haji, tapi tak jadi). Cuma I didn't have daun kari except the ones yang baru nak hidup kat dalam pasu depan rumah. Disebabkan KENA jugak masak malam ni, maka togellah pokok daun kari ku...(Insya Allah boleh tumbuh balik kot?)

Tidak sia-sia saya menogelkan pokok daun kari saya, sebab saya makan dengan nasi panas sehingga 2 1/2 pinggan malam ni! (Tak nak mengaku sebenarnya 3 pinggan! HAHAHA!)

Thanks for the lovely time, ms hart. I hope to have the chance to really sit down and borak-borak more with you in our next get together, insya Allah.

wanshana said...


Tu lah tu...Rasanya lambat lagi nak baik our jaws ni kan? Coz' now ni still dok tergelak dan tersengih baca all the reviews and comments in all the Makcik Bloggers' postings on the gathering.

Ayam Bali ms hart raised to the occassion and to the expectations - memang sedaaaaappp. Tapi, rasanya kalau kena air tangan ms hart sendiri, laaaaagi terangkat for sure :) It's quite easy to make (my kinda lauk) and took only 20-30 minutes to cook. Without bibik oso can cook maaaa!

Oh ya, Ayah and Hanna say, "You're most welcome" :)

I am so looking forward to the next do!

wanshana said...


Alahai...(blush blush), and thank you for the compliments :) I bet my MT friends will die laughing if they read how I've been described as "bersopan santun" (di jalan raya?!) semalam. Hahaha!

You looked so anggun and very demure lah. Mestilah kan? Nama pun Ummilaura Ashley kan kan kan? Hehehe!

I kept telling myself that you looked so familiar, and I was trying to recall if we had met before. Bila baca comments yang lelain baru I got it - you look so much like Haliza Misbun (only MUCH, MUCH sweeter and classier, wokay?)

Yes, I felt so at home and so comfortable sitting and chatting with all the Makcik Bloggers semalam. Felt strange...but, a nice kind of strange :)

wanshana said...


Memang syiooookkkkk big time!!!

Errr...pyjama fantasy? Errr... I seriously don't know what you're talking about, dear. You must have got the wrong person. the way, do I know you? HAHAHAHA!!!

(WEHHH! you were not supposed to write about it here, okay? You're supposed to drop BIG, and yet subtle hints to Ayah, okay?! But, errr...I love the cotton stripy ones, by the way ;))

Hmmmm...make-up to look younger? Got what - J*'s lip-gloss tu kan ke made us look 2 HOURS younger?! HAHAHAHA! Or if we can use Ab*d's theory that I look the way that I look (Chewaaahhh! BUT, which I seriously didn't get what she meant by that?!) because I NEVER went for facials all my life EVER? Hmmmm...interesting theory?

And Ibu, did you realize that in both get togethers, romping trips were high in the list of chat topics? I wonder why? Hehehe...

Good idea - we can talk about healthy living and ways to reduce our middle earth a.k.a jellybeans while scoffing down the juicy yummy HRC steaks next time we get together :)


wanshana said...

Dear Tireless Mom @ Kak Yatt,

Yes, it was an enjoyable Sunday for me (and for Ibu, too, I know). Penat ketawa, sampaikan I tertido while uploading the photos to my Slide account! Hajat hati nak post and entry on Sunday night itself, but I was just too exhausted. Tu yang baru dapat posting 24 hours after the event tu...

You wrote - "your hubby memang muka typical cardio, so clean and berseri face lah

Hmmmm...Muka typical cardio yang I know is gaunt-looking, red-eyes (sebab tak cukup tido) and sometimes somewhat blank coz' too exhausted(especially at the end of a very busy day at the hospital). Hehehe! Just kidding :)

Actuallynya, I do feel the same. Bila tengok his face, rasa sejuk ajer hati ni...(I'm sure Haizal will be flattered when he reads this! :))

Hope to be able to do more catching-ups with you in our next get together, insya Allah :)

* Memang best peluk Kak Ezza and Ms hart, kan kan kan??!!

wanshana said...


You must! You must! You must join us next time, dear. Memang seronok sangat dapat jumpa everyone.

Hilman dah okay, syukur alhamdulillah. Thank you. Dah boleh pakai jeans dah :), and dah boleh berlari-lari. In fact, that night secara rasminya Hilman habis pantang coz' he had a bit of chicken, lamb and steak from his, his Kak Long's and Ayah's orders respectively :)

wanshana said...


Alahai...Wished you were with us that day, dear :( I'm sure you tersedak-sedak power punya hari tu coz' your name asyik disebut-sebut ajer. Hehehe!

When is your next trip back to Malaysia, ya? We MUST have a get together when you're around untuk mencukupkan quorum Makcik Bloggers yang VOGUE!

Ezza Aziz said...

your tahi lalat remind me to my father laa..orang kata murah rezeki...betul la tu ...
Akak ni dok senyum sendiri jer bila terkenang kan jejak kasih makcik bloggers ni...apa lagi semua nya perempuan!! lain kali kalau berjumpa kt luar..jangan segan nak tegur ya... salam untuk hanna hasya and Hilman...comel laa

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Hope migraine akak dah okay. Tu lah tu - penangan ketawa banyak sangat lah tu! Hahaha!

Thank you, and insya Allah masin mulut Kak Ezza! Amin. :)

Kak Ezza pun - nanti kalau terserempak dengan Shana, Ayah or anak-anak mana-mana, jangan segan nak tegur, okay? Bukan setakat tegur ajer - mesti peluk cium sekali, tau (except for Ayah lah ya? HAHAHAHA!!)

Memang best kan? Malam tu I went to bed sambil tersenyum...(ke tersengih, ya??!!!)

Anonymous said...

actually I have reading ur blog for quite sometimes dah. Actually semua blogs makcik-makcik di sini. Dan saya teramatlah jeles melihat kegembiraan yang tidak terhingga anda semua last Sunday.
I will make sure, I will get an invitation for your next gathering (memancungkan hidung dan menyorongkan pipi).

p/s I pernah terjumpa you and hanna and hilman seperti berlari-lari anak di satu tengahari yang hening di hari sabtu, ke arah cold storage one utama. Tapi i tak berani tegoq pasai u look like sedang mengejar sesuatu...


wanshana said...

Hi Dee Dee,

You MUST join us in the next get together, especially when you've been following all our blogs for quite some time. Don't worry, you won't feel lost because we are ejjjjjjaaaaaackly (borrowing ms hart's word) like we are in our blogs (only hotter! HAHAHAHA!)

Jangan malu dan jangan segan, okay? I'm sure the rest of the makcik Bloggers will welcome you with open arms when you join the bandwagons of mutual bloggers and commentators to our blogs, dear. And please share your blog with us, okay? If you don't have one yet, don't worry - it's never too late to start one TODAY ;)

You saw us at One-U? We must have been quite a sight! FYI One-U is our official tempat bergayut. Next time if terserempak lagi, PLEASE tegoq, ya...Kalau nak tunggu we all tak berlari-lari seperti mengejar sesuatu, memang agak mustahil coz we are ALWAYS running here and there seperti mengejar sesuatu! Hehehe :)

Looking forward to have you as a regular here and at the rest of the Makcik Bloggers blogs ;)

MHB said...

bestnye bersukaria & bergumbira dari pagi sampai malam... jeles jelessss...

love to read all the reviews -- the bonding and the camaraderie -- simply wonderful!! :-D

nak hug hug gak lah... (((hugs))) heheh

wanshana said...


How are you today, dear? Read somewhere that you demam balik from Langkawi? Get well soon :)

It was awesome meeting everybody that day, and it would have been more awesome if you, Kak Teh, MA, Jabishah, Ja, and the rest of the regulars were there, too!

But all is not lost because another get together is already in the pipeline!

In the mean time here are some ((((((HUGS)))))) from all of us :)

Theta said...

Sounds like a fantastic, raucous affair!

I need more of those girls-only days! :)

That's nice to meet the kind of people as if you can pick up where you guys left off.

afsi said...

Dear WS & Dr H

This is totally out of topic... but I found this on Facebook..just to share,,,,


afsi said...

sorry.. meant to write this on the first message....Does H know Ijai? Standing 5th from the left....its really is a small world

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, very nice seeing people behind the callsigns. Can imagine the fun and laughter.
Anyway, wishing you and family Seasons best greetings and happy holidays. Have a happy new year, Lee.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Shana,
Wow! Bestnya tengok pix! Frankly I didn't know about the gathering until I baca blog Jabishah.

Maybe next time boleh I join :)

Glad you girls had fun!

wanshana said...

Hi Theta,

How are you, dear? How's everything in the little tiny tinny pitter-patter front? Hope everything's well :)

The hi-tea was exactly as how you put it - a fantastic and raucous affair to the max! You should join us the next time we have a get together, okay?

Yes, it's nice to have an all-girls outing every now and then. Very therapeutic. Major stress-reliever, I tell you :)

wanshana said...

Hi afsi,

I will get Ayah to check the photo and get back to you on this. But, I won't be surprised if both of you know this "Ijai" guy. Sememangnya the world is small :)

Btw, congratulations on winning the Tresure Hunt last weekend!

wanshana said...

Uncle Lee!!!

You should have been there la, Uncle Lee. Imagine being surrounded by all these lovely ladies one whole afternoon. I'm sure we would have had an interesting time observing you in action - very suave and all "gentlemanly" talk, etc :)

And thank you! Here's also wishing you the Happiest Seasons Greeting, The Merriest Christmas and The Very Best New Year, Uncle Lee.

Happy Holidays!

wanshana said...

Dear Ja,

Alahai, tak ader rezqi this time, Ja... I know that you must have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks ni. I pun tak lah pulak mention this in your blog or in my blog sebelum tu coz' I thought since MrsNordin's blog was the point of reference for the do, that would suffice.

It would have been really nice if we met up kat Melting Pot that day, kan? But, fear not! There'll be another chance, and insya Allah the chance will come next month at Kay's place in Shah Alam. Nanti we'll get you in the loop, okay? :)

We girls had fun alright, but I'm sure bila quorum lagi cukup nanti, we'll have even bigger fun!

Anonymous said...


That's Farizal Aman. u now know that we were classmates way back in 1979. Waaah...tuanya kita! How do u guys know each other?


afsi said...

Dear Ayah..

I know him through my wife .. havent met him in a few years though. She was my wife's friend at GWU and got to know him when I was with Mama...

to WS.. sorry to butt in this comments posting...mengacau daun jer...

zaitgha said...

still tak habis baca abt this meeting and the comments....i really had a grand time though Principal said i was the quite one ha ha ha....i just love to observe and listen to people having good times...

hope to see you soon...