Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Qadha' posting...

Salams. This is going to be brief - menunaikan janji to post an entry on Hanna's birthday do, and also on the kids' new "toys" for their exam results.

Yes - Ayah finally kalah dengan pujuk raya anak-anak (seperti biasa...Hehehe) and they each got their reward in the forms of these.

And Hilman somehow accidentally dropped his PSP on the floor when we were in Langkawi and ruined the screen :( which made both Ayah and I VERY upset, indeed. After a round of berleter from each of us (and I added a 20-minute isolation in the dark powder room to my leteran), we realized that however upset we were, Hilman would have felt even more upset with the whole thing. It was his reward for getting No. 1, and barely a week, it was (slightly) damaged. He was trying to convince us that he was okay playing with it - damaged screen or not, but we didn't want to hear any of that. So, we took the PSP away from him, and we told him that we were keeping it indefinitely.

But, after a while, bila dah cool down sikit, we told ourselves that it was only a PSP. A material thing. And after coming back from Langkawi, both Ayah and I mendapat rezqi in other forms, syukur alhamdulillah. And a few days after we were back in KL, Ayah decided to just send the PSP for repair. The screen costs quite a bomb (considering it's JUST a screen!), but, we decided to just go ahead with replacing it. As I'm typing this, the PSP is still in the "workshop". Insya Allah we'll get it back next week. And Hilman doesn't know that he's getting it back. I just hope we're doing the right thing, and I just hope he would be extra careful with it from now on.

Moving along - Hanna's birthday do. Like the previous two years, Hanna wanted to have a makan-makan with her friends to celebrate her birthday.

So, we had a small bash at Ms Re*d's De*ici*us at One-Ut*ma with Hanna inviting her friends - Na* Ra*li, Na* Roslan, El*nna, Aq*la, Ma* and Mi*a, and we were later joined by my SIL Ly*n and family. One thing about this place - they serve REALLY big portions. Hongeh nak perabiskan!

And oh ya - we found out that Mi*a's Dad - Ju*ai*i, is from our batch, and went to KPP with us. In fact Ayah knew him then. In fact he came over to my MIL's house way back then with a few of Ayah's SAS friends! Such a small world indeed :)

Here are some pics! Enjoy!


mr engineer said...

What a small world indeed!! In fact, O*air also knows Ju*ai*i's wife because we used to visit them at their house especially during Mi*a's birthday parties. And they also used to come to our house.But we stopped doing that bila Ju*ai*i's went to Australia to do his Masters.

Hmmm...can you get Hanna to send my regards to Ju*ai*i via Mi*a? The last time we met was at A*ri*'s wedding.

Anonymous said...

PSP screens are expensive. the one i have is made by samsung (superior to the ones made by sharp - so they say lah).

Ezza Aziz said...

hai,mujur la akak tak da lagi anak lelaki yang kecik..kalau tidak mesti merengek suruh beli..Hafiz langsung tak minat main game ni...Mimi dan Yaya minat barbie ..itu pun kalau dapat no 1 2 3 dalam klas....Yang lain tu..tau je laa toys yang dia orang nak..HP...

Madam Tai Tai Again said...


Have you tried playing the Big Brain Academy quizzes in the DS? I'm frustrated because I can't beat my son's score. Berkali-kali main, asyik dapat score tu aje.. Frust..frust..

Amy said...

Handphones, psp, glamour birthday celebrations..owh mman, your kids are soOooO lucky (hopefully they will read this ehehh)..

Lee said...

Hi Wanshana, Kids today very lucky have these computer games.
Bet your kids really thrilled getting them too.
Congrats on their exam success.

Nice pics you posted, the video too.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

aryz couture said...

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Waterlily said...

Oh Shana..I know how both of you felt when the PSP's screen was damaged. Remember the X Box that dear hubby just bought few days ago? Its damaged! Entah sapa duduk atas X Box tu sampai rosak. Semua tak nak ngaku (Syafiq and his cousins laa). Dear hubby punya la too! Dear hubby still thinking of how to punish him. Me, senang je, no computer..indefinitely.

wanshana said...

Mr Engineer,

Memang a small world indeed. Imagine how puzzled I was when I met him at One-U when he dropped Mi*a, and he asked, "Where's Haizal?", and I said and asked him, "He's still at work. Errrr, do you know Haizal?" (because the way he asked tu macam dah berkawan lama! :).

And he just looked at me and said, "Of course la - I was in KPP together with you guys dulu!"

Then only it came back to me. I seem to remember him (vaguely). And you know what he said after that? "Errr, Shana you look different lah - more matured..."

"MORE MATURED"??! HAHAHA!!! I tau lah I dah tua!!! It has been 22 years, okay?! Hmmmm, matured pun, matured laahhh...

Anyway, Hanna has conveyed your salam to him. And in fact, Jo just called me just now asking for your number. I lost your number with my phone that day. Already SMSd On*ir, but she's probably choosing the colour for the master bedroom or something like that now and is ignoring all SMSes... :( Sampai hati... Hehehe! And Haizal's just too busy to be disturbed now.

Will give your number to him later tonight when Haizal's home.

Salam to On*ir, dengan ucapan "Housewarming on New Year's Eve, buleh??!!"

wanshana said...


Tell me about it. We're still waiting for the final quotation from the PSP guy, but we're bracing ourselves for a ridiculously high charges!

And we wouldn't even know how to tell the difference between a samsung or a sharp screen anyway. Pakai bayar ajer nanti. Hope we all tak kena con ajer nanti.

P/S : Still in Paris?

wanshana said...

Kak Ezza,

Tu lah tu, kan? Games bebudak lelaki ni memang memahal. Tapi kan, kalau pandai jaga, sampai dah besar panjang pun boleh mengadap benda tu, Kak Ezza. So, kira berbaloi jugak lah actuallnya kalau beli.

Pasal HP pulak, alahai...yang kecik dua orang tu pun dah start planning lagi berapa tahun they all will be allowed to have their own handphones. Bebudak zaman sekarang, Kak Ezza.

Hasya used to like Barbie, too. Lepas tu suka Bratz pulak! :)

wanshana said...


Me? Playing the DS?! Hmmmm, that'll be the day... Hahaha!

I get so panicky whenever I get confused and cannot figure out which button is for what, etc. I have started a game a few times, only to pass it to the kids 30 seconds into the game! Hopeless ya amat. Hahaha!

wanshana said...


Hmmmm...I hope so, too :)

Hanna has been using hand down phones (mine) all this while, and the last one she had, battery pun dah kaput, and she could not even close the battery casing properly. Dah nazak sungguh.

So, after getting very impressive results for her exams, Ayah and I decided to get her a brand new phone as a reward. Same as for Hasya and Hilman. We believe that they have truly earned them :) Kalau tak, memang mintak maap lah...

wanshana said...

Hi Uncle lee,

Thanks! Yup, they're lucky indeed. If only they realize that and appreciate us parents more, kan Uncle Lee?

Keep well, and keep warm, Uncle Lee :)

wanshana said...

Ariz couture,

Thanks! :) Will hop by your blog soon, insya Allah.

wanshana said...


Alahai... the brand new X-Box (yang you sampai beberapa hari dok berasap dengan Id*us tu?!)

Tak boleh nak describe perasaan masa tu kan? Marah, menyesal bercampur aduk. But, then again, we kept telling ourselve - tak aper,those are just material things, kan?

So, is Id*us getting anew X-Box to replace the damaged set tu?

IBU said...

My mind is still fixed on just one statement; 'Ayah & I mendapat rezqi in other forms' ?

Due in 9 months ke?

Serkap jarang. hehehe...

wanshana said...


Hmmmm, memang tersangatlah jarang serkap you...Hahahah!

How nice if that was the case. Unfortunately, nope - we're not gettting the rezqi in the form a wailing baby in 9 months :(

We all tunggu you and Sa*a dulu kot :)

But, Amin...Amin....semoga masin mulut you :)

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,
I dont even know how a PSP looks like till now. Besides games whatelse can it do? Hahaha... teruknye soalan.

HB is not into games, so the girls ikut jejak langkah papa laa. The games they play are online. HB langsung tak.

But HP... hey liiiike! ;-)

mr engineer said...

When you sms'ed her, On*air was probably in Haadyai, shopping!

Anyway Ju*ai*i called me last night and we had a good chat. Tersambung balik silaturrahim.....

ms hart said...

Wanshana, aiyoooo yr kids are sooo lucky! I'm definitely NOT getting my kids read this!! Bab-bab PSP tu, I satu kapal dgn Jabishah!! Adoi! Anyway, glad to know that you DO berleter, eh?!! Legaaaa rasanya!! he he

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, ya.

wanshana said...


Frankly speaking I myself am not sure what else a PSP can do besides being the normal hand-held game, etc. But, I'm pretty sure it cannot basuh baju and basuh pinggan, etc. If not, I would be the first one to know all about it. Hahaha!

My kid yang selalu main games online is Hilman - Hot Wheels especially.

Handphones - memang menjadi idaman anak-anak zaman sekarang, regardless of age or what nots. And they know more than us when it comes to which model has what specs, etc!

wanshana said...

Mr. Engineer,

Yup - you were right. Got a reply from her last night saying that she was in Hadyaai - tengah mabuk shopping, and she was on her way back to Alor Star then :) What's new, huh? Hehehe!

Hey, it's good that you and Jo are reacquainting yourselves. One of these days we should organize a get together. Maybe can get Bo*g and Az*in to join, too.

(Waaaa...berjasa jugak blog ni, eh? :))

wanshana said...

ms hart,

Don't worry. I pun sebenarnya malap sket when it comes to all these gadgets. Cuma semenjak dua menjak ni ajerlah baru nak kenal semua ni coz' siang petang pagi malam dok kena pester dengan si Hilman.

Mana boleh tak berleter! Nanti blood goes upstairs kalau dok pendam dalam hati. Berleter tu sebenarnya a very good stress reliever tau? So, marilah sama-sama kita mereleasekan stress by berleter. Hahaha!

Selamat Hari Raya Haji to you and family, too. Ada buat korban ke tahun ni?

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Shana dear,
Mesti happy the kids dapat presents tu!

Talking about Ms Read's servings - memang besar gila! First time dulu I didn't know, jenuh nak habiskan...

wanshana said...


Memang they were all very happy with their presents. Siap declare, "Ohhh, you and Ayah are the best parents in the world", "I promise I will not ask for anything else after this", (yeah, right...), "I promise I will be good, etc.". If only I had drafted an agreement, and all of them signed it!)

As for M Re*d's portion tu, memanglah teramatnya banyak... Sampai the next day we burped we could still taste the pastas, etc. Hahaha!

wanshana said...
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