Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Minus-4 Mission"...

Remember last week when I decided to (re)start a healthier lifestyle?

Well, so far, so good. Syukur alhamdulillah.

I have actually worked out a schedule - for both my meals AND exercises, and have been sticking to it quite well. And if TERlanggar, I would somehow compensate it in some ways.

I have set a target for myself. I call it the "Minus-4 Mission" - i.e., I aim to shed 4kgs by 30th June 2010, and I have also called upon my MT gang to join me on this mission. It does not matter how much we weigh now. The target is for all of us to lose 4kgs.

And, I'm writing this down here as an affirmation to myself.

My regime consists of, inter alia -

(1) Rice-free lunch everyday. I've been taking extra proteins and veges instead (and my lunch costs more now!) :(

(2) Rice for dinner on alternate nights - I'm taking smaller portions than before, and will start taking brown rice this week.

(3) On nights that I'm not having rice, I take wholemeal bread - either by making myself sandwiches or dipping into whatever gravy we have at home, and proteins and veges.

(4) I'm taking more fruits now, too. Made some research on which fruits are okay for diabetics and found out that Grapefruits, Apples, Guavas and Cantaloupes are the best. And fruits to avoid include Mangoes and Bananas!

(5) I'm avoiding all sugary stuff (i.e. drinks and desserts) EXCEPT on Sundays - which I declare as my INDULGENCE DAY ;)

(6) And I've started going on the treadmill and the cross-trainer at home every morning before I go to work! YEAY!!! (They no longer serve as tempat gantung baju and place to store boxes! Hehehe!)

(7) AND I've started going to the gym again :) Had to pay RM99 last week to reactivate my Life Membership at Ce*eb*ty Fitness at OU. The last time I actually went for a workout there was 5 years ago! Quite pathetic considering OU tu is like my second home. Tersangatlah selalu melepak di situ, tapi tak terjejak kaki kat CF tu!! So, I'm making a point to go to the gym on nights when Hasya and Hilman are having their Mengaji at their Wan's house and Hanna has her guitar lessons at OU, and also when the kids are having their piano lessons. At least tak rasa guilty going to OU without them :)

And of course - this also gave me a good excuse to shop for new gym attires last week! Hehehe! Sempaaaaat... ;)

Ayah has also joined me on the meals regime, but have yet to join the exercise regime (although I know he gets a lot of exercises running around the hospital from morning till night!)

And after 7 days, I have managed to shed 0.5kg :)

The easiest part is to get rid of the excess water. It's shedding the fat after this which is going to be a major headache.

But, I know I can do this...

By 30th June, I WILL be 4kgs lighter.

Come. Join me! :)


dillazag said...

Saya teruja!!! :)

maktih said...

Baru terperasan, dah lama treadmill tu jadi tempat gantung towel...

Azfa said...

Salam, I came across ur blog thru Yani..
Yes, yes, I think I pun nak start to do something @ exercise and reduce makan nasi kot..I'm now more motivated to do some workout after reading ur blog. I have been wanting to do it tapi it still in the pipeline..ha ha..
Thank yea.

wanshana said...


Come, come - join the mission with Kak Shana!

wanshana said...


Treadmill kat rumah I pun - bukan setakat tempat gantung towel/baju segala. It also served as tempat storage boxes yang I tak tau nak letak mana! Kekadang Hilman buat race track for his Hot Wheels cars. Hehehe...Multipurpose betul... except for its REAL purpose! Hahaha!

(Tapi sekarang saya dah tobat... ;))

wanshana said...

Salam Perkenalan Azfa :)

Thank you for hopping by. I've also hopped by your blog and discovered that we're in the same line. Which area are you teaching in, ya?

And you have a lovely family :)

Come and join me! The more the merrier - we can encourage and cheer each other on as we go through the challenge.

Today is a good day to start, kan? ;)

All the best to us!

D.N.A.S said...

Wah... congrats kak Shana!!! Suka suka suka.... seronok baca your entry.

I get some good diet tips from Biggest Loser club. Y'know what... it's okay to take rice, noodle, bread and pasta in controlled portion. What's more important is the cooking style. Stir fry, poaching, grill, steaming are recommended.
However, grilling fat loaded beef(plus all the usual oily, creamy gravy) is still not considered healthy. The total calories could be triple of masak lemak ikan kembong.

Good luck, I'm joining you in the minus-4 mission but I think I can only achieve it in 3 months' time. Hehe.

wanshana said...


Thanks! It's so encouraging when I have people joining me in the mission. As you know, Dilla is also in! :)

Regarding the rice intake, etc., I know it's okay as long as in small portions. Masalahnya with akak is that, kalau dah START makan nasi, tak boleh nya nak sikit-sikit!! So, to be on the safe side, I avoid putting it on my plate altogether :)

It's okay - 3 months pun tak per, as long as you achieve the target at the end of it. I set mine at 30th June (i.e. 2 1/2 months from the day I started), coz' I know me - if I were to put a longer period, I tend to procrastinate, and use the longer period as an excuse to langgar pantang, etc., coz' I would tell myself that there is still time.

Good Luck to us! ;)